Chapter 70 Another Boss Monster

Chapter 70 – Another Boss Monster

“Boss, what should we…” LeftHandofGod asked quietly.

“Don’t be in such a hurry,” HeadofGod looked around. “No matter what, Money Grubber’s our friend. Since he’s our friend, we should go screw.. ugh, no, I mean, go help even if we get screwed. We’ll help him escape when necessary. Eagle Fortress? Who the heck do they think they are!”

“Spread out. A player every two meters and surround this place. Use AoE attacks at where you stand and don’t let him sneak out,” FlyingEagle ordered calmly.

Stealth was a powerful skill that the rogues had at their disposal, but it did have their weaknesses, and that was the fact that they couldn’t attack and had a massive decrease in movement speed. Normally speaking, Fatty would have already ran out of the Eagle Fortress’s attack range, but while in stealth, Fatty could only run inwards.

That’s right, Fatty hid into the Minotaur Chieftain’s cave. Since more than two hours have passed, a lot of minotaurs have already been refreshed.

Fatty originally thought about placing a few traps in the tunnel of the cave so that it would cause some damage to the Eagle Fortress members who entered, but finally decided against it when he saw the minotaurs respawning.

Ugh, Darkthorn was damn annoying. It probably was FlyingEagle’s orders. That guy probably sent Darkthorn to challenge me, it would be for the best if Darkthorn could beat me, and even if Darkthorn couldn’t, he could at least make my name red so I can’t use a Recall Scroll.

Hmm, he was pretty strong, at least he dodged quite a few of my attacks. He’s nearly as good as TheFugitive, and is even better than some players in God Familia.

Fatty walked over to where the Minotaur Chieftain slept and felt a stench gush towards his face. It was something his brain just didn’t notice the previous time while the Snowsilver Grass was still around.

There was nothing too special about where the Minotaur Chieftain slept. If there was anything out of the ordinary, it was how dry the ground was, since normally speaking, areas without any sunlight shining through would usually be very humid.

Fatty thought back  and recalled that Diggy Rat’s hole was also very dry. However, he attributed that to Diggy Rat being capable of earth magic. I wonder how the Minotaur Chieftain did it.

Fatty looked down at the ground, then immediately thought of something. There’s definitely something special about this place for the Snowsilver Grass to grow here. He took out Blacksmith’s Tool, then begun to swing at the ground, and eventually got a piece of rock out.


System Notification: Congratulations. You have mined an iron ore. +0.01% EXP to Mining.

Fatty couldn’t help but gasp. It’s this hard to level up mining from Advance to Master? I’m only getting 0.01% of the EXP needed to level up the skill after harvesting an iron ore?

Mining probably wouldn’t have gotten any experience if I was already at the Master level for it.

Meanwhile, Eagle Fortress slowly tightened their encirclement, while their players repeatedly casted skills by their sides. It was so frequent that even a mosquito in stealth would be revealed. Soon, they ended up circling the entrance of the cave.

“Tsk, does he think that he can leave after going in there?” FlyingEagle laughed coldly.

“Fortress Master, let me lead our brothers in and slaughter him,” BlackEagle nominated himself. He was already filled with rage when the boss monster they worked so hard fighting was stolen. Since he knew that they couldn’t do anything to do the God Familia, he could only take it out on Fatty.

“Be careful,” FlyingEagle merely told him to be careful. As the Fortress Master, FlyingEagle did need to let his subordinates vent out their anger.

Thus, BlackEagle led his people into the cave with a cold laugh.

“He went into the cave? That’s not a good idea,” said LeftWingofGod.

“Not really. If he just goes offline in the cave, then is Eagle Fortress going to wait here for him their entire life?” asked LeftHandofGod.

“He won’t do that,” HeadofGod answered. “If he goes and hides offline just because of such a tiny matter, then it really isn’t worth us helping him.”

Fatty didn’t know what other people were saying about him outside the cave, but he was having the time of his life. The ores here were even more plentiful than at the mine. He could get iron ores every three to five rocks he mined out, and there were quite a few bronze and aluminum ores as well. In just the short period of time, Fatty already mined out over forty iron ore, twelve bronze ores and two aluminum ores.

Fatty had no doubt that if he continues to mine, advance ores like Darksteel ores would not be rare either, and he might even be able to mine out other strange ores.

However, Fatty finally ran out of time. When he heard the laughter of the players outside and the roars of the Minotaur Guards, Fatty knew that the Eagle Fortress had located him. He put away his pickaxe and returned to stealth and summoned Wheat back out. Wheat’s black eyes seemed to twinkle as it listened to Fatty’s orders.

As BlackEagle led his subordinates forward, not only did they killed every single minotaur, they also cast spells and used skills on the ground around them to prevent Fatty getting behind them.

After clearing all the monsters, BlackEagle and co. arrived at the innermost of the cave, and saw a huge minotaur lying there.

The minotaur was three to four times larger than normal ones. Its body was bright red, and a huge axe rested underneath its head. It was deep in sleep with its legs crossed. At that moment, it was awakened by the commission BlackEagle and co. made. It opened its bell-like eyes in displeasure and swept its gaze over them with disdain. BlackEagle was so close that the hot air from the minotaur’s nostrils seemed to land right on his face.

“Boss! It’s a boss monster!” BlackEagle was already familiar with all of the Minotaur Chieftain’s characteristics after a lengthy battle, and the axe underneath its head was what brought about the end of many of the Eagle Fortress players.

“Retreat!” BlackEagle shouted, and cast a skill on the Minotaur Chieftain as he retreated. As long as he could lure the monster out, he was certain that they could easily kill it with everyone outside.

However, BlackEagle retreated too quickly, so he didn’t notice that the skill actually took away a small chunk of HP from the Minotaur Chieftain.

“F*cking hell. If you’re going to retreat, then just do it, why the heck did you attack!?” Fatty cursed softly, then ran out behind BlackEagle with the Minotaur Chieftain holding its axe and strolling behind them

“Fortress Master, there’s a situation. There’s another Minotaur Chieftain inside. It’s coming out now, so prepare to attack,” BlackEagle took out his communicator and shouted loudly.

FlyingEagle was shocked, “What? Two bosses? I’ve never heard of two bosses living together!”

“They might be a couple,” someone suggested.

“Everyone, get ready. Immediately attack when the boss comes out. Do not let it use any skills,” FlyingEagle directed.

“Fortress Master, but what about Money Grubber?”

“Kill the boss monster first,” FlyingEagle said resolutely. “We can kill Money Grubber any time, but not the boss monster. Although the God Familia has very few people, and they’re all rogues. I’m certain that they will definitely suffer fewer losses than us if they went to kill the boss.”

FlyingEagle looked warily at God Familia. If it wasn’t because they were so powerful, FlyingEagle would definitely not allow them to leave considering that he had so many players with him.

“Fortress Master, it’s here. Hurry,” BlackEagle led his people out.

The Eagle Fortress members immediately raised their weapons, the mages began to chant their spells, and the rogues started to lay down traps at the entrance.

Since stealth decreased movement speed, when Fatty arrived at the cave entrance, he accidentally stepped on a trap before he could realize what was going on. Two vines grew up form the ground and entwined around his feet, causing him to be knocked out of stealth.

“Money Grubber? Kill him!” FlyingEagle was momentarily shocked, then he immediately gave the orders.

“Stop, the boss monster is coming. What are you guys still hitting me for?” Fatty cursed righteously. “What’s more important? Killing the boss, or fighting amongst ourselves?”

“It’s not too late to kill the boss monster after we kill you. Ready…” FlyingEagle laughed coldly, and just as he was about to give the order to fire…

The ground trembled, and a boss monster seemingly more powerful than the previous Minotaur Chieftain walked out. It seemed to be rather confused as it put it axe into the ground and looked at the players in front of it dumbly.

“Attack the boss! Attack!” somebody shouted. The spells that were originally aimed towards Fatty immediately fired on the Minotaur Chieftain. It was clear that most players preferred to kill boss monsters instead.

“Damn they’re lucky, there’s actually another boss monster,” LeftHandofGod cursed.

HeadofGod didn’t respond and merely frowned. He found the whole situation very weird.

Yet… to everybody’s surprise, before the differently attacks landed on the monster, the “more powerful” Minotaur Chieftain actually turned around and ran back into the cave.

“What’s going?” Everyone was surprised.

FlyingEagle immediately noticed something amiss. “Chase it. There’s something wrong with the monster!”

“Fortress Master, you guys chase. I’ll send Money Grubber back home,” BlackEagle laughed, then leaped towards Fatty with his saber.

“OMG, another boss!” Fatty exclaimed as he pointed behind BlackEagle.

BlackEagle quickly turned around, but didn’t see a boss monster. There wasn’t even anything behind him.

“Idiot,” Fatty sneered. He finally cut through the vines around his legs. He leaped out and sent BlackEagle flying with a kick, then quickly ran off.

“Chase! Chase him!” BlackEagle immediately led a few subordinates and chased after Fatty.

After running few a meters, Fatty suddenly muttered quietly. “Ahh, you poor thing.”

He summoned a small rat with less than 1% of its health remaining, then put it back in his pet inventory.

“The boss is gone!? How can the boss disappear!? Find it! FIND IT!” FlyingEagle’s roar sounded out in the team chat. However, FlyingEagle quietly turned quiet.

Wheat, it was all thanks to you this time. Lord Fatty will definitely help you find a female rat later. Mm, a beautiful female rat. I promise. Fatty thought to himself.

As Fatty ran further and further away, he did try to hop into stealth, but BlackEagle clearly became smarter. He had two archers by him at all times, and whenever Fatty disappeared, he would get them to fire several shots, eventually wasting both of Fatty’s stealth chances.

“Money Grubber, let’s see where you’re going to run this time!” BlackEagle gritted his teeth. If I let him run this time, then I should just kill myself.

“Chase me if you can,” Fatty shouted and dashed down the mountain.

“Big Bro, I guess our help isn’t needed,” LeftHandofGod laughed.

HeadofGod nodded lazily, “Ahh, there’s nothing to do here. Let’s leave. We should go and farm, then take a look out how well the Ice Rose Alliance’s beauties developed.”

A round of lecherous laughter sounded out.

Just as Fatty ran and ran and ran, a few people suddenly appeared in front of him and blocked his path.

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