Chapter 83 The Furious XuanYuanSword

Chapter 83 – The Furious XuanYuanSword

There were barely any Myriad Swords players left after the continuous damage that had been dealt by the Fire Cloud King. All that were left was DreamButterfly, SnowPhoenix as well as XuanYuanSword and co. who were unable to attack the Fire Cloud King.

XuanYuanSword’s eyes were filled with blood as he watched the Fire Cloud King’s health bar sitting at less than 10% of its max health. XuanYuanSword would not be able to accept the losses their guild suffered if they were to be unable to kill the monster. He really could not stand the ridicule of the other players in Vermillion Bird City if he was unable to kill the boss monster after careful planning and the deaths of over a thousand of his guild’s elite members.

“Ladies, I’ll have to rely on you for the rest,” XuanYuanSword said solemnly.

DreamButterfly and SnowPhoenix nodded. “Guild Master XuanYuan, don’t worry. We have already received the payment, so we will naturally accomplish the task. That’s something we live by, so as long as it is still possible, we will not give up,” said DreamButterfly.

“Alright, thank you so much. After killing the boss monster, we won’t take any of the drops aside from the Guild Establishment Token. If the token does drop, then I will pay you fifty thousand gold coins each to show our gratitude,” XuanYuanSword was overjoyed, and nearly couldn’t help but bow to them.

Meanwhile, DragonSword and co. looked at each other and felt rather fortunate that they didn’t end up voicing their earlier thoughts.

DreamButterfly and SnowPhoenix smiled at each other. DreamButterfly asked, “Phoenix, I’ll attack and you’ll defend?”

“Alright. As long as we can defend against the single-target skill Firethorn, then we will definitely win,” said SnowPhoenix.

The two began their assault once more, but this time, they took up a different formation. The two of them stood together. SnowPhoenix applied Icy Fortress around the two of them, causing swirls of ice and snow to spiral around them. DreamButterfly lifted her golden bow once more, but this time, she didn’t attack. Instead, she took out an iron arrow radiating a frosty aura.

“Is that a Frost Arrow!?” SnowPhoenix exclaimed.

“Indeed,” DreamButterfly nodded. “Unfortunately, I only have this one. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have to have been so troubled at all.”

“Although it’s very powerful against the Fire Cloud King. This single arrow wouldn’t help,” SnowPhoenix frowned.

“Haha, of course it isn’t going to be much use if I just shot it directly at the Fire Cloud King. But it will come into use at key moments.”

DreamButterfly placed the Frost Arrow in her belt near her waist, then after confirming that she would be able to grab it any time, she pulled her bow back and shot an arrow towards the Fire Cloud King.

The boss monster was already in an extremely weakened state after losing over 90% of its health. At that moment, it was slowly regenerating its health. DreamButterfly’s arrow only enraged it, causing it to charge towards the archer.

Ahh, no matter what, it’s just a high leveled monster and not an advanced one. If it was an advanced boss monster like the Phantom Messenger, then it would be able to kill the Fire Cloud King easily even if it was of a lower level. Fatty thought to himself when he saw the Fire Cloud King charge over.

Although a high leveled boss and an advanced boss sounded similar, their intelligence difference was like heaven and earth.

The Fire Cloud King roared angrily and rained down Fire Rain. As it landed on the ground, small explosions bloomed like fireworks on the ground. When Fire Rain landed on Icy Fortress, because of it being a hidden class’s skill, although there were still large explosions, Icy Fortress merely rippled as waves of ice and snow crashed against the fire rain, never actually shattering.

Mirage Chain Shot.

Piercing Arrows.

Explosive Shot.

Scatter Shot.

DreamButterfly sent out all her skills swiftly, paused for a moment to drink a mana potion, then continued to auto-attack. SnowPhoenix didn’t hold back either. She maintained Icy Fortress as she waved her wand and revealed the strength of the hidden class Ice Magus.

Icy Blizzard.

Ice Bullet.

Ice Dragon Break.

The two women seemed like they were in a competition of who could launch the most attacks as they relentlessly rained skills upon the Fire Cloud King. The monster could only tremble as its health dropped down until its health finally dropped to less than 5%.

“Less than 5% remaining. Be careful! Also, tell the brothers on the way to hurry up,” XuanYuanSword was very excited. Yet, he was not actually calling for the two female players to be careful. Instead, he was addressing the players to stay vigilant and don’t let their hard work only benefit others. Since XuanYuanSword didn’t expect killing the Fire Cloud King to be so troublesome and cause so much commotion, he was certain that they had already caught the attention of other people. He didn’t want their hard work to be for nothing in the end.

“Oh? They’re finally finishing?” Fatty yawned. He had been watching for the past few hours already and was getting really drowsy. He quietly down from the boulder he sat on, then summoned Wheat.

“Go ahead. Wait for the right moment to pick something up.”

Since most of Myriad Swords’s players were killed by the Fire Cloud King, only a three to four hundred players had finally returned. Most of the other players were either on their way or just didn’t want to come back.

Three to four hundred players were not enough to put surveillance on all their surroundings.

Meanwhile, Fatty snuck around very carefully. The memory of him getting trapped by the Eagle Fortress’s trap was still fresh in his mind. He did not want a repeat of that. After all, he might not be able to escape so luckily like the previous time.

As Fatty walked over carefully in stealth, Wheat burrowed into the ground and advanced through the earth. Although Earthwalk was very slow, it was far safer than advancing in stealth.

When they were around two hundred meters away from the Fire Cloud King, Fatty stopped. Any further would be risky as the Fire Cloud King had way too many AoE attacks that might break his stealth.

At that moment, the Fire Cloud King’s flames died down a lot already, and it had already shrunk to around a third of its original size. It was now merely double the size of a normal Fire Cloud. What’s more, the strength of its attacks also weakened, it was very apparent that the Fire Rain was no longer as powerful as it was at the start since it no longer dealt as much damage to players.

“Be careful, the Fire Cloud King might be getting ready for its single-target attack!” SnowPhoenix called out.

Hearing that, DreamButterfly immediately took out her Frost Arrow, notched it onto her bow and sent it flying towards the Fire Cloud King.

As the arrow landed on the Fire Cloud King, it seemed to sink into its body. The boss monster immediately trembled as layers of frost begun to appear on the Fire Cloud King’s body.

“What an amazing weapon,” Fatty was shocked. The Fire Cloud King was basically a ball of fire, it wasn’t hard to difficult to imagine just how strong the arrow was to cause a layer of frost to appear on the monster.

As the monster became covered in ice, its body fell down in the air. Although it managed to melt the frost before it hit the ground and ascend back up into the air, the short duration was enough to cause the Fire Cloud King to take an extra 3% of its maximum health as damage.

“Only 1% left. You can do it!” XuanYuanSword couldn’t help but call out. He gripped his fists tightly as if he could already see himself getting the Guild Establishment Token and establishing the first guild in game.

“Wheat, attack,” Fatty ordered. The rules of the stated that anyone who dealt a bit of damage to the monster would have the right to pick up the drops. Thus, as long as Wheat dealt even a single point of damage to the Fire Cloud King, Fatty will be able to rush in and grab a few of the dropped items.

Hearing that, Wheat surfaced from underneath the ground and launched a Howling Bullet at the Fire Cloud King under everybody’s watch before burrowing back into the ground.

“What was that?”

“A rat?”

“Have you ever seen a rat that huge?”

As the Myriad Swords players discussed, DragonSword’s expression drastically changed, “Be careful, the God Familia is nearby!”

When Fatty killed him alongside LeftWingofGod and TheFugitive, he instinctively labeled Fatty as part of  God Familia or at least as someone closely affiliated with them. Now that Fatty’s pet appeared, he naturally thought that God Familia was nearby.

XuanYuanSword’s expression worsened when he heard DragonSword’s words. XuanYuanSword cupped his fist and turned towards the clearing, “Friends of God Familia, your grudge with some of my guild’s brothers was merely business, so it isn’t really any actual grudge. As long as you don’t disturb as killing the Fire Cloud King, then I will personally hold a feast and thank you for your kindness.”

“Haha, Guild Master XuanYuan is truly smart. But how can a feast compare up to a Guild Establishment Token?” With that, a rather handsome player walked out from behind a boulder. Meanwhile, countless players could also be seen coming over.

“ASliverofSmoke?” XuanYuanSword’s expression sullen. “Didn’t you go and fight for the Fire Demon?”

“Haha, God Familia is truly impressive. I will admit losing to them,” ASliverofSmoke smiled. “But the Fire Demon didn’t drop a Guild Establishment Token, so I can only come and bother Guild Master XuanYuan.”

“Sure. Let’s see how you’re going to ‘bother’ me,” XuanYuanSword gritted his teeth and drew his sword. “Then show me just what tricks does the 9th on the hero rankings have up his sleeves.”

“Haha, I don’t mind sparring anytime, but we’re all very busy today. Even if I agree, others might not.”

Many groups of people walked out as if given a cue. Each group had around three to four hundred people, but it was clear that they were the elites of various guilds, which were no weaker than Myriad Swords at that moment. What’s more, they were actually all working together!

DreamButterfly and SnowPhoenix stopped attacking when they saw the situation. They merely stood within the latter’s Icy Fortress. Due to that, the Fire Cloud King began to regen its health little by little.

“Y-You…” XuanYuanSword pointed at the people around him with a tremble.

“Guild Master XuanYuan, sharing is caring. You aren’t thinking about taking everything for yourself, are you?” another person laughed coldly.

“Why didn’t my sentries notice you?” XuanYuanSword took a deep breath and suppressed his rage.

“Say, do you think they would report back if they were all killed by monsters?” ASliverofSmoke said meaningfully.

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Fatty: Yes, yes, yes! It's nearly time! I can finally have something to do!

Wheat: Squeak, squeak.

Fatty: That's a good point, there's so many of them and only one of me...

Wheat: Squeak, squeak.

Fatty: Of course I know that. I didn't plan on killing them all in the first place. But the boss monster...

Wheat: Squeak, squeak.

Fatty: Alright, stop squeaking. I know I've been pretending to understand what you're talking about, but I don't. Wait... actually... I've got an idea. Hehehehehehe.


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