Chapter 7 Hare

Chapter 7 – Hare

Fatty pulled the Furious Rooster’s corpse out of the trap, then used his newly acquired Harvest to obtain seven chicken feathers, and a few pieces of chicken meat.

Chicken Meat: Basic Culinary material. It can be eaten after cooked. +5 Vigor, -10 Hunger

Fatty chucked the corpse off to the side, and looked down to see the actual drops. 8 gold coins, damn, it was rich. Alongside the gold, there was also thirty something silver coins, and quite a few bronze coins, which also came with two basic items, suitable for Fatty, as well as a necklace.

The two basic items were a pair of leg guards and a dagger.

Leg Guard of the Rooster


Leg Guard [Leather]

Level Requirement: 3

Defense +2

Passive: Dexterity +2

Rooster’s Beak



Level Requirement: 4

Attack: 4 – 8

Fatty then looked at the necklace. Huh? It needs to be appraised? Alright, let’s do it.

Appraisal failed.

Appraisal failed.

Appraisal failed.

Appraisal Success.

After twenty something tries, the necklace finally glowed with a soft white light, indicating the success of the appraisal, and upped Fatty’s Appraisal Mastery level by 1.

He took a look at the item’s statistics.

Chicken King’s Madness



Level Requirement: 5

Defense +3

Dexterity +1

Active – Rooster Squawk: Instantly increase the attack and dexterity of the user, and the members of his team by 30% for thirty minutes. Maximum 3 uses per day. 1 hour cooldown.

“Damn, a team PK cheat item.” Just think about it, if two teams are equal, then one side’s attack and speed increased by thirty percent… The second team can’t beat the first, nor can they run. Man, they’ll be annoyed.

Fatty smacked the necklace and placed it joyously into his bag. Sigh, everything about the necklace is good except for the fact that I can’t equip it right now.

Thus, he could only happily equip the leg guards and look around. Hmm, Lord Fatty looks so cool.

Now that I’m level 3, killing hens will just be a waste of my time. Good thing that I’m so smart, so I’ll go out and farm.

In the fields in front of the village, a farmer-like middle aged man wandered around. When he saw Fatty, he immediately approached Fatty with a smile, “Hero…”

“Huh? How did you know my middle name?” Fatty asked in surprise.

The middle-aged farmer trembled, then spoke anxiously, “Hero, I’m the village’s farmer. Recently, a lot of hares appeared on my farm, destroying all my crops. Hero, please extend your hand of justice and help this peasant out.”


System Notification: Would you like to accept the mission “The Fields’ Danger”?

A mission! Fatty immediately became interested. Only a fool would reject something good like this.

Fatty immediately clicked “accept”, causing another system notification to sound out.


System Notification: You have accepted the mission “The Fields’ Danger”.

Mission Details: A pack of greedy hares have appeared on the beautiful fields. They munched on the farmer’s crops, and dug holes, which then destroyed the fields. Your mission is to kill at least a hundred hares in the fields as well as destroy their nest.

Wow, you actually aren’t even letting go of their home. But… Lord Fatty likes wrecking homes.

Fatty immediately charged excitedly towards the fields after accepting the mission.

“Aha, bunny!” a gray hare leisurely nibbled on grass in the fields in front of Fatty.

Fatty love hares. Skin it, put on some spices, then roast it on a fire… Hmm, that taste.

Fatty walked over nimble, then used Appraisal.


Level 5

“Oh wow, you dare to attack Lord Fatty?” A hare suddenly appeared behind Fatty, then bit down, causing a blood red -25 to appear on top of Fatty’s head, draining nearly all of his HP in one go.

Fatty immediately turned around and thrust his small wooden sword. The hare jumped to the side, but just as it landed on the ground, Fatty’s thick leg immediately appeared.

“You attacked me? You actually dared to attack me? Don’t you know that Lord Fatty is a rogue? You actually dare to compete with Lord Fatty in terms of attack speed.” The pitiful hare was slammed to the ground, and just as it tried to turn over to bite Fatty once again, Fatty’s other leg appeared on top of its face.

Seeing what was going on, Fatty gave up on all other manners of attack, and jumped up and down on the hare.

The pitiful hare could only stare at the pair of muscular legs, then look towards Fatty once last time, then move on, leaving behind a small red pot. Thus, ended the life of the pitiful hare. Although it was two levels higher than Fatty, it still died under Fatty’s feet.

“Harvest,” Fatty glanced at the mesh of hare blood and meat. For some reason, he couldn’t feel any desire to eat it at all, so he merely used Harvest.


System Notification: Congratulations. Money Grubber harvested a ruined hare skin.

“Not bad, this is rather promising.” Fatty decided to get more “intimate” with the hares for a while longer. Although he loved money, he was no fool. He understood very well that since the monsters in the fields in front of the village were already of a higher level than him, the forests would only be even more dangerous.

“Smack, step, hack!” Fatty danced around the fields and ravaged the hares one by one. However, these hares were rather foolish. As long as Fatty did not harass them, they would lay on the ground lazily and eat grass without even doing so much as looking at its kin howling.

Seeing that, Fatty couldn’t be happier. Thus, he repeatedly praised the “professionalism” of the hares in his heart as he mercilessly slaughtered them all.


System Notification: Congratulations. You have reached Level 4.

“Aha! Level 4! Lemme hack again… Huh? Why aren’t there any left?” Fatty chucked the wooden sword again, and equipped Rooster’s Beak. Hmm, very handsome. Fatty killed ten-odd more hares, then suddenly noticed that everything in front of him was white, and the whiteness was no other than the corpses of the hares. The system was set to remove the corpses every half an hour, so the bloody mess would only disappear when it happens.

I can’t let it go to waste. Fatty waved his hand and began to activate Harvest again and again, gaining pieces of Ruined Hare Skin and Hare Meat, which he joyously put into his bag.

After he cleaned up the battlefield, Fatty began to leisurely roast a few hares, which he ate as he waited for the fields to refresh. When he finally finished a hare, new hares also spawned.

“Ha, take this!” Fatty waved his dagger, ending the life of a pitiful hare, which had only just spawned. Alas, the hare moved on before it could even see the fascinating world.

“AHHH. Gah,” Fatty suddenly began to twitch as if he turned insane. The reason for that… Was that several hundred hares glared at him. Meanwhile, a huge golden rabbit king also stared at him with its bloodshot eyes in the middle of the hare herd, then smiled towards Fatty “gently”.

According to the settings of Eternal, every single monster race has a boss, and the only difference between the normal monsters and the bosses were their strength. However, in Fatty’s words, it was their level of richness. Now, after almost committing hare genocide, Fatty finally brought out the boss.

“Hi everyone. I didn’t come here to do anything. I’m just passing by. You keep doing what you’re doing, I’m not going to disturb you,” Fatty greeted the hares with a chuckle, then began to run. However, that was not before he used Harvest on a hare he just stepped to death. The return was also great. He managed to harvest a hare skin, and two legs.

Hare Skin: Basic Sewing material.

Hare Leg: Basic Culinary material. It can be eaten after cooked. +8 Vigor, -16 Hunger

Squeak. A sharp squeak sounded out in the hare herd. When they saw Fatty not even let go of their kin’s body, they were completely enraged. Then, all of the hares begun to chase Fatty with their “bloodshot” eyes obeying the Golden Rabbit King’s orders.

The fields were endless without a single tree, so where was Fatty supposed to run? The answer was obvious – the village.

Fortunately, Fatty had enough Vigor, and added all of his stat points for leveling up onto Dexterity, allowing him to sprint even faster than the hares, directly to the village entrance.

“Come kill the boss. This is a truly rare opportunity, so don’t miss out on it! Everyone, come kill the boss and get the drops!”

When he got there, Fatty begun to howl again, as if he was a Samaritan who only helped others selflessly, and sought out boss after boss for others to kill and get the drops from.

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