Chapter 77 All-Knowing Sect

Chapter 77 – All-Knowing Sect

RainWatcher smile exuded both purity and sexiness. Her long hair wavered as she smiled wryly. At the same time, an alluring fragrance seemed to be released from her mature body, causing all the men gathered to gulp.

Out of the more beautiful women Fatty had seen, Purple Bell was a cute young girl; Liu Lan is a slightly sexy working woman; Ice Witch and Rosethorn represented hot and cold, making it hard for people to feel close to them; meanwhile, although his own little sister was the number one beauty of Vermillion Bird City, he felt like she lost to the mature RainWatcher when it came to the aura around her.

What’s more, RainWatcher was also followed by several Rainreveler players. All of them were beautiful and voluptuous, which only added to the allure of the situation.

“Everyone, please,” RainWatcher smiled and welcomed everyone upstairs.

“Ahem,” Fatty coughed, then kicked TheFugitive on the leg.

TheFugitive cried out in pain and complained, “F*ck dude, why the heck did you kick me? I was so close to getting in her pants and now that you kicked me, it’s all gone.”

RainWatcher stiffened a little, she did not expect this famous expert to be so lecherous.

Meanwhile, Fatty snorted, “Fuge, I didn’t expect you to have such a hobby.”

“What hobby?” TheFugitive scratched his head.

“Indulging in your fantasies,” HeadofGod shook his head.

“Ugh,” TheFugitive was speechless.

“Please have a seat,” When they reached the thirteenth floor, RainWatcher indicated, then sat down on the main seat.

As the others took their seats, RainWatcher smiled and raised a glass of alcohol on the table. “I have asked you to come here unreasonably, so allow me to down this glass as an apology.”

With that, she downed the entire glass.

“Good!” TheFugitive applauded, then saw the others looking at him strangely. He disregarded the gaze. “Guild Master Watcher truly has great alcohol tolerance. Cheers!

Seriously? The God Familia forced themselves not to laugh, while RainWatcher was clearly surprised by such a crappy reason from TheFugitive.

“Ahem,” HeadofGod coughed. “Guild Master Watcher, you didn’t call us here just to eat, right? It would be good if you could voice your reasons.”

Meanwhile, Fatty sat straight without moving, as if he wasn’t interested in any of the beauties in the room.

“This lady here has heard of you, friends of God Familia. I wonder who this friend is?” RainWatcher looked towards Fatty.

“He’s just my lackey, no need to mind him,” TheFugitive blurted out.

Fatty nodded slightly as if he agreed to what TheFugitive said.

“Wow, Mr. Fugitive is so amazing. Even your lackey is so strong. This lady truly admires you,” RainWatcher didn’t force the issue when she saw that Fatty didn’t want to say anything. “I was rather troubled with something, but if you are willing to lend a hand, then it would be much easier. I wonder how much would it cost to ask you to help me kill a monster?”

“That would depend on what monster it is,” HeadofGod was the one who was normally in charge of these transactions, so he thought about it for a moment and asked.

“Flame Demon?” RainWatcher replied.

“The Level 50 boss monster in the Fire Valley?” HeadofGod frowned, then glanced at the rest of the God Familia members. “It isn’t hard to kill a level 50 boss monster, but there are a lot of monsters in Fire Valley, it’s almost impossible to get to fight the boss monster by itself.”

“That is why I would like to ask you for help,” RainWatcher smiled.

“A hundred thousand gold coins, I’m not negotiating on the price,” HeadofGod reached out a finger. “What’s more, aside from the Guild Establishment Token, everything else belongs to us. We are not responsible if the token doesn’t drop either.

“How did Mr. Head know that we want to get the Guild Establishment Token?” RainWatched asked in surprise.

“Haha, I really cannot think of why else you would fight a Level 50 boss monster right now if not for a Guild Establishment Token,” HeadofGod chuckled.

“Alright, deal,” RainWatcher stood up and shook hands with HeadofGod.

Then, they began to drink more and more until RainWatcher became a bit tipsy and couldn’t help but leave.

“Are you two interested?” HeadofGod asked Fatty and TheFugitive.

“Of course,” TheFugitive didn’t hold back, it wasn’t his first cooperation with the God Familia.

Fatty thought about it for a moment, “You guys know why I came. I’ll go and find you guys after I finish what I’m doing.”

“Then we shall wait patiently for Brother Grubber’s arrival,” HeadofGod nodded. “Let’s go.”

After Fatty watched the God Familia and TheFugitive left, he strolled around in Vermillion Bird City. Now that the game had been running for some time, the players’ interest in farming had already waned a little, so everything seemed to have calmed down a little.

It was very easy to get information on Sword Manor as it was the third-ranked guild in Vermillion Bird City. However, ASliverofSmoke was apparently harder to get information about.

“I’ve got maps for sale. It’s a map of the area around Vermillion Bird City, including all of the farming spots and monster information. You no longer have to feel lost when you’re farming,” at that moment, a rogue player selling maps walked by Fatty. When he saw Fatty strolling around aimlessly, he quickly walked over. “Bro, would you like a map?”

“What map is that?”

“This map I’m selling is created after the hard work of several thousand brothers in my sect. It includes all of the farming spots in a few thousand miles radius around Vermillion Bird City. It even includes everything ranging from monster information to the ores produced in various places to where all sorts of materials could be found. This is a complete map of the guide and we’re only selling it for 100 gold coins. It is the very definition of great and cheap. How’s that? Would you like one?” said the rogue called Bai Xiaosheng093.

“All-Knowing Sect?” Fatty suddenly thought of something.

“That’s right, I hail from the All-Knowing Sect,” Bai Xiaosheng093 puffed up his chest with pride.

“Then do you sell information?”

“Of course,” Bai Xiaosheng’s eyes darted around, then dragged Fatty into a corner. “Although we do not participate in any combat, we have the best intelligence in the entire game. As long as you can afford it, we can get any information you want for you.”

“How much is information on ASliverofSmoke, the guild master of Sword Manor?” Fatty asked.

“That would depend on what you want to know,” Bai Xiaosheng093 nodded. “The price isn’t cheap for people like him from major factions, so consider it carefully.”

“I want to know how far his relationship with Pink Beauty, the vice guild master of Rainrevelers, is,” Fatty asked after a deep breath.”

“You’re definitely asking the right person,” Bai Xiaosheng093 laughed. “Let me tell you, I was the one who was sent to investigate about them. Actually, they. Mmm, please pay first. The price is 1000 gold coins.”

“1000 gold coins, are you kidding me!? I’ll pay you 100 gold coins at most,” Fatty roared softly.

“If you’re not willing, then never mind,” Bai Xiaosheng093 said indifferently. “This is a privacy question relating to the number one beauty and the guild master of the third-ranking guild in Vermillion Bird City. 1000 gold is already a discount.”

“Ugh, fine. Hurry up,” Fatty chucked over a bag of gold coins impatiently.

Bai Xiaosheng093 counted the coins, then put them away happily. “Once upon a time, Pink Beauty, the number one beauty in Vermillion Bird City, was fighting a monster in the Land of Scorching Heat, but a boss monster suddenly came out. Just as Pink Beauty was about to fall to the evil beast, ASliverofSmoke, the guild master of the third-ranking guild in Vermillion Bird City passed by…”

“I’m asking you what stage their relationship is at, I’m not asking you these pointless matters,” Fatty grabbed Bai Xiaosheng093’s collar and roared.

“Fine, fine, let go of me first,” Bai Xiaosheng slapped Fatty’s hand. When Faty let him go, he took a few deep breaths and continued. “ASliverofSmoke fell in love with Pink Beauty at first sight, but her attitude towards him is unclear. Although they often farm together, they have not yet confirmed their relationship.”

“So they aren’t a couple?” Fatty let out a breath of relief.

“Hehe, you must be Pink Beauty’s admirer as well, right? Bai Xiaosheng093 smiled lecherously. “Many people want to pursue a woman like Pink Beauty, including the guild masters of many major guilds. However, none of them have actually succeeded. At the very least, we, the All-Knowing Sect, have not found anything out yet.”

“Alright,” Fatty patted Bai Xiaosheng093’s shoulder. “Thanks bro.”

Then he turned around to leave.

“Hey, are you not going to buy a map? It’s a newly created map. I promise that it’ll save you plenty of time when searching for monsters, allowing you to farm easily and level up speedily,” Bai Xiaosheng093 called out.

Fatty thought about it for a moment, then handed over 100 gold coins, “Give me one then.”

“Sure thing,” Bai Xiaosheng093 handed over a map.

Fatty took a look. Although it was hand-drawn and was a bit rough, it did include the geographical features of each location, the various types of monsters and their levels and stats; alongside the areas where different ores and materials could be found.

What’s more, a part of it also indicated the spread of different monsters in Fire Valley and even listed the skills of the Flame Ruler.

“Bro, how is it? Isn’t it pretty complete? This was something that several thousand of us made after more than a month and countless deaths,” Bai Xiaosheng093 said proudly.

“Good, very good. It’s amazing,” Fatty praised. This 1100 gold coins I spent with him was very worthwhile.

“Hehe, then do visit me often,” Bai Xiaosheng093 smiled. “If you are willing to pay me 10 more gold coins, then I can give you another piece of news as well.”

“You really know how to do business,” Fatty chuckled. His mood was rather good when he heard that his little sister wasn’t dating, so he handed over another 10 gold coins. “What is it? Do tell.”

RainWatcher, the guild master of Rainrevelers, hired the God Familia to help them kill the Flame Demon, a Level 50 boss for a Guild Establishment Token. However, someone leaked the news, so Myriad Swords, the ninth ranking guild of Vermillion Bird City rallied their people and said that they were going to block off the former guild within Fire Valley. At the same time, ASliverofSmoke, the guild master of Sword Manor, also led his people over to fight for the boss monster.

Fatty took a deep breath. What an amazing information gathering speed. The deal between the God Familia and Rainrevelers was made less than an hour ago, and now they already know about it? This is terrifying!

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