Chapter 65 Passing By

Chapter 65 – Passing By

The place Fatty decided to farm at was the Ox-Horn Mountains in north of Black Tortoise City. He had once been over there to help Darksnow complete her mission, but because the monsters were too high level, a lot of other things occurred, so Darksnow had to put her mission on hold. However, since she did need Snowsilver Grass for her mission, and it was needed for Fatty’s mission he received from Black Tortoise City’s city lord, he decided to try and do it together.

Now that Fatty was higher level, he wasn’t interested in the monsters at the foot of the mountain at all. He chose to walk up in stealth until he reached the mid-levels of the mountain.

There were a group of monkeys here, and it was also the place where Fatty was forced to retreat the previous time due to being discovered by the silver boss – Bloodthirsty Monkey.

This time around, Fatty was confident that he could face the Bloodthirsty Monkey himself.

He took a look at where he saw the boss the previous time, and sure enough, the Bloodthirsty Monkey was still hanging at the same spot and sleeping lazily. Every time its large body wobbled, the trunk would do so as well. Its black iron like fur seemed to show how strong it was, while its standing tail was like a metal baton that swing back and forth.

Although the silver boss was a monster that players could not stand up to the last time Fatty was there, it was now already just another prey for the players.

There was a team of around forty to fifty players silently standing outside the woods where the Bloodthirsty Monkey was, as they listened to the orders of the player standing in front of them. These players had clearly refined equipment and was a reasonable team in terms of class distribution. More importantly, all of them were girls.

It was very clear that they were players from the Ice Rose Alliance, especially since the pretty guild master, Ice Witch, who also doubled as one of the symbols of the Ice Rose Alliance, was silently watching on the side.

Fatty sneaked closer while still in stealth and heard the female player in the lead call out, “… Be careful. Also, when we are about to kill the boss, immediately stop attacking. Let out guild master deal the final blow. That way, our guild master will be able to gain the reputation from killing the boss and we’ll be a step closer to establishing our guild.”

I see, so that’s what Ice Witch is planning. Since Star Fantasia wanted to prevent players getting others to help them mass farm, the experience gain upon a monster’s death was based upon damage dealt. However, reputation only went to the player who deals the final blow. It costs quite a bit of reputation to establish a guild, and it was obvious that Ice Witch wanted to use that rule to farm reputation.

After the players received their tasks and applied all the various buffs on each other, they matched towards the woods.

The Bloodthirsty Monkey opened its eyes when it sensed the players, and after a glance, it let out a screech. The normal monkeys in the surroundings instantly grouped up and glared at the players menacingly.

Fatty hid away and sneakily used Appraisal on one of the monkeys.

Blood-Eyed Monkey

Level: 25

Attack: 120-134

Defense: 100


Tear – Attack the enemy with its claws, causing 20 damage per second and a wound that cannot be healed for 10 seconds.

Notes: A mutated ape with red eyes. It detests all beings not its kin.

They were Level 25 monsters with mediocre attack and defense, they were practically ignorable as they wouldn’t actually deal much damage to the team.

The Ice Rose Alliance players stepped into the forests as a squad, and when the Blood-Eyed Monkeys leaped over with roars, a one-sided battle between man and beast unfolded.

Although the Ice Rose Alliance only had female players, they were no weaker than male players at all. The usage of the knights’ Guard, the attack from the warriors, the spells from the mages, the traps of the rogues, the shots from the archers and the heals from the priests were all coordinated very well, giving Fatty quite a nice show.

As the female players pushed forward like a phalanx, countless Blood-Eyed Monkeys leaped towards them like moths to a light, only to be smashed to smithereens like waves crashing against a reef.

“Mages pay attention when you attack. Knights, don’t get too close. Priests, watch your healing. Rogues, go and survey the surroundings,” the warrior called PureElegance gave out orders. It was clear that she was an important commander in the Ice Rose Alliance.

Ice Witch only silently walked with the group. Due to the consecutive assassinations by the God Familia, she was now only Level 20, and was a bit lower leveled than the average of Level 22 for players at the top of the charts.

The normal Blood-Eyed Monkeys were unable to deal much damage towards the Ice Rose Alliance squad, and only the boss monster was of sufficient threat.

Bloodthirsty Monkey

Silver Boss

Level: 30

Attack: 145-160

Defense: 130

HP: 1500


Tear – Attack the enemy with its claws, causing 50 damage per second and a wound that cannot be healed for 10 seconds.

Throw – Attack enemies at ranged by throwing something.

Notes: The chief of the mutated monkeys of the Ox-Head Mountain. It has an extremely terrible temper, and is very strong. It detests all outsiders.

Tsk, just a silver boss. Fatty twitched his mouth. Guess it’s a sad day for it today.

The Ice Rose Alliance players ignored the Bloodthirsty Monkey at the moment. They merely let the knights defend as the rest focus fired the normal monkeys. It was a clear strategy of clearing out all the mobs first before killing the boss.

Although several hundred Blood-Eyed Monkeys seemed rather plentiful, they were unable to stand up to the continuous attacks from the players. Around a dozen Blood-Eyed Monkeys fell dead on the ground every minute, and after a bit more than half an hour, no more Blood-Eyed Monkeys remained.

“Pay attention now. Prepare to attack the boss,” PureElegance shouted loudly and told all the players to recover first before starting their assault of the boss.

Fatty has seen a lot, and the Bloodthirsty Monkey’s skills were clearly the worst. Even the Wandering Miner Leader, a bronze boss monster, had better skills than it. Tear only dealt 50 damage per second, which as 500 per 10 seconds. It would be very troublesome if its enemy was alone, but it was completely useless with a priest healing the target.

The other skill was Throw, and that was a skill Fatty had as well. All it did was throwing someone at an enemy. It had a pitifully low attack and was only useful for luring monsters over.

The moment the players begun to focus on the Bloodthirsty monkey, the boss monster pretty much succumbed instantly. After all, there wasn’t a big difference in levels, and there were a lot of players with great equipment. If they needed a lot of effort just to kill such a weak boss monster, then the Ice Rose Alliance didn’t even need to think about fighting for the spot of the top guild in Tortoisetown.

The Bloodthirsty Monkey screeched anxiously but was soon trapped by the players. Unable to use its own strengths, its health bar dropped down very quickly under the damage from various skills.

“Alright, stop attacking now, let our guild master do the rest,” PureElegance stopped her subordinates from attacking, and ordered them to make way for Ice Witch to deal the final blow.

Ice Witch silently drew her sword and walked towards the Bloodthirsty Monkey. At that very moment, the monster growled, then picked up a rock from underneath its feet and threw it towards Ice Witch.

Due to the sudden nature of the attack, Ice Witch was caught off guard. She could only turn sideways, but was still struck by the rock, causing her to fly up into the air as her health bar reached a critical low. Yet, what made Fatty speechless was that Ice Witch just had to coincidentally fall towards where he was.

Fortunately for Ice Witch, she kept her calm and turned around in the air to land. As her feet touched the ground… she felt like she stepped on something, causing her to lose her balance and fall down.

“Who is it!?” She clearly felt like she stepped on someone, so she called out as she replenished her health and drew her long sword defensively.

Fatty came out of stealth with a wry smile. The Bloodthirsty monkey was in the utmost center of the woods, so it was right in the middle of the path up the mountain. Fatty couldn’t avoid it at all. He wanted to actually sneak past them all and not interact with the Ice Rose Alliance, but the damn Bloodthirsty Monkey just had to send Ice Witch flying towards him.

“So it’s Brother Grubber,” Ice Witch pondered for a moment, then sheathed her sword and forced a tiny smile on her ice-cold face.

“Hi Ice Beauty. Hello, the rest of you beauties,” Fatty waved with an unnatural smile on his face.

“Brother Gruber, I wonder what are you here for?” PureElegance immediately ordered her subordinates to surround the boss and ask Fatty because she knew that this guild master of hers was not good at communicating with others.

“Passing by. I was just passing by. Do you believe me?” Fatty lifted his hands high up into the air.

“Would you believe it if you’re me?” PureElegance laughed coldly.

“Ugh, honestly, I wouldn’t,” Fatty smiled wryly.

“Then there we have it. Sisters, get ready. We’ll send this friend of ours on his way,” PureElegance raised her hand and readied her subordinates to attack.

“Wait,” Ice Witch suddenly spoke up. She stopped her guild members from attacking, then turned towards Fatty. “I believe Brother Grubber’s words. Go.”

“Guild Master?” PureElegance was very annoyed.

Ice Witch waved her hand and signaled that she had her own plans.

Fatty looked at Ice Witch in confusion for a moment, then he cupped his hands and slowly backed away before using stealth to disappear.

“Guild Master, why did we let him go? So many of our sisters from Team Rose died in his hands,” PureElegance asked as Fatty disappeared.

“I know what I’m doing,” Ice Witch didn’t say much.

PureElegance opened her mouth to ask another question but finally decided against it.

This is strange. She actually let me go? Fatty thought to himself as he walked up the mountain. If it was me, I wouldn’t let the person off so easily either, especially since I ended up killing so many Ice Rose Alliance players.

Original Chapter Teaser:[expand]

Fatty: Alright, time to go farm. Wheat, where should we go?

Wheat: Squeak!

Fatty: Not Butterfly Ridge? You don't like the butterflies there?

Fatty: Alright, then let's go somewhere else. Maybe Mass Graves? No, the boss monsters are boring and there are too many people there. The Bat Cave can't be farmed anymore either...

Wheat: Squeak!

Fatty: Oh yeah, we can go to the Ox-Horn Mountain. The drops from the minotaurs are great! I'll be able to swim in cash in no time! Good job!


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