Chapter 63 Auctioning the City Construction Token

Chapter 63 – Auctioning the City Construction Token

Although the Yin Yang Patroller had slightly higher attack, slightly higher defense, slightly more health, and was slightly quicker than normal monsters, they were still just monsters. And monsters could not escape the fate of being killed by players.

With Fatty and Purple Bell working hard at killing the monsters, they were able to kill 2 or 3 on average. Since these monsters were very strong, they naturally gave plenty of experience, so the pair’s experience bars rose like a steady truck.

While the two of them leveled up happily, other people did not share their happiness.

The battle in the mine has already lasted for more than two days. The chaotic fight was practically a disaster for the Black Tortoise City players. More than a third of the players had lost levels in the battle, and some of them lost more than one level. For example, the two guild masters of Ice Rose Alliance were assassinated by TheFugitive and the God Familia thrice, just barely holding on and not falling below Level 20.

Apparently, even the permanently calm Ice Witch blew up and swore that she would make the God Familia disappear from Eternal. However, that was just her saying things, the Ice Rose Alliance still had to give up on the fight for the mine. And finally, aside from the initial five major guilds claiming mining pits, only the stronger ten-odd guilds in Black Tortoise City managed to get anything.

“Brother Grubber, you busy? If you’re not, then, want to come out for a chat?” Fierce Dragon TheTalent sent him a message.

Fatty understood. After dealing with the mining pits, it was time for them to deal with the ownership of the City Construction Token.

Fatty turned to Purple Bell and asked what she was going to do.

Purple bell smiled, “I’m sick of fighting monsters already. I’ll go and watch what happens with Big Brother Fatty.”

Thus, Fatty agreed and Purple Bell opened the gate out of the Yin Yang Phantasm Realm.

When the two walked back to Black Tortoise City, they saw that most of the players in town had a troubled look on their faces. They randomly entered a chaotic battle and lost a level without getting anything out of it. Everyone naturally felt very troubled.

The five guild masters were waiting for them at the bank. When they saw Fatty arrive with Purple bell, both Liu Lan and Wind God’s World frowned.

“Congratulations for successfully taking over the mining pits and gaining an advantage over the others. It will only be time until your guilds become even more famous in the Chinese region. When that happens, don’t forgot about this little brother,” Fatty smiled.

“Brother Grubber, let’s not talk about this anymore,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent smiled wryly. “All 5000 members of the Fierce Dragon Gang lost a level on average. We’re all feeling pained right now.”

“F*ck that, those of us in the Overlord League lost pretty much one and a half levels on average,” Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord was even more troubled. “That was damn weird. Say, we understand when the different guilds attacked since they also wanted to fight for the mining pits, but later on, it was all guildless players attacking. Honestly, why the hell did they join in for something so useless to them? F*cking hell!”

“Alright, let’s talk about the City Construction Token instead,” Wind God’s World stepped forth and pulled Purple Bell back over to him. “Brother Grubber, let’s not waste any breath on this matter. We did what we promised you, so bring out the City Construction Token.”

The guild masters looked at Fatty. Fatty didn’t say anything else and directly opened his bank storage and took out the City Construction Token.

“Since we all only have very little in-game currency right now, I suggest we auction it with RMB. We’ll just directly wire the money over to Brother Grubber’s account. How about that?” Fierce Dragon TheTalent suggested.

“Sure,” the guild masters all agreed to the terms.

“This is the City Construction Token? Can I see?” Purple Bell asked.

Fatty handed it over to Purple Bell and raised a finger. “The starting bid is one million.”

“Five million,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent was rich and immediately raised the price to five million. He didn’t mind calling out that hefty price either, because if he managed to get the City Construction Token and become the first guild to own their own place, then he would be able to get over ten times or even a hundred times the amount he would invest in.

The other guild masters were smart people as well, so the price quickly raised to ten million.

“An online item can sell for so much!?” Fatty was completely shocked when he saw the guild masters calling out such high prices. He could accept it if he was earning a few hundred thousand, but ten million? He found that completely incomprehensible.

“Brother Grubber, if it was any other game, then no matter how great it is, it won’t be worth that much, but Eternal is different. It’s a game with over two or three billion players, the potential in this virtual game is no worse than real life. What’s more, the first City Construction Token in the game has an extraordinary meaning to it,” the one who answered Fatty’s question was Ice Witch and Rosethorn, who had just walked into the bank.

“What did you come here for?” Liu Lan didn’t have a good impression of Rosethorn.

“Twenty million, I’ll take the token,” Rosethorn held out two fingers and disregarded Liu Lan. Meanwhile, Ice Witch had a heated look in her eyes as she looked towards the City Construction Token even though her expression was still ice cold.

“You!?” the various guild masters immediately put on terrible expressions. The sudden intrusion of the Ice Rose Alliance doubled the price. Although the guild masters were all rich and powerful people in real life who didn’t care about the money that much, they did not enjoy being messed with like that.

“Haha, sorry. I promised beforehand that this City Construction Token can only be auctioned by the five major guilds I’m sincerely sorry about any troubles,” Fatty smiled.

The guild masters immediately felt a lot better. Although they didn’t fear the Ice Rose Alliance, they did enjoy seeing the two woman practically hit their faces against a wall.

Rosethorn didn’t mind, and held up another finger. “Thirty million.”

The other guild masters’ expressions worsened. Ice Rose Alliance want to smash him into submission with money.

“Haha, since the Ice Rose Alliance’s Guild Masters want to join in, then let them,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent suddenly smiled.

The other guild masters thought about it for a moment, then all nodded.

Since the other guild masters agreed, Fatty naturally was not going to object. Thus, the auction began once more, but the bid had already reached as high as thirty million and there were now six bidders.

“Fifty million,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent acted proactively once more and offered twenty million more.

“Fifty-one million,” East Gate BlowingWind smiled. “I’m poor, so I can’t offer too much more.”

“Sixty million,” Rosethorn said before anyone else could say anything.

“Sixty-one million,” East Gate BlowingWind let out a long sigh towards the sky. “Ahhh, I’m so poor.”

“Sixty-five million,” Wind God’s World, who had stayed silent until now entered his bid.

“Seventy million,” Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord chuckled, then looked provokingly at Rosethorn.

Fatty’s heart was racing as he saw the various guild masters squat on the floor and bid like little delinquents. Seventy million! A shitty plate is selling for seventy million! Man, I definitely have to go and buy something to thank the Phantom Messenger.

“Lil’ Sis Lan, should we..?” Xu Quan generally avoided taking the spot-light forcefully when Liu Lan was around. After all, she was the boss and the true guild master. However, Xu Quan did feel a bit worried when he saw the price gradually rise up and Liu Lan not do anything.

“It’ll cost at a least a hundred million. Do you think it’s worth it?” Liu Lan turned towards Xu Quan.

Xu Quan hesitated for a moment, then decided to keep silent. After all, the company wasn’t his, and even though he wanted to join in on the fight for the top guild spot in the game, he wasn’t in the spot to do so.

“Oh wow, it’s sure lively here. Ahh, the two beauties are here two. May we join in as well?” a familiar voice sounded out. TheFugitive walked in with a fan.

The God Familia followed behind him. It was very clear that they were after Ice Witch and Rosethorn. Man, seriously, I wonder what sort of grudge made them so relentless against the Ice Rose Alliance.

“We, the God Familia wants to join in as well. May we?” HeadofGod stepped forward.

“You guys have so few people, what do you want the City Construction Token for?” East Gate BlowingWind rolled his eyes. It’s clear that he and HeadofGod were acquainted.

“Fun,” HeadofGod replied simply, making the other guild masters speechless.

“Fine, wow, you’re amazing alright? You just want to buy the City Construction Token with several tens of millions for fun,” Fatty didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It’s really just a City Construction Token!

“What do you all think?” HeadofGod actually took out a fan as well, and when he opened it, it did make him look like quite a civilized and educated gentleman.

“I don’t mind if you all don’t,” Ice Witch glanced at him and said coldly. “As long as you have the money, then join in.”

“Agreed,” East Gate BlowingWind made his stance clear. The God Familia only had eleven people, it was clear that they were only in for the fun, it wasn’t really going to affect anything.

The other guild masters all nodded as well.

This originally small auction is growing more and more interesting. Fatty thought to himself.

“Eighty million,” Rosethorn said as if she didn’t notice the God Familia glancing at her at all.

“Eighty million and ten thousand,” HeadofGod immediately called out, but he only offered ten thousand more.


The remaining ten members of God Familia immediately spread out in a line and took out their fans, then looked at Rosethorn with big smiles on their faces.

Oh dear god. Fatty and the other guild masters looked at each other. They merely chuckled as if they were saying “let’s watch the show first”.

“Eight-one million,” Rosethorn glared at the God Familia in anger and chose to increase her bid by a million instead of ten million this time.

“Eighty-one million and ten thousand,” HeadofGod said slowly.

“If you have the money, then add more. What the hell is ten thousand each time supposed to be?” Rosethorn couldn’t help but called out.

“I like it. So?” HeadofGod started to pick his fingernails. “But since Guild Master Rosethorn isn’t happy about it, then I’ll change it. Eighty-one million ten thousand and one.”

“You!?” Rosethorn was furious.

However, Ice Witch was calmer. “Big Sis, don’t get angry, let him add however much he wants. Ninety million.”

“Ninety five million,” said Fierce Dragon TheTalent. “Hurry up, we’ve all got lots of stuff to do.”

“A hundred million,” Wind God’s World followed suit and pushed the price up even more.

All of the other guild masters began to hesitate, but Rosethorn continued calmly, “A hundred and one million.”

Wind God’s World wanted to bid again, but Purple Bell pulled on his sleeve, so he chuckled, then remained silent.

Fierce Dragon TheTalent glanced meaningfully at Ice Witch and Rosethorn, then nodded and gave up. Then, he squatted on the side and started making hand gestures at the other guild masters.

Seeing that, the expressions of the guild masters drastically changed before they all gave up one after the other. In the end, the was the Ice Rose Alliance who gained the first City Construction Token in game for the price of a hundred and one million RMB.

Original Chapter Teaser:[expand]

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Fatty: What's going on? What's with all these messages?

Fatty: Hmm... Fierce Dragon TheTalent, East Gate BlowingWind, Jiangdong's LittleOverlord and even that monstrous woman!? What the heck?

5 minutes later...

Fatty: Ahh, ok, I think I get it now.


Fatty: Hey, Money Grubber speaking.

Fierce Dragon TheTalent: Brother Grubber, it's me, Fierce Dragon TheTalent. I was wondering if you would have some free time?

Fatty: Haha, Brother Fierce Dragon, you guys don't have to hurry me this much. I remember my promise. But let me first congratulate you guys for taking control of the mining pits?

Fierce Dragon TheTalent: Oh? Brother Grubber, how did you know?

Fatty: Oh, it was merely a guess since I just assumed that you wouldn't have time to contact me until the matter of the mining pits were settled.

Fierce Dragon TheTalent: Brother Grubber is sure intelligent.

Fatty: Let us meet at the bank in Black Tortoise City in ten minutes. I'll head over right now. It is time for the auction!


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