Chapter 76 An Invitation From Rainrevelers.

Chapter 76 – An Invitation From Rainrevelers.

Everybody turned back at the sound of the shout, and saw that it was LeftWingofGod.

“LeftWing, why’re you here? Where’s everybody else?” TheFugitive asked.

“Ugh, we were doing the mission and got killed. Only then did we notice that we set our respawn point to Azure Dragon City, so I had to spend 10 additional gold coins to come over again,” LeftWingofGOd cursed.

“Haha,” DragonSword chuckled dryly. “So it’s a friend from the God Familia. I wonder what business do you have with me?”

“What business? Of course it’s to kill you,” LeftWingofGod glared. “Motherf*cker, we came so far to kill you Heavenly Mountain’s Seven Swords, you guys actually refused to just stand still and let us kill you. You guys even caused me to die once! You’re terrible!”

“Haha, although the God Familia is strong, it isn’t going to be easy to kill us, the Heavenly Mountain’s Seven Swords,” DragonSword laughed.

“Heh, isn’t going to be easy? Apart from you, those six other bastards have already died once. If it wasn’t because your guild master was quick to run, he would have died as well,” with that, LeftWingofGod turned towards Fatty and TheFugitive. “Our employer requires a screenshot of us killing them ourselves in order for us to receive payment, so please leave him to us. I’ll treat you guys to a meal later.”

“Haha, now you’re treating us as outsiders. He’s just a piece of trash. If you don’t mind dirtying your hands, then you can do the honors,” Fatty laughed. TheFugitive also nodded, then took a few steps back to prevent DragonSword from escaping.

“Y-You guys…” DragonSword pointed at the trio and trembled in anger. They, the Heavenly Mountain’s Seven Swords normally existences that people in Vermillion Bird City look up to, but now, three people are actually humbly letting each other kill him.

The onlookers gasped. Myriad Swords had truly lost a lot of face today. Not only did they fail to kill TheFugitive, even DragonSword was going to lose his life. What’s more, the newcomer said that the other six of the Heavenly Mountain’s Seven Swords has already died once and even XuanYuanSword, the guild master, was nearly killed. Just who did Myriad Swords end up offending to face this sort of vengeance?

“LeftWingofGod, if you want to kill me, then you’re going to have to show me what you’re capable of. However, let me ask you something that I hope you will answer me honestly. Just who wants to kill us, the Heavenly Mountain’s Seven Swords?” DragonSword roared.

“Think about who it was by yourselves. You guys must know who you offended, right?” LeftWingofGod said casually. “The old rule still applies here. If you stand still and let me kill you, I’ll return whatever item drops to you; but if you resist, heh.”

“If he resists, then gangrape his ass,” a rough voice sounded out from afar. HeadofGod walked over with the other members of God Familia.

“Brother Grubber, Fuge, we meet again so quickly,” HeadofGod chuckled.

Seeing Fatty, TheFugitive and LeftWingofGod turned around to greet the onlooker, DragonSword immediately took out a recall scroll.

Yet, just as he was about to use it, a bowl-size earth bullet hit his body. DragonSword turned around and saw Wheat snarling at him proudly.

“Damn rat! Wait, that’s a rat!?” DragonSword was unsure because the rat was way too big.

“Wheat, good job!” Fatty turned around and gave Wheat a praising look.

“DragonSword, don’t blame us. This is just part of the job. Just commit suicide. We’ll return the dropped item to you,” said HeadofGod.

“Fine, fine!” DragonSword was outraged. He was one of the famed Heavenly Mountain’s Seven Swords belonging to Myriad Swords, the ninth guild in Vermillion Bird City, he had never been insulted like that. “God of Familia, Myriad Swords will never be done with you!”

DragonSword roared. A layer of red light covered his body as he charged towards Fatty.

“Dude, they want to kill you, why are you charging at me?” Fatty was speechless. He quickly turned to the side to avoid the attack, then activated Coil.

“Ahh, CC is the best,” Fatty exclaimed.

DragonSword glared angrily at Fatty when he saw a huge silver python coil around him. LeftWingofGod walked up and shook his head, then took out his dagger and easily dispatched DragonSword.

A cling rang out. DragonSword was truly an unlucky person. Out of all the items, he managed to drop his weapon.

“Hey, look at that. This is the difference between karma,” LeftWingofGod said proudly. “Even when I had a red name, I never dropped anything good. Yet, this scum ended up dropping his weapon just by dying. It’s pretty clear that I have good karma and my personality Is great.”

“Yep, it’s comparable to my Wheat,” Fatty nodded.

“Wheat? Who’s that?” LeftWingofGod was confused.

TheFugitive indicated to the side with his chin. LeftWingofGod glanced over and saw a dog-sized rat run over.

“Mission accomplished,” HeadofGod chuckled. “How’re you guys doing?”

“Brother Head, do you know a player called ASliverofSmoke?” Fatty asked as he suddenly recalled HeadofGod’s mighty connections.

“ASliverofSmoke? Why’re you asking about him?” HeadofGod frowned.

“What? Is ASliverofSmoke very famous?” asked Fatty.

“Hah, Brother Grubber, perhaps you have been in Black Tortoise City this entire time, so you don’t know the situation of Vermillion Bird City very well. There are countless guilds of different sizes in Vermillion Bird City and the top 100 are all guilds with powerful real-life backings alongside a strong guild master. ASliverofSmoke is the guild master of Sword Manor and also ranked 9th on the hero rankings,” HeadofGod explained.

“He sounds pretty tough,” Fatty nodded.

“He isn’t just pretty tough,” HeadofGod smiled wryly. “Think about it, you can already imagine how strong his guild is for them to rise above countless others in the main city and be ranked 3rd. If it isn’t necessary, then even I don’t want to mess with him. That’s why I don’t suggest you going against him.”

“Haha, Brother Head, thank you for your advice, but there are some things that I must investigate thoroughly,” Fatty said indifferently.

“Haha, actually, there is something else you might be interested in,” HeadofGod suddenly chuckled. “A few days ago, ASliverofSmoke led a group of people to complete a mission in Black Tortoise City, but ended up in a conflict with the Wind God’s Guild. They ended up fighting, and when ASliverofSmoke attacked himself, he killed all twenty something people of Wind God’s Guild, including Wind God’s World.”

“He’s pretty strong,” Fatty said coldly. “But ASliverofSmoke didn’t end up too well either, did he?”

“Not too well?” HeadofGod laughed. “After Wind God’s World died, he didn’t even call over a huge army to take revenge, he only called his little sister Purple Bell over. Damn, a hidden class is truly strong. Purple Bell killed all fifty-something people including ASliverofSmoke. He’s supposed to be the 9th best warrior according to the hero rankings, but he was killed without any ability to fight back at all. I heard that his face was as pale as a ghost’s when he respawned. What’s more, their mission actually had a time limit, but Purple Bell stood in their path twice, so they couldn’t even finish the mission.”

“That must be Wind God’s World’s idea, right?” Fatty frowned. “Little Bell isn’t someone like that.”

“Perhaps, but who knows. The little sister was probably pretty angry when her older brother got killed,” HeadofGod replied.

“Hehe, you must be friends from the God Familia. This little sister is Rainreveler’s ClearMoonShade, our guild master, RainbowWatcher, heard that you have come to Vermillion Bird City, so she would like to meet you all and have a drink. I wonder if you would be willing to accept the invitation?” the female player that Fatty was speaking to before finally managed to find an opportunity where Fatty and co. stopped talking, and immediately spoke up.

“An invitation from the cute RainbowWatcher? What are we waiting for? Let’s go,” said TheFugitive.

The others looked at TheFugitive in disdain. F*ck this, you really are acting like a hoes before bros kind of guy.

“Hehe, Brother Big Brother Fugitive is sure swift. How about you guys? Let’s go?” ClearMoonShade smiled.

“I have other things to do, so I won’t go,” Fatty replied. He did not want Qian Xiaoqian to know that he came all the way over just to investigate about her boyfriend.

“That’s no good,” ClearMoonShade grabbed Fatty’s arm and said pitifully. “Our guild master said that it’s very hard to meet an expert like you. If I don’t manage to invite you over, then that would be my misconduct. I’ll be kicked out of the guild!”

“Only your guild master? What about that guild master that’s the number one beauty?” TheFugitive was as he knew what Fatty was worried about.

“Hehe, our vice guild master is out on a mission right now, so she’s not in town. If you would like to see her, then you can wait a few days. Our guild master will definitely introduce you all,” ClearMoonShade covered her mouth and giggled.

“We have a wait a few days? Then never mind,” TheFugitive said disappointedly. “But it’s nice for the beautiful RainbowWatcher to accompany us as well. Brother Grub, how about that? Let’s go together?”

“Alright,” Fatty said after a bit of a hesitation.

The place RainbowWatcher chose was in a thirteen floored restaurant. It was a building constructed with fiery boulders and decorated with some green plants. It was a building very fitting to Vermillion Bird City’s style.

“Guild Master, the various experts have arrived,” ClearMoonShade said when they arrived at the base of the stairs that led to the thirteenth floor.

“Hehe, welcome,” a musical voice sounded out. Fatty and co. saw a mature woman dressed in a pink robe and simple pale blue jewelry walk down the stairs.

RainbowWatcher was around twenty seven or twenty eight, or perhaps just over thirty. Her figure was nothing to scoff at, while her beautiful face held a bit of sexiness alongside the purity. She seemed to radiate a mature and queenly aura, making her seem far more pleasing to the eyes when compared to Rosethorn.

“Wow, we have heard a lot about the beautiful RainbowWatcher. But when I see you now, I finally realized that everything I heard was nothing compared to what you really are like,” TheFugitive was naturally the first one to speak in such a situation.

“Mr. Fugitive is flattering me,” RainbowWatcher smiled. “Everyone, let us talk upstairs.

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