Chapter 86 Escaping

Chapter 86 – Escaping

The smoke God Familia spread out couldn’t be dispersed by wind. It merely remained in the area, blocking the line of sight of all the players within a several dozen meters diameter.

“Trying to leave? You’re going to have to get through me first,” ASliverofSmoke’s cold voice sounded out from the smoke. Then, a ray of light shone out. ASliverofSmoke activated a skill towards God Familia and Fatty based merely on the direction of their voice.

Fatty was shocked. He quickly dodged ASliverofSmoke’s attack, then ran out silently after knowing how capable this person was. The members of God Familia had already separated to pick up their own stuff and started to run off by themselves.

“Chase them all separately!” When ASliverofSmoke and the other players finally charged out of the area surrounded by smoke, they saw the fleeing backs of Fatty and the God Familia members. He chose where Fatty was, then sprinted out.

The various guild masters said nothing. They were furious about getting messed with like that, what’s more, they would lose all their face if people heard about it. Thus, they each chose a person and set their people after their target. Out of all the hunted, it was clear that Fatty was hated more as two other guilds chased him aside from ASliverofSmoke and his Sword Manor.   

“Heh, Little Sister Phoenix, let us go as well,” a strange expression surfaced on Dream Butterfly’s face as the smoke gradually dispersed and she noticed the minimal number of drops on the ground. She called SnowPhoenix over, then asked the various guild masters, then chased towards the direction Fatty ran away in.

SnowPhoenix remained silent and merely followed closely behind DreamButterfly. Soon, they caught up to ASliverofSmoke and the others who were chasing Fatty.

Although Fatty ran away rather earlier and ran away rather quickly, he was deep in the Fire Valley, so there were many powerful monsters in the surroundings. He would attract the attention of a monster every few steps he ran. There were a plethora of different monsters, ranging from Fire Clouds, Fire Crows, Fire Snakes, Fire Leopards and even Fire Spirits. All of them had different ways of attack, but they still shared one thing in common – they were very very ‘welcoming’. When they saw Fatty pass by, they would all come out to greet him and some would even send a fire bullet at him causing a bit of explosion, meaning that Fatty wasn’t even able to find time to go into stealth.

Since he could not go into stealth, he could not actually hide. Thus, his pursuers remained hot on his tail while he cried out in annoyance. It’s not like I took your stuff. The two beauties didn’t have any issue with it, so why the heck are you chasing me!?”

As Fatty continued to run, ASliverofSmoke chased him relentlessly. With Fatty attracting the attention of the monsters in their paths, they could run a lot more recklessly as the chances of being attacked were far lower. When they were less than ten meters away, ASliverofSmoke let out a cry and swung his sword, sending a flash of light towards Fatty’s back.

At that very moment, a Fire Snake around five to six meters long and thick as a water barrel appeared in front of Fatty. It slithered in Fatty’s path, opened its mouth wide, then leaped at Fatty.

Fatty did not lose his composure even when stuck between a monster and some pursuers. He dodged to the side, avoiding both attacks at the same time, then kicked the Fire Snake on the chin.

While Fatty dodged the attacks, ASliverofSmoke’s attack hit the Fire Snake on the head. The monster roared angrily, and that was when Fatty kicked it, causing it to fly up while its health bar dropped.

The Fire Snake hissed and swept its tail, sending rocks flying like a huge cyclone. Fatty quickly glanced back and saw ASliverofSmoke as his crew get closer. Fatty gritted his teeth, then charged at the snake tail.

As the tail collided with Fatty, Fatty couldn’t help but cough up a mouthful of blood as his health lowered. However, he wasn’t afraid. He kicked off against the ground and pushed against the tail, using the momentum to soar to the side, then continue running without looking back.

That was a leap of around five to six meters, which allowed him to pull his distance from ASliverofSmoke once again. That was not to ASliverofSmoke’s expectations. He tried to adjust his direction, but the Fire Snake stopped him. The snake could still clearly remember ASliveroSmoke’s attack. Thus, when it saw its enemy, it ignored Fatty completely and dove towards ASliverofSmoke.

ASliverofSmoke naturally didn’t care about such a Fire Snake as the ninth ranking expert on the hero rankings. Yet, the Fire Snake’s level was really high and would be able to waste a lot of his time, which would only let Fatty run away very quickly.

At that moment, the two other guild masters arrived with their people, then continued to chase in the direction Fatty ran. When he saw that, ASliverofSmoke made up his mind, he relentlessly assault the Fire Snake.

Just as he was about to kill it…

“Guild Master Smoke is sure in a good mood to be farming here.”

ASliverofSmoke turned around, then noticed DreamButterfly and SnowPhoenix.

“Heh, this beast actually dared to block my path and allowed that fat ass to escape. I will naturally not let it go,” with that, ASliverofSmoke stabbed at the snake, finally finishing it off and causing it to drop several items.

“Where did he go?” DreamButterfly asked.

“Over there,” ASliverofSmoke pointed at the direction Fatty ran in. “The deeper he goes, the more monsters there are. What’s more, since Merry Men and Red Flowers are chasing him as well, he won’t be able to escape.”

Fatty silently cursed. Damn, I didn’t pay attention to my surroundings earlier. I was wonder why there are more and more monsters now, so I actually ran into the depths of Fire Valley!

Shit! Shit! Fatty thought to himself. If I ran towards the outside, then I could have found an opportunity to stealth and leave, but now there are monsters everywhere. Gahh, why did they all come from!

Thinking that, Fatty began to curse those Myriad Swords people. If it wasn’t because of them, Fatty couldn’t have a red name, nor would he be unable to recall using a Recall Scroll. That means he wouldn’t have been chased all the way out here like a homeless dog.

All of a sudden, he noticed a fireball being sent his way. He quickly dodged to the side, then saw a fiery humanoid Fire Spirit! A monster like that was at least above Level 40. He once saw a monster like that cause a boulder to explode just by touching it.

Fatty felt very troubled. Getting targeted by the Fire Spirit was even more troubling than getting targeted by ASliverofSmoke and the other players. Although ASliverofSmoke is kind of strong, at least he was just a player around Fatty’s level. He was not like the Fire Spirit, who was practically cheating. Not only did it have a high attack, it also had an incredibly hot body, which would damage melee players before they attack.

Fatty looked behind him and saw the players from two guilds appear. Each guild master brought along three to four hundred players to try to fight for the monsters’ drops, so that meant a total of around seven to eight hundred players. However, due to the players’ varying speeds and interference of various monsters, only around a hundred players could reach where Fatty was. Yet, they were definitely strong players to be able to make it this far.

Chase? Fine, chase me. Chase me all the way to where the Flame Ruler is if you dare! Fatty gritted his teeth, ignored the Fire Spirit’s attack as he drank red potions and continued to run deeper into the valley.

“Guild Master, are we still going to continue the chase?” the pursuing players felt more and more nervous when they saw the monster levels become higher.

“Why not?” Merry Men’s guild master, the bearded and muscular man, had a furious look on his face. “If this gets out, then all of the faces of the guilds here would be lost. After so much effort, although the monster didn’t drop a Guild Establishment Token, our stuff was taken right in front of our eyes. That is just slapping us in our faces! If we don’t kill him, then we would just be the butt of all jokes!”

Red Flowers’s guild master also roared, “C’mon, that bastard ran in here, so don’t even think about getting out alive. We don’t even have to do anything except block his way and not let him run off. He’ll end up dying himself.”

Since the two guild masters already gave their orders, their subordinates no longer voiced any opposition and merely continued the chase. Whenever a monster blocks their path, they would send out a few people to lure it away, while the rest of the people continue on.

“F*cking hell, what is this place?” As Fatty ran further in, he had no idea where he was. He thought about checking the map he bought, then decided against it. The main use of that map was to identify the monsters and specialties of the areas and not for directional purposes.

The deeper into the valley they went, the hotter it was. It was already very hot before, but the depths of the valley as like an oven. Fatty was covered from head to toe in sweat which drenched his clothes. He had no idea where he was going, so he merely opted to run wherever there seemed to be less monsters. When he finally reached a monster-less place, he stayed there for a few minutes to get out of combat, then went into stealth just as his pursuers were catching up.

“F*ck this. Stealth! Stealth! Damn stealth! I hate stealth!” Merry Men’s guild master cursed.

“Don’t worry, he won’t be able to run far. The monsters here are very high leveled and a lot of them can detect stealthed beings. He won’t be safe. All we have to do now is protect ourselves and don’t let him ambush us,” Red Flowers’s guild master said calmly.

“Heh, I rather he do that. Then I can skin him alive!” Merry Men’s guild master yelled.

It was as Red Flowers’s guild master said. Although Fatty finally went into stealth, he didn’t dare to walk around randomly. The monsters here are super high level, and due to the huge level difference between him and the monsters, they might detect him, causing him to be attacked.

Don’t think that Lord Fatty will be afraid just because the monsters are high level here! Fatty gritted his teeth. He didn’t go offline, and instead slowly walked further into the valley.

Since I’m here, I won’t be satisfied unless I take a look at the Flame Ruler. Ahhh, I must gather all the Basic Elemental Walk books!

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