Chapter 79 Traversing into the Valley

Chapter 79 – Traversing into the Valley

When Fatty finally lost the squad of pursuing Flame Pixies, he finally understood why the map had advised against farming these monsters.

Ugh, they come up as a swarm and you can get killed by their self-explosion if you don’t pay attention. Not only that, they don’t even drop anything! Only an idiot would farm these monsters.

Fatty did not think of himself as an idiot, so he left with Wheat in tow.

When Fatty walked a bit deeper in, he saw the higher level Fire Giants. They were huge beings above three meters that were surrounded by flames, and clanged whenever they walked.

Fire Giant: Level 30. They have huge bodies made of fire. They have a very bad temper and will proactively attack any players who enter their attack range. It possesses the skill Fire Bullet and has a chance to self-explode. They drop Fire Spirit Orbs.

Self destruct? Again!? Are you kidding me!?

How the hell are Vermillion Bird City players coping with these monsters? Why do they all self-destruct!?

“Wheat, go!” Fatty called. Wheat took a few steps back and found a good hiding place before spitting out a Howling Bullet.

The Fire Giant roared and stepped forward. The ground trembled as it aimed its hands towards where Wheat was and shot out a basketball sized fireball with a long flame tail.

Wheat learnt from its past mistake. Before the fireball hit it, it shrunk its body, then leaped into the ground.

The fireball landed on the ground and made a splash of sparks.

Ranged attack? Fatty was kind of surprised, but instantly realized the mistake he had made. The Fire Giant possessed a skill called Fire Bullet, of course that was a ranged attack. I guess I’ll have to lure it out even more to get it to walk into the trap.

Fatty picked up a pebble and threw it towards the Fire Giant. It diverted the Fire Giant’s attention, causing it to forget about Wheat and aimed towards Fatty.

F*ck. Fatty quickly backed off and instantly left the Fire Giant’s attack range. The monster was rather confused. It then put down its arm and began to chase Fatty with a roar.

“One, two… Three. Take that!” Fatty called out. A trap suddenly appeared in front of the Fire Giant, which it stepped into.

“Your life ends now!” Fatty pulled out his dagger, while Wheat also stuck its head out.

Although the Fire Giant had a chance to self-destruct, fortunately this one didn’t. After Fatty killed it, the Fire Giant’s body separated turning into countless dispersing sparks, only leaving a finger-sized red jewel.

“This is a Fire Spirit Orb?” Fatty picked it up and used Appraisal, then saw the stats of the item with a ring.

Fire Spirit Orb

Basic Crafting Material

Adding it in when forging a equipment can increase the success chance.

Crafting success chance increase? That’s good stuff. Although players are still killing monsters to get equipment drops, the drop items would tend to be more mediocre in the future. If one wanted a good set of equipment, then they would have to craft it themselves or get someone to craft it for them. That was what he read on a thread in the forums and the reason why Fatty chose Blacksmith as his secondary profession.

He happily put the Fire Spirit Orb away, then decided to farm a few more for later use. Then, he heard a series of footsteps and the sound of attacks landing on the ground.

Fatty immediately went into stealth, while Wheat snuck behind a boulder. Players killing one another was very common in this game, so Fatty naturally decided to see

As the footsteps neared, several people ran out frantically. A flock of crow-like birds flapped its wings and squawked as they chased the players.

Fatty immediately took out the map and checked the description of the m

Fire Crow: Above level 35, most likely less than level 40. It possesses the skill Firespitting and has a chance to self-destruct.

When Rogue’s Eye reached the intermediate rank, it could see the stats of monsters or players 10 levels or less than its users. I suppose the rogue who collected the information was level 25, so even though he was unable to see the full information on Fire Crow, he could deduce that the Fire Crow was above level 35.

As the players sprinted frantically, the Fire Crows suddenly stopped when they reached around where Fatty was, then stopped chasing and flew back.

“Ugh, f*ck this,” when the players saw the Fire Crows flying back, they all stopped as the one in the front cursed.

“What do we do? Are we going or not?” another played asked.

“Yeah, the guild master said it, so who would dare to defy him?” the first place kicked on the rocks on the ground. Yet, all it did was hurt his own foot, causing him to hug it in pain for a while. “You saw what happened to those people. Just because they didn’t help DragonSword, the guild master kicked them out of the guild and is sending people to kill them over and over again until they’re back to level 0.”

“I was wondering about that. Guild Master is such a righteous person, why did he accept trash like DragonSword in? What’s more, they’re so close!” said another.

“Shh,” The expression of one of them drastically changed. He looked around for a while, then finally stopped worrying when he saw that there wasn’t anybody around them. He roared softly. “Do you want to die!? If guild master heard what you said, then he will definitely kick you out of the guild and send people to kill you until you’re Level 0 again.”

“Heh, so what?” that person said in displeasure. “I joined Myriad Swords because its guild master is chivalrous and righteous, so I wanted to aid him in fulfilling a grand dream. But look at what’s going on, just think about what sort of people those Heavenly Mountain’s Seven Swords are? They’re supposed to be the pillars of Myriad Swords. They were clearly killed this time because they had pissed someone off. Otherwise, who would spend tons of money to hire the God Familia to kill them? Now, Guild Master is actually gathering more than a thousand people to enter Fire Valley just to take revenge for them? Just what sort of place does he think this is? We would be fine if we were just a small squad farming. Not only the road is tough to walk on, what if so many people ends up catching the attention of that advance boss monster, Flame Ruler? We’ll just end up dying. If that wasn’t the case, why would the equally amazing Rainrevelers spend money to hire the God Familia?”

“Hah, why is Guild Master close with them? It’s because they’re friends in real life,” the person who spoke in the beginning replied. “They’re bros, we’re lackeys, so of course we’re going to be treated differently. Alright, let’s hurry over. No matter what, Myriad Swords is a famous guild in Vermillion Bird City, and following XuanYuanSword gets us paid, and we don’t need to worry about getting bullied.”

“Let’s go,” they turned around and walked back in the direction they ran from.

“I wonder if we’ll succeed in killing God Familia.”

“God Familia is truly amazing. Even Guild Master, the 34th on the hero ranking ended up in a very flustered state.”

“Tch, Guild Master is only 34th. HeadofGod, the big boss of God Familia, is the 3rd ranking super expert on the assassin ranking. MouthofGod and BigPillarofGod are both in the top 20s. I heard there was also TheFugitive as well, he is ranked…”

Their conversation gradually faded into a distance.

Fatty came out of stealth, thought about it for a moment, then put Wheat away and followed the group.

Fatty went back into stealth just in case. Although stealth decreased a player’s movement speed by a lot, since the people in front of him did not dare to walk too quickly in fear of getting chased by the Fire Crows once more, Fatty was just barely able to keep up with them.

After walking for more than an hour, they finally arrived at their destination. It was a clearing with a few monster corpses on the ground. It was apparent that Myriad Swords just cleared the area.

The depths of the Fire Valley were far hotter than the other regions. People would sweat there without even moving a muscle. There was extremely little vegetation in the surroundings, and the few that existed were a fiery red color

At that moment, there was a squad of several hundred people gathered in the clearing, a bit less than over one thousand players the few players Fatty overheard talked about. Looking at the crowd from afar, there were a few peoples being surrounded in the middle, who had people fanning him. They looked to be Myriad Swords’ guild master and his friends.

Fatty snuck over and stopped twenty something meters away from XuanYuanSword. The reason he didn’t go closer was not because the area was filled with people. Rather, it was because experts were usually very sensitive and Fatty might be detected if he gets too closer.

Although he was a bit far away so he couldn’t hear what the conversation was very clearly, judging from the hand gestures, Fatty felt like they were planning how to attack the God Familia.

After waiting for thirty minutes more for some more people, XuanYuanSword felt like it was about time, so he ordered the crowd to separate into various squads that walked deeper into the valley.

“Ho? Brother Grubber is in the valley as well?” HeadofGod chuckled when Fatty called him through the communicator and told HeadofGod what he heard. “Haha, we’re busy doing the mission right now so we have no time for them. We’ll go and play with them when we’re done. The God Familia is the number one assassin familia, we are not to be easily provoked by a mere guild.”

Number one assassin familia? Fatty gasped. What a reputation! No wonder FlyingEagle, the guild master of Eagle Fortress only asked LeftWingofGod and the others to give up the equipment when we kill stole his monster. Man, nobody would be able to farm in peace if he knows that such a familia had their eyes on him.

Fatty suddenly thought about the two beautiful guild masters of the Ice Rose Alliance. He dedicated a few moments of silence to them. They probably aren’t having a good time with the God Familia targeting them.

“What are you going to do about Sword Manor?” Fatty asked.

“Hah, although ASliverofSmoke is ranked 9th on the hero rankings, he is going to have to prepare himself to get killed when he chose to target us. He just contacted me and said that if a Guild Establishment Token drops, he was willing to buy it using five hundred thousand gold coins but I refused him.”

“The God Familia truly keeps their word,” Fatty praised.

“Of course, people like us rely on trust. Although, that’s it for now, we’re going to kill the boss monster now. F*cking hell, we only just cleaned up all the small monsters.”

After hanging up the call, Fatty thought about it for a moment. It seemed like the God Familia wasn’t going to need his help. However, he still chose to silently follow behind XuanYuanSword and co.

That was because he suddenly thought about that Flame Ruler the players mentioned earlier. That should be a monster with the chance to drop the Firewalk skillbook!

Original Chapter Teaser:[expand]

While Fatty was killing another monster, he heard some footsteps in the woods in front of him.

Being the curious kitten that he was, he slowly snuck over...

Myriad Swords Player A: F*ck this shit, I'm so done.

Myriad Swords Player B: Yeah! This is getting really ridiculous.

Myriad Swords Player C: Shut it you two! Do you want to get kicked out and hunted down?

Myriad Swords Player B: I'm serious though. Look at what we're doing! Guild Master is sacrificing so many of us just to try and take revenge for some scum!

Myriad Swords Player A: I know, right? Like dude, I get it if we're taking revenge for some awesome hero, but... we really aren't. The God Familia is just supposed to be an assassin guild paid to kill players. They even abide by their own rules of returning the drops! DragonSword and the other scum must have pissed someone off majorly!

Myriad Swords Player B: Indeed, but we can't do shit about all this. We either continue on and stay in Myriad Swords, or get kicked out and hunted down.

Myriad Swords Player A: F*ck. I regret joining this guild so damn much!


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