Chapter 73 Vermillion Bird City

Chapter 73 – Vermillion Bird City

“Brother Grubber, we’re going to do our mission now. See you later,”said HeadofGod.

“What mission do you have here?” Fatty couldn’t help but to ask after waving .

“Assassination,” HeadofGod said very in a cool manner, then lead the rest of God Familia away.

“Are you not going with them?” Fatty glanced at TheFugitive.

“Barbaric things such as killing someone is not something that an elegant person such as I, TheFugitive, should do,” TheFugitive said proudly.

“Hey, did you hear that? That sleazy looking guy actually called himself elegant,” two female players whispered on the side as they snuck peeks at Fatty and TheFugitive.

“Tsk, they’re clearly bad people. One of them’s lecherous, the other one’s sleazy,” the other female player clucked her tongue and seemed to have a clear problem with how the Fatty and TheFugitive looked.

“Fuge, they said that you’re lecherous and sleazy,” Fatty immediately turned to TheFugitive.

“As expected of Vermillion Bird City’s chicks, they really have good taste to be able to identify such a great man like myself at first glance,” TheFugitive didn’t care that Fatty was misquoting and merely winked towards the two female players.

“Ewww,” the clicked their tongues, they ran away.

“Haha,” TheFugitive laughed. “Brother Grub, you see that? That’s defeating your enemy without combat!”

“Stop being such a weirdo,” Fatty looked towards the gate of Vermillion Bird City. “Let’s walk around for a bit first.”

“What? Are we not going to find Lil’ Sis?” TheFugitive immediately asked.

“Fuge, I’m warning you. You can call her Pink, Beauty or even Pink Beauty, but you are not permitted to call her Lil’ Sis,” Fatty growled softly.

“Fine, alright. Are we not going to find Little Sister Pink?”

Fatty calmed himself down for a moment, then decided not to argue with this person who clearly had no shame. “I only came here to see just what kind of person that XuanYuanSword is. I don’t want my little sister to know I’m looking into him.”

“Then can’t we just ask around?” TheFugitive immediately lost all interest when heard that they weren’t going to find Qian Xiaoqian.

The pair begun to ask around Vermillion Bird City. It was clear that Myriad Swords was very well known as the ninth ranking guild in the city. They asked a few people and most of them knew exactly who and what they were talking about.

“XuanYuanSword, the guild master of Myriad Swords is handsome and tall with a heroic aura around him. He is around his mid-twenties and is very trustworthy and loyal. He also acts rather chivalrously, so many people have a good impression of him. Even the guild masters of the competing guilds have endless praises for him,” TheFugitive summarized the information they heard and turned to Fatty. “He sounds pretty nice. Man, a future brother-in-law like him really makes me feel pressured when he’s almost as cool as me.”

Fatty waved his hand. He was in no mood to argue with TheFugitive. Although in-game appearance can differ from real life, he was pretty sure that XuanYuanSword wasn’t Qi Xuan. According to what Fatty knew about him, Qi Xuan definitely wouldn’t be able to do all this.

“Move, move!” a few players pushed Fatty and TheFugitive aside and raced towards the outside of the city gate.

“Dude, you insane? The path is so wide, why the heck did you have to walk right I am?” TheFugitive cursed.

“Brat, who ya’ talking about?” the people heard TheFugitive’s words and turned around, while Humpdapanda, a warrior with a carrying a sword on his back, asked menacingly.

“I was cursing my grandson, how’s that any of your business?” TheFugitive said lazily.

“You are f*cking seeking death. Come outside of the city if you dare!” another person, MidnightPeeker, pointed at TheFugitive.

“Shh, don’t go outside. Those people aren’t easy to deal with. Everything will be fine as long as you endure it for a moment,” a player beside TheFugitive whispered to him and Fatty.

“Thanks for your advice. May I ask who are these people? How dare they be so cocky?” Fatty asked.

“You don’t know? I guess you aren’t Vermillion Bird City players. No wonder you dared to get into a conflict with them. They’re all from Myriad Swords, the ninth ranking guild in the city. Their guild has experts such as the Heavenly Mountain’s Seven Swords, and the Nine Divine Martial Swords. Their guild master, XuanYuanSword, is also the third on the leaderboards!”

“I thought XuanYuanSword is supposed to be trustworthy, loyal and chivalrous? Why does he have some people like them working for him?” TheFugitive asked.

“Ahh, it’s impossible to make every single one of his subordinates a gentleman. Every single guild has a few scum players,” the player shook his head.

“What? You don’t dare? Then keep turtling inside the city. Haha, I think you guys should go to Black Tortoise City. That’s where you belong,” the Myriad Sword players laughed, causing a bunch of players to stand on the side and watch the show unfold.

“Thank you so much,” Fatty thanked the player who answered their questions.

Seeing that the two didn’t heed his advice, the player didn’t say anything more. He already did his part, if the pair didn’t listen to him and got into trouble, then it was all on them.

Black Tortoise City?” Fatty chuckled. “Ooh, now I remember. I saw you in Black Tortoise City before. You told me that Black Tortoise City’s really nice and going over there was like going back home. Hiding in Black Tortoise City was damn safe.”

The surrounding people all began laughing, causing the face of the player who spoke initially to turn red in anger and embarrassment.

“Boy, stop playing with words. Come outside the city and let’s see how strong you are,” the players immediately want to get even when they noticed that they their insults weren’t working.

“Ahh, fighting again? That’s boring,” Fatty sighed. “But whatever, lead the way.

Fatty and TheFugitive followed the players out of town with a group of players who wanted to watch the show unfold following behind them.

“Ugh, onlooking, a true Chinese problem,” Fatty sighed. When he saw that they already left the city, he shouted out. “Alright, if you want to fight, then hurry up. We still have stuff to do.”

Fatty had no good will towards Myriad Swords, so he naturally did not treat these people nicely either. The only reason he agreed to the fight was because he wanted to see just how strong Myriad Sword’s players were.

“Heh, brat. You still have time to beg for mercy,” Humpdapanda walked over and drew the sword behind his back with a menacing smile.

“Why does he bullshit so much?” Fatty muttered quietly. “Hey, Fuge, you first or me first?”

“Hah, little brother is here, how could I make Brother Grub make the first move?” TheFugitive chuckled, then stopped forward, before turning back with a whisper. “Brother Grub, if we see Little Sister Pink later, then introduce us properly.”

“Take this!” Humpdapanda did not hold back when he saw TheFugitive step forth. He grasped his sword with both hands and hacked down.

“Wait a sec,” TheFugitive quickly retreated.

“What?” Humpdapanda stopped after his attack had missed.

“How big’s your thing?” TheFugitive questioned. When he saw Humpdapanda’s look of confusion, he quickly explained what he meant. “You humped a panda, so you naturally had a reason to do so. If you could do it normally, why would you hump a panda?”

“You’re asking for it!” Humpdapanda was outraged and charged up with his sword.

“Haha,” TheFugitive laughed, then disappeared on the spot.

“Heh, Night Blade Flurry!” Humpdapanda called out and thrust his sword ten-odd times in his surroundings.

The slashes disappeared, but TheFugitive’s flustered figure didn’t appear like Humpdapanda had expected. The area was merely silent, while the onlooking hunters were holding their breaths and waiting for the start of a good show.

Humpdapanda did not lose his nerve when he failed to locate TheFugitive. He walked a few steps around and hacked randomly around him, but still did not find TheFugitive.

‘Come out here, get your ass out here! Do players from Black Tortoise City only know how to dodge? If you’re so amazing, then come out,” Humpdapanda gradually become more anxious as time passed. He already used Night Blade Flurry, a skill with 120 seconds cooldown, thrice, but he still failed to even get a glimpse of where TheFugitive was.

“You pussy, are you a man or not? If you are a man, then fight me!” Humpdapanda felt more and more worried as he swung his sword. “What? Do you not dare to attack me? I knew it. Myriad Swords is not someone a puny small fry like you can offend. If you aren’t going to come out, then I’m leaving.

Humpdapanda wanted to walk off, but at that very moment.

“Ahh, what a pitiful person. I’ve just been standing here without moving,” TheFugitive’s voice sounded out as he revealed himself. Like he said, he stood exactly where he was a while ago. Humpdapanda merely made a complete fool of himself.

“You…” Humpdapanda nearly coughed up a mouthful of blood. After so long, he was actually just seen as a clown and nothing more.

When TheFugitive saw Humpdapanda’s expression, he suddenly thought of his first encounter with Fatty. Back then, he wanted to fight Fatty one on one in the fourth floor of Mass Graves, but he waited for a long time and even changed location several times, only to find out that Fatty already went to the fifth floor, not only wasting a lot of his time, but also making him embarrass himself completely.

TheFugitive glared at Fatty, then felt like he really should give this person, who now shares his pain, a swift end.

Fatty was speechless. You’re fighting, why are you glaring at me? Is it just because I managed to chat up a little beauty?

A female player exclaimed beside Fatty, “Wow, your friend is so amazing!”

TheFugitive couldn’t even be bothered to go into stealth. He used Acceleration and charged forth, feinting an attack to waste one of Humpdapanda’s skills, then allowed the latter to attack him first to prevent getting a red name after killing the latter. Before Humpdapanda could use his sword to defend, he felt a dagger slice across his throat. Then, he died after TheFugitive used combo.

“Of course, he’s my lackey,” Fatty nodded indifferently. “Does your Rainrevelers guild only consist of female players? That’s just like the Ice Rose Alliance back in our city. Who’s your guild master? RainbowWatcher[1. The original name in Chinese is 凭栏听雨, which translates literally to leaning on the fence and watching the rain. However, the deeper meaning behind this sentence is to not just watch the rain, but realize that a clear sky will return after the rain has passed. I chose to use RainbowWatcher, because seeing a rainbow after a storm has a similar sort of feeling to the meaning conveyed by the Chinese name used.]? She’s the third beauty in Vermillion Bird City? I definitely have to meet her in the future. What? Your vice guild master is Pink Beauty, the number one beauty?”

“You’re TheFugitive?” Humpdapanda found out about TheFugitive’s name as he was killed, causing his companions to exclaim. It was clear that TheFugitive did have quite a reputation in Vermillion Bird City.

“What? You know our vice guild master?” At that moment, the female player was completely drawn to Fatty.

“Guild Master, TheFugitive killed one of our brothers outside the city gate,” on the other side of Vermillion Bird City, a player reported to another player carrying a strange long sword on his back.

“Heh, TheFugitive thinks that he can offend us just because he’s number nineteen on the assassin rankings? Tell DragonSword to kill him,” the listener said plainly.

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