Chapter 61 Yin Yang Spelltwister

Chapter 61 – Yin Yang Spelltwister

Fatty shook his head. He was very unhappy about not being able to do much to the Yin Yang Betrayer. Thus, after using a large potion, he stealthed off the platform and slowly set up a trap.

Two Yin Yang Betrayers instantly leaped over when Fatty revealed himself. He used Coil to temporarily immobilize one of them, then retreated, luring the second Yin Yang Betrayer into the trap.


An Intermediate ranked Trap’s creation was more than twice as strong as the creation of a Novice ranked Trap still in terms of both damage and firmness. The Yin Yang Betrayer roared in anger as it was trapped, but was unable to struggle its way out. Meanwhile, Fatty saw numbers continuously rising from it.




Although the damage numbers were not huge, they were very frequent so the Yin Yang Betrayer‘s health dropped bit by bit,

Noticing that to be effective, Fatty immediately wandered around and set up various traps around the platform. Wheat also acted according to the instincts of a rat and only focus fired on the Yin Yang Betrayer that was trapped.

“Big Brother Fatty’s pet is a little mouse? It’s so cute!” Purple Bell’s eyes lit up when she saw Wheat, she let out her own pet to help too.

Purple Bell was a mission reward, it was a butterfly called Butterfly Fairy, which was the first pet in game. The original blue butterfly now had a stroke of yellow on its wings, making it look rather pretty. Meanwhile, it had also grown up to the size of two palms.


Butterfly Fairy scattered a wave of blue dust, which immobilized the few Yin Yang Betrayers it had landed on.

That’s the Phantom Blue Butterfly King’s CC skill! Fatty’s eyes lit up. That was the skill that made a huge impression on him. If it wasn’t because of that skill locking him down, Purple Bell wouldn’t have died. But at the same time, Purple Bell might not have gained the hidden class Yin Yang Inquisitor if she didn’t die that time.

“Bell, what’s this amazing skill?” asked Fatty.

“Imprison,” Purple Bell looked at Butterfly Fairy lovingly. “It’s one of Butterfly Fairy’s inborn skills, it can lockdown the enemies’ actions. The duration is based on the difference between levels between the user and the target, up to 60 seconds max.”

60 seconds? Fatty was shocked. Who can beat the user if this was used in PvP!?

“But the success rate is rather low. The rate of success was only 10% even for enemies lower level than it,” Purple Bell continued.

That’s more like it... If the success chance was any higher for such an insane skill, then it would definitely be impossible for anyone to defeat it.

“Since it’s one of its inborn skills, then that means there must be others. What are those?” asked Fatty. He didn’t feel like he should be worried about Purple Bell, and likewise, Purple Bell trusted Fatty a lot, so she told him about all of Butterfly Fairy’s skills.

Under the double damage of the trap and Wheat, the first Yin Yang Betrayer to be trapped, the Yin Yang Betrayer’s health had dropped down swiftly, and when the trap only had a bit less than 10% durability remaining, the Yin Yang Betrayer let out an angry roar and finally died.

Fatty took a glance at his experience bar. Even when Wheat was soaking up some of the experience, the death of the Yin Yang Betrayer still gave him 0.2% of the experience bar. I can probably level up once or twice after this mission.

Wheat seemed extremely excited after killing one monster. It immediately turned around and started to shoot at another Yin Yang Betrayer.

Meanwhile, Butterfly Fairy clearly didn’t want to let Wheat show off so much, so it flapped its wings, generating a gust of wind that gradually formed into a cyclone that soared towards the Yin Yang Betrayers.

A series of damage numbers far surpassing what Wheat could deal popped up from around a dozen Yin Yang Betrayers.

Although the monster killing efficiency of the traps along with Wheat’s attacks and Fatty’s surprise attacks were pretty high, it was completely incomparable to Purple Bell’s soloing efficiency. Fatty had to put in a lot of work in to just kill one, but Purple Bell could easy kill one by tapping once, then once more.

Ahhh the difference is sure huge. Fatty could only sigh silently when he watched Purple Bell easily dispatch another Yin Yang Betrayer. At the same time, he also made up his mind to level up as quick as possible so that he could be strong enough to get the other Basic Elemental Walk skills.

Since there were only a hundred or so Yin Yang Betrayers that came over, Purple Bell and Fatty managed to kill them all rather quickly. If they wanted to kill more monsters, they would have to step away from the platform and into the depths of the Yin Yang Phantasm Realm.

However, there was not even a single item drop. All the monsters’ deaths gave them was experience. Perhaps that was the meaning behind the name Phantasm Realm.

“The Yin Yang Spelltwisters are around Level 27 or 28, we still have a walk a bit deeper. Big Brother Fatty, be careful, the monsters here are insane,” Purple Bell reminded as they stepped off the platform.

“No matter how insane they are, could they be as insane as Lil’ Bell?” Fatty chuckled.

“I’m not insane,” Purple Bell pouted. “Although I kill the Yin Yang Betrayers rather easily, I can’t do anything about Yin Yang Counterers.”

“Yin Yang Counterers? What’re those?” Fatty asked curiously. The monsters here really do have strange names.

“Yin Yang Counterers, like their name suggests, is the opposite of Yin Yang Betrayers. They gave up powerful physical attack and defense in exchange for even more powerful magical attack and defense. I can only hide when I bump into one of them. My last mission needed me to kill 1000 Yin Yang Counterers. I spent many days trying, but had to get my older brother to help to finish it in the end,” Purple Bell said angrily.

The two of them entered a grassland, and the Yin Yang Spelltwisters were on the other side of the grassland.

As they walked, Fatty took a look at Butterfly Fairy’s stats, but was shocked. The Level 25 Butterfly Fairy was far stronger than the Level 23 Wheat in attack defense, speed and skills.

“Oh Wheat, you’ve got to work hard,” Fatty bent down and patted Wheat’s head.

Wheat reacted in a very troubled manner. It screeched towards Butterfly Fairy, then disappeared into the earth.

Yin Yang Spelltwisters were kind of like a combination of Yin Yang Betrayers and Yin Yang Counterers. There wasn’t really a standard for them. Some of them only have powerful physical attack and defense, some of them only have powerful magical attack and defense, while some had both. That was why Purple Bell couldn’t easily complete the mission if she had to do it herself.

When the pair reached the other side of the grassland, the two finally saw the Yin Yang Spelltwisters. Compared to the Yin Yang Betrayers and Yin Yang Counterers, the Yin Yang Spelltwisters looked nearly no different from normal humans. The only things that distinguished them as a monster were their razor sharp nails and the runes on their skins.

“Big Brother Fatty, be careful. The ones with runes are evolved from Yin Yang Counterers. They have powerful magical defense, so I don’t do well against them. Big Brother Fatty, you handle those, I’ll deal with the other kind,” Purple bell said seriously.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine,” Fatty nodded, then picked a place to set up a trap first.

Purple Bell stood very far away from the monster swarm and had her Butterfly Fairy lure one over at a time. Although that was much slower, it was very safe for her on her own.

On the other hand, Fatty had planned for him to set up the traps and get Wheat to pull the aggro over. However, perhaps because Wheat was cowardly, or perhaps it was unhappy that Fatty said it was worse than Butterfly Fairy, it hid underground and refused to go over.

Fatty was furious when he saw Butterfly Fairy obediently lure monsters over to Purple Bell one by one. He put Wheat back into the pet inventory and summoned it out again. Then, he threw Wheat into the monster swarm without saying anything, and coincidentally hit a Yin Yang Spelltwister with runes.


Wheat squeaked in terror, and hung onto the Yinyang Spelltwister’s neck tightly without daring to let go in fear of falling.

The Yin Yang Spelltwister was also clearly shocked when a rat suddenly clung onto its neck as it casted a spell on itself. The pitiful Wheat instantly lost two third of its HP, while the Yin Yang Spelltwister wobbled and lost around a tenth of its own HP.


Wheat instantly fell down from the monster in shock. When it reached the ground, it immediately went into the earth and slowly ran towards Fatty.

Purple Pell giggled when she saw Wheat’s funny situation, while Fatty blushed in embarrassment. F*cking hell, this damn rat is making Lord Fatty lose face.

Wheat popped its head out from the ground and looked at Fatty like it had been wronged. Fatty kicked Wheat to the side, then stealthed himself.


Combo Attack.


Fatty immediately rained down his attacks onto the Yin Yang Spelltwister that Wheat fell on earlier. As it was a magic focused one, its physical defense was pitifully low, so Fatty’s series of attacks dealt more than half of its maximum HP in damage with one rotation.


Fatty immediately went into stealth once again when he saw that Coil’s duration was nearly up, and disappeared from sights. The Yin Yang Spelltwister looked at where Fatty was in confusion, then scratched its head.

Fatty patiently waited until the cooldown of Invisibility ended. At that moment, the Yin Yang Spelltwister’s health had already regenerated to around half of its maximum HP. Fatty snuck over once more and launched another series of attacks. This time, the Yin Yang Spelltwister fell dead onto the ground without being able to do anything.

Although this tactic was very safe, the efficiency was far worse than Purple Bell’s. When Fatty finished killing that one Yin Yang Spelltwister, Purple Bell had already killed seven or eight.

“This is embarrassing, truly embarrassing,” Fatty said meaningfully to Wheat. “Look at Butterfly Fairy and how obedient it is. Can’t you be a bit like it?”

This time, Wheat listened and started to lure monsters over like Fatty directed. And thus, Fatty was finally able to barely reach Purple Bell’s speed in monster killing by using traps as well…

“Ahhhh! Big Brother Fatty, help!” Purple Bell suddenly cried out as Fatty was getting excited with all the killing. It was because Butterfly Fairy lured a Yin Yang Spelltwister that specializes in both physical and magic attack and defense. Purple Bell was in a rough state when such a monster came close, and in such a dire situation like that, Butterfly Fairy’s Imprison skill actually failed!

Original Chapter Teaser:[expand]

2 hours later...

Fatty: What is this? Ahhh, it's physical attack is so damn high! What the f*ck.

Fatty: Shit, this is bad, reaaaaaaaaaal bad! AHHHH! Oh dear.

Fatty: Thanks again Little Sister Bell.

Purple Bell: Your welcome, Big Brother Fatty~

Fatty: Argh. Fine, I'm going to take this one down for sure! I won't lose! Wheat, I choose you!

Wheat: Pffft, nononononono. They clearly hurt a lot! I'm not going!

Fatty: That's not up to you! Wheat, gooooooooooooo. (picks Wheat up and throws)


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