Chapter 67 Minotaur Chieftain

Chapter 67 – Minotaur Chieftain

Fatty killed and killed and killed until there were no more minotaurs to kill. He estimated roughly and noticed that he actually killed over two hundred minotaurs. They had hand-delivered him priceless gifts with nearly two hundred Steel Axes and a few dozen Steel Sticks.

When Fatty thought about just how full his bank storage is going to be with these weapons, it was as if a flower bloomed on his face. High attack Level 35 weapons would sell for over a hundred gold coins, and two hundred something was twenty something thousand. According to the current exchange rate, that’s over a million RMB!

Yet, Fatty’s interest in the amount of money the weapons would sell for was rather embarrassing as a someone now with over a hundred million in his own bank account. However, that wasn’t truly his fault, as a lot of money would just seem like a series of numbers, and the money he got from the City Construction Token definitely did not give the same feeling of satisfaction to him as the money he earns from the monsters he had worked hard farming.

Killing those minotaurs took Fatty nearly two days, but it wasn’t really wasted time. Not only did he get a lot of equipment, his level also shot up to Level 26.

That once again put him on the leaderboards in fifth place. Purple Bell was still rank one with level 27, not only did she have super high attack, she also had a Yinyang Phantasm Realm all to herself to farm, and so as long as nobody disturbs her farming, her level would naturally progress swiftly.

The people behind her were familiar names as well. Both Fierce Dragon TheTalent and West Gate BlowingSnow were most likely farming very hard, so they already made up for all their losses at the mine battle and were now trying to become even higher leveled as soon as possible.

Fatty organized his inventory, the looked towards the cave with a frown. There were still around a dozen or so minotaurs guarding the cave, and no matter what Wheat did, they refused to budge. Yet, if Wheat got too close, they would just swing their axes and nearly turn Wheat into some rat paste.

Minotaur Guard

Level: 34

“C’mon, let’s go in and take a look,” Fatty put Wheat away and went into stealth to walk into the cave. The minotaurs at the cave entrance stood up and looked around, but didn’t find anything, so they sat back down again.

“Guild Master, this eagle is too hard to kill, we haven’t managed to get it down on the ground in two days. There’s a Minotaur Chieftain that should be around Level 40 something or so. That one should be more convenient to kill,” a conversation rang out not long after Fatty entered the cave.

A group of grand female players marched in, and the one who stood at the foremost was Ice Witch, who Fatty ran into two days ago.

“Huh? Someone’s been clearing monsters here, there’s too few minotaurs,” PureElegance immediately noticed something wrong. However, she stopped worrying when she saw the Minotaur Guards in front of the cave. “I guess they were just here to farm and didn’t dare to disturb the Minotaur Chieftain.”

“Pure, Money Grubber came up the mountain that day. Do you think it was him?” Ice Witch suddenly asked.

“Money Grubber? Maybe,” PureElegance pondered for a moment. “You two, go into the cave in stealth and see if the Minotaur Chieftain is still there.”

“Understood Captain,” two rogue players immediately disappeared in stealth and sneaked into the cave.

Ugh, what the hell is wrong with this Minotaur Chieftain. Why the hell is it living in such a deep cave? Fatty cursed silently. The cave itself was over twenty meters wide, and various minotaurs could be seen wandering around. Fatty roughly estimated there to be over a hundred of them.

Fatty walked through the long corridor, then finally arrived at the end of the cave. It wasn’t actually as dark as he had expected. Instead, there was a shimmering light that seemed to light up the cavern. In the corner of the cavern was a patch of silver white grass dotted with brown specks. They were less than an inch tall and was the sort of the faint white glow that brightened the area.

That was a patch of Snowsilver Grass.

At a distance not far from the patch of grass laid a huge minotaur above three meters tall. It was lying down with its head rested on a bronze two-handed axe, with a handle over two meters long. Meanwhile, the minotaur’s legs were crossed and munching on a wolf corpse.

Minotaur Chieftain

Gold Boss

Level: ???

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

HP: ???

Yep, the Minotaur Chieftain is definitely above Level 40 and a real boss. Although Fatty has killed a gold boss before, the Phantom Blue Butterfly King was a sealed one and did not have the strength a gold boss should possess. He was just asking to get wrecked if he challenged the Minotaur Chieftain at his level.

If it was one on one, Fatty can only choose to run for his life if the Minotaur Chieftain didn’t possess any powerful skills. If it did, then Fatty might end up leaving the level he farmed so hard for behind.

What should I do? Fatty thought to himself in a troubled manner. Then, he had an idea. He inched to the side silently without making any sounds. After a while, he waited to make sure whoever came in had already left, then came up with a plan.

Stealth was a very useful ability, but if players walked normally, then they will make noises, and be noticed by experts. Although the two Ice Rose Alliance rogue players were careful enough, they were only being wary of monsters and didn’t actually expect anyone to be inside the cave.

“Guild Master, the Minotaur Chieftain is still inside and there is still a patch of Snowsilver Grass there. There were no traces of battle,” the two rogues quickly returned outside and reported the situation within the cave to their leaders.

“I knew it. No matter how amazing Money Grubber is, he won’t be able to solo kill a gold boss above Level 30,” PureElegance nodded in satisfaction. “Sisters, get ready. We’ll push forward to kill the boss monster.”

“They’re inside,” several players in stealth chatted around a hundred meters behind the Ice Rose Alliance players. It was the God Familia, who was hellbent on fighting the Ice Rose Alliance to the bitter end.

“When’s Fuge going to get here?” HeadofGod asked.

“He said around one to two hours. He’s helping a lady do a mission right now,” LeftHandofGod shrugged.

“F*ck, damn him. Hoes before bros!?” HeadofGod cursed.

“Haha, Big Bro, Fuge already helped us so many times and ended up dying several times himself. He’s already been great,” LeftHandofGod smiled.

“I know, I’m just saying that cuz we close. I wouldn’t if it was anyone else,” HeadofGod smiled. “But being close is one thing, Fuge is still a professional player and has to take care of his mother. So make sure to pay him.”

“Big Bro, don’t worry, I won’t forget,” LeftHandofGod nodded.

“Big Bro, things are going to get interesting,” BigPillarofGod walked over. “Fuge just sent us a message and said that he saw players from Eagle Fortress come in our direction as well. They probably want to kill this gold boss as well.”

“I get it now,” LeftHandofGod exclaimed. “They want to get a Guild Establishment Token!”

“Trying to get it from a boss monster lower than Level 50? It’ll be tough,” HeadofGod commented.

The Ice Rose Alliance acted truly befitting as a guild that wanted to fight for the top spot. The fifty players advanced as a tight squad and swept up a storm through the cave, killing all the minotaurs along their path with minimal losses, then finally arrived at the end of the cave.

The Minotaur Chieftain naturally did not ignore such a huge commotion. It threw the wolf corpse it was munching on away, then jumped up, grabbed its axe and let out a large roar that shook the cave, and even nearly breaking Fatty’s stealth.

“Retreat,” PureElegance ordered instantly. Their squad slowly retreated and finally lure the Minotaur Chieftain out of the cave.

“Ice Witch, be careful, the Eagle Fortress have their people going to kill the Minotaur Chieftain as well. I’m leading our girls over, don’t clash with them yet,” Rosethorn suddenly sent a call over.

Ice Witch replied that she got it, then put the communicator away.

“Haha, I was wondering why there wasn’t many monsters along the way, so the beauties of the Ice Rose Alliance is here. This one is the Vice Fortress Master of Eagle Fortress, BlackEagle. Allow me to send my regards,” a dark-faced hulk leading a team of around a hundred players up the mountain, then chuckled when he saw Ice Witch and the Ice Rose Alliance, who lure the Minotaur Chieftain out.

“So it’s Fortress Master Black Eagle. I wonder what did you come here for?” PureElegance replied.

Ice Witch had a very special position in the Ice Rose Alliance, she was one of the guild masters, but she never truly managed anything. Normally speaking, the guild would be managed by Rosethorn and the various Vice Guild Masters. All she had to do was farm her level up and threaten others with her powerful strength. That’s why, whenever situations like this come up, PureElegance stood up.

“Haha, this is a public place, there’s no need for us to tell you what we’re here for, right?” BlackEagle swept his gaze lustfully over Ice Witch, then finally looked away when he saw the look of disgust on her face.

‘We heard that the Minotaur Chieftain here is a gold boss, so I called my brothers over to take a look. Since you beauties are here first, then please begun, we’ll cheer on you on the side. Hehe, cheer you on,” BlackEagle smiled, then waved his hand. His subordinates immediately retreated to the side and watched the Ice Rose Alliance and the Minotaur Chieftain with smirks.

“You two, go and harvest the Snowsilver Grass,” PureElegance ordered two rogues quietly, then gave orders for her squad to prepare to kill the Minotaur Chieftain.

Since they finally arrived, they couldn’t give up on the boss monster just because of the Eagle Fortress’s interference. What’s more, Rosethorn was leading reinforcements over, so if a conflict arises, they will just kill all of the Eagle Fortress players.

Although PureElegance was a woman, she was someone with real pride and didn’t take men seriously, just like the rest of the Vice Guild Masters of Ice Rose Alliance.

The Minotaur Chieftain was naturally not as useless as the Bloodthirsty Monkey on the mid-levels of the mountain. It used its huge axe and deflected many attacks, and the attacks that managed to land on the Minotaur Chieftain didn’t deal much damage either, and did not actually surpass the Minotaur Chieftain’s natural health regen.

PureElegance frowned. If the Eagle Fortress players weren’t around, she would be able to order her subordinates to go at it a hundred percent, but with over a hundred players from a rival guild watching them, they could only use around fifty to sixty percent of their actual prowess, and remain on guard against any possible surprise attacks.

“Vice Guild Master, this is bad!” the two rogues who went into the cave to harvest Snowsilver Grass ran out frantically. “It’s all been harvested away. There isn’t even a single strand left!”

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