Chapter 71 Rosethorn vs. FlyingEagle

Chapter 71 – Rosethorn vs. FlyingEagle

The people who stood in front of Fatty was a few of Eagle Fortress’s rogues. They were people who FlyingEagle left there to stay on guard, and coincidentally managed to block off Fatty’s path. Due to the short delay, BlackEagle caught up to Fatty, causing over a dozen people to surround him.

“Money Grubber, why the f*ck are you not running anymore? Keep running. Let’s see where you can run,” BlackEagle sneered as he slowly walked up.

“Ahh, we’re both players, why do you have to push me to the brink? I’ll just give the drops back, okay? It’s not like you guys can get the drops even if you kill me,” Fatty put his hands up and signaled a surrender.

BlackEagle considered it for a moment. Then, his expression grew dark.

“Damn fat ass, stop dreaming. The only thing that you can exchange your life for is a Guild Establishment Token. You don’t have that, do ya’? That boss didn’t drop anything good. Do you think that I’m a kid that can be comforted with some shit?” BlackEagle sneered. Although he has no idea what items Fatty picked up, he knows that there wasn’t anything good remaining. The best was merely a silver item, so he naturally assumed that Fatty didn’t get anything good either.

“I don’t have a Guild Establishment Token, but I know where you can find a City Construction Token. Do you want to know?” Fatty asked.

City Construction Token… BlackEagle hesitated once more.

“Do you want to know? A City Construction Token’s worth so much more than a Guild Establishment Token. Only the first Guild Establishment is worth anything, but a City Construction Token will always be invaluable. It’s far more rare than a Guild Establishment Token. This is the only chance, so think carefully,” Fatty continued.

“Tell me where first,” said BlackEagle.

“Nono, tell your people to move aside first. I’ll tell you after I’m safe,” Fatty shook his head.

“What? Do you not believe in the reputation of Eagle Fortress?” BlackEagle said angrily.

“Of course not, but just in case. You should understand,” said Fatty.

“Then how am I supposed to trust you?” BlackEagle said after a short ponder.

“You have to trust me,” Fatty said carefreely.

“Fine. I hope you don’t disappoint me. You guys, move aside,” BlackEagle ordered. The Eagle Fortress players immediately moved aside and gave Fatty a path to walk out.

After Fatty was twenty something meters away, he turned around with a smile, “The City Construction Token is in the bank storage of the Ice Rose Alliance’s Guild Master, Rosethorn. It’ll be on you for whether you can get it or not. Bye bye.”

“Damn fat ass, you…” BlackEagle was outraged that Fatty messed with him once more. Everybody knew that the Ice Rose Alliance got a City Construction Token, but who can actually get it from them?

Fatty was not really to blame for this. It was more on how much of a rush BlackEagle was in to get a bit of information.

“Is Brother Grubber leaving now?” Just as Fatty turned back around to ran, he saw a group of majestic female players in front of him. The ones in the lead were looking at him with meaningful smiles on their faces. They were no other than Ice Witch and the others who recalled back to town.

“Hi, Rose Beauty, Ice Beauty,” fatty stopped and greeted them. F*ck, I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. Lord Fatty’s definitely screwed this time.

“Brother Grubber, not bad. You actually managed to sell a news that everybody knows for a good price,” Rosethorn smiled, then looked mockingly towards BlackEagle.

BlackEagle nearly coughed up blood.

Fatty chuckled awkwardly. “Nah, not really. It was just some petty tricks, it’s nothing worth mentioning at all.”

“Rosethorn, what are you guys here for again!?” BlackEagle called out as he sent a message to FlyingEagle.

“What? Why can’t we come if you guys are here?” Unlike Ice Witch, Rosethorn acted befitting the guild master of a major guild. “You bastards, you guys stole our boss and forced Ice Witch and the others to return to town. Oh, I’m so gonna make you pay for it today!”

“F*ck this shit. We stole yours, but this bastard stole ours. He took at least half of the drops! Go and make him pay for it!” BlackEagle pointed at Fatty and cursed. The truth was that Fatty only took around twenty percent of the drops, BlackEagle was merely exaggerating.

“Is that so? Brother Grubber’s strength is truly amazing,” Rosethorn looked at Fatty with a bright smile on her face. “Brother Grubber, don’t you want to join a guild? Our Ice Rose Alliance is made purely of female players. You will definitely be a national treasure if you join us.”

“Uhm.. err… never mind. Haha,” Fatty quickly waved his hand. The consequences are definitely dire if I do join them. Then, Fatty recalled what Fierce Dragon TheTalent had said before. If he said there’s something wrong with Ice Witch, then something’s definitely wrong. I do wonder what it is though.

“Rosethorn, so the Ice Rose Alliance is declaring war on us?” BlackEagle said with a dark look on his face.

“So what? Does FlyingEagle dare to fight us even if we kill you all?” Rosethorn put her hands on her waist and cursed as she pointed at BlackEagle’s nose.

“Ahem. Uhm… Guild Master Rose, please allow this one to remind you that Fortress Master FlyingEagle is up there right now. Apparently, there’s another boss monster there, and he’s killing the boss to get the drops right now,” Fatty suddenly blurted out.

BlackEagle’s expression worsened, while a smile bloomed on Rosethorn’s face.

“Not bad. Not bad indeed. Since Fortress Master FlyingEagle is here, then let’s go up and ask him just what should we do about this.”

Rosethorn led over five hundred players this time, they already far surpassed the number of Eagle Fortress players in the mountains. BlackEagle had a dark expression on his face as he considered the situation.

“No need to go up, I’ve already come down,” a voice sounded out.

FlyingEagle led the Eagle Fortress players down the mountain with a sullen expression.

“Oh hi, Fortress Master Flying Eagle. You definitely had plenty of good stuff after killing two boss monsters in a row, right? So, how about showing some pity on us weak women. Just giving us a divine-grade item or two would be enough,” said Rosethorn.

FlyingEagle nearly choked, and only managed to calm down after a few coughs.

“Divine-grade items? Wow. Let’s not talk about divine-grade items, I didn’t even get a gold item.”

“Fortress Master FlyingEagle, let’s speak openly with one another. You guys forced Ice Witch away and then stole the boss monster. It wouldn’t be outrageous of us to kill you all here. How about this, just give us the drops from the boss monsters and we’ll call it even. After all, we are both guild masters of large guilds, if we end up fighting, then the only beneficiary will be others,” said Rosethorn.

FlyingEagle felt very annoyed that he was being forced by the Ice Rose Alliance to give up the drops after doing the exact same thing to the God Familia not too long ago. However, he also understood that if he doesn’t hand the drops over, then the women in front of him will really tear him and his brothers apart. So, he had to accept this even if he might not be able to get revenge in the future. It was just not worth it for some crappy items.

“Alright, fine,” FlyingEagle gritted his teeth and took out the items the Minotaur Chieftain dropped. After all, he was the one who collected all the drops except the ones that Fatty got.

Rosethorn frowned when she saw what FlyingEagle handed her.

“FlyingEagle, you messing with meh? Two Minotaur Chieftains, who were gold bosses of at least Level 40. And you’re telling me these crap are the only drops? There isn’t even a single gold item!”

“It’s not that there wasn’t anything. It’s just that its not with me. The second one wasn’t a boss either,” FlyingEagle said with a sullen look.

“Not with you? Then who is it with? Don’t tell me that you gifted it all to Brother Grubber,” Rosethorn clicked her tongue.

“That’s right. Although we didn’t gift it to him, he did pick up all the good stuff. If you don’t believe me, then ask him,” BlackEagle suddenly said.

“Brother Grubber, is that so?” Rosethorn turned towards Fatty.

Fatty nodded. “Some of the drops are with me, but I don’t know whether there are any gold items.”

It was an urgent situation, so Fatty and the God Familia members all put away the items closest to them without looking at what they picked up. However, since FlyingEagle didn’t get anything good, then it meant that if there was any good items, it should be with Fatty.

“Since it’s with Brother Grubber, then never mind,” Rosethorn looked at Fatty for a while, then suddenly smiled.

These two pretty guild masters of the Ice Rose Alliance are being way too nice to me. There’s definitely something wrong.

“Money Grubber, let me ask you something,” FlyingEagle’s expression was darker than coal after giving up the items.

“What?” Fatty pretended to not know what FlyingEagle wanted to ask about.

“What was with the second boss monster in the cave?” FlyingEagle stared at Fatty. That boss monster actually tried to run away, and just as it was about to die, it disappeared in front of them.

When coupled with everything else, FlyingEagle naturally knew that it had to be Fatty’s doing. However, he had no idea how Fatty managed to do that.

“Second boss monster? How do I know?” Fatty continued to play the role of a fool. “You guys went in to kill it, not me. How is it my fault?”

“Money Grubber!” FlyingEagle roared in anger as if he wanted to rip Fatty apart. “You already f*cking messed with us, and got the stuff you want, don’t you even dare to speak the truth!?”

“FlyingEagle, would you tell me if it was you?” Fatty asked. However, even if he didn’t say how he caused it, he did admit that the second boss monster was his doing.

“Good, very good,” FlyingEagle turned silent for a moment, then understood that he couldn’t get anything out of Fatty anymore. Thus, he could only glare at Fatty hatefaully. “You see those mountains and rivers? They ain’t goin’ nowhere and neither am I. You best watch it, boy!”

“The f*ck? Do you think you’re a mobster or sumthin’? You best watch it? You want to come cause trouble for ya’ Lord Fatty? Bring it on, lad!” Fatty clicked his tongue.

FlyingEagle’s eyes twitched. He suppressed the flames of rage in his heart, then swept his gaze over the Ice Rose Alliance a few final times, “We’re heading back.”

As Fatty watched the Eagle Fortress players recall using recall scrolls, he smiled towards Rosethorn, “Beauties of the Ice Rose Alliance, thank you for your aid. My kid’s waiting for me to cook at home, so I’ll be taking my leave.”

With that, Fatty tried to scuttle off.

“Brother Grubber,” Rosethorn quickly wrapped her arms around Fatty’s arm, and lead on him with her firm breasts. “What? Are we so terrifying as to make Brother Grubber so uninterested?”

“Uhm, no. Of course not,” Fatty felt a chill down his spine, and for some reason, he begun to think of Liu Lan.

F*cking hell, why am I thinking of that spicy woman? Fatty shook his head and smiled, “Guild Master Rose, I wonder what business do you have with me?”

Original Chapter Teaser:[expand]

Fatty: Well shit, what now.

PureElegance: Look who we have here?

Fatty: Ehh, hi beauties.

Ice Witch: Uhm, hi.

Rosethorn: Brother Grubber! How have you been? Where are you hurrying off to?

Fatty: Uhm... Yeah, about that...

BlackEagle: Get him!

Fatty: Yeah, I'm getting away from those idiots. Can you believe it? They are trying to kill me after I saw them kill the boss monster that belongs to the Ice Rose Alliance and pocket all the drops themselves! They even went as far as to say that it was great that they managed to steal it from you guys! Such shamelessness! How dare they do something like that!?


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