Chapter 80 XuanYuanSword’s Plan

Chapter 80 – XuanYuanSword’s Plan

The deeper into the valley they walked, the stronger the monsters became. Fatty was able to Appraise monsters with at most ten levels higher than him, but it was pretty clear just how high the monsters’ levels were when he noticed that he couldn’t Appraise them anymore.

Fatty wanted to sob. Fire Crows, Fire Clouds, Fire Spirits and all sorts of fire monsters were everywhere, and all of them only had increasingly higher levels. Most of the players Fatty were following were experts of above Level 20 with decent equipment, yet, they were still insta-killed by one attack from the Fire Clouds.

That made Fatty very hesitant. Damn, what’s Lord fatty supposed to do about this?

Over a thousand players from Myriad Swords had arrived, but less than two hundred were able to actually enter the valley. The rest were all either killed or did not dare to venture forth against the monsters.

“Guild Master, do you think that this is truly worth it?” Tearblade’s expression as terrible when he heard their subordinate’s report on the situation.

Myriad Sword’s core members not only included the Heavenly Mountain’s Seven Swords, but also Nine Divine Martial Swords. Tearblade was one of the latter, and was ranked at 199th on the hero ranking, even higher than DragonSword. He was also one of XuanYuanSword’s friend in real life.

“Why’s it not worth it?” XuanYuanSword chuckled. “Do you really think that I led everyone in just to deal with the God Familia?”

“Then what is it for?” Tearblade asked. “Don’t tell me that it’s for a Guild Establishment Token. If that’s the case, then we’re enough by ourselves, we don’t need to sacrifice so many brothers, especially since they’re being sacrificed for nothing.”

“What if I tell you it really is for a Guild Establishment Token?” XuanYuanSword replied casually.

“Then I’m going to tell our brothers to go back now. They can’t just die for nothing,” Tearblade blurted out.

“Ma Qiyun,” XuanYuanSword roared softly and called out Tearblade’s name real name. “Are you the guild master or am I!? Do you think I need you to tell me what to do!?”

“You…” Tearblade was outraged.

However, before he could shout anything Moon&SunSword quickly stopped him. “We’re all friends here, no need to get mad over some small stuff. Young Master Ma, Young Master Liu naturally has his reasons for doing this, how about listening to them first?”

Although Moon&SunSword said that, it was only because he wanted to hear XuanYuanSword’s explanation. After all, they all worked hard to build up Myriad Swords, the guild did not belong to XuanYuanSword along. XuanYuanSword randomly causing so many members to die had a huge impact on Myriad Swords.

“What do you know!?” XuanYuanSword said coldly. “All the players are around the same level and are very close to Level 30. Once we reach level 30, we can immediately ask to establish a guild. It’s not like you guys know what the benefit of establishing the first guild is. How can we, Myriad Swords, fall behind?”

“But that is still no excuse to make so many brothers lose a level for no reason,” replied Tearblade.

“I don’t want to, but we’ve got no choice. Think about it, is the Rainvelers really incapable of killing the Fire Demon? It’s just because they are afraid of others taking advantage of them. Look, they did hire the God Familia to kill the Fire Demon to get a Guild Establishment Token, but we know that there are at least seven or eight guilds eyeing them. If we up and go and kill a boss monster, then we’ll end up in the same state. What’s more, we might end up losing everything and get killed as well. That’s going to be absolutely terrible.”

“So you…” Moon&SunSword said after a thought.

“Indeed, I am using getting revenge on the God Familia as an excuse to lead our brothers into the Fire Valley. Our real purpose is to kill the Fire Cloud King. Since Fire Clouds are at least level 40, the Fire Cloud King should be around level 50. As long as we kill the monster without anyone knowing and get the Guild Establishment token, then the entire Vermillion Bird City will be ours. When that happens ASliverofSmoke and the Sword Manor will all be underneath us!” XuanYuanSword said proudly.

“But there is no need for us to sacrifice so many of our brothers’ levels!” Tearblade was still displeased.

“Tch, what do you even know,” XuanYuanSword glared at him. “If we don’t do that, then how can we show the resolution of us taking revenge on God Familia? Even if other people are suspicious, they won’t be able to guess our plans when looking at the situation.”

“But we might not be enough to kill the Fire Cloud King,” Moon&SunSword said after a brief consideration.

“Haha, don’t worry about that. I already hired DreamButterfly, the 5th ranking player on the hunter rankings, as well as SnowPhoenix, the 14th ranking player on the magus rankings, to help us,” said XuanYuanSword. “With their help, I am eighty percent confident that we can kill the Fire Cloud King. The only thing I’m unsure of now is whether it will drop a Guild Establishment Token.”

XuanYuanSword sighed, “Actually, I wanted to hire God Familia, but this grudge with them will not be easily settled.”

XuanYuanSword glared at DraognSword and co. “How hard would it be to find women with your identities? Why did you have to harass them? Although doing that’s not too big of a deal in real life, nobody cares who you are in real life in the game. Now you’ve got shit on. Losing a level each must feel great, right?”

“I won’t let the God Familia off for this!” DragonSword gripped his new weapon tightly and roared.

“Idiot, if it was real life, then we can still take revenge, but how are you going to do it when it’s game? You’re not going to let the God Familia off for this? Can you even afford to piss them off!?” XuanYuanSword scolded in disappointment. “Look at who is in God Familia. Just HeadofGod himself will be tough to deal with. He’s third on the assassin rankings. What does that mean? That means that he can fight a few of us and even if he can’t kill any of us, he could still easily escape. What’s more, there are two more in the top 20s. There’s also TheFugitive. No matter who these 12 master assassins want to kill, even if it’s the number one of the hero rankings, he will still die. How are you going to deal with them? With numbers? Do you think they’re stupid enough to not run away?”

DragonSword’s face flushed red as XuanYuanSword continued to scold him. He wanted to say something, and his mouth moved a little, but he didn’t manage to utter anything in the end.

Meanwhile, Fatty didn’t actually know what they were saying, since he was now the target of a Fire Cloud.

It wasn’t actually him being careless. He was pretty safe in stealth despite his slow speed, but an unfortunate fool in front of him was killed by some fire rain attack by a Fire Cloud, and when the fire cloud rained down near Fatty, it broke his stealth.

“Hello!” Fatty stood up, waved towards the Fire Cloud, then activated Invisibility.

However, what he did not consider was that the Fire Rain skill was actually an area of effect attack which covered an extremely wide range. Thus, after a few steps, he was revealed once more.

“Motherf*cker, Lord Fatty gives up, alright!?” Fatty cursed, then sprinted towards the depth of the valley.

The Fire Valley was extremely hot and was nearly devoid of life. The only thing that was plentifily in the valley were rocks of different sizes. Fatty quickly hid behind a boulder, while the Fire Cloud circled around in the air and rained Fire Cloud.

Since the Fire Cloud attacked from high up in the air, Fatty was unable to reach it with any of his methods. He even tried to call Wheat out to attack, but when he saw the damage Wheat did, he immediately pulled Wheat back into his pet inventory. Wheat’s damage was even less than the monster’s natural health regen.

Fortunately, despite the Fire Cloud having a high attack and wide attack area, it was rather slow for a monster, so around Fatty’s normal movement speed. Thus, Fatty activated acceleration and left the monster behind. Unfortunately, he ended up catching the attention of a few other Fire Clouds, so it took him quite a while before finally being able to escape.

A while later, Fatty finally returned to Stealth. He cannot afford to be careless when wandering around a place like the Fire Valley. Yet, due to the Fire Clouds chasing him, he already lost his path. He tried to read the map he bought, but after a while, he was still unable to identify where exactly he was. After all, the map was only hand drawn and not that detailed.

Thus, Fatty could only contact TheFugitive. He asked for their location and realized that he needed to go over a hill to get to them.

“Oh? That’s…” After a while, Fatty saw a red sky above him. He quickly walked over and saw countless fire bullets rain down onto the ground with several Fire Clouds dancing around.

“Huh? An enlarged Fire Cloud? No, damn, that’s the Fire Cloud boss monster Fire Cloud King!” Fatty suddenly realized what was going on. So this is the Fire Cloud King’s territory, one of the locations that’s marked as being extremely dangerous.

Fire Cloud King: Gold boss monster. Unknown Level. Unknown strength. Unknown skill. The only known skill is an area of effect magical Fire Ocean that can insta-kill a Level 25 rogue.

What’s going on? Why’s the Fire Cloud King so pissed? Fatty pondered for a moment as he watched the monster fly around the sky and rain down Fire Rain. Then he realized it. Someone was fighting the boss monster!

“Damn, they’re actually hiding here trying to kill this boss monster,” Fatty chuckled. “Alright, let’s take a look and see if Lord Fatty will be willing to help you.”

He crawled on top of a huge boulder then laughed. Man, mah best friends are all here. XuanYuanSword, DragonSword etc. They’re all around!

“Hah, so that’s what they were planning,” Fatty snorted, then called TheFugitive.

“What? XuanYuanSword led his people to fight the Fire Cloud King? F*ck, I knew he was dishonest, he said he would come and fight us and actually chose to leave us hanging! Head, what did you say? Oh, got it. Brother Grub, Head told you to watch them first. We’ll head over after we’re done. Let’s all help Myriad Sword kill the boss monster together. Mhmm, don’t worry, I know someone’s eyeing us. We’ll be fine.”

Fatty stopped worrying after hearing TheFugitive’s words. He looked over at XuanYuanSword and co. then thought to himself. Go on, keep fighting. When you’re nearly done, Lord Fatty and mah bros will help you guys pick up your corpses. Hehe.

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