Chapter 57 I’ve Got Lackeys Too

Chapter 57 – I’ve Got Lackeys Too

A black mist rose up as Fatty clicked the button. His corpse started to wither, then expand and swell. Then, finally, a muscular three-meters tall zombie holding a supersized pickaxe stood up.


System Notification: Please name the Wandering Miner Leader.

“Gorilla,” Fatty said randomly.

Level 26. I was 22 before transformation and the Wandering Miner Leader was Level 30. So that’s Level 52 added together. I guess this means my level after using Death Transformation is the average level of my own level and the level of the soul spark.

Fatty distributed his stat points in a 3:1:1 ratio to Strength, Endurance and Dexterity, then took a look at his skills. He was able to use both heavy Impact and Wail.


Fatty howled towards the sky. Soon after, a familiar scuttling sounded out and a small team of Wandering Miners appeared in front of Fatty.

Fatty chuckled, then looked around. The area has fallen into darkness once more. He quickly strolled around and lit up a few torches, and saw that the Demonized Bat King completely ignored him and merely sat on top of the stone pillar and prepared to rest. At that moment, the Demonized Bat King’s health was slowly recovering. It already had a lot more health than it did when Fatty clicked on Death Transformation.

Fatty walked to the base of the stone pillar and felt a bit troubled. I don’t have any ranged skills, so I need to think of a way to actually hit the Demonized Bat king on top of this pillar.

Beep. Liu Lan called him through the communicator.

“How are you? Did you end up dying?

 “How could I? Fool me once, shame on me. But fool me twice? Heh, that’s not happened to Lord Fatty,” Fatty smiled. “Tell the other guild masters that I’ll be able to kill the boss soon, so get ready to lead their people in to secure their territories.

With that, Fatty turned off his communicator. He looked up at the stone pillar, then had an idea.


Fatty let out a wail once again and called more Wandering Miners over. Then, he pick down his pickaxe and grabbed a head-sized rock off the ground. He lifted it high above his head with both hands, leaned back, then threw it forwards.

It was a clear display of the Wandering Miner Leader’s epic strength. The heavy boulder was thrown onto the top of it pillar and smashed into the Demonized Bat King.


System Notification: Congratulations. You have created the skill “Throw”.

A damage number rose above the head of the boss monster, while its slowly regenerating health also came to a halt.

Haha. Fatty laughed loudly, then picked up an even larger boulder and threw it over again.

“Take another one!”

The Demonized Bat King was now very troubled. Very very troubled. It recognized the annoying zombie standing underneath the pillar, it was the leader of all the Grudgeful Zombies in the Bat Cave. In fact, the Demonized Bat King was the one who had sucked its blood dry initially. Although they have spent a long time together in the cave, they never really came into contact with each other. The Demonized Bat King just could not comprehend why the zombie actually decided to attack it while it was wounded.


The Demonized Bat King continued to squat on the stone pillar without moving. However, a single screech of its caused Fatty to lose two hundred something health. It was clear that it was a sonic wave attack.

Hmmph, I’ve not afraid. I’m Gorilla now. I may not have much, but I do have plenty of health. Fatty smiled when he saw that his health bar only move a little bit, then continued to throw boulders at the bat king.

Thus, the two ‘monsters’ continued their battle of top and bottom, hit and be hit. The only issue was that the Demonized Bat King was in a rather big disadvantage. Its health had been lowered to less than 10%, then after casting its super move, it had even less health remaining. Meanwhile, Fatty not only had a ton of health, he could also replenish his health through health potions. This meant that Fatty could just drag the fight on until the Demonized Bat King finally died.

Perhaps realizing this, the Demonized Bat King couldn’t stand it anymore. It spread its wings and stood up weakly and let out an angry screech. Several dozen freshly spawned Demonized Vampiric Bats dove down from the sky towards Fatty. This clearly showed how high of a higher ranked boss the Demonized Bat was compared to the Wandering Miner Leader. Summoning some subordinates was a the Wandering Miner Leader’s skill, but it was already natural instincts for the Demonized Bat King.

F*ck, you trying to bully me? You might have lackeys, but I do too. Fatty took a deep breath, then raised his head and wailed. The wail was so pitiful that even the Demonized Bat King shuddered.

Another group of Wandering Miners strolled over. Fatty gazed at them for a moment, then felt like it wasn’t enough, so he let out a few more wails, calling pretty much all of the Wandering Miners in the surrounding areas to come over. They were actually strolling around leisurely, but when they came over due to the call of their boss and saw that Demonized Vampiric Bats were attacking him, they seemed to be immediately infuriated.

Cackle cackle.

The Wandering Miners subconsciously let out some sound as they either limped or ran over to Fatty’s side and surrounded him.


A Demonized Vampiric Bat flew down to try and attack Fatty, but a Wandering Miner standing beside Fatty swung its pickaxe and knocked the bat out of the sky.

The poor Demonized Vampiric Bat fell onto the ground. Then, before it could get out of its daze, countless stinky feet stomped on it.

“Hehe, what do you think about my lackeys? They sure beat the crap out of yours,” Fatty hook his fingers cockily at Fatty.


The Demonized Bat King was furious, but it seemed to value its own life more as it refused to come down from the pillar even in face of Fatty’s provocation. Instead, it merely continued to screech.

The sound of countless flapping wings could be heard. The Demonized Bat King not only summoned the Demonized Vampiric Bats from close by, but also summoned the normal Vampiric Bats from afar.

“You trying to bully me? Bullying me!?” Fatty trembled in anger. He gritted his teeth, stared at the Demonized Bat king for a while, then loud out a wail.

This wail was… traumatizing. Several rogues, who just entered the cave in stealth, couldn’t help but want to turn away and run.

All Grudgeful Zombies and Wandering Miners seemed to stop in their tracks when they heard Fatty’s wail. Then, they gripped their pickaxes tightly, struggled to crawl out of the various mining pits, then gathered together in squads before heading over to the largest mining pit.

At that moment, a shocking scene could be seen in the largest mining pit of the Bat Cave. Countless bats flew away as they screeched, while countless Grudgeful Zombies and Wandering Miners paced around and gathered beside Fatty, gradually turning the mining pit into an ocean of monsters.

“Do you dare to fight me!?” Fatty pointed his huge pickaxe up at his enemy.

The Demonized Bat King howled as if responding to Fatty’s words, then flew up and dove towards the gathered monsters below.

Fatty chuckled as he saw the boss monster attack. However, he didn’t meet the boss monster head on, and instead he chose to run away.

The bats charged, but what welcomed them were pickaxes of all sizes. Yet, the damn zombie who provoked it earlier had already run away to hide behind the zombie swarm.


Fatty bent down and picked up a large boulder, then chucked it towards the Bat King. The boss monster’s body was knocked down a bit, and was nearly dragged to the ground by the zombies clawing at it from below.

The Demonized Bat King was absolutely furious. It was incomparably furious. That damn Gorilla it was fighting had no dignity as a boss at all. It actually chose to run away in fact of so many subordinates and merely attacked from the back of the pack. Perhaps humans might be able to endure something like this, but the Demonized Bat King couldn’t.

It sliced itself through the zombies around it, then wailed to summon more lackeys over before flying into the air and diving towards Fatty.


The Demonized Bat King narrowly dodged an incoming boulder. It was less than twenty meters away from Fatty.


It dodged another boulder. It was now less than ten meters from Fatty.


Only five meters remained between them. The Demonized Bat King was sure that it could kill that damned zombie now.

The Demonized Bat King’s eyes were blood red in its anger. It reached out with its two claws and flapped its two-meter wide wings. A great gust of wind surged forth, and the Demonized Bat King leaped towards Fatty, riding on the winds.

“Get your ass down here,” Fatty roared. He didn’t even pick up the pickaxe on the ground. Instead, he reached to his side and took out a worn down fishing net that seemed like it was about to break any time soon. He tossed it up and covered the Demonized Bat King.

The Demonized Bat King frantically tried to flap back up into the air.

Since the fishing net was already worn down, and Fatty pulled the net down, while the Demonized Bat King yanked upwards, so it quickly ripped.

“Get your ass down here!” Seeing that the fishing net was about to completely rip, he threw it on the ground, stepped on it with one foot, then picked up his pickaxe with his right hand before swinging it down at the Demonized Bat King.

The Demonized Bat King was unable to dodge it. It immediately felt a bit dizzy, then wobbled and fell down from the air.


The Demonized Bat King struggled more, but the fishing net only tightened further. Meanwhile, Fatty swung his pickaxe at the monster and over again.

As the Demonized Bat King neared death, a red aura suddenly surfaced on its body.

It can still use it!? Fatty was utterly shocked. His hand somehow consciously slowed down, but the red aura only appeared for a split second before disappearing, while the Demonized Bat King was left even weaker.

Phew, thank god. It can’t use it continuously. Fatty patted his strong chest. That scared Lord Fatty so much.

Fatty felt rather fortunate, but he didn’t slow down and swung the huge pickaxe over and over again. Soon, the Demonized Bat King’s health reached rock bottom. As Fatty swung the pickaxe onto the monster for the final time, the Demonized Bat King trembled, let out a grudgeful wail, then died.

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