Chapter 72 News on Qian Xiaoqian

Chapter 72 – News on Qian Xiaoqian

Any men would be beyond envious when they saw Rosethorn hugging Fatty with such a smile. Of course, that was excluding the men on scene.

“Fatty’s in danger,” LeftHandofGod said lazily.

“Rosethorn set her eyes on him. Ahh, he needs to be careful, or he’ll be filled with holes,” RightEyeofGod said coldly.

The members of God Familia all looked at RightEyeofGod with a chuckle, then continue to watch everything unfold silently.

At that moment, a sporty figure quickly ran through the forest.

“Hmm?” That person stopped in his tracks and disappeared.

“Crap, it’s Fuge,” HeadofGod quickly turned on his communicator. “Fuge, be careful, don’t let the Ice Rose Alliance women see you.”

“I know,” TheFugitive quickly replied. “What’s Fatty doing with them?”

“It’s a looooong story,” HeadofGod replied and started to tell TheFugitive the story.

“Beauties of the Ice Rose Alliance, thank you for your aid. Otherwise, this one was definitely going to be dead,” Fatty pulled his arm away with a chuckle and thanked Rosethorn.

“Not really. If we didn’t come, then Brother Grubber would definitely be back in Black Tortoise City already,” Rosethorn smiled. Fatty was very fortunate that Ice Rose Alliance was female players only, otherwise, the male players behind Rosethorn would already be pissed at Fatty.

“I wonder what does the beautiful Rose ask of this one? If there isn’t anything, then I’ll be off now. I still need to clean myself of this red name. Haha,” Fatty pointed at the red name above his head.

“Oh wow, men. You’re all so terrible. I heard you were in danger, so I led my people over to save you, but y-you… You actually… Ahh,” Rosethorn said begrudgingly.

Seriously, what on earth!? Fatty didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but her response only made him feel like he had to be more careful. There definitely was more to it.

All of a sudden, Fatty received a call in the communicator. He listened intently, then replied “Alright, I’ll be there immediately” very softly before hanging up.

“What? Is Brother Grubber very busy?” A light flashed across Rosethorn’s eyes.

“Hehe, a friend’s asking me for help with a small thing,” Fatty chuckled.

“Then can I come too? Although my level is really low, I’m pretty strong you know?” Rosethorn said coquettishly.

“Uhm… There’s no need for that, I can handle it myself. Bye bye you beauties,” Fatty nodded towards Ice Witch, then immediately sprinted off into a distance before Rosethorn could say anything else.

“Dammit!” Rosethorn’s expression worsened when Fatty left. She thought about it for a moment, then suddenly turned towards Ice Witch. “Lil’ Sis, did Big Sister turn ugly? Why didn’t it seem like I attracted him at all?”

“You didn’t turn ugly. That fatty just had no taste,” Ice Witch said indifferently.

“Ahh, Lil’ Sis truly knows what to say,” Rosethorn giggled, then hugged Ice Witch’s arm. “Why do you want to get along with that fatty?”

“He has ties with Fierce Dragon TheTalent and a lot of other guild masters. I need information on them,” Ice Witch replied.

“I see.”

After Fatty ran off for awhile, he saw TheFugitive and the God Familia standing there and looked at him with sleazy smiles on their faces.

“Say, why do I notice lecherous smiles on your faces whenever I see you guys?” Fatty sat down on a boulder in a very speechless manner.

“That’s because we cannot help but smile lecherously when we are facing the lecherous you,” they all laughed.

“Brother Grub, what sort of excuse did you use to escape from that rose beauty?” TheFugitive asked.

“I told them that I was going to get you guys to go and kill an advanced boss monster,” Fatty came up with a random excuse. Then, he suddenly asked. “Say, do you think we can kill the advance boss monster in Greenery Mountain when we’re all Level 30?”

“Brother Grub, why are you always thinking about that boss? That boss is impossible to be killed by normal people!” TheFugitive said speechlessly. “You probably don’t know this yet, but the White Horse Gang, which is the unofficial fourteenth guild is Black Tortoise City led a crusade against the Phantom Messenger on the fifth floor of Mass Graves, but all one thousand of them died twice, and they couldn’t do anything about the Phantom Messenger.”

“F*ck, that boss was that amazing?” Fatty exclaimed. They were really low leveled then, so they didn’t get a true glimpse of how terrifying an advanced boss monster can be. Now, it really does seem like all of them getting killed then was nothing special.

“That’s why you should stop thinking about the advanced boss monsters for now. The Mass Graves one is alright, since it isn’t particularly high leveled, but you need to at least reach this level before you have a chance against the one in Greenery Mountains,” TheFugitive raised his palm up and showed Fatty a ‘five’.

Level 50…

“Then let’s farm first,” Fatty said in a troubled manner.

“Fuge, which beauty were you working so hard to kill a monster for?” HeadofGod asked.

“I wasn’t helping a beauty kill monsters, somebody just used a thousand gold coins and hired me to help that girl do a mission. Say, that girl was truly beautiful. My heart was moving even when killing monsters, ya’ know!” TheFugitive said exaggeratedly.

“So beautiful? Could they even be more beautiful than the two pretty guild masters of the Ice Rose Alliance?” Fatty twitched his mouth in disdain.

“That’s right, she was even more beautiful than them,” TheFugitive covered his chest with his hands and looked up into the sky. “That beauty is called Pink Beauty. Ahh, people are really like their name. My heart…”

Fatty choked and spoke and coughed several times.

“What did you say she was called? Pink Beauty?” Fatty interrupted TheFugitive.

“Yeah, what?” TheFugitive was very annoyed at having his fantasy interrupted.

Fatty ignored him and called someone he had never spoked to in-game before.

“Lil’ Qian.”

“Huh? Bro?” Qian Xiaoqian’s surprised voice sounded out. “How do you have time to contact me?”

Aside from some things concerning principles, Fatty pretty much never interfered with Qian Xiaoqian’s life. Even when playing this game, they haven’t had any contact barring the time they added each other to their friend list.

“Did a sleazy looking guy called TheFugitive help you with a mission recently?” asked Fatty.

“Yeah,” Qian Xiaoqian said after a short consideration. “What? Bro, do you know him?”

“He’s a friend of mine. He just mentioned you. Haha, he said you are really beautiful,” Fatty chuckled, then chatted a bit more with Qian Xiaoqian before hanging up.

“Brother Grub, Fatbro, my dearest brother,” TheFugitive stuck close to him. “Pink Beauty’s your little sister? I’m your little brother!”

The God Familia members immediately ran off to puke on the side.

“Screw off,” Fatty had a serious look on his face. “Fuge, what is the name of the person who paid you a thousand gold coins to help my little sister with her mission? Do you still remember what he looks like?”

“Of course,” TheFugitive replied. “XuanYuanSword. I heard that he’s the guild master of a rather famous guild in Vermillion Bird City.”

XuanYuanSword? Qi Xuan? Could they be connected? Fatty immediately thought of Qi Xuan, who he had scared and threatened. However, he wasn’t so sure, but if that person was truly Qi Xuan, then Fatty had to take everything more seriously.

“XuanYuanSword, he’s the guild master of Myriad Swords, the ninth ranked guild in Vermillion Bird City. He’s a Level 26 warrior, and is rather chivalrous. He has a pretty high reputation in Vermillion Bird City,” said HeadofGod.

As expected of a professional, he has information on all four main cities.

“Myriad Swords?” Fatty thought about it for a moment. “Fuge, after I clear my red name, come with me to Vermillion Bird City?”

“By your command!” TheFugitive practically stuck his face onto Fatty’s. “Brother Grub, introduce lil’ bro when we’re there?”

“Haha, we’re going to go with you to Vermillion Bird City too,” HeadofGod chuckled. “We got a mission that needs us to go over there a few days ago. We couldn’t find time for it before, now we’ll just do it as well.”

“Then, allow me to thank you all first,” Fatty was overjoyed. With these twelve rogues, especially when it included an experienced person like HeadofGod, everything would become much simpler.

Fatty chose to take the teleportation portal over to the Beginner’s Village, then spent a dozen minutes or so to kill over a hundred monsters and got rid of his red name. then, he grouped up with everyone else and teleported to Vermillion Bird City together.

“Vermillion Bird City, haha. I’ve wanted to come and take a look a long time ago,” a thirty something years old player said as he and his group walked out of the portal. This group was Fatty, TheFugitive and the God Familia.

The architecture in Vermillion Bird City was of a completely different style to Black Tortoise City's. While the latter’s buildings seemed to reflect the majesty and firmness of the Black Tortoise with simple and straightforward buildings of a dirt yellow color; Avianville’s was constructed entirely of a fiery red material that seemed to radiate liveliness and agility.

A wave of heat seemed to race forth when the group entered the city, even the bricks underneath their feet seemed to scorch people slightly. When standing at one of the city gates, they could see the statue of a huge soaring fiery Vermillion Bird standing far into the city, and when one looked over, they would feel an aura that makes people want to bow down in submission.

“What amazing sculpting ability! Whoever made the stature practically reflected all of the Vermillion Bird’s characteristics to the core,” Fatty exclaimed. “Why doesn’t Black Tortoise City have a statue of the Black Tortoise.”

“Haha, this is a virtual reality game, so it’s possible to have this effect with a bit of tech. As for why there isn’t a statue like this in Black Tortoise City, I heard that’s because Black Tortoise City is built directly on the Black Tortoise,” HeadofGod explained.

“What!?” Fatty was astonished. Even if this is all a game, this is way too much! Black Tortoise City has over a hundred million players, and building a city that can hold so many players directly on the Black Tortoise? Then the Black Tortoise’s size is unimaginable!

“Shocked? I was really shocked when I heard it for the first time as well,” HeadofGod opened his arms wide as if he was hugging the sky. “The four sacred beasts are the legendary sacred beasts of our country, so it is understandable that they did some unbelievable things for them.”

Everybody else nodded. Indeed, it was normal for the Black Tortoise to be rather huge as one of the guardian sacred beasts.

“Brother Grub, are you not going to contact lil’ sis?” Qian Xiaoqian had already turned into TheFugitive’s ‘lil’ sis’.

“No need, I just came to see what kind of person XuanYuanSword is,” Fatty shook his head.

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