Chapter 54 God Familia

Chapter 54 – God Familia

Approximately a few minutes later, East Gate BlowingWind received a call through his communicator. He replied a bit and checked something out. Then… his expression grew terrible as he turned around, “The monsters in the Bat Cave were refreshed. All the players inside the cave were killed. All the torches in the Bar Cave were extinguished and all the paths we marked on our maps have disappeared.”

All dead? Fatty and co. took a deep breath, then quickly checked out their minimap. Indeed, their minimap of the Bat Cave was completely dark.

“Damn the Bat King!”

Since the torches were extinguished and the paths had disappeared, it was impossible for the rogues trying to gain information there to sneak in to check up on the Demonized Bat King. Even Fatty, who had been in the cave for several days, did not have the confidence to quickly reach the Demonized Bat King’s side. No wonder even the Black Tortoise City’s army couldn’t reclaim the mine. The Bat King is way too insane.

“Everyone, I’m so sorry about this,” Fatty looked around at the guild masters and said sincerely.

Brother Grubber, the ones who should apologize is us. After all, it was a fair deal, and we didn’t help you finish the mission as we promised.” Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord replied with a smile, even though all five major guilds had 500 of their elite players die.

The teleportation portal flashed, then Fierce Dragon TheTalent teleported over by himself. Fierce Dragon TheTalent smiled wryly when he the troubled looks of the various guild masters.

“Brother Grub, what happened in Black Tortoise City? I heard a few thousand people died,” TheFugitive’s voice sounded out from Fatty’s communicator.

“It’s nothing. We just said hi to a god-tier boss, then got sent back to town together as a group by it,” Fatty said.

“God-tier boss?” TheFugitive shouted exaggeratedly. “Brother Grub, you’re my real big brother! No matter what, you need to bring little bro along when fighting a god tier boss.”

“Go away, I have a headache,” Fatty ended the call and saw the tight knit eyebrows of the various guild masters.

“We’re going to reach level 30 and build our guild bases soon. We need a good mining spot,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent said.

“The main thing is we don’t know what conditions there are for the boss monster to use that skill. We can just go over again if it can only use it once per day, but if it can be used infinitely…”

East Gate BlowingWind didn’t finish the rest of the sentence. Everyone else also understood that it would be pointless no matter how many times they try if it could be used infinitely.

“I think the skill can only be used when its health gets lowered than 10%. If we attack altogether and insta-kill it, we wouldn’t need to worry anymore,” Liu Lan suggested.

“Guild Master Willow is right, but since it has a skill like that, it might not allow us to use such a method,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent shook his head.

“The reward of the mission should be pretty nice with such an insane boss, right?”

Fatty originally stopped caring about doing the mission, but after hearing that, Fatty gritted his teeth.

“Guys, please help me fight it one more time. I will put up the City Construction Token between only the five guilds here regardless of whether we succeed or not.”

“Alright,” the guild masters looked at each other, then nodded.

City Construction Token? Since they didn’t whisper, Ice Witch and Rosethorn, who were listening to them quietly in the side were completely shocked. This fat ass has a City Construction Token!? How did he get it? If we can buy the City Construction Token from him, then the Ice Rose Alliance…

The two female guild masters looked towards each other, then, Rosethorn walked over with a bright smile, “Brother Grubber, what mission are you doing? Would you require the help of the Ice Rose Alliance?”

“Heh, no,” Liu Lan immediately rejected Rosethorn’s offer before Fatty could even say anything.

The other guild masters looked at each other, then chuckled without saying anything.

“This must be little sister Willowinthewinds, the guild master of Misty Waterfall, right?” Rosethorn smiled. “Both of our guilds have plenty of female players, so we have to get along.”

“Who wants to get along with you?” Liu Lan looked vigilantly at Rosethorn.

“Yeah, Lil’ Sis Lan. The Ice Rose Alliance is rather strong. We have to get close with them,” Xu Quan, the Vice Guild Master of Misty Waterfall immediately said.

“Get close? Sure? We don’t have much, but we have plenty of beauties. We welcome Master Prodigy to come any time,” Rosethorn covered her mouth and giggled.

“Hehe. Uhm, if our guild master allows me, then I will naturally visit often,” Xu Quan was no fool. Nobody in his position would be fool.

“Although the Ice Rose Alliance only has female players, we are no weaker than all the other guilds here. Brother Grubber, don’t you want to consider it some more?” Rosethorn stopped smiling and asked.

“Ha. Haha. Hahaha,” Fatty laughed idiotically.

“Leave the fighting to us men. We won’t trouble you beauties,” East Gate BlowingWind whispered.

“Alright, send out a few rogues each in stealth to light all the torches first,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent glanced over at Ice Witch, who remained silent. “I can’t do anything about what the Ice Rose Alliance does in Black Tortoise City, but if you dare to cause trouble in Azure Dragon City, I will show you just what sort of strength is needed to proclaim yourselves as the number one guild in China. Don’t say that my brothers in the guild don’t know how to treat women.”

The guild masters chuckled, then gave out orders to a few dozen rogue players each to light the torches and prepare to complete the mission.

“You!?” Rosethorn’s chest, which was no smaller than Liu Lan’s full peaks, heaved up and down, causing the surrounding players to gulp.

“Sis, let’s go,” Ice Witch swept her gaze over everyone. “I wish you luck in your mission.”


Several pillars of white light rose up and a few people appeared. The person in the lead was… TheFugitive.

“Haha, Brother Grub, I came to help you kill the god tier boss,” TheFugitive still had a sleazy look on his face. Then, he noticed Ice Witch and rubbed his fingers together. “Oh hi, hot witch. I’ll be honest, it felt pretty good to the hand.”

“It wasn’t just pretty good, it was excellent,” a player behind TheFugitive continued. Then, he made the same finger-rubbing gesture as TheFugitive with his right hand, then smelled his fingers.

“Y-You are seeking death!” An icy wind seemed to blow past Ice Witch’s cold face as a chilly aura seemed to radiate out from her.

Fatty was shocked. This isn’t just some skill. The only possibility is that she is a martial expert in real life!

TheFugitive didn’t mind Ice Witch’s fierce gaze. He chuckled, then walked in front of her. “Yeah, I am seeking death. Come and kill me. C’mon.”

“Ahem, Fuge, these friends don’t seem familiar. Why don’t you introduce us?” Fatty quickly dragged TheFugitive away. God only knows what would happen if I let him continue on like this.

“These are my good friends, the members of God Familia. This is HeadofGod, and they are LeftEyeofGod, RightEyeofGod, LeftHandofGod, RightHandofGod, LeftWingofGod, RightWingofGod, LeftLegofGod, RightLegofGod, MouthofGod, and BigPillarofGod. And you guys should know him. He is Money Grubber, the former number one on the leaderboards,” TheFugitive introduced everyone.

There were 11 members in the God Familia and all of them were rogues.

“Hi guys,” Fatty greeted them. “Fuge, what did you guys come here for?”

“To help you kill the god tier boss,” TheFugitive said seriously.

“F*ck, you seriously think that there is a god tier boss monster?” Fatty cursed.

“Haha,” HeadofGod clearly had a lot of contacts. He first greeted the various guild masters, then turned back towards Fatty. “Brother Grubber, don’t worry. I heard several thousand players in Black Tortoise City got killed, so we were rather curious and wanted to take a look for ourselves.”

“It’s not that good of an idea,” Fatty smiled wryly. “You see everyone here? Everyone who took a look is here.”

“Brother Grubber, there’s a situation,” the guild masters received messages from their subordinates at the same time. Then, they looked at each other before Fierce Dragon TheTalent spoke up.

“What situation?” asked Fatty.

“They can’t light the torches.”

“What!?” Fatty leaped up into the air with a furious look. “Motherf*cker, does Lord Fatty have to do all these puny jobs in person? What sort of shitty quest is this!?”

“It seems like we’ll have to trouble Brother Grubber going around in person,” East Gate BlowingWind and co. laughed.

“F*cking hell,” Fatty was speechless.

Thus, all the major guilds went their separate ways after agreeing that they would lead their guild members over to do the mission after Fatty had prepared everything.

“Brother World, tell Little Bell to come and play with me when she has time,” Fatty shouted to Wind God’s World right before leaving. Purple Bell did not come with her older brother this time, most likely preoccupied with something.

Wind God’s World turned back and gave Fatty a furious look, before leaving bitterly.

“What? You are missing his little sister?” Liu Lan said meaningfully.

“Hehe, I didn’t see her for a few days, so I miss her,” Fatty chuckled.

“You!? Heh, Xu Quan, let’s go as well,” Liu Lan led Misty Waterfall’s guild members away with a pout.

“Ahh, I guess we missed the show. Let’s leave as well. Brother Grubber, remember to call us when you do the mission,” HeadofGod said to Fatty, then walked towards the city gate.

Ice Witch snorted coldly, then led the Ice Rose Alliance players to follow God Familia. From the looks of it, another exciting battle was about to ensue.

After sending everyone away, Fatty organized his stuff, and chose to head over to Mass Graves. The place was now filled with people, and a bunch of people would surround and kill a skeleton every time one spawns.

After getting insta-killed by the Demonized Bat King, Fatty was actually very confused why he couldn’t use Death Transformation after he was killed this time.

He thought back to the first time he transformed. Back then, he could only choose to use the Knight Commander’s spark, while the option of using the Skeletal General’s spark was greyed out.

Fatty ignored the second floor’s Skeletal Centurion and arrived directly on the third floor for the Knight Commander. It was a low leveled boss monster, so It would respawn quickly, but it definitely wouldn’t drop anything too useful.

When he reached there, he saw that the third floor didn’t only have a small number of players. Instead, there were people everywhere.

“The Knight Commander respawned! Guys, hurry up and kill it!” Fatty was very lucky to have the boss monster respawn just as he arrived.

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