Chapter 75 DragonSword

Chapter 75 – DragonSword

DragonSword’s attack timing was nearly perfect. It was timed precisely as TheFugitive turned around to walk away. Since his right foot hadn’t even landed on the ground yet, he was unable to dodge at all. What’s more, since rogues had lower attack, defense and health when compared to warriors, it was not worth it even if TheFugitive had immediately counterattacked.

Not only that, aside from DragonSword, the other Myriad Swords players behind him all made a move. The four hunters activated scattershot at the same time to ensure that TheFugitive couldn’t go into stealth using Invisibility.

However, if that was enough to hurt TheFugitive, then he would have lost his position on the assassin ranking list ages ago. As his foot met the ground, he immediately dove down. DragonSword’s blade thrust upwards, only piercing TheFugitive’s leather armor and just barely dealing a little bit of damage to him. In fact, the attack only dealt around a tenth of his health in damage.

Meanwhile, even though the hunters’ scattershot hit TheFugitive, since Scatter Shot dealt rather low damage, it didn’t cause TheFugitive much harm. TheFugitive only needed to drink one health potion to replenish all health he had lost.

So despicable! the onlookers couldn’t feel disdain when they saw DragonSword’s sudden attack. However, they did not voice their thoughts out loud due to their fear of Myriad Swords.

“Heh. Wow. I can’t believe that the so-called Heavenly Mountain’s Seven Swords are merely people who only attack people behind their backs,” TheFugitive laughed coldly, without showing any rage.

“I can kill you without that,” DragonSword made a please gesture. “Now, let us fight fair and square. Let’s see how strong the 19th ranked expert is.”

He’s so shameless! The onlookers cursed silently. Is he asking for a fair fight after his sneak attack failed? XuanYuanSword is a straightforward and chivalrous expert, why are his subordinates all so terrible!?

DragonSword laughed coldly. Fight alone? Why would anyone join a guild if they want to fight alone? Joining a build is so that you can bully others with numbers! After all, young masters like them always did that.

However, the Myriad Swords members have already forgotten that aside from TheFugitive, they were also against a Fatty who was no weaker than TheFugitive.

Fatty immediately summoned Wheat when he saw TheFugitive get assaulted. He ordered Wheat to attack DragonSword when it gets a good opportunity, then snuck over in stealth.

The Myriad Swords players noticed Fatty at the very beginning, but they immediately labeled Fatty as someone of no threat when they found out that Fatty didn’t even know about the All-Knowing Sect’s rankings. After all, that was a ranking even newbies knew about.

DragonSword looked at TheFugitive coldly, while the four hunters behind him spread out and aimed their bows towards TheFugitive. It was very clear that he planned to kill TheFugitive this time.

TheFugitive chuckled coldly when he noticed Fatty disappear in stealth. “Fair fight? You sure you’re not going to ask those four dogs behind you for help?”

“TheFugitive, you really have a shitty mouth,” a hunter behind DragonSword cursed.

“I said a fair fight, which means we are going to fight openly without any sneak attacks. You can’t be so childish as to think that I will fight you alone, right? Think about what era we’re in, I can’t believe you’re so foolish,” said DragonSword, while the hunters behind him laughed loudly.

So despicable, so shameless! The onlookers continued to curse silently.

“Oh? Openly without any sneak attacks? That’s going to be tough,” TheFugitive shrugged. “That damn fatty only does sneak attacks.”

“Huh? Damn fatty?” DragonSword immediately glanced over, but noticed that Fatty was already gone.

“Beware of an assassin,” DragonSword roared angrily, then used Night Blade Flurry around himself.

Yet, the moment DragonSword decided to use the skill, Fatty appeared behind a hunter and stabbed into the back of the hunter’s ribs before the latter could even realize what was going on.

“Ahh!” the hunter cried out in pain. Although he only lost some health, he did feel a bit of pain due to the nature of the game.

Fatty flicked his dagger upwards, causing a stream of blood of gush out. The hunter screamed out in pain once more, then staggered back, unable to muster up the desire to counterattack at all.

“Attack!” DragonSword was outraged. They were the ones who should be doing the bullying and now they were being provoked. TheFugitive killing Humpdapanda was one thing, but this fat ass actually dares to attack us? He’s seeking death!

The other three hunters quickly aimed at Fatty and shot a few arrows.

Fatty looked at DragonSword with a cold smile. He shook his body, then managed to dodge all of the arrows as he caught up to the hunter and activated Combo Attack.

The skill only applied three hits this time. Every single time the dagger stabbed in and was pulled out, it brought out large volumes of blood. The hunter wailed and although it didn’t hurt that much, he couldn’t make himself counterattack when he saw the dagger move in and out of his body. Only one thought filled his mind and that was to get as far away from the fatty as possible.

As the dagger stabbed into the hunter for the final time, the hunter’s wish was finally granted. His health bar emptied out, so he could finally die and respawn back in town. When his corpse fell onto the ground, for some reason, the onlookers actually sensed that he was slightly relieved.

“Kill. Kill him!” DragonSword roared. He lost all his face after Fatty quickly dispatched a hunter right in front of him in public.

Yet, the moment DragonSword gave the orders, his body trembled. A dagger stabbed into his waist, and TheFugitive whispered into his ear, “You forgot about me.”

Fatty used Invisibility and disappeared after killing the hunter. Meanwhile, DragonSword let out an angry roar after getting attacked. He raised his sword and hacked down.

“Save Big Brother Dragon!” the remaining three hunters disregarded Fatty and merely sent countless Explosive Shots, Scatter Shots, and Chain Shots down onto TheFugitive.

TheFugitive felt a chill. He quickly activated Invisibility and shouted. “Brother Grub, hurry up. I’m going to die!”

“Got it,” with that, Fatty appeared behind another hunter. This hunter hurriedly retreated, but Fatty chuckled.


A silver python appeared and coiled itself around the hunter. The hunter’s expression turned stark white when he was informed by the system notification that he was going to be snared for 10 seconds.

Fatty mercilessly killed that hunter and picked up a dropped legguard. Then, he sprinted towards the remaining hunters.

The two hunters were terrified. They stood side by side and couldn’t go and help DragonSword. They pulled their bows at the same time and attacked Fatty.

Fatty’s body moved left and right like a butterfly as he ran, dodging most of the attacks shot his way.

He’s an expert! DragonSword’s expression turned to the worst when he saw that. This guy is definitely stronger than TheFugitive. Could he be someone in the top ten of the assassin ranking?

“Losing your concentration is no good in PvP, ya’ know?” TheFugitive snuck over once more and stabbed DragonSword’s thigh. After that, he quickly moved back. “Ahh, sorry. Oops. My bad, I didn’t mean to stab that place. Sorry, sorry.”

As TheFugitive retreated, a few bullets of earth shot forth and landed on the body part TheFugitive was referring to. That was Wheat making use of the opportunity.

“You fools, why aren’t you attacking!?” DragonSword was furious when he saw the players who wanted to fight Fatty and TheFugitive initially being frozen in fear.

“Damn fat ass. Don’t get cocky. I’ll take you on!”

“Take this!”

“One sword to immortality!”

Those Myriad Swords members shouted. Is that warrior’s attack even going to hit me when I’m several dozen meters away from him?

As Fatty sprinted forth, the two hunters realized that it was impossible to pull their distance. They gritted their teeth, put away their bows and took out a dagger each, before leaping at Fatty.

“That’s more like it. Close combat is the real way to go,” Fatty bullshitted as he moved around. Although the two hunters were rather fast, they couldn’t catch up to Fatty. Fatty only would always attack once then quickly retreat, denying them any chance of counter attacking. Thus, after a few rounds, both hunters lost more than half their health, while Fatty still remained unscathed.

“Amazing, just who is this fatty? Why is he even stronger than TheFugitive?” the female player who was chatting with Fatty was completely shocked. Although Fatty was only facing a few average players, it was clear from his timing and skill usage that he was very strong.

“Could he be an expert above TheFugitive on the assassin rankings? Oh, dammit. I chatted with him for so long, but I still don’t know his name! Mm, I’ll go and get some more information from him later, and see if he might join us.”

Fatty didn’t know what the pretty Minister of Intelligence was thinking. At that moment, he moved between the two hunters and sent one of them sprawling with a kick. Then, he swung his dagger at the other, causing a long laceration on that hunter, finishing off his health bar.

The hunter fell down onto the ground and turned into a ray of white light. The other hunter ran back quickly, but Fatty chuckled. He lifted his left hand and a quick pillar of light shot towards the person’s chest.

The hunter was pierced through by the arrow, then fell down after a few staggers.

“Alright, it’s just us now,” Fatty disregarded the few players who only dared to speak arrogantly, and did not dare to approach, then turned towards DragonSword.

“Wow, you are good. I wonder which expert on the assassin rankings are you?” DragonSword took a deep breath, replenished his health, then crossed his sword in front of him.

“Assassin ranking? Ahh, I’m not lucky enough to be on it,” Fatty sighed begrudgingly. “Fuge, let’s fight together so we can end this quickly. We have proper business to attend to.”

DragonSword’s face turned stark white. It really seemed like he would have to drop a level. Just as he was about to talk some more trash, someone shouted out at the city gate. “Brother Grubber, Fuge, don’t kill him. Wait for me!”

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Rando A: Oh my God! He is so shameless!

Rando B: Yeah! I can't believe DragonSword is like that!

Rando C: Tch, all of them are like that. I really don't know how a great guild master like XuanYuanSword has such terrible subordinates.

Rando A: Shhh, do you want to get murdered?


TheFugitive: Okay, fine. You're dead. You're f*cking dead, you little shameless piece of.

DragonSword: Hah, this is how people in a guild fight! How about this? Let's not try to sneak attack anyone and fight face to face?

TheFugitive: Not sneak attack? That's going to be tough. It's that shitty fatty's favorite thing to do...


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