Chapter 60 Yin Yang Phantasm Realm

Chapter 60 – Yin Yang Phantasm Realm


System Notification: Would you like to accept the mission “Sealing the Crack”?

A system notification sounded out the moment Fatty finished speaking.


Fatty had to accept no matter what. First of all, the mission should give pretty decent rewards, and more importantly, since Lin Xi had made everything so clear already, Fatty was pretty sure that if he didn’t, he would be put onto the wanted list as a criminal for the viscount’s death.


System Notification: Congratulations. You have received the mission “Sealing the Crack”.

Mission Summary: Collect Mystical Silver Ore x10, Snowsilver Grass x10, Holy Spirit Stone x5, Crimson Pearl Flower x10, and 1 bottle of mid-rank yao blood for the city lord.

City Lord Lin Xi nodded with a smile when he saw Fatty accept the mission, then waved his hand signaling that Fatty should leave.

Fatty was truly annoyed when his trip to the City Lord’s manor gave him nothing but a forced mission.


Just as he was walking out of the city lord manor, Fatty received a call from Purple Bell through his communicator.

“Little Sister Bell, what is it? Why haven’t I seen you recently?” asked Fatty.

“I’ve been doing missions,” Purple Bell continued to smile sweetly as she spoke. “Big Brother Fatty, thank you for telling my brother to go to the Bat Cave.”

I guess Wind God’s World does know why I called the Wind God’s Guild over.

“Hah, no need to be so courteous, I needed their help as well,” Fatty waved his hand. “What mission are you doing? Do you need my help with anything?”

“It’s a very troublesome one. It would be great if Big Brother Fatty is willing to help. But I have to go offline for a moment, and can only come on in about three hours.”

“Sure, then see you in three hours.”

Fatty ended the call. Then, he thought about it and contacted Liu Lan. Like he thought, the entire mine was still in chaos, since nearly half of Black Tortoise City’s guilds were still over there.

Chaotic was the only word that could even describe what was going on over in the mine. Countless players had hurried over and entered the fray. At the start, it was merely the guilds who wanted to fight for the mines, but soon after, players who wanted to take advantage of the situation joined in, and finally, the players who had been killed hurried back over to take revenge.

New players continuously popped out of the teleportation portal in Black Tortoise City. Some of them were merely players teleporting back to enter the fray, others were players from other cities who had come to help. Meanwhile, the respawn point was just a series of white pillars of light. Hundreds of players were reviving every second, and some players were even pushed out of the respawn point by newly respawned players.

A purposeful battle between guilds who wanted their own mining pit had already evolved into a chaotic mess. Right now, pretty much all players attacked whenever they saw someone they didn’t know, and the entire battle occurred from the very entrance all the way to the depths of the mine.

Hearing that, Fatty smacked his lips. Thank god I didn’t join any guild. Otherwise, I would definitely been forced to waste all the levels I had farmed long and hard for here.

He found a good spot in the city to log off.

Back in the real world, Fatty took off his helmet and stretched. In order to complete mission, he already worked hard for a very long time, and didn’t even have proper meals.

Since he couldn’t be bothered to cook, he ordered some takeaway, then laid down on his bed and stared blankly at the ceiling.

When the delivery guy knocked at his door, Fatty rubbed his head. F*cking hell, I was blanking out.

Although playing the game was equivalent to light sleep, so it could help people rest, it was definitely unhealthy to play the game for long continuous hours. So Fatty instead chose to exercise a bit after finishing his food.

When he was completely drenched in sweat, he looked at the time. Ahh, it’s about time. Time for me to get back into the game.

At that moment, the battle in the mine already grown more intense. When Fatty logged on, he saw players hurrying back and forth, either rushing to the alchemy shops to buy potions or sprinting back to the mine.

“Poor kids,” Fatty shook his head with a sigh. Then called Purple Bell and decided to meet at the south gate of Black Tortoise City.

Purple Bell was dressed in a white robe, while holding a book-like thing. Fatty habitually cast Appraisal on her and was surprised to find that she was actually level 25, even higher than he himself.

“Big Brother Fatty,” Purple Bell smiled sweetly. The players passing by all looked at her in shock, then glanced at Fatty in disdain.

“Bell, you’re doing well, you’ve already reached level 25,” Fatty walked over and dragged Purple Bell into a team.

“I’m doing alright, it’s all from the missions I’ve been doing,” Purple Bell replied, then showed Fatty her mission.

Yin Yang Phantasm Realm VI: Enter the Yin Yang Phantasm Realm and kill 1000 Yin Yang Spelltwisters to rank up as a Yin Yang Inquisitor. The mission can be completed as a team.

“Yin Yang Phantasm Realm? What’s that? Also, there’s a VI there, so you have already completed five missions before?” Fatty asked as they walked around.

“Yeah, I already completed five missions, this is the sixth one. The Yin Yang Phantasm Realm is where Yin Yang Inquisitors have trained for generations, it can only be entered when a Yin Yang Inquisitor opens the path, and the team will be limited to five people,” Purple Bell replied.

There was no exact entrance to the Yin Yang Phantasm Realm. Purple Bell could open the realm wherever and whenever she wanted to. So, they walked over to some woods south of Black Tortoise City to do so. She held up her book-like item, then muttered a spell that Fatty could not understand. The book glowed, then a square two meters tall door appeared in front of them.

“This is a the Yin Yang Manual, the personal item of a Yin Yang Inquisitor. There are nine pages in total, and each page allows me to use a few skills. What’s more, the attack is pretty good too.” Purple Bell handed the Yin Yang Manual over to Fatty and explained when she saw Fatty stare at it.

Fatty took a look at the book in his hands. It was quite similar to thin magazine in size, and was about two fingers thick. It had a pitch black over with two shining words on it – Yin Yang Manual.

Fatty tried to open it to take a look inside, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t flip the page at all.

Purple Bell watched on with a smile, and spoke up when Fatty gave up, “This is the personal weapon of Yin Yang Inquisitors, nobody can open this except me.

Fatty chuckled, then praised, “Bell, you really are getting more and more amazing. I guess Big Brother Fatty will have to follow you around now.”

“Okay, don’t worry. I’ll definitely watch over you in the future,” the two of them entered the square door with a smile. Then, the door shut tight and disappeared from the woods.

Fatty was completely dumbstruck the moment they entered, “Wow, there are so many monsters here.”

They were on top of a circular platform around a dozen meters wide. Meanwhile, all sorts of geographical locations seemed to be outside the platform, ranging from forests to grasslands to rivers and lakes. A plethora of different monsters could be seen walking around in those environments, but when they noticed Fatty and Purple Bell appear, over a hundred of them immediately surrounded the platform.

“Big Brother Fatty, only this platform is a safe zone. You can get attacked anywhere else, so be careful,” Purple Bell reminded Fatty. Then, she opened the Yin Yang Manual and patted on it. A ray of black light shot out and hit one of the monsters, causing it to shiver, then slowly dry up before instantly dying.

“Wow, that’s amazing,” Fatty exclaimed.

Purple Bell maintained her sweet smile, “I can only use this sort of attack two or three times per day. It costs way too much mana, so the regen isn’t enough to use it more often.”

With that, Purple Bell flipped over to another page and tapped on the manual again. A ray of white light shot out. This time, it didn’t insta-kill the monster, but did deal around a third of its health in damage.

“Although these attacks are weaker, but the cooldown is really short and costs very little mana, so I can use it continuously,” Purple Bell explained.

Fatty was already speechless. An attack that can deal a third of the monster’s health in damage is weak? This hidden Yin Yang Inquisitor class is truly amazing.

The platform was a safe zone most likely designed to keep players who enter the realm for their first time safe. Since monsters couldn’t attack players on the platform, they could only get attacked over and over again by Purple Bell. Yet, the monsters in the surroundings were not the ones Purple Bell needed to kill. In order to kill the 1000 Spelltwisters, the two of them needed to leave the platform and enter the depths of the Yin Yang Phantasm Realm.

The Yin Yang Betrayers were monsters humanoid in appearance. They appeared sort of similar to apes, but wore tidy clothes. They had two long hairs and razor-sharp fingernails that were able to tear through rocks.

Fatty used Appraisal on one.

Yin Yang Betrayer

Level: 26

Attack: 115 – 128

Defense: 100

HP: 1100

Notes: Traitors to the Yin Yang Realm. They chose to give up powerful magic in exchange for physical prowess, making their physical defense and attacks shockingly high. They are able to tear through rocks.

Since Fatty came over as well, he wasn’t just going to let Purple Bell attack all by herself. He summoned Wheat out since Wheat’s Howling Bullet did pretty good damage, and it hiding on the platform to use its ranged attack would provide pretty good aid too. Then, he took out his dagger, picked a Yin Yang Betrayer and stealthed towards the monster.


That was a skill Fatty used no matter what monster he was facing. The Yin Yang Betrayer froze without moving and a series of -30 appeared above its head.

Combo Attack.





Fatty fortunate managed to hit four times with Combo Attack, but the damage was pitifully low. I only deal just above a hundred damage with that. Man, as expected of the Yin Yang betrayer that exchanged magical abilities for physical strength.

As Fatty continued his assault, the Yin Yang’s Betrayer’s health soon reached below 50%. Once the 10 seconds of snare passed, the Yin Yang Betrayer let out a low roar, stretched out its arms to swipe at Fatty.


A blood red number appeared above Fatty’s head as he lost more than half his maximum health.

Fatty quickly drank a health potion and retreated. However, before he could cast Invisibility to go back into stealth, the Yin Yang Betrayer leaped over and swiped with both of its hands.


Its hands swiped across Fatty’s leather armor, leaving ten deep dents on it, while Fatty’s health had now reached a critical low.

“Die!” Seeing Fatty fall into danger, Purple Bell shouted out as she tapped down with her finger. A ray of black light shot out and insta-killed the Yin Yang Betrayer.

Wow. Fatty quickly returned to the platform and rank another potion as he commented on the danger.

“Big Brother Fatty, be careful, their physical attack and defense are both very high, but they have very poor resistance to magic attacks,” Purple Bell smiled.

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