Chapter 78 Fire Valley

Chapter 78 – Fire Valley

Fire Valley was to the two hours north-east from Vermillion Bird City. When Fatty heard the news of Myriad Swords’s plans, he immediately contacted HeadofGod, then rushed over.

Fire Valley was a very unique place. Although it was called a valley, it actually contained several dozen kilometers with various geographical features there. There are monsters ranging from level twenty-something to the fifties and sixties. It was a rather famous farming spot near Vermillion Bird City, and there would often be battles there because guilds wanted to monopolize areas of it.

When Fatty reached the exterior of the Fire Valley, he felt a wave of heat surge forth towards him. There was a very clear pattern to the game of Eternal. Most of the monsters near Black Tortoise City were of the earth attribute, while those around Vermillion Bird City were of the fire attribute.

The God Familia already entered the valley. When HeadofGod heard Fatty’s reminder, he merely chuckled, “If numbers meant that they can come in at any time, then there was no need for RainRevelers to hire us.”

Ahh, HeadofGod was right. Even when Fatty stood outside Fire Valley, he could already see tons of monsters wandering around. The low-level ones were called Fire Golems according to the introduction on his newly purchased map. They were level 25 with magic attacks and high magical defense. What’s more, they are immune to fire damage, while possessing very high attacks and speed themselves. Additionally, they even had a chance to self-destruct upon death! Their only weaknesses were their low health and defense.

As Fatty walked closer, a Fire Golem leaped over with a roar. It was a humanoid creature made entirely of rocks and was covered in fire. Small balls of flame would fall down from its body as it walked, and explode like beautiful fireworks.

Fatty estimated the distance between them, then set up a simple trap. Then, he stood behind the trap and walked for the Fire Golem to come over.

These simple monsters didn’t have any real intelligence, so as it walked over to Fatty, stepped into the trap, causing it to lose its balance and fall onto the ground, sending a wave of dust flying up into the air.

The Fire Golem struggled to get up as it slammed its hands at the ground, causing balls of fire to fall down from its body and land onto Fatty, actually several dozen points of damage.

“Wheat, attack,” Fatty commanded. Wheat shot out from the ground, opened its mouth and sent a Howling Bullet at the monster.

It only dealt slightly over 40 damage. So it’s true, this Fire Golem does have a bit of resistance towards magic.

“Die!” Fatty called out softly, then went behind the Fire Golem and thrust his dagger.


Good, it has a strong magical defense, but a weaker physical one.


The huge python appeared, causing the Fire Golem to lie down in the trap without moving as “-30”s popped up above its head.

Combo Attack! Another series of numbers rose up.

The Fire Golem’s health quickly dropped to less than 10% with Fatty’s attacks when Coil’s duration as about to end. Then, the golem finally regained the ability to move. It smashed against the ground and let out a roar, causing balls of flames to appear on its body.

Self-destruct! Fatty immediately guessed what it was. He quickly ordered Wheat to retreat.

Just as Fatty took a few steps back, a small mushroom cloud rose up behind him. He felt the earth tremble and saw his health lower by a third.

Fatty turned back to look at the Fire Golem. It was already gone. All that was left was a huge pit around ten meters wide with a few burning pebbles at the bottom of the bit.

What a terrifying explosion. Fatty thought to himself. That took up a third of my health! If there was just a few more, then even I would die here. If there are enough numbers of these things, then they can probably fight any player!

Fatty walked over to check out the pit. Man, that self-destruct is amazing. Not only does it deal a lot of damage, it even destroyed all the drops! There was nothing aside from the pebbles in the pit.

Fatty lured another Fire Golem in displeasure. Then, he immediately retreated when its health was lowered to less than 10%. Just as he expected, the golem self-destructed as well.

After the explosion, Fatty went up to check it out again. Once again, there was nothing left. No wonder nobody’s fighting these things, not only do they not actually drop anything, fighting them would only incur losses.

“Man, they’re evil! They refuse to let anyone have a good time,” Fatty muttered. However, the golems did provide pretty decent experience despite not dropping anything. The two Fire Golems managed to provide Fatty with 0.3% of the EXP needed to get to the next level.

Since the God Familia was not worried about Myriad Swords, Fatty decided that he was in no worry to enter and could slowly enter as he farmed. He ordered Wheat to lure another Fire Golem over like before, he trapped the monster with a trap, then slowly sliced away at its health with his dagger. Then, when the golem’s health neared 10%, he had an idea. He activated Coil and snared the monster.

After limiting its actions, Fatty cut at it a few more times, taking away most of its health. Then, he stopped and took a few steps back, only to notice that more flames surfaced on this Fire Golem.

Seeing that Coil was unable to stop the self-destruction, Fatty finally gave up.

After the Fire Golem self-destructed, Fatty didn’t even go to check out it anymore, and merely moved on to the next monster.

Due to being a bit absent minded, Fatty accidentally failed to retreat quickly enough from a Fire Golemn’s self-destruction, causing him to be put in a very rugged state. He killed a few dozen more Fire Golems and earned 20% more experience to reach the next level. However, he was still very speechless when he only got a few crappy items from the few Fire Golems that didn’t explode.

It was then that the God Familia sent him a message. They told him that they found Myriad Swords’s  scout, but since they were already in the depths of the Fire Valley, it was impossible for the majority of the troops of Myriad Swords to kill them. Thus, they didn’t think much of XuanYuanSword’s tough words.

Since Fatty saw that there really was nothing to be gained from the Fire Golems, he naturally stopped and walked in. That was when he saw some tiny monsters floating around. They were Flame Pixies.

These Flame Pixies were like a ball of searing flames the size of a basketball. They would bunch up in small groups as they floated in the air.

Flame Pixie: Level 28; Weak attack, defense, health and speed. Their only attack is chain fireballs, which shoots out five fireballs to attack their enemies. When their health is depleted, they will 100% self-destruct. The self-destruct of one will often trigger the self-destruction of nearby Flame Pixies as well. It is very easy to get into danger when killing these monsters, so it is ill-advised to farm these monsters to level up.

That was the information Fatty got from Bai Xiaosheng093’s map. In fact, this small bit of information was already worth the 100 gold coins Fatty paid for it.

Fatty commanded Wheat to carefully attack a Flame Pixie. The monster shrieked, then quickly floated towards Wheat alongside its companions, who were floating at a speed even quicker than the one attacked.

It launched a series of fireballs from its mouth. When the attacks hit Wheat, it dealt 40, 37 and 34 points of damage. Okay, the damage really is low, but Wheat won’t be able to tank too many of them together.

Fatty told Wheat to retreat quickly, while the Flame Pixies followed relentlessly behind it. Fatty went a long way around to the back of the squad, then attacked one of the Flame Pixies and grabbing its attention. Since the other Flame Pixies were chasing Wheat, they completely left this one behind.

The Flame Spirit floated in the air and repeatedly spat fireballs at Fatty. The series of bowl-sized fireballs were also rather terrifying. However, Fatty did not face it  . He made use of the short time gap between all magic attacks. The moment the Flame Pixie spat out a string of fireballs, Fatty quickly went underneath the monster and stabbed upwards.


The Flame Pixie yapped as its health dropped. It trembled slightly, then hurriedly retreated. This time, Fatty chased after it relentlessly and stabbed it once more.

After a few more thrusts, the Flame Pixie’s health finally depleted with a scream.

As it screamed, its body suddenly expanded, turning its basketball-sized body into the size of a car wheel.


Flames shot through the air, and sparks descended like a rain of meteorites. Countless sparks scattered everywhere. The area of the explosion was more than twice the size of the Fire Golem’s explosion. Due to that, Fatty was wrapped up in it as well.

“Ahem,” Fatty ran out from the explosion with semi-burnt hair. “Motherf*cking hell. Ugh.”

Fatty spat out a mouthful of dirt, then ordered Wheat to lure another Flame Pixie over.

Thus, the pitiful Wheat could only do so. When it finally returned with a Flame Pixie in tow, it already had less than half health remaining.

“Ahh, you poor thing,” Fatty exclaimed, while Wheat was nearly in tears.

However, Fatty had no choice. The self-explosion from two Flame Pixies might be able to kill him. He didn’t dare to take the risk, so he could only get Wheat to continue doing so. Therefore, under Fatty’s anticipating gaze, Wheat turned around tearfully and ran off to attack from afar.

If Wheat could think like a person, it definitely would be thinking to itself. Why are my eyes filled with tears? Because I hate this fatty.

Under the cooperation between the man and the rat, the small squad of Flame Pixies finally died. When killing the final one, Wheat was shooting out Howling Bullets relentlessly as if it had been doped. In fact, Wheat was shooting out Howling Bullets even faster than the Flame Pixies were shooting out fireballs.

“Good boy, don’t be mad,” Fatty patted Wheat’s head as he watched the final Flame Pixie self-explode.

Wheat turned around. Whatever, I’m going to kill monsters myself…

Not long after Fatty turned around, he heard Wheat’s yelp. He turned his head back and.. F*ck. A dozen or so Flame Pixies were chasing after Wheat.

“Earthwalk you idiot!” Fatty ordered.

Wheat immediately disappeared. However, the Flame Pixies who last their target, immediately turned towards Fatty.

“That damned rat pissed you off, why are you chasing me!?” Fatty was speechless. However, he immediately ran away without stopping.

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