Chapter 85 See y’all

Chapter 85 – See y’all

Wheat held the pet egg in its mouth and did not dare to move. What’s more, if Fatty directly returned Wheat to his pet inventory, because the pet egg was another item, it would not follow Wheat back in, and it would instead drop on the ground.

“Guys, there’s no point in fighting like this. Let us get the Guild Establishment Token first,” ASliverofSmoke said to the other guild masters.

The various guild masters nodded and held their subordinates back. All of a sudden, the area calmed down, while each guild sent one person out to work together to kill Wheat and get the ‘Guild Establishment Token’.

I’ll risk it! Fatty yelled in his mind. Death would only cost him a level, but if he manages to get the pet egg dropped by a Level 50 gold boss, then it would definitely sell for an astronomical amount.

When Wheat saw the others go over, Wheat dove back underground.

“What a great pet. I wonder who it belongs to,” ASliverofSmoke praised.

The various earth mages immediately cast various spells and exposed Wheat in front of everyone again.

“Kiddo, you won’t be able to escape,” a player sneered, then walked closer to Wheat with a saber in hand.

Wheat let out a few muffled squeaks, then sprinted to the other side when the player chopped down.

“Hah, where do you think you’re going?” another player blocked Wheat’s path and raised his axe.

Wheat couldn’t dodge in time, so it lost a small chunk of health from getting hit by the axe.

Meanwhile, the guild masters silently watched as their people attacked Wheat, while wondering how they were supposed to split the Guild Establishment Token after killing the large rat.

Yet, just as Wheat was about to die, a figure appeared in front of it. It took the item in Wheat’s mouth, while Wheat disappeared in a flash of white light.

Seeing the newcomer, the guild masters’ expression drastically changed. Once the other person placed the item into his bag, then the chances of it dropping were about the same as it dropping from the Fire Cloud King.

“Kill! Kill him!” ASliverofSmoke didn’t bother with any etiquettes anymore. His expression was dark as he activated a skill with his weapon against the newcomer.

A blade of wind struck Fatty’s back, causing his health to rocket down.


System Notification: You were attacked by ASliverofSmoke. -232 HP.

Fatty only had a bit over 300 HP, so his face turned stark white. Ugh, my name is still red, if I get killed, then I would drop a shit ton of stuff! He quickly put the pet egg into his inventory and chugged down a potion as he pondered how to get away.

“Kill him! Kill him!” A guild master shouted and led his subordinates charging forward.

“Guys, calm down. Calm down,” ASliverofSmoke wanted to skin Fatty alive when he saw the latter put the ‘Guild Establishment Token’ away. However, he still stopped the other players.

“ASliverofSmoke, what are you doing? If it wasn’t because you stopping everyone, we would have already gotten the Guild Establishment Token. Now you are speaking up again? Does this person have something to do with you? Or is he from your guild?” a guild master, who was already pissed off at ASliverofSmoke, took the chance to voice his suspicions.

“Are you dumb?” ASliverofSmoke wanted to kill the guild master when he saw the suspicious looks the other players are giving him. “He put the thing into his inventory. What are we going to do if we kill him and it doesn’t drop?”

“Uhm…” All of the other players hesitated at that and stopped in their tracks.

Fatty immediately took the chance to chug down another potion.

“Friend, which guild are you from?” ASliverofSmoke tried to ask in a slightly calmer tone.

“Lord Fatty’s a guildless person, don’t think too much,” Fatty calmed down a bit when he saw his health bar full once more.

“Since you are guildless, then are you willing to join Sword Manor? Sword Manor is the third ranking guild in Vermillion Bird City. We have countless experts and if you join us, we can conquer the world together in the future,” ASliverofSmoke did not directly ask for the Guild Establishment Token and instead invited Fatty to join them, displaying his smart intellect.

“We, the Red Flowers, are no weaker than them. If you join us…”

“We Merry Men…”

Due to ASliverofSmoke’s actions, the other guild masters stopped thinking about asking Fatty for the token, and instead fought over the right to take Fatty in. After all, as long as Fatty joins them, the Guild Establishment Token was definitely theirs.

“Haha. Everyone, please give the matter a rest. This one is not interested in joining a guild,” Fatty said plainly.

“I don’t care who you are. I can let you live if you hand the Guild Establishment Token over,” ASliverofSmoke’s expression darkened.

“And if I don’t? Why don’t you kill me?” Fatty laughed coldly. He was certain that the other person didn’t dare to do so. It would be great for them if the item drops, but if it doesn’t… They definitely do not dare to take that risk.

“Just what do you want for the Guild Establishment Token? Why don’t you name a price?” ASliverofSmoke had already lost his patience with such a person.

“I can consider selling it to you if the price is right,” Fatty pretended to ponder for a moment. He didn’t dare to let the others know that it wasn’t a Guild Establishment Token. Otherwise, he would die a very painful death for snatching something in front of all these guilds, even if it wasn’t a Guild Establishment Token.

ASliverofSmoke revealed a joyous expression and just as he was about to name a price, DreamButterfly looked at Fatty mockingly with a cold laugh, “Guild Master ASliverofSmoke, if you can pay me ten thousand gold coins. Then I will tell you a very important piece of news about the ‘Guild Establishment Token’ in his hands.”

“Ten thousand gold coins for a piece of news?” ASliverofSmoke was surprised. He knew that DreamButterfly is a famous expert, so she definitely won’t joke with him in these situations.

“Deal,” ASliverofSmoke nodded, then sent DreamButterfly ten thousand gold coins.

DreamButterfly laughed coldly once again, then send the screenshot to ASliverofSmoke.

He was outraged when he took a look at the picture.

“Damn fat ass, you dared to fool us!?” ASliverofSmoke growled with a dark look.

Hearing that, Fatty thought about DreamButterfly’s slightly mocking gaze, then immediately understood. Shit, they must have noticed something wrong.

“What’s wrong?” the other guild masters asked.

“That’s at least a pet egg and not the Guild Establishment Token,” ASliverofSmoke gritted his teeth.

“Haha, since Guild Master ASliverofSmoke’s price was right, then we’ll do our transaction later,” with that, Fatty laughed and disappeared in stealth.

“Attack, don’t let him get away!”

A series of spells shot out towards where Fatty was. His stealth was immediately broken, while he lost half his health.

“Kill him!” ASliverofSmoke roared.

“Don’t. Nobody kill him!” XuanYuanSword howled.

“XuanYuanSword, what are you doing?” ASliverofSmoke turned back in anger.

Hearing the two contradicting orders, the surroundings players hesitated, then turned to their respective guild masters. The other guild masters nodded as well, signaling them not to kill Fatty yet.

“ASliverofSmoke, remember your place. I am not your lackey,” XuanYuanSword laughed. “You said that wasn’t a Guild Establishment Token and we’re supposed to just believe you? You’re going to have to show us some evidence. What if you messaged him and agreed to trade with him after he returns?”

“Evidence? Here’s your evidence!” ASliverofSmoke sent the screenshot to XuanYuanSword. The latter stayed silent and merely sent it to the other guild masters as well.

“Damn fat ass, you’re smart,” the other guild masters laughed in anger when they saw the indicated item on the screenshot. “Very well. You fooled us all. Very very well.”

“Haha, don’t get so angry. Would you like to know where to get a Guild Establishment Token? I can provide you with a free piece of news?” Fatty suddenly blurted out.

“Where?” the other guild masters asked anxiously.

ASliverofSmoke sneered, “Don’t tell me it’s the Flame Ruler.”

“Haha, Guild Master Smoke truly has a great nose for news.” Fatty then laughed dryly, “It’s getting late now, let us retire to our respective homes for dinner.”

With that, Fatty disappeared using Stealth once more.

“You want to leave? Pay for your wrongdoings with your life!” the other guild masters had no worries anymore now that they know Fatty didn’t have a Guild Establishment Token. They all ordered their players to kill Fatty as quick as possible.

Yet, at that very moment, an explosion sounded out and smoke covered the area.

“F*ck, who attacked me?”

“Shit, LeftWingofGod?”

“BigPillarofGod, you’re seeking death!”

All of a sudden, intense cursing could be heard in the area.

“Why did you guys come?” Fatty was overjoyed to notice LeftHandofGod appear beside him.

“Of course we came here to get some good stuff,” LeftHandofGod smiled. “Boss and Fuge are outside attracting their attention. He sent us in to see if we can get anything. Man, it really was a right decision.”

“Shit, these guys are real idiots. They are actually leaving such great stuff on the ground,” BigPIllarofGod picked up a staff, which was actually a silver item!

“That’s just a silver item. Take a look at this,” LeftWingofGod held up a book shimmering with a gold light.

Skill book – Meteor Shower.

“Oh f*ck my life,” LeftHandofGod exclaimed. “I thought I was lucky when I picked up a silver robe, but you actually got a skill book. Meteor Shower is like a Level 50 dream AoE skill for fire mages. Apparently you might not even get the skill even when you reach that level.”

“Brother Grubber, what kinda good stuff did you get?” BigPillarofGod asked.

“Hehe, it’s nothing special,” Fatty chuckled humbly and took out the pet egg.

“The Fire Cloud King’s pet egg? No wonder they didn’t want to let you leave,” LeftHandofGod said enviously, then took a look at the silver robe in his inventory, which seemed to have lost its spark. “No, I have to take another look. There’s definitely more good stuff there.”

“Alright, let’s leave. Aren’t we looking down on them too much by chatting here?” Fatty laughed wryly.

“Hehe, let’s go. But before that, we should say something to all these guild masters, right?” LeftHandofGod smiled.

“Of course.”

“O dearest guild masters, thank you for your generosity. See y’all.”

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Hello everyone, my name is Wheat. I am less than a month old and I'm in a pinch.

My owner's name is Money Grubber, but everyone seems to call him Fatty. Although he may look harmless, he is the single most abusive human being I have ever met (not that I have met too many).

Why do I say that? Because he is always always always verbally abusing me, physically abusing me, or throwing me at something that can and will abuse me. I'm in a pinch right now because of him.

For some reason, he decided to tell me to grab this shiny thing. It really wouldn't have been so bad if not for the fact that... lots and lots and lots of players are watching the area. There was no way I could have done it unnoticed!

Yet, he didn't care. He sent me out regardless. I also had to go, because I knew the other possibility was me getting flung into the crowd, which will most likely end up with me getting stepped on.

Oh dear Horned Rat, I have heard many tales about you. Yes-yes. If you are really as great as they say you really are-are. Then please-please for the love of all rats, save me from this mess!


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