Chapter 53 Demonized Bat King Insta-kill

Chapter 53 – Demonized Bat King – Insta-kill

“Big sis, are you sure you want to offend all five major guilds at once?” Ice Witch asked softly.

“Uhm… I was just being rash,” Rosethorn immediately smiled coyly.

“C’mon, are we really not going to go in just because they said so?” When the two Ice Rose Alliance guild masters arrived at the entrance to the Bat Cave, Ice Witch looked at the players behind her.

“Guild Master, they’ve followed us in. There’s a few thousand of them.”

The moment the Ice Rose Alliance players entered, the rogues staying behind immediately sent messages to inform their guild masters. What’s more, aside from the 500 Ice Rose Alliance elites, a lot of individual players who wanted to take advantage of the situation also entered.

At that moment, the mine was pretty much completely lit up. The players’ minimaps all recorded down every place they walked passed, unlike before, where the minimap continued to stay dark.

In order to save time, the five major gangs split in five directions and chose to walk down a mining tunnel according to the map Fatty provided them.

“Uhm…” Rosethorn grew unsure of which guild to follow when she saw them split up.

“Just choose a random one. They’ll definitely group back up,” Ice Witch said plainly. Then, they randomly chose to enter one the tunnel one of the guilds entered.

At the same time, the various individual players also separated into different tunnels and followed as close as they could.

“There’re so many monsters here,” Darksnow, who was being protected by a few knights muttered. She has already successfully gotten her second class enhancement and chose to specialize in fire magic.

Meanwhile, Fatty was sticking together with Liu Lan, and completely disregarded Xu Quan.

“This is actually very little. When you reach a mining pit, you’ll realize that it’s essentially bat heaven there,” Fatty said with a bit of lingering fear. While he was killing the Grudgeful Zombies, his greatest threat was the bats flying above. If there wasn’t the torchlight protecting him, Fatty would have been sucked dry into a jerky instantly.

“Fatty, you should mine a few more days before doing this mission,” said Liu Lan. She already heard Fatty talk about how to avoid the bats’ attacks.

“Tsk, how much could I even learn for physical labor?” Fatty said speechlessly. However, the main reason he didn’t do it was because he couldn’t mine out any high ranked ores at all.


Since all of the five major guilds brought their elites over and Fatty already lit up so many torches, their lives were not very difficult even though there were monsters everywhere. After a bit more than two hours, the five major guilds arrived at the final mining pit. Wind God’s Guild was the guild that lost the most members, and even they only lost several dozen people.

Meanwhile, the Ice Rose Alliance and the individual players stood afar. Since the five major guilds needed to advance and fight monsters at the same time, they didn’t advance very quickly, so the others caught up quickly. Despite that, the five major guilds didn’t care. It didn’t matter who entered the cave before the mission was complete.

“Right here,” Fatty pointed towards the dense group of Grudgeful Zombies. “I only need you guys to open a path for me so I can light that final torch inside.”

“What monsters are these?” Liu Lan asked.

“Grudgeful Zombies. Level 23 monsters with mediocre attack and slow speed. Their only advantage is their decent health. Oh, they also drop equipment that increases mining success rate,” Fatty explained.

Mining success chance? The eyes of all the guild masters lit up. They whispered together, then went into an area each.

“We’ll fight our own stuff. The drops belong to whoever killed the monsters. These monsters aren’t our main focus, our main focus is to help Brother Grubber finish the mission,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent reminded the other guild masters one last time before they went back to their squads.

The other guild masters all agreed, then separated. It was clear that they planned on eliminating all the zombies.

“What are they doing?” Ice Witch and Rosethorn looked at each other. They did not know why the five major guilds were there. Are they coming to fight a boss? But what boss monster could make the five guilds send two thousand something players over?

Meanwhile, the individual players stood behind the Ice Rose Alliance in confusion. What are those five major guilds doing?

Numbers truly made a difference. Although the number of Grudgeful Zombies reached over ten thousand, they were merely harvested like wheat by the two thousand something players. What’s more, the spells cast by mages, especially when the Fire Dragon Break, Water Dragon Break, Earth Dragon Break and Wind Dragon Break spells were all cast mercilessly, each taking a huge number of zombies down.

“Wow, this is amazing,” Fatty praised.

A player beside him chuckled, “This is nothing. When I was playing another game before, the nation battles were what was truly grand. Several million players would cast spells together. Now, that was a scene. The enemies wouldn’t even be able to tell what skill killed them.”

“Nation battle? There are nation battles?” Fatty immediately got interested. “Which nations were there?”

“Of course it’s China and a certain friendly country,” the player was most likely an angry nationalist youth, so he was very into it when he started talking about nation battles. “Right now, we can’t fight wars in real life because of world peace, but games are a different matter. That’s why nation battles are always the most attractive modes.”

“Nation battles sound great. If we get them in Eternal, then Lord Fatty’s definitely going over to Japan to bring that Yasukuni Toilet[1] back here. Pissing and pooping anywhere else is way too uncivilized.”

“Mhmm, I like the sound of that. I feel like pissing and pooping on the ground is bad, doing it in the Yasukuni Toilet is definitely the best.”

As the squads pushed forward, the Grudgeful Zombies were quickly cleared away. After all, two thousand something players were way more than the number of players needed to kill around ten thousand zombies.

“That’s the last torch?” The guild masters asked when they saw a ten meters tall pillar stood in the center of the mining pit.

“I… think so?” Fatty wasn’t certain either. However, the pillar was the only thing that looked remotely like a torch inside the pit.

“I’ll go and take a look,” Fatty walked underneath the stick, then begun to crawl up.

“Be careful,” Liu Lan called out. Yet, before she finished, she saw a huge black figure rise up from the top of the pillar.

“Be careful, it’s a boss monster,” Fatty reacted quickly and retreated to where everyone else stood.

“Guys, prepare to kill the boss, One area per guild. After we kill the boss, we’ll let Brother Grubber pick a drop, then everything else will belong to the ones responsible for the area the item lands in. How about that?” Fierce Dragon TheTalent suggested.

“Alright, 10 people from each guild will fight, everyone else prevent other people from kill stealing our boss monster,” East Gate BlowingWind added. 10 people from each guild was already 50 people, which was the maximum number of players they could use. Otherwise, even if they kill the boss, the drop items would decrease a lot in quality.

“Boss monster? Two thousand something people to kill a mediocre boss monster? That doesn’t seem worth it,” Ice Witch ignored the interests of the others and muttered to herself.

“There might be some special mission,” Rosethorn guessed.

Ice Witch thought about it for a while, then suddenly called out, “Everybody get ready, there might be a situation arising later.”

Although the Ice Rose Alliance was able to calm their members down and tell them not to fight for the monster, the individual players who followed did not calm down at all. The Bat Cave was filled with danger, so they naturally knew that the final boss was no simple mob. All of a sudden, a lot of players wanted to go up and fight for the monster.

“Guild Master, they’re moving,” the guild masters overlooked the battle with the boss, while the 50 players formed the best formation and started the fight.

When they heard their subordinate’s message, the guild masters looked at each other. Xu Quan laughed, “No matter how many of them there are, we aren’t scared of these motley fools. Watch Misty Waterfall kill them all.”

“The Wind God’s Guild should display our might as well,” said Wind God’s World. Their guild lost the most people out of the five major guilds, so he felt rather ashamed. I’ll take it out on these players.

“Tell everyone else to deal with those people and ensure our people fighting the boss monster are not disturbed,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent said. The remaining two thousand something people immediately turned around and begun their face off against the fierce individual players.

Since the players lured the boss monster down, Fatty used Appraisal on it.

Demonized Bat King

Silver boss

Level: ???

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

Movement Speed: ???

HP: ???

It was another boss monster with all question marks for stats. However, Fatty was already used to it. In fact, he might not even be interested if they weren’t all question marks.

The Demonized Bat King was the size of a round table with a wingspan of around two meters. It was a monster that wasn’t only able to use its claws and fangs to attack, and could also use sonic wave attacks. Several players were caught off guard, and were only able to stay alive due to the large number of priests in the squads.

A silver boss isn’t anything special. All of the guild masters had killed silver bosses before, so they weren’t interested in the demonized Bat King at all, and merely waited for the moment the boss was slain.

The Demonized Bat King had the same characteristic of sucking blood from its enemies to recover its own health like the Vampiric Bats. However, it didn’t gain that much health so it did not have an overwhelming advantage. Although some of the mob monsters came to help, the other players held them back. In less than half an hour, the Demonized Bat King’s health had reached a critical level.

When the individual players saw the Demonized Bat King’s health nearly reach 10%, they grew even more excited, with some of them already beginning to fight with the people of the five major guilds.

“Idiot, how is it possible for them to get any benefits out of this with so many people guarding here?” Fatty twitched his mouth.

The moment an archer landed a Chain Shot, the Demonized Bat King’s health finally went below the 10% mark.


The Demonized Bat King let out a loud wail. It suddenly glowed completely red as waves of black air flowed from the surroundings towards it.

“Crap, the boss is going to mutate. Be careful!”

Before the warning ended, the Demonized Bat King’s body swelled up, becoming around ten meters tall. When it spread its wings, the Bat Cave actually trembled. Then, countless gusts of black air appeared out of nowhere. The lit torches wobbled, then were extinguished one by one.

The cave fell into darkness. Fatty felt a chill, then before he could react, he appeared at Black Tortoise City’s respawn point.


Countless pillars of white light rose up.

The Black Tortoise City players saw something very different. Nearly four to five thousand people respawned at the same time.

“What happened?” Everyone had a terrible expression on their faces. The boss was nearly dead, then suddenly insta-killed everyone.

“What a cheat,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent let out a long sigh. He ended up directly respawning in Azure Dragon City. “It was a map wide attack. I think all of the players in the Bat Cave were killed and sent back to respawn.”

“What about the boss monster?” Fatty asked anxiously.

“Brother Grubber, don’t worry. I’ve got people near the Bat Cave, I’ll tell them to go in and check immediately,” East Gate BlowingWind took out his communicator.

Original Chapter Teaser:[expand]

Fatty: We've arrived.

Liu Lan: This is the place?

Wind God's World: Wow, this place is huge.

Fierce Dragon TheTalent: Indeed. And look at the swarm of zombies in the middle of the mining pit. Brother Grubber, that must be what you mentioned?

Fatty: Indeed. I need you guys to help me clear a path to the torch in the middle. Once we do that, the mine will be rid of bats!

But... This is supposed to be a difficult mission. Was everything truly going to go as planned? Most likely not. After al, this was Eternal, a game that has been in development for a long time. The devs would not allow it to be beaten in 7 hours like that certain Blizzard game...

What was going to be the twist? If you are a gamer, then you should have realized by now. What comes at the end of most quests or missions? Look forward to it in the next chapter of Show Me the Money!


  1. The Yasukuni Shrine (靖国神社) is often mocked as the Yasukuni Toilet (靖国神厕) by netizens since they sound rather similar in Chinese, and also because that is where the war criminals are enshrined despite the atrocities they were responsible for during the Second World War.

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