Chapter 62 Yin Yang Patroller

Chapter 62 – Yin Yang Patroller

The Yin Yang Inquisitor was very clearly a caster type class, so Purple Bell was clearly in grave danger when a melee monster like the Yin Yang Spelltwister got close to her.

“Wheat, go!” Fatty called out as he activated Rooster Squawk and Acceleration while sprinting towards Purple Bell.

Wheat finally gave him face and worked hard at shooting out Howling Bullets to grab the monster’s attention instead of hiding in the back.


That Yin Yang Spelltwister was not only proficient at physical attacks. It was one that was proficient in magical attacks too. First, it sent out a bolt of lightning and sent Butterfly Fairy flying, then attacked Purple Bell in close quarters, dealing more than half of her health in damage.


Fatty finally arrived and used his own crowd control ability. In a way, he was truly pitiful. His only effective skill in this situation was not something standard to his class, and instead something he learnt from a skill book.

With the Yin Yang Spelltwister under crowd control, Purple Bell was finally out of danger. She patted her chest in lingering fright, then used a skill.

Yin Yang Shield.

A black and white shield appeared in front of Purple Bell and floated in the air.

“What skill is this?” Fatty asked in confusion as he attacked the Yin Yang Spelltwister and looked at the shield spiraling with yin and yang energy.

“A skill Yin yang Inquisitors can learn at Level 10 called Yin Yang Shield. It’s just at the Novice rank right now, providing me with a bit of defensive ability and reflecting 10% of the damage I receive back onto the enemy. Hehe, everything was going too well just now so I didn’t use it, that’s why I nearly died,” Purple Bell giggled.

“Ahhh, hidden class! I want to change class to a hidden class!” Fatty yammered and waved his dagger around and felt a grudge directed towards the Earth Walk book he got. Why can others change class to a the Yin Yang Inquisitor hidden class, but Lord Fatty has to work his ass off to kill boss monsters? Not all monsters were as easy to deal with as the coincidentally ascending Diggy Rat!


As Fatty howled, he accidentally forgot about Coil’s duration, so the Yin Yang Spelltwister caused a bolt of lightning to strike down at him, and scratched at Fatty. Fatty’s hair stood up straight, while his health reached rock bottom.

“Butterfly Fairy. Imprison!” Purple Bell called. Blue dust gathered together and landed on the Yin Yang Spelltwister, and this time, they were very lucky as Butterfly Fairy successfully imprisoned the monster.


Wheat, who had resumed his size as a wolfhound, opened his mouth and spat out a howling bullet, then leaped over and started to bite on the Yin Yang  Spelltwister’s leg, as if it was trying to prove itself as a master of both magical and physical attacks as well.

“What’s a rat like you doing trying to howl like a wolf?” Fatty looked at Wheat speechlessly.

Wheat immediately felt weak in its legs, and no longer bit as hard.

The reason Yin Yang Spelltwisters were hard to farm was precisely because there were occasionally some super strong ones proficient in both physical and magical attack and defense. These monsters were very hard to deal with as they were great in both ranged and melee. That single one caused Fatty and Purple Bell a lot of trouble. But fortunately, perhaps due to those being more higher leveled ones, there were very few of them, so the two of them were able to farm rather safely.

After two days, they finally finished killing the 1000 Purple Bell needed. During that time, Purple Bell had to go offline for 3 hours every 6 hours. Purple Bell didn’t explain, nor did Fatty actually ask.

After completing the mission, Fatty and Purple Bell both leveled up. Purple Bell was the current number one on the CN region’s leaderboards, while Fatty once again appeared on the leaderboards with his Level 24.

“I’ve got a new mission,” Purple Bell showed Fatty her mission board.

Yin Yang Phantasm Realm VII: Kill 1000 Yin Yang Patrollers and their captain, Yin Yang Captain to rank up as a Yin Yang Inquisitor. The mission can be completed as a team.

“What’s a Yin Yang Patroller?” asked Fatty.

Purple Bell searched for information on it, “The Yin Yang Patrollers are the lowest level guardians of the Yin Yang Phantasm Realm. They have mediocre attack and defense.”

“You have info about the Yin Yang Phantasm Realm?” Fatty was rather surprised.

“Only a little, it’s in the Yin Yang Manual,” Purple Bell smiled sweetly.

The Yin Yang Patrollers could be found in the foot of a mountain not far from where they were. It was open area with squads of Yin Yang Patrollers patrolling constantly. Their equipment seemed really refined, and had a sharp and firm air around them. They did not look like monsters player would want to mess with.

Fatty used Appraisal as was his habit.

Yin Yang Patroller

Level: 30

Attack: 125 – 140

Defense: 120

HP: 1250


Pierce – Instantly increase attack by 50% and deal damage to all enemies in a line, decreasing for each enemy hit.

Notes: A soldier in the Yin Yang Realm, who lost his life due to the sudden change in the realm. However, his loyalty towards the Yin Yang Realm remains, and continues to loyally guard the foot of Mount Yinyang after the realm turned into the Yin Yang Phantasm Realm. He is the first line of guardians of Mount Yin Yang.

Although Purple Bell had said that Yinyang Patrollers had mediocre attack and defense, that was relative to the other monsters in the Yin Yang Phantasm Realm. When comparing with monsters outside, this common level 30 monster was equivalent to the bronze boss Wandering Miner Leader that Fatty killed not long ago.

There were more than a dozen squadrons of Yin Yang Patrollers from what Fatty and Purple Bell could see. Each squadron had around 20 of them, making it more than 200 monsters in total.

“They’re all physical based monsters. This’ll be easy,” Purple Bell smiled.

Fatty rolled his eyes. 200 something bronze boss leveled monsters is easy? What’re other people going to do!?

Purple Bell took out the Yin Yang Manual and tapped a skill, “Confusion!”

A black spiral appeared with a Yin Yang Patroller as its center, then spread out, causing all of the surrounding squadrons of Yin Yang Patrollers to all get confused.

“What skill is this?” Fatty was dumbstruck.

“It’s an AoE crowd control skill that can disrupt the enemies’ control over themselves. But it has a low success chance and the duration is very short,” Purple Bell explained. “There wasn’t a need for it just now, but there are too many monsters right now, so I have to use it so that we can lure the monsters over one by one.”

“Butterfly Fairy, lure one of them over!” Butterfly Fairy flapped its wings and flew across under Purple Bell’s command and lured a squad of Yin Yang Patrollers over.

Meanwhile, the various squadrons of Yinyang Patrollers recovered, but they did not realize that they already lost of squad of their companions as they resumed their usual patrol route.

While the Butterfly Fairy went out, Fatty took the chance to quickly set up a few traps on the ground. It was a few simple traps which were very fast to make. In fact, Fatty could make one in around a minute.

As a squad of twenty Yin Yang Patrollers walked over, a few of them were instantly trapped by the traps. Butterfly Fairy drew the aggro of a few away, while Wheat did the same, leaving five for Fatty and Purple Bell to deal with.

Although these monsters were comparable to bronze boss monsters, Fatty was not afraid. He was a man who had fought a gold boss monster before. He laid down another trap first, then went over to fight.

He immediately used Combo Attack to deal 200 something damage to one of the Yin Yang Patrollers. Speaking of which, although Shadowbreaker was a decent dagger, it was just a bronze weapon with mediocre attack. Fatty couldn’t wait until he reach Level 30 to use the gold dagger Fang, which would multiply his own attack by several times and deal a lot more significant damage.

The Yin Yang Patroller Fatty attacked roared in anger. It’s armor seemed to chatter as it thrust its spear forward and activated Pierce.

A ray of white light around as thick as a finger shot out from the top of the spear and pierced through Fatty’s chest before he could even react.


That was just a single attack, but it already dealt 300 damage to Fatty. Meanwhile, Fatty only had… 310 max health.

He immediately activated Invisibility and ran off. F*cking hell, that monster’s way too scary. It’s just 6 levels high than me, but nearly insta-killed me!

“Yin Sword,” Purple Bell held the YIn yang Manual with her left hand and tapped on it with her right. A two-finger wide and three inch long pointy sword flew out and pierced the Yin Yang Patroller that attacked Fatty.

That single attack took down around half of its health.

The other Yinyang Patrollers also hurried over when they saw one of their kin get attacked. Purple Bell called out “Confusion” once more and controlled the rest of the monsters.

Ahh that was so embarrassing! Fatty felt rather awkward when he saw Purple Bell easily toy with the Yin Yang Patrollers. At the same time, he also made up his mind once more that the moment he helps Purple Bell finish her missions, he was going to gather the other Basic Elemental Walk books. Although he wasn’t afraid fighting monsters one on one, a rogue’s damage did seem rather low once there were multiple enemies.

Fatty drank another health potion furiously. You stupid monsters really should give Lord Fatty face!

He snuck behind a monster, then used the evergreen combo of Coil, Combo Attack and auto-attack to take down a chunk of the monster’s health.

When Coil’s duration ended, Fatty did as he always did and used Invisibility and sneak to the other side of the Yin Yang Patroller. When he noticed an opportunity, he immediately stabbed his dagger into the monster’s rib cage.

The monster instantly tried to turn around and use Pierce on Fatty, but Fatty merely chuckled and moved as the Yin Yang Patroller turned, and continued to stab at its back.

The monster howled anxiously, but was never able to turn around to where Fatty was, even though it had already prepared its spear. Then finally, the Yin Yang Patroller roared in anger and cast Pierce in a random direction.

Combo Attack!

Fatty immediately activated the skill the moment if was off cooldown. Then, he kicked the monster in the back of its knee. That was the benefit of virtual reality gaming, as he didn’t need to follow set attack methods, and something such as kicking a monster’s knee also did pretty decent damage. The Yin Yang Patroller’s legs weakened, and Fatty took the chance to slice his dagger across its throat.

The monster fell onto the ground. Fatty finally killed one. He wiped away the sweat from his forehead and saw that… There were more than 10 other Yin Yang Patroller corpses around him.

That firepower… Fatty was speechless. Help her with the mission? It would be a blessing if I don’t make things difficult for her!

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