Chapter 84 Guild Establishment Token?

Chapter 84 – Guild Establishment Token?

“You… this is just too much!” XuanYuanSword nearly dropped his sword in anger as he wanted to tear the people in front of him apart.

“Enough. XuanYuanSword, you are a reputed person in Vermillion Bird City, no need to pretend to be in such a sorrowful state,” ASliverofSmoke mocked. “So, how are the drops of the Fire Cloud King going to be split?”

“Haha,” XuanYuanSword regained his composure with a cold laugh. “How else? I promised the two ladies that I will only take the Guild Establishment Token and everything else will go to them. What? Are you going to steal the items from these beauties?”

“Heh, we didn’t come here for those crappy items,” a bearded and muscular man shouted. “We don’t care about anything else. We’re just asking how this Guild Establishment Token will be split!”

“How are we going to split it? We fought long and hard for it, and over a thousand of our brothers have died for it. We have nearly killed the boss monster and you are actually coming over to ask me how we are going to split the Guild Establishment Token? Are you f*cking insane!?” XuanYuanSword howled.

“XuanYuanSword, I don’t think you understand the situation here,” the muscular hulk spoke loudly. “Do you want us to kill you all, then split the Guild Establishment Token amongst ourselves?”

“You!?” XuanYuanSword was furious. He didn’t expect that person to be so blunt.

“Alright now, let’s don’t be so hasty in deciding the ownership of the Guild Establishment Token. Let us kill the Fire Cloud King first, it’ll be trouble if the monster regenerates to full health again,” ASliverofSmoke stopped the two’s argument, then turned towards the pair of female players. “Beauties, if any of us who have come searches through the stuff, then we might make others suspect something, so can I please trouble the two of you. Don’t worry, we won’t do anything with the drops from the Fire Cloud King outside of the Guild Establishment Token.”

The two female players pondered about it for a moment, then DreamButterfly replied, “Since we have been paid already, we will kill the Fire Cloud King. What happens after that is none of our business.”

“Then please,” ASliverofSmoke smiled, then shouted to his surroundings. “Friends of God Familia since you have arrived, then why aren’t you coming out?”

Yet, the surrounding was silent except the angry roars of the Fire Cloud King that echoed through the area.

“Dragon, you sure that God Familia is here?” XuanYuanSword asked quietly.

“Indeed. I saw that pet when they killed me in front of the city gate,” DragonSword was still angry at Wheat. If it wasn’t for that damn rat, I would have already recalled using a scroll and wouldn’t have been caught by that God Familia guy.

“Is God Familia merely fileld with sneaky bastards who don’t even dare to share their faces?” DragonSword also shouted loudly, but there was still no reply.

Are they really not here? That was in the minds of many other people.

“Impossible,” DragonSword said firmly. “I remember that pet very very well.”

“Boss, God Familia appeared outside Fire Valley, all eleven of them plus TheFugitive.”

ASliverofSmoke asked his subordinates, then quickly received an answer.

“I guess Brother Dragon was wrong,” ASliverofSmoke put down his communicator with a smile. “Since God Familia is not here, then we have no need to wait for them to show themselves.”

Although the others did not know why ASliverofSmoke was so certain, but since he said that, they decided to trust him. After all, God Familia and TheFugitive only amounted to twelve people, so they would not be able to do anything on scene when there were several thousand people there. Thus, they turned back to watch the fight of the Fire Cloud King.

The Fire Cloud King had less than 1% health before, but due to the interruption, it managed to regenerate a bit of health. Yet, since the interruption didn’t take that long, DreamButterfly and SnowPhoenix once again lowered its health again.

Soon, DreamButterfly’s Mirage Chain Shot and SnowPhoenix’s Ice Dragon Break soared out and wiped away the rest of the Fire Cloud King’s health. The boss monster roared loudly as its body shrunk. Several seconds later, it expanded to around fifty to sixty meters wide before exploding, raining countless items down. Some of the players closer to the fight even lost a few points of health when the items dropped on their heads.

“Nobody move!” ASliverofSmoke shouted loudly when he saw the excited crowd. Since he was ranked ninth on the hero rankings and his Sword Manor was more or less a super guild, he was the most reputed person amongst them, so everybody stopped in their tracks and turned to see what he was going to do.

“Guys, look around first to see if there is a Guild Establishment Token,” ASliverofhealth called out after taking a deep breath. Even he felt a bit excited when he thought about how he was going to see the first Guild Establishment Token in game.

“Search around seriously. I will award whoever finds it five thousand gold coins!” someone shouted loudly.

As the crowd searched around, Fatty got more and more excited as he hid to the side. F*cking hell, there are so many items here. It really is a high leveled boss! It’s so damn rich!

Fatty walked around in stealth on the outskirts, while Wheat hid underneath the ground and underneath everybody’s feet. Fatty was also looking around to see if there was a token.

I guess there isn’t a Guild Establishment Token here. Fatty thought to himself. Then, all of a sudden, his eyes lit up when he saw a fiery red item.

Is that..? Yes, that’s a pet egg, that’s definitely a pet egg! Fatty was extremely excited. Although the pet system has already been activated for many days, not everybody got a pet, and especially not a good one. Currently, over ten thousand gold coins were being offered for a slightly decent egg. However, nobody was even willing to sell it.

F*ck this.  I’ll take that. Fatty decided. He called out to Wheat quietly. “Wheat, go, bring me that thing.”

Wheat squeaked, then slowly moved towards the pet egg. Since everyone was searching for the Guild Establishment Token and the various guild masters were watching them, nobody dared to pick up the pet egg even when they saw it.

“Nothing here.”

“I got nothing either.”

“Same, nothing.”

Results sounded out in the surroundings. All of the guild masters were speechless. Even such powerful bosses like the Fire Demon and Fire Cloud King didn’t drop a Guild Establishment Token! Then does that mean we have to go in and kill the advanced boss monster, Flame Ruler? We’re nowhere close to that level!

“Search around more carefully,” the guild masters ordered.

“Now!” As the guild masters gave their orders, Wheat suddenly leaped out of the ground, held the pet egg with its mouth, then went back underground.

“What was that?” A player caught a glimpse of Wheat.

“That thing just stole an item.”

“It looked like a huge dog.”

“It was an item with a red aura. I didn’t see what it was.”

The players who saw Wheat all called out. The guild masters were outraged.

Someone dared to play tricks under our watch!

“Come here! Attack the ground. Are there any earth mages here? Get that thing out of there,” the guild masters roared and actually found a few earth mages. The mages began to cast spells and immediately dug the ground Wheat was in up.

Hurry up. Quickly! Fatty roared in his mind as he felt Wheat crawled towards him. However, since Wheat was using Earthwalk, its movement speed was reduced by 80%, so Wheat was like a crawling turtle.

As pieces of rocks were flung up into the air, soon, Wheat was exposed in front of everybody’s eyes.

“That’s… a huge rat!”

“That’s a rat? Isn’t that a dog? How can a rat grow to that size?”

“What is it holding in its mouth? I can’t see clearly, but it has a red aura around it. Could it be a Guild Establishment Token?”

“It could be. Since something so legendary was dropped, there was definitely a sign, and the glow might be it.”

“F*ck, then what are we waiting for? Grab it!”

All of a sudden, the crowd was riled up as they pounced towards Wheat.

“Everybody, calm down!” ASliverofSmoke shouted. However, he was only able to maintain the players’ rationale earlier due to his reputation. Now that the Guild Establishment Token has appeared, nobody was foolish enough to listen to him instead of trying to grab the token.

“F*ck, you dare to steal my stuff? The Guild Establishment Token is mine, don’t even think about taking it from me!” A player immediately started to attack another before they ran over to where Wheat was.

The attacked player immediately fought back. I came all the way over for what’s in that dog’s mouth. Don’t even think about taking what’s mine!

A battlefield erupted around Wheat. Players from different guilds began to curse and attack one another. As they used all sorts of skills, they didn’t forget to attack another. However, the area around Wheat seemed to be the eye of the storm, and any player who wanted to get close would be killed by members from at least three other guilds.

“It really dropped!” XuanYuanSword’s hands trembled and spent a long time to calm himself down. He didn’t send anyone over to fight for it since he knew that anybody who got it wouldn’t be able to take it away safely, and would instead be ganged up upon by others.

“Big Sister Dream, that doesn’t look like a Guild Establishment Token though?” SnowPhoenix asked in confusion.

“It isn’t,” DreamButterfly replied firmly, then sent a screenshot that she just snapped over. “I started to take screenshots the moment the Fire Cloud King died, so I’ve got an image of practically all the drops. Look, the rat isn’t holding a Guild Establishment Token in its mouth. It’s more like a pearl. I think that it might actually be a pet egg.”

“Pet egg? The Fire Cloud King’s pet egg!? This is a high leveled boss monster!” SnowPhoenix was overjoyed. “Big Sis, you don’t have a pet yet!”

“Hehe, you don’t either,” DreamButterfly smiled. “I didn’t find any suitable one, so I just left the slot open. I wonder how the stats are for this one.”

“Who cares, let’s take a look first. Hehe, someone actually dares to steal things in front of us? He really doesn’t know what death is,” SnowPhoenix said coldly.

“I’m rather interested to see who is so daring as to not be afraid of this many guilds,” a cold light flashed across DreamButterfly’s eyes.

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