Chapter 56 Again

Chapter 56 - Again

Deceased Soul – Wandering Miner Leader

Fatty happily put the soul spark into his inventory, then started to pick up the other drops.

However, the Miner Leader was clearly a poor person. It didn’t drop anything really good. The only worthwhile thing it dropped was the extra large pickaxe it was using. Fatty used Appraisal a few times, then saw its stats.

Violent Pickaxe


Pickaxe (Two-Handed)

Level Requirement: 30

Attack: 65 – 78

Strength: +11

Active Skill:

Heavy Impact – Send out a shockwave from the center of impact, dealing moderate damage, which has a moderate chance of stunning enemies.

Class Requirement: Knight, Warrior

Ahh, this silver weapon’s good stuff. I can’t let Liu Lan see this. Fatty put the Violent Pickaxe into his bag sneakily.

Since he now had a useable soul spark, Fatty began to prepare to kill the Demonized Bat King. It was clear that the boss monster couldn’t use that sort of overpowered skill continuously, so that means he would be fine as long as he lasted one round.

Fatty put everything away and started to light up the torches in the Bat Cave. Then after one day, he finally lit all 999 torches again.

Man, this Bat Cave is truly insane. The cave is filled with monsters again in just two days.

When he gathered the five major guilds once more, they didn’t only bring 500 people. Instead, they actually brought over a thousand each. What’s more, TheFugitive and the God Familia also hurried over, but they were just here for the fun.

“You don’t need this many people, do you?” Fatty asked.

“Only 200 from each guild is entering the cave. The others are here for after the mission,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent smiled.

Fatty immediately understood.

Ever since they were all wiped out in their previous attempt, there were already rumors about how the Demonized Bat King is a god-tier boss. There were also rumors about how this was a hidden mission and there were god-tier rewards linked to completing it. Basically, all sorts of rumors flew around. What’s more, since the five major guilds gathered once again, and this time with even more people, a lot of players decided to tail them, and some guilds comparable to the five major guilds even led their own guild members over too.

“Wow, so many people?” Fatty was shocked when he saw over tens of thousands of people tailing him.

“This is nothing. There’ll be even more people if they know what happens after completing the mission,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent laughed coldly. “We need more people over here. The people we have here won’t be able to stop their attacks.”

“We’ll each get 1000 more over here, to get 10000 more people blocking outside,” East Gate BlowingWind agreed, then immediately took out his communicator to give orders.

With such a huge number of players moving around, everything was bound to get noticed. Now, even the players from the other main cities were interested, as they all asked their friends in Black Tortoise City about what was going on.

Aside from Fatty and the guild masters, the others only knew that they needed to kill a Demonized Bat King to complete the mission. They didn’t know what the exact mission rewards were. So, they were only guessing randomly, and wanted to gain some benefits.

“Ice Rose Alliance, Ten Li Citadel, General Valley, Eagle Fortress, Black Wind Stronghold… There are over a dozen guilds tailing us,” Wind God’s World took a look, then spoke with a serious expression.

“Go on, go on. We’ll return back to town together. It’ll definitely be even more of a scene than before,” Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord laughed menacingly after taking a look of the players following them.

When they finally arrived at the entrance to the Bat Cave, there weren’t any players mining at the entrance, perhaps due to hearing about the actions of the guilds.

“Each guild send out 1000 people to stand guard at the entrance and backup the ones coming. We’ll seal the entrance after Brother Grubber completes his mission. For now, let’s go as planned as leading 200 people in each, and let those people follow us,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent whispered.

The various guild masters smiled mischievously, then each ordered 1000 people to be stationed outside, while 200 people from each of the five major guilds entered the cave behind Fatty.

The guild masters tailing them felt a bit hesitant when they saw that the five major guilds only led a few hundred people in, while leaving their main forces outside. Meanwhile, the Ice Rose Alliance, who had already suffered losses once, only led 500 people in, and left several hundred people outside.

The only reason Ice Witch even led 500 people in was just in case the five major guild suddenly turned around and killed her. Otherwise, she really would rather go alone.

When the guild masters on the outside saw the Ice Rose Alliance leave the majority of their forces outside as well, they followed suit, and only led a few hundred people in each.

“Tsk, so crafty, they left the majority of their troops outside as well,” Xu Quan cursed when he heard the report from his troops stationed outside. Although Liu Lan was the true guild master of Misty Waterfall, Xu Quan was the one who managed it more, because Liu Lan’s main concern was still her job in real life.

The truth was that the five guild masters didn’t want to enter the cave either, because entering might mean that they will lose a level again. Nobody wanted to die when they farmed experience points with such difficulty. However they couldn’t help but do so for the future of their guilds.

“Guys, I feel like we should decide on our future turfs along the way as well,” Wind God’s World suddenly said after walking a while.

“Indeed,” the other guild masters agreed. They all sent out rogues to look around, and when they reached the final mining pit, they already received their scout’s report.

The guild masters quickly compared the maps they got, then decided on their territories soon after.

The guild masters following Fatty and co. were rather confused, at what the guild masters of the five major guilds were doing, but they never suspected the five to have already split the territory of the cave. After all, although the cave was a rich mine, there were too many monsters around, so guilds couldn’t possibly spend a lot of effort into protecting the safety of the mining players when leveling up was the most important thing at the current stage.

When they arrived at the pit where the Demonized Bat King was once again, they saw that everything had already returned to how it was the first time they came to fight the boss monster. A few dozen torches lit up the surroundings, while countless Grudgeful Zombies huddled in the center of the pit.

They did the same as before, and cleared away the mob monsters in the surroundings first, then sent 50 people to attack the boss monster. As for the players who tailed them? The guild masters didn’t care. Let them come, try your hardest to steal our kill. It would be the best if they kill the Demonized Bat King before it activates its insta-kill attack.

Soon, they arrived in the same situation as they were in the previous time. When the Demonized Bat King’s health was about to drop lower than 10%, Fatty waved his hand, “Wait a moment.”

The 50 players stopped and looked towards their guild masters.

“Brother Grubber, what is it?” Fierce Dragon TheTalent asked with a slight frown.

“If you trust me, then lead your people out. I’ll stay here and finish the boss, so you guys don’t have to drop levels together. If you don’t, then let’s attack together and try to kill the boss before it can activate its ability,” Fatty said seriously.

“Guys, what do you think?” Fierce Dragon TheTalent didn’t respond immediately. Instead, he looked at the other guild masters.

“Misty Waterfall will retreat,” Liu Lan disregarded Xu Quan’s opposition and blurted out.

“The Great Four Gates will retreat too,” East Gate BlowingWind said. While Liu Lan’s choice was understandable, East Gate BlowingWind’s choice was completely based on his trust of Fatty.

Meanwhile, HeadofGod also chose to lead the God Familia out due to finding out the reason behind the mass deaths the previous time. After all, they were only around for the fun.

Now, only the Fierce Dragon Gang, Wind God’s Guild and Overlord League was left. The three remaining guild masters looked at each other, then chose to leave as well. Regardless of what happened, they already decided to let Fatty get the first choice on the drop, so there won’t be anything spectacular that remains. Avoiding a drop in level was naturally the wisest choice. What’s more, it would also give Fatty face and show him how much they trusted him.

Thus, the five major guilds and the God Familia suddenly took out their Recall Scrolls and recalled together. All of the tailing players were shocked. The boss monster haven’t been killed yet, why did they recall? Are they going to let this remaining fat ass finish the boss himself?

Some of the players who were around the last time also quickly recalled. However, most of the players rushed forth and wanted to kill the seemingly powerful boss.

Ice Witch’s expression drastically changed. She immediately gave the orders for her subordinates to take out their recall scroll. That was when she saw Fatty smile towards her, put Wheat away, then activated Acceleration and Combo Attack.

Fatty was rather lucky this time, and actually managed to get four hits in with Combo. The Demonized Bat King’s health immediately dropped by a little. But that little bit was just enough for its health to drop below 10%.


As Fatty expected, the Demonized Bat King suddenly let out a screech as its body glowed bright red. Then, a huge amount of black air surged towards it from the surroundings.

“Hurry, get out of here!” Ice Witch shouted anxiously. However, due to her slight hesitation, she was a few seconds too late in taking out the Recall Scroll, so the system already marked her as in battle.

“What’s going on? Why can’t I use a recall scroll?”

“Crap, the boss used this skill last time and insta-killed a few thousand players. This again!? No wonder the major guilds left so early.”

Frantic calls sounded out all over the place, showing that the players realized that they were in danger. However, since the Demonized Bat King’s attack was map-wide, as long as a player remained in the Bat Cave, they would be unable to use a recall scroll.


When the Demonized Bat King swelled up a little, it let out a even more terrifying scream, extinguishing all the torches once more, and blanketing the Bat Cave with darkness once more.

“What happened? The torches went out.”

“Crap, the boss monster’s going to attack. Be careful.”

“Everyone, attack the boss with me. Don’t let it use its skill, otherwise, we’ll all end up dead,” Ice Witch shouted, then threw down the recall scroll in her hands resolutely and led the Ice Rose Alliance players charging towards the boss monster while using fireballs to light the path.

Many players were still confused about what was going on. Some of them were only there because they were following others. Some smarter players immediately followed the Ice Rose Alliance’s actions, but some other ones immediately turned around and ran.

Fatty watched the scene unfold with a cold chuckle. He already tried to attack earlier, and found that the Demonized Bat King was in a state of invulnerability, so it was immune to all attacks.

Countless attacks landed on the Demonized Bat King, but a plethora of MISS appeared. All of a sudden, everybody except Fatty had a stark white expression on their face.


When the Demonized Bat King swelled up to the maximum point, it spread its wings and let out a screech. The entire Bat Cave trembled, then grew utterly silent.

They’re all dead? Fatty laid on the ground as a soul and looked around. There was a floor filled with the corpses of players. Meanwhile, the Demonized Bat King seemed extremely weakened after the attack. It only had a slither of health remaining as it flew back to the top of the pillar shakily.

Hehe. Fatty smiled. He brought up his skill bar and saw a white skill that could be used.

Death Transformation – Wandering Miner Leader.

Let’s transform!

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