Chapter 74 Assassin Rankings

Chapter 74 – Assassin Rankings

There were four Myriad Sword players who wanted to fight with Fatty and TheFugitive. When the other three heard that it was TheFugitive, they immediately lost all their confidence merely shouted fierce words like “Just wait”, “Don’t leave if you dare” and “Big Brother Dragon is coming, he’ll harvest your shitty life”.

“Wow, he’s TheFugitive? I heard that he just helped our vice guild master finish a mission. I didn’t expect him to be so handsome!” the female player, who was chatting with Fatty, looked at TheFugitive in awe and admiration.

“Huh? Is he very famous?” asked Fatty. I didn’t know this lecherous guy was so famous.

“Just what have you been doing following him around? You don’t even know whether he’s famous or not?” the female player looked at Fatty in displeasure.

Following him around… Fatty rubbed his nose and remained silent.

“TheFugitive, a professional player who started off in Azure Dragon City. He was once an expert in multiple games before this one. In this game, he initially gained his reputation through this grudge with the Fierce Dragon Gang. Then, he completed several difficult missions, allowing him to be ranked 19th on All-Knowing Sect’s assassin leaderboard,” the female player said enviously.

“Only 19th?” Fatty was shocked. How are they ranking people? TheFugitive’s strength only got him 19th on the list!?

“Did you think that 19th is really low?” the female player looked at Fatty in disdain. “The leaderboards is the ranking of the system, based purely on levels, so it’s not that useful. However, the assassin rankings is based on an overall strength of the players assessed using all the information that the All-Knowing Sect got. There is a ranking for every single class and each of them ranks the top 1000 players of that class. You can already imagine how strong 19th is. Man, I never expected this. I always thought that rogues would look lecherous and sleazy, but TheFugitive is so handsome! It would be great if I can get a boyfriend like him.”

With that, the female player’s saliva seemed to drip.

“Then do you know what rank an assassin called Money Grubber is ranked at?” Fatty asked with a  straight face.

“Money Grubber? Never heard of him,” the female player responded, causing Fatty to be completely speechless.

“Wow, so cool,” the female player’s eyes lit up as TheFugitive walked over.

“Cool? This is lecherous,” Fatty muttered in disdain.

“What do you even understand? Big Brother TheFugitive is so handsome and bright, so… Never mind, I won’t say any more. I know you’re jealous of him,” the female player rolled her eyes at Fatty, nearly triggering him.

“Ahem,” Fatty coughed when he saw TheFugitive walk over.” Fuge, not bad, you actually managed to get ranked 19th on the assassin rankings.”

“Haha, I was just lucky, just so very lucky,” TheFugitive did not have the word ‘humble’ in his dictionary. “What should we do now? Do we leave, or do we wait for DragonSword to come over?”

“Who’s that DragonSword guy?” asked Fatty.

“So ignorant,” the female player immediately looked at Fatty in disdain before TheFugitive could reply. “You don’t even know DragonSword? How are you even playing in Vermillion Bird City?”

“What? You must know DragonSword when you’re in Vermillion Bird City?” Fatty glanced at the female player.

“Of course, DragonSword is one of Myriad Swords’s Heavenly Mountain’s Seven Swords. He is the right-hand man of guild master XuanYuanSword, and is ranked 203rd on the hero rankings. Of course, in terms of strength, he is far weaker than Big Brother TheFugitive,” the female player suddenly noticed that she wasn’t saying the right things, so she quickly added.

“Is that so? Haha. Actually, I’m just a tiny bit stronger than him,” TheFugitive entire body practically turned weak when he heard the female player call him Big Brother.

“Only 203rd,” Fatty said quietly.

“Brother Grub, it’s pretty good already. 203rd is equivalent to the top hundred of the assassin rankings. After all, there are far more warrior players than rogues,” TheFugitive winked at the female player, then said to Fatty.

“Haha, is that so? Then we’ll leave later and see just how strong he is for ourselves,” Fatty patted his leather armor, pondered about it a little, then was too embarrassed to ask TheFugitive what rank he was on the assassin rankings.

With the beauty around, TheFugitive essentially forgot about Fatty and chatted happily with the female player.

“Hey, Brother Grub, their vice guild master is Little Sister Pink,” TheFugitive patted Fatty on the arm and whispered.

“I know, so you have to work hard and score her, so that she’ll become a spy for us,” Fatty glanced at the female player and replied using a message.

“Hehe, Brother Grub, you’re so sinister. But… I like,” TheFugitive chuckled.

“He’s here! DragonSword is here!” A ruckus rang through the crowd as they moved to side.

A few people were walking over. The one in the lead is probably DragonSword. The man was a warrior, carried a large sword on his back, and was in his early twenties. He had an arrogant look on his face that truly discomforted Fatty.

“TheFugitive, you actually dared to kill someone of Myriad Swords. I guess you don’t want to stay around in Vermillion Bird City anymore,” DragonSword immediately called out loudly when he saw TheFugitive. “I guess you didn’t learn anything when you were chased out of Azure Dragon City by the Fierce Dragon Gang. This time, I shall teach you a lesson.”

“You?” TheFugitive snickered, while those who know TheFugitive’s and DragonSword’s respective rankings also laughed.

“What? You think 19th is amazing?” a person walked out from behind DragonSword. He was an assassin as well. “This one is ButterflyLovesFlower, merely 109th on the assassin rankings. I heard that TheFugitive, who is in 19th place was here, so I came to see you. Please show me a thing or two.”

“ButterflyLovesFlower?” TheFugitive had a rare serious look on his face.

“Only 109th, is he really hard to deal with?” Fatty asked the female player quietly.

“ButterflyLovesFlower was originally ranked 20th, just a rank below Big Brother Fuge, but he offended someone and got killed several times by a guild, causing his level and ranking to drop down. This ButterflyLovesFlower is seriously shameless. Big Brother Fuge earns nothing from fighting him, but if he wins, then he’ll become 19th immediately.” Wow, she really knows a lot about what’s going on in-game.

“Of course, I am the Minister of Intelligence of Rainrevelers,” the female player blinked.

“Fuge, you gonna be okay?” Fatty sent TheFugitive a message.

“Of course, not only was he originally ranked below me,  I can easily dispatch with all the players with a higher rank than me aside from the top ten,” TheFugitive replied proudly.

“If you’re going to watch, then take a step back,” DragonSword started to make the crowd spread out and leave a slightly larger duel area for the two famous assassins.

“Ugh, what an annoying guy. I hate him,” the female player muttered as she walked out. “Aside from Guild Master XuanYuanSword, there’s no good person in Myriad Swords. Wait, no, even XuanYuanSword isn’t a good guy, he’s just a toad trying to eat swan meat and is always bothering our Vice guild master.”

“Oh? XuanYuanSword is always bothering your Vice guild master? How did that go?” TheFugitive’s fight with ButterflyLoveFlower was not worth watching, while this information was far more important.

“How else? Of course she’s ignoring him,” the female player said proudly. “Our Vice guild master is the number one beauty of the entire Vermillion Bird City, so she naturally has to be pursued by the strongest and most famous man in Vermillion Bird City. XuanYuanSword is strong, and Myriad Swords isn’t half bad, but his rank nor his guild’s rank is number one in Vermillion Bird City. He is not worthy of pursuing our Vice guild master!”

“Haha. Wow, your vice guild master has really high requirements,” Fatty felt a bit of comfort when he heard the female player’s reply. You think your Myriad Swords is amazing? Lord Fatty’s little sis still doesn’t give a shit about you.

“Yeah. But let me tell you in secret. Our vice guild master has someone she’s interested in already,” the female player said mysteriously.

“Who?” asked Fatty.

“Ahh, I can’t tell you. It’s the secret of my guild, I am the Minister of Intelligence, how can I expose our secrets,” the female player actually started to act mysterious at the key moment.

“If you tell me, then I’ll get TheFugitive to farm with you for… a month?” Fatty sold TheFugitive out without any hesitation.

“Really?” The female player revealed a look of joy. “Actually, it’s not really too much of a secret. Many sisters of our guild knows. What’s that guy called again? Oh yeah, he’s called ASliverofSmoke. It’s a very deep name.”

“ASliverofSmoke?” Fatty repeated the name to himself. It was foreign to him. Since Fatty has only been farming, killing boss monsters, or killing other players ever since he started playing the game, he didn’t know about the situation of the players all too well.

“Is he a player from Vermillion Bird City as well?” Fatty asked.

“Why are you asking in so much detail?” the female player looked vigilantly at him. “Could it be that you are interested in our vice guild master as well? Let me tell you, don’t even dream about it, our vice guild master would agree to XuanYuanSword over you. You are too fat!”

In order to not make Fatty feel too bad, she could only make up a reason. Fatty didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. What on earth!?

“Fuge, we found the guy. Hurry up,” Fatty yelled.

“Okay, die!” TheFugitive answered. Then, he feinted and put some distance between him and ButterflyLovesFlower. He raised his hand and a crossbow appeared in his hand. Then, an arrow was shot out and nailed itself into ButterflyLovesFlower’s chest.

ButterflyLoveFlower’s remaining health disappeared. He could only watch as TheFugitive put away the crossbow and uttered “nice crossbow”, before he fell dead upon the ground.

“Fuge, let’s go,” Fatty nodded and wished to leave after seeing TheFugitive easily dispatch ButterflyLovesFlower.

“Leave? You’re going to have to get through me,” DragonSword yelled and thrust his sword towards TheFugitive’s back.

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