Chapter 66 The Generous Minotaurs

Chapter 66 – The Generous Minotaurs

Although Fatty’s meeting with the Ice Rose Alliance was merely an accident, he could not think of just why would Ice Witch let him go. However, since he couldn’t think of it, he decided to stop thinking about it period.

He continued to slowly approach the peak in stealth. After going past the peak, he would reach the territory of the minotaurs, which was where the Snowsilver Grass grew.

A gust of heavy wind blew past. Fatty looked up and saw a great eagle with a wingspan of three meters. It circled in the air for a moment before suddenly diving down. When it flew back up into the air, it now had a prey in its talons. From where Fatty looked, it seemed like a minotaur.

What a powerful eagle! Fatty praised it silently. The minotaur was at least Level 30 monster, and the fact that it was merely food for the eagle just went on to show how powerful the eagle was.

Although stealthing the entire journey was slow, it was better than wasting time on monsters blocking his path. Despite that, when Fatty reached the peak and set his eyes upon the minotaurs’ habitat, it was already dusk.

He found a safe place to log off.

Then, back in real life, Fatty ate casually ate a bit, then rested for a while before logging back on again. When he logged back on, the sky was completely dark, and even the moon was hidden behind the clouds. He was practically blind, and could hear the howls and footsteps of various nocturnal animals in the surroundings.

The night was not a good time to kill monsters. Not only were players unable to see everything clearly, the nocturnal monsters would even be more ferocious than during day time. Yet, since it was night time, Fatty couldn’t be bothered to go into stealth either, and merely walked towards the minotaurs’ habitat.

As he walked, he suddenly felt a chill down his spine. He quickly leaned to the side and saw a black shape dash by, scraping his body and pushing him into a clearing.

The black figure howled, then turned to face Fatty. It crouched down and let out a wolfish howl.

Fatty used Appraisal on it.

Madearth Covet Wolf

Level: 32

So I guess the monsters here really are separated based on their levels. It was just level 20 something monsters at the mid-levels and now that I’ve reached the peak, the monsters are all above Level 30, meaning that their attack and defense are on a whole different level.

Fatty inched closer, then the Madearth Covet Wolf howled and leaped over ferociously.

“Bring it!” Fatty shouted. He merely lowered his right shoulder to dodge the Madearth Covet Wolf’s bite, then spun to the side and punched the monster on its stomach.

The two beings’ attacks connected with each other at the same time. Fatty lost a few dozen HP by being scratched on the chest, while the Madearth Covet Wolf was punched on its soft stomach and sent flying. Although it didn’t lose much health from that, it was in a terrible state due to falling back down.

Fatty activated Acceleration and stepped in front of the Madearth Covet Wolf and sliced with his dagger. Before the wolf could realize what was going on, the dagger already sliced open its throat.

Blood spurt everywhere. Since it was an attack at its weakest point, it dealt an extra 100% damage, so the Madearth Covet Wolf’s full health bar dropped down to around half of what it was.

The Madearth Covet Wolf’s green eyes glistened as it opened its month wide and pounced over while Fatty stepped back a bit.

“It’s just bullying if Lord Fatty uses a weapon!” Fatty put away his dagger, took another step back to avoid the attack, then reached out with his left hand and grabbed the wolf’s head.

He pushed it down onto the ground, then proceeded to sit on it. He maintained his weight in his left hand, holding the wolf’s head against the land itself while starting to punch the wolf in its eye.

“Wu Song slew a tiger in the ancient times, and now, Lord Fatty’s gonna slay the wolf!” Fatty yammered as he punched the wolf again and again. And when he got sick of punching with one hand, he let his left hand go and started a very rhythmic punching sequence with both hands.

Alas, what a pitiful end for a warrior of the Ox-Horn Mountains. It was first sat on by a heavy fat man, then punched relentlessly until it finally succumbed to its injuries and died.

Fatty swiped his hands, then stood up and picked up the drops. It was just a bronze item. Then, as always, he used Harvest, and got a wolf pelt.

Covet Wolf Pelt

Intermediate Sewing Material

Can be made into a leather armor.

Seeing the pelt, Fatty suddenly recalled that he still had a bunch of different kinds of pelts back in his bank storage. I really should find a tailor to help me make a set of good equipment. Although the stuff I have on is good, it’s not enough.

As Fatty journeyed forth, he did bump into a few more Madearth Covet Wolves, but all of them turned into another pelt in Fatty’s inventory.

After going over the peak, Fatty finally neared the minotaurs’ territory. As opposed to primal monsters, the minotaurs were more like a tribe with their Minotaur Chieftain at the very top of the hierarchy, while minotaurs in charge of various matters subsided beneath it. Some of them were in charge of patrolling, some of them were in charge of hunting etc. They split the tasks very clearly, completely unlike creatures acting solely based on their primal instincts.

Reaching there, Fatty began to feel more nervous. He finally went back into stealth and slowly snuck towards the ‘village’.

The actually place where the minotaurs lived was a near large cave with a bored minotaur standing guard in the surroundings. Meanwhile, apparently the minotaur chieftain lived in the innermost of the cave.

The minotaurs were all above two meters with huge and muscular bodies. Their ox-head also just seemed to symbolize how strong they were. Every single one of them held either a huge axe the size of a car wheel, or a stick as thick as a person’s leg.



Level: 35

If a normal one is Level 35, then the Minotaur Chieftain must be above Level 40. Maybe at Level 45 or so.

“Wheat, go,” Fatty summoned Wheat and ordered it to lure a monster over.

Perhaps because the minotaurs were just physically strong and not dangerous, Wheat did not slack. It shrunk itself back down to the size of a mouse, then sneaked over through the ground and shot a Howling Bullet on a minotaur.

That small attack was not one to be underestimated, as it dealt nearly a hundred damage to the monster and successfully caught its attention. Wheat immediately popped out of the ground and ran towards Fatty.

The minotaur was furious when provoked by a small rat. It immediately swung its axe and started to chase.

The minotaur quickly caught up to Wheat, then just as it raised its hoof and stomped down, Wheat disappeared, and the minotaur lost its balance and fell into a pit.

Like always, that was the product of Fatty’s skill – Trap.

The minotaur struggled and smashed its surroundings, causing huge dents in the ground. The opening of the trap seemed to widen and its durability decreased. Just as the minotaur thought it was going to break free…

Fatty snorted. He commanded Wheat to shoot Howling Bullets on the side, while he walked up and used Coil.

The minotaur glared at Fatty, but that didn’t stop Fatty’s assault as he started stabbing the minotaur’s weapon-holding hand.


Metallic sounds rang out as the dagger clashed against its hand. As expected of the defenses from such a huge minotaur.

However, there was a limit to how strong it was. 10 seconds was enough for Fatty to break a metal rod, and this was just a hand. Now that the minotaur’s hand was separated from its body, the huge axe fell down onto the ground, while the minotaur wailed in pain.

With that, the minotaurs slacking at the entrance of the caves stood up and looked over. Some of them had even begun to walk over…

Yet, Fatty only glanced at them once, before focusing himself back on the trapped minotaur. He took the opportunity of the minotaur’s wailing and stabbed his dagger inside.

The dagger stabbed into the minotaur’s throat, turning its wail into a muffle. It’s health bar begun to drop as it trembled.

Then, with a final spasm, its health finally reached zero, and fell to the ground and dropping an item.

Oh? Fatty looked down at the item the minotaur dropped, and saw that it was the axe it held while it was alive. Fatty picked the axe back up from the pit and checked it out.

Steel Axe



Level Requirement: 35

Attack: 80-100

Strength: +18

Endurance: +10

What powerful stats! Fatty exclaimed silently. Not only did the axe have a high attack, the additional stats it offered were insanely high as well. It far surpassed his Fang, which was a golden weapon.

If I can get the axe from every single one of the minotaurs… Now, in his eyes, the minotaurs all seemed to hold gold bars and not actual weapons.

What am I even waiting for? Fatty went on a rampage. He dug an even deeper trap beside the broken on.

“Baby, GO!” Fatty kicked Wheat. “Go and lure a monster over. When Lord Fatty’s rich, I’ll find a female mouse for you.”

Wheat looked at Fatty as if it was saying “You kicked me when I don’t listen, and now you’re kicking me when I do. Just what exactly do you want!?”

Wheat walked over and shot a Howling Bullet at a minotaur, then quickly ran back to the trap and disappeared into the earth.

This minotaur also fell into the trap like the previous one, and also began to smash it relentlessly.

“Good boy, don’t worry, Lord Fatty will help you move on and into your next life soon enough,” a flash of cold… no, greedy light flashed across Fatty’s eyes as he looked at the glistening axe in the minotaur's hand.

Thus, another minotaur fell.

Then… another.

Fatty slew minotaurs the enter night until it was daytime was more. He already killed nearly fifty minotaurs and managed to get 38 axes and 11 metal sticks.

“Ahh, there's nothing better in life than this,” Fatty shouted towards the rising sun, then turned around and continued his journey to get rich.

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