Chapter 64 Is this the whip for that?

Chapter 64 – Is this the whip for… that?

Rosethorn noted down Fatty’s bank account number with a nod, then took out her communicator to give orders. Soon after, she turned to Fatty, “You can go and check your balance now.”

Fatty checked his bank account balance. Yep, the hundred and one million had already been wired to him. Fatty felt his heart race when he saw the series of zeros. Damn, you guys trying to give Lord Fatty a heart attack? I won’t give you what you want!

Fatty closed the window and smiled towards Rosethorn, “Guild Master Rosethorn is sure swift. The City Construction Token is yours now.”

Rosethorn received the City Construction Token and smiled towards everyone, then looked towards the God Familia, “Everyone, please come and support us when the Ice Rose Alliance builds our own base.”

“Of course,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent smiled.

Ice Witch stood up and walked out silently. Rosethorn clapped her hands, put the City Construction Token into her bank storage and waved, “Bye bye boys.”

“Brother Fierce Dragon, why did you make us give up on the bid?” Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord suddenly said after watching the two women leave.

I see, so they chose to give up together because of Fierce Dragon TheTalent.

“First, allow me to apologize to brother Grubber. I estimate that I caused you to earn at least ten million less,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent stood up and apologized to Fatty.

Fatty waved his hand and signaled that he didn’t care. It’s not like I can force them to bid if they didn’t want to. What’s more, the hundred and one million was already way above what I had expected to sell it for.

Then Fierce Dragon TheTalent turned to the other guild masters, “I think there’s something more to Ice Witch’s background. I can’t really tell you until I verify it. Letting them auction it is just a test. I’ll have to see whether the test comes out positive or negative.”

“Brother Fierce Dragon, it’s not nice of you to make us give up on the City Construction Token just because of something you are unsure of, right?” Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord was rather displeased.

“Haha, Brother Overlord, no need to be like that. I’m sure the second or even the third City Construction Token will appear once we establish our guilds. It won’t affect us at all. As for this uncertain issue, I’m seventy percent certain, but it is a big deal, so I can’t say anything without absolute certainty. Please understand,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent replied.

“Seventy percent sure is pretty certain. What is making Brother Fierce Dragon so wary that you don’t say it if you are not absolutely certain?” Liu Lan asked.

“It’s related to their reputation, so I cannot be reckless. Please understand,” since Fierce Dragon TheTalent didn’t want to say anything, the other guild masters couldn’t force him into doing that either. However, they did choose to believe him due to his reputation in real life and his reputation in past games.

“Thank you for your trust. I’m sure that I will be able to give you all a satisfactory explanation in the future,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent cupped his hands and bowed.

“It’ll be bad if the Ice Rose Alliance becomes the first to establish their base though,” TheFugitive and HeadofGod mentioned.

“Heh,” Fierce Dragon chuckled. “If we don’t want to let her successfully do so, then would she be able to?”

Although Fierce Dragon TheTalent’s words were slightly arrogant, everyone on the scene had that confidence. A mere Ice Rose Alliance was not enough to defend against the combined attack of the five major guilds.

Since Fatty already offered up the City Construction Token, it was now completely irrelevant to him. He merely watched as the guild masters finished their discussion before speaking up again. “I have some equipment here, do you guys want to take a look?”

The battle in the mine caused all of the players in these guilds to suffer quite a bit of loss, some of them even ended up dropping all their equipment on death due to killing too many people. Although the five major guilds had all the possible advantages, so they did manage to pick some equipment up, it was nothing compared to the amount of equipment they lost.

“Haha, since Brother Grubber has some equipment, then that’s great. We won’t need to go and buy elsewhere.” Being a guild master was no easy task, they all needed to consider the welfare of their subordinates.

Fatty took out all the equipment he had stored in the bank. He had killed several thousand monsters during the days in the Bat Cave, so he did get quite a bit of equipment drops. Although he then sold most of them to the system’s shop, he did leave the ones with decent stats which were suitable for the current player base.

The guild masters were completely shocked when they saw Fatty take out around three to four hundred pieces of equipment. Damn, did this Fatty do nothing except stock up on them?

“These are the drops from the Demonized Bat King. According to our deal, I’m going to take this dagger, you guys split the rest. As for all of these items, they are ones I earned while grinding by myself. Take your pick and just pay me at the current market price,” Fatty generously explained which items were what. He wasn’t afraid of getting ripped off at all because all the guild masters were rich people and even they would feel ashamed if they ripped Fatty off.

The guild masters smiled. Although three to four hundred items was a lot for a single player, it wasn’t even enough for a single guild.

So, the various guild masters didn’t look in detail and casually split the drops from the Demonized Bat King into five piles, then grabbed a pile of equipment from the other stack each before paying an approximate price to Fatty. Fatty didn’t worry about the price either. It wasn’t like he was going to take any losses.

“There is one final item that I want to rent to you guys. Do take a look,” Fatty took out an item mysteriously.

“Rent? That’s interesting, this is my first time hearing of such a concept,” all of the guild masters found it rather funny.

When they saw Fatty took out a long black whip as thick as a finger and around a meter long, Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord couldn’t help but ask, “Brother Grubber, uhm… This isn’t for you know… that, right? That’s the sort of thing you’re into?”

“Haha, you’re right. That’s exactly what my whip’s for. A lot of people are crying as they beg me to whip them one more time,” Fatty chuckled.

“Damn fatty, you’re so lecherous!” Liu Lan grabbed the whip over, then exclaimed after a glance. “What!? Mining skill rank +1!?”

“Mining skill rank +1!?” All of the guild masters were dumbstruck and immediately grabbed it over to take a look.

The whip was passed around the guild masters before being returned to Fatty. Fatty held up the whip with pride, “How is it, everyone? Name your offer. The rental will be for ten days at a time.”

“Is this whip your reward for reclaiming the mine?” East Gate BlowingWind asked.

Fatty nodded, it’s not like he needed to hide that information.

“Haha, Brother Grubber sure is nice to only leave the good stuff for us. Alright, since that’s the case, then we have no need to hold back anymore. Let’s start bidding. I’ll offer 100 gold coins per day to rent it,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent smiled. Perhaps Fatty only auctioning the City Construction Token to them was due to a deal beforehand, but this whip was not included in the deal. The fact that Fatty held it back until now and only left it for them was already being very, very nice.

The value of an additional mastery level for the Mining skill was clearly understood by all the guild masters. Currently, most of the mining players had their skill at the intermediate rank. Having players with an advance rank in it right now would let them get ahead. Although it was just a small benefit now, the mining players would take forever to try and increase the mastery level of the skill when it reaches the master rank. Yet, the whip will provide them with instant grandmaster ranks, so mining out valuable ores was no longer a dream.

“110 gold coins per day,” Liu Lan bit her lips and looked grudgingly at Fatty.

Fatty trembled, and nearly succumbed under Liu Lan’s fierce gaze.

“150,” East Gate BlowingWind called out. The City Construction Token was only a symbolic thing, it doesn’t actually guarantee that guild to be the first to establish their base. However, the whip was different, it was an item that could be used all the way until later on in the game.




The price gradually increased until Fierce Dragon TheTalent finally rented it with a price of 230 gold coins per day.

Although that didn’t sound like much, but what if it was a continuous flow of money for ten, twenty days or even longer? With the current exchange rate of gold coins to cash, it would be an extra ten to twenty thousand RMB per day. Making just renting out the whip far more efficient than any other job Fatty could choose to do.

Fatty smiled brightly and received the 2300 gold coins Fierce Dragon TheTalent handed over. He couldn’t help but estimate a bit in his mind. The three hundred something items netted him 4000 something gold coins, and with these 2300 more, he basically made around sixty something thousand RMB. There was nothing better than that!

After the deals ended, the guild masters all took their leave as they were rather busy. Purple Bell was also dragged away by Wind God’s World, while Liu Lan pinched Fatty extremely hard before leaving, causing Fatty to feel very speechless. Seriously, when did I offend that chick?

Fatty glanced at TheFugitive, who had fallen down to Level 21, then revealed his own level with pride. Level 24 and 63% of the EXP of the bar was filled. He was only a step away from Level 25.

“Young man, don’t be so violent. You have to value peace and harmony,” Fatty patted TheFugitive’s shoulder and preached.

TheFugitive really didn’t know how to respond to that.

“Oh yeah, Fuge, do you think we can go in and kill the advance boss on Azure Dragon City’s Greenery Mountains yet?” Purple Bell’s strength had  left a deep impression in Fatty’s mind, so he wanted to change class to an Elementalist even earlier than he originally planned.

“You’re kidding. We can’t even kill the Phantom Messenger that’s on the fifth level of Mass Graves, how could we kill the boss monster in Greenery Mountains? You’ve got to understand that the advance boss over there is at least a good ten to twenty levels higher than the Phantom Messenger.”

“Oh, dammit,” Fatty rubbed his chin. He thought about it for a while, but was still unable to think of any good ideas, so he could only give up.

“What are you guys going to do? You can’t still be eyeing the two pretty guild masters of the Ice Rose Alliance, right?” Fatty couldn’t help but ask when he saw how excited the eleven members of God Familia looked as they fanned themselves.

“Haha, life is so boring. What’s not to be happy about when visiting the Underworld with beauties?” HeadofGod smiled.

Fatty rolled his eyes.

“What are you going to do?” TheFugitive asked Fatty when he saw that the latter didn’t seem to have an actual goal in mind.

“Farm, and try to be the first to get to Level 30. I might be able to get some divine artifact as a reward,” Fatty kicked Wheat.

Wheat felt very troubled. When did I piss you off?

“Farming is great. You can get all the girls you want when your level is high. We want to go and farm too, but… Ahh, life will never let you get what you want,” HeadofGod sighed.

“Screw off,” Fatty really didn’t know what to say to them.

“Haha, Brother Grubber, see you.”

The eleven members of God Familia left the bank with loud laughter alongside TheFugitive, catching the attention of many passersby.

“Let’s go as well,” Fatty kicked Wheat again.

Wheat squeaked a few times, then followed Fatty out of town.

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