Chapter 55 The Wandering Miner Leader

Chapter 55 – The Wandering Miner Leader

Right now, the Knight Commander was no longer the amazingly tough boss monster it was when Fatty and co. first killed it. Before it could even realize what was going on after it spawned, it was engulfed by a blanket of attacks, causing its health bar to reach rock bottom.

Another round of attacks flew in. The Knight Commander’s body wobbled on his horse, then died.

“F*cking hell, nothing good again,” the attacking players took a look at the equipment dropped by the Knight Commander. The best item was merely a bronze one.

After the surrounding players turned their attention elsewhere, Fatty snuck up beside the Knight Commander and used Harvest.


This is strange. I got one every single time I used Harvest. Could even these sparks be unique?

However, Fatty didn’t give up. He stayed on the third floor of Mass Graves for another day and killed the Knight Commander several more times. Only then did he reluctantly accept that he could only harvest the skeletal spark from a monster once.

Although Salka did say that all undead have soul sparks, Fatty was not interested in the sparks of normal monsters.

“Collecting the location of undead bosses, preferably around Level 30. Even telling me where the corpse is is fine,” Fatty turned on his communicator, then shouted out to every single person on his friend list.

“Undead boss? There are some in Mass Graves,” Liu Lan replied first.

“I haven’t seen any undead monsters around Azure Dragon City,” said Fierce Dragon TheTalent

“Mass Graves,” Wind God’s Heaven spoke as little as possible.

Everybody replied to him with a message, but aside from Fierce Dragon TheTalent’s useless comment, everybody else suggested Mass Graves. If Mass Graves was good, then why would I even ask you? Don’t you know that this is Lord Fatty’s turf!?

“Brother Grubber, I heard you are looking for Undead bosses around Level 30?” Fatty’s communicator suddenly rang. It was surprisingly from Rosethorn.

Fatty was fully occupied with waiting for the Knight Commander to respawn, he didn’t actually pay attention to the information outside, so he didn’t know how did the battle between the God Familia and Ice Rose Alliance ended.

“What? You know?” Fatty directly directly ask without any courtesy.

“Hehe, Brother Grubber, I wonder why are you searching for an Undead boss monster so suddenly?” Rosethorn’s seductive laughter sounded out through Fatty’s communicator.

“Where can I find one? What’s the price?” Fatty asked expressionlessly. Rosethorn was like her name, she was covered in thorns.

“Hehe, Brother Grubber is truly impatient. Why don’t we talk over this over a drink at the Profound Sky Hotel,” Rosethorn giggled.


Fatty directly turned off the communicator.

“Hey, Brother Grub, are you looking for an undead boss monster?” TheFugitive’s voice sounded out at a crucial moment.

“Where do you find one? Don’t tell me the Mass Graves. I know it better than you,” Fatty didn’t waste his breath with him at all.

“… There is one in the Bat Cave. It’s called the Wandering Miner Leader at these coordinates (xxx, xxx). LeftHand found it last time, and we were going to kill it, but f*cking hell, Ice Witch and her lasses ruined everything. Hurry up and don’t let other people take it,” TheFugitive said speechlessly.

Ugh, why didn’t I think of that.

“How did that day end?” Fatty asked about the results of the battle between the God Familia and Ice Rose Alliance.

“How else could it have ended? Me and ma’ bros killed Ice Witch,” TheFugitive said with a smug, then praised. “But that bird’s really something. I really can’t do anything about her one on one.”

“And you guys?” asked Fatty.

“We killed a hundred something people from Team Ice, but then we got killed together. Motherf*cker, I dropped another level,” TheFugitive said in a troubled manner.

12 rogues managed to kill a hundred something elites. Man, the God Familia is sure powerful. If it wasn’t a direct battle, then they might have done even better.

Fatty comforted TheFugitive a bit, then turned off the communicator and headed towards the Bat Cave. During so, Rosethorn called him again, but Fatty hung up decisively.

Ever since the Ice Rose Alliance was taught a lesson by the five major guilds, they no longer dared to claim to own the Bat Cave. Fatty successfully entered and found the Wandering Miner Leader according to the coordinates he got from TheFugitive. He did also manage to light a few torches along the way, but there were no torches near the monster. Otherwise, everything might be even easier.

Wandering Miner Leader

Bronze Boss

Level: 30

Attack: 130 – 145

Defense: 110

HP: 1250

Skills: Heavy impact, Wail

Notes: The original leader of the miners of the mine, who had his blood sucked dry by Vampiric Bats. The grudgeful feelings caused him to stand up once more and become a horrifying zombie. His pride as a human has already disappeared. It now roams in the darkness of the mine, waiting for its next prey.

The Wandering Miner Leader didn’t look too different from normal Grudgeful Zombies except for it being larger in size. In fact, it was twice the size of a Grudgeful Zombie, and even its pickaxe was larger. What’s more, every step it took caused the ground to rumble.

Fatty summoned Wheat. He cleared away the mob monsters in the surroundings, then stealthed next to the Miner Leader.


A silver python coiled on the Miner Leader and snared it.

“Wheat, begin!” Fatty ordered. Wheat, who was the size of a wolfhound once again, let out a low howl, then opened its mouth wide and shot out a dirt-yellow bullet.

Wheat was already Level 23, and its attack had reached 93, which was even higher than Fatty’s.

The Miner Leader instantly lost 10% of its health.

As the 10 seconds of snaring time passed, the monster lead out a large howl and raised its pickaxe, then smashed it down at Fatty.

Fatty leaned sideways to dodge it. As the pickaxe hit the ground, a loud sound rang out, and sent dirt flying into the air.

Fatty quickly used the chance to dash behind the Miner Leader and activated Combo Attack.

His Combo Attack skill finally reached the intermediate rank, so he could now chain 3-4 attacks in a row, while the damage had also increased. When it landed on the Miner Leader, it actually dealt over a hundred damage!


The Miner Leader released an angry howl and smashed down onto the ground with its pickaxe again. Every single strike seemed to make the ground tremble as it left a heavy pit in the ground. However, since Fatty and Wheat were both extremely fast, the Miner Leader was unable to land its attacks on them at all.

Stealth, attack, Invisibility, pull away, stealth again…

Fatty made full use of his series of attacks. Meanwhile, Wheat was no longer the fearful rat it was before it had absorbed the inner core. Although it was still a rat, it intelligently dodged the Miner Leader’s attack and shot out Howling Bullets, which caused beautiful explosions as they hit the monster.


A menacing look surfaced on the Miner Leader’s terrifying expression after it missed all its attacks. An aura of black light surrounded it, then it reached its pickaxe high up above its head, before swinging it down onto the ground.

Heavy Impact.

The strike landed on the ground.


A shockwave spread through the ground from where the pickaxe connected.

Fatty, who just went into stealth and was sneaking close to the Miner Leader, was knocked out of stealth and stunned for 3 seconds. Wheat burrowed underground faster than the shockwaves moved, but Fatty could only curse loudly and get hit by the rest of the following shockwave.


A huge red number rose up above Fatty’s head, signaling that a single attack took down more than half his health.

As the Miner Leader swing its pickaxe down at Fatty, Wheat appeared from underneath the ground reluctantly under Fatty’s orders. Wheat opened its mouth and shot out a series of Howling Bullets the landed onto the Miner Leader’s gigantic body. The monster trembled a bit, then all of a sudden, it couldn’t move at all.

As the 3 seconds of stun passed, Fatty quickly took out a potion and chugged it down.

“Good job, I didn’t raise you for nothing,” Fatty praised Wheat. Then, when his health had recovered to a reasonable amount, he told Wheat to continue drawing the boss monster’s attention, while he went back into stealth to launch a surprise attack.

After a while, Fatty estimated that the Miner Leader’s Heavy Impact skill could only be used every three minutes. Each time it uses it, an aura of black light would surround it, so Fatty had plenty of time to dodge.

Aside from Heavy Impact, the Miner Leader’s normal attacks were really of no threat to Fatty due to its slow speed, so the boss monster was truly pushed into a tight corner.


The Miner Leader was finally furious. It raised its head and wailed, then with that, countless footsteps seemed to ring out in the darkness.

That was the Miner Leader’s second skill – Wail.

As the footsteps neared, Fatty was able to see that it was a squad of short miners called Wandering Miners, using the faint torch light from afar.

So Wail is just a skill to call its lackeys over. Man, you really are useless as a boss.

The attack and defense of the Wandering Miners were far worse than the Miner Leaders, and despite a hundred something of them came over, Fatty eliminated all of them in ten-odd minutes.


As Fatty finished the final Wandering Miner, the Miner Leader actually wailed once more, and called upon another one hundred something Wandering Miners.

With the Wandering Miners holding Fatty back, the Miner Leader stepped forward and swung its pickaxe at Wheat.

Wheat screeched and quickly went underground. This time, it refused to come back up no matter what Fatty said, and merely attacked from underneath the ground. However, since the ground itself absorbed 50% of the damage, the howling bullets barely dealt any damage to the Miner Leader.

When Fatty finally finished killing the Wandering Miners again, he saw the Miner Leader stop and open its mouth in preparation for another Wail.

Seriously, are you done yet!? Fatty cursed. He grabbed an arm that fell off a Wandering Miner, dashed over to where the Miner Leader was, then stuffed the arm right into its mouth.


Having an arm stuck into its open mouth instantly turned the wail into a muffled mumbling.

Die! Fatty quickly pulled his distance from the boss monster, then went back into stealth to attack. Wheat also sneakily surfaced, and attacked from far away.

After more than two hours of combat, the Miner Leader finally let out a final wail, then dropped the huge pickaxe in its hand and fell onto the ground.


System Notification: Congratulations. You have slain the bronze boss Wandering Miner Leader. +20000 EXP, +150 Reputation.

Harvest. Fatty ignored the drops and immediately casted Harvest on the corpse. A slightly warm spark appeared in Fatty’s hands.

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