Chapter 52 The Five Major Guilds

Chapter 52 – The Five Major Guilds

Fatty walked along the tunnels in stealth and finally arrived in the area of darkness. There were a dense bat population there, with Demonized Vampiric Bats at Level 30. Not only were they high leveled, there was also a lot of them. No wonder the mine was taken over by the bat swarm. If this is all there is to it though, then even the Black Tortoise CIty soldiers should be able to reclaim the mine easily. Why did they say that the losses would be greater than the gains? That was something Fatty didn’t understand.

A gigantic mining pit appeared in front of him. When he stood on the edge, Fatty was unable to even see the opposing edge of the pit. Countless bats flew around, covering the overhead spaces like rain clouds as they screeched.

Fatty snuck into the pit with Wheat and found an extinguished torch when he reached the bottom by chance.

The quietly lit the torch and saw the surrounding Grudgeful Zombies make a ruckus as they ran towards the darkness. The few slower ones began to have black smoke rising up from them. I wonder what are these torches made out of. They actually deal so much damage to creatures of the dark!

Fatty continued to walk along the walls and lit several more torches. The mining pit was ridiculously huge that he actually took more than two hours to go around it once when walking next to the wall.

However, his time wasn’t wasted. Fatty lit up a few dozen more torches, meaning that he has already lit up 999 torches in total. He only needed to light up one more to complete the mission.

If everything was like in the previous pits, the final one was definitely at the very center of the pit. Fatty walked over in stealth, only to notice that all of the zombies in the pit were chased away to the center by the light. And since they were so close together, there was no way for Fatty to squeeze in.

Well, this is troublesome. Fatty scratched his head. There was no other ways he would think of aside from flying over. As for fighting? That was an even more ridiculous idea, it’ll take forever with so many zombies there.

Fatty tried to squeeze in a few times. Yet, no matter what he did, he was blocked off by the wall of zombies.

I can’t complete the mission if I can’t light up the last torch. Ugh, whatever, my inventory is full, I’ll clean it up first. Since killing each person increased a person’s Sin Points by 100, and killing a monster decreased it by 1, Fatty’s name was no longer red anymore. In fact, after killing several thousand monsters, he has already entered town several times.

Ever since he got screwed due to having no Recall Scrolls on him, he had already gotten into the habit of buying Recall Scrolls. Thus, he tore one apart, and instantly returned to the teleportation portal back in Black Tortoise City.

“Oh, Brother Grubber. Long time no see. Where did you go to get rich recently?” Someone greeted Faty the moment he appeared.

He turned around. It was East Gate BlowingWind.

East Gate BlowingWind and his squad were all injured, most likely due to just returning from farming. Yet, there was one player with a sword in his hands, who looked towards the sky coldly beside East Gate BlowingWind, instead of looking at Fatty. That person wore snow white clothes and seemed unusually clean.

“Brother East Gate,” Fatty nodded. “I’ve been farming, and was just chased back by monsters. What happened to you guys?”

“Haha, just chased back by monsters too,” East Gate BlowingWind laughed. “Let me introduce you. This is Money Grubber, the former number one on the leaderboards. This is my third little brother West Gate BlowingSnow. He’s currently number four on the leaderboards. BlowingSnow, say hi to Brother Grubber.”

“Heh, this one is West Gate BlowingSnow. Greetings to Brother Grubber,” West Gate BlowingSnow snorted, then looked up and ignored the others once more.


East Gate BlowingWind slapped the back of West Gate BlowingSnow’s head and laughed, “Do you really think that you’re Ximen Chuixue[1]?”

All of East Gate BlowingWind’s guild members chuckled.

“Haha,” West Gate BlowingSnow scratched his head in embarrassment. “Sorry, that was just out of habit. Brother Grubber, please don’t take it to heart.”

“Brother Grubber, did you get anything nice recently? If you did, then do consider us, the Great Four Gates first,” East Gate BlowingWind turned back around.

“Great Four Gates?” This name… is interesting.

“Haha, we named ourselves out of the gate of the four directions, so we chose the guild name Great Four Gates. The name is a bit rough, so please don’t laugh at us.”

Out of all the guild masters Fatty met, East Gate BlowingWind was definitely the one with the best temper, and the one Fatty actually felt a respect for. Of course, Liu Lan was a whole different matter.

“I don’t have a lot of good stuff, only some equipment. If you are interested, then just name a price and take them,” Fatty took out all the equipment drops he got from the Bat Cave. The surrounding players were completely shocked. Then, Fatty continued as if he felt like it wasn’t enough at all. “I still have a lot in my bank storage. If you want a lot of them, then I’ll give you a discount.”

Fatty had originally planned to save the equipment for auction, but the system’s auction house was still not opened. As Fatty watched gold coins devalue by day, he understood that he really won’t earn much if he holds onto the equipment.

“Sure, we can take however much equipment you have,” East Gate BlowingWind laughed. As the leader of a large guild, East Gate BlowingWind didn’t lack for money at all.

“An item to increase mining success chance? So Brother Grubber was farming in the Bat Cave,” East Gate BlowingWind took a detailed look at one of the equipment, then directly identified where Fatty got it from.

Fatty immediately had an idea. I definitely need to make a path through the Grudgeful Zombie swarm in order to light up the final torch. It’ll be difficult for me to do it by myself, but it’ll be simple with a lot of people.

“Brother East Gate, I wonder if you are interested in a rich section of the mine?” Fatty immediately began to act out his plans.

“I think anyone who wants to establish a guild is interested in such an area,” East Gate BlowingWind looked at Fatty. “What? Brother Grubber, do you know where we can find such an area? If it is possible, then I would like to buy the location from you. Just name the price. But don’t tell me it’s the Bat Cave, that’s not a good mining spot.”

“But if the Bat Cave has no more bats?” Fatty smiled mysteriously.

“No more bats? How’ that possible? If it has no more bats, then how can it be called the Bat Cave?” West Gate BlowingSnow went back to putting on airs after the greeting. However, he still couldn’t help but laugh when he heard Fatty’s words.

Fatty didn’t waste his breath. He directly showed the East Gate BlowingWind and the others his mission to reclaim the mine.

East Gate BlowingWind immediately grabbed Fatty’s hand. “Brother Grubber, I won’t say any courteous words, I’ll pay you 1000 gold coins for the intel first. Just name anything you request you might have, we only want a right to enter ahead of others.”

If they were able to enter while the Black Tortoise City army reclaims the mine, then they would be able to take over any mining pit in the Bat Cave. Those were definitely rich mining spots, and the small mining spots outside could not compare up to those at all.

However, the Great Four Gate was unable to make use of the entirety of the mine. Although East Gate BlowingWind felt a bit hesitant, Fatty still called Liu Lan’s Misty Waterfall, Purple Bell’s older brother’s Wind God’s Guild, then sent both Fierce Dragon TheTalent and Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord a message as well about it all. Thus, all the guilds Fatty met in Mass Graves aside from the Cloud Dragon Gang gathered together once more.

“Brother Grubber, how certain of clearing out the bats inside the cave are you?” Fierce Dragon TheTalent immediately led his guild’s elites over to Black Tortoise City after getting the message. For all these guilds, the more materials they had in storage, the better. It would definitely make it far easier for them when officially establishing their guild.

“The bats inside will disappear without us doing anything as long as you help me with the mission,” Fatty explained his mission details to the newcomers.

When they saw the single darksteel ore Fatty had, all of the guild leaders become extremely excited.

“Damn fatty, you should have told me something so great earlier,” Liu Lan cursed through a private message.

“It’s not late now,” Fatty could only play dumb.

“Alright, we’ll pay you 1000 gold coins for the intel first. I promise you, we’ll thank you greatly after we get our mining pits,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent quickly handed Fatty 1000 gold coins. He only met Fatty twice, and the first time was when he was coming to cause trouble for Fatty. He was truly very moved that Fatty thought of him, who was far away in Azure Dragon City, when there was something so great.

However, what Fierce Dragon TheTalent did not know that Fatty didn’t actually know many guild masters. If it wasn’t for Cloud Dragon Sailing’s intense hatred for Fatty, Fatty would have definitely called the Cloud Dragon Gang over as well.

After the various guilds paid Fatty 1000 gold coins each, he rubbed his hands, then bit a gold coin to test for its authenticity for a moment under the speechless gazes of the others, before preparing to move in satisfaction.

“Big Bro, we’re here,” each guild were sending 500 players out, creating a massive army. The guild masters did not tell their guild members too much detail, they merely told them that they were going to do a mission, and just as they were about to move out, two more players walked over.

“Come here, let me introduce you, this is my second little brother, South Gate BlowingFlower, and my fourth little brother, North Gate BlowingMoon,” East Gate BlowingWind dragged the two newcomers over and introduced them to the other guild masters.

“Haha, this trip was definitely worth it. The four gate masters of the Great Four Gates, Wind, Flower, Snow and Moon, are all here!” Fierce Dragon TheTalent smiled.

However, Fatty saw a bit of wariness in his eyes. It seems like these four gate masters are really something.

Black Tortoise City had over a hundred million people in it. Countless guilds were being established per day, and those that could stand out from the rest were not just simply strong.

The fact that five guilds were taking action together completely surprised the bystanding players. In fact, they were so surprised that rumors of divine beasts started to spread.

“Guild Masters, the five huge guilds are coming to Bat Cave.”

The Ice Rose Alliance was still ruling over the Bat Cave. When the person in charge saw the two thousand something army of the five major guilds walk over, her expression immediately turned stark white and quickly sent a message to Ice Witch and Rosethorn.

“Ice, what do you think?” Rosethorn frowned after receiving the message.

“Those five major guilds working together means that something huge is going on. That is even truer since even the Fierce Dragon Gang teleported over here even though they would have to pay a huge teleportation fee. It must be something we don’t know,” Ice Witch said calmly.

“Damnit. This is happening all too suddenly. The spies we have in all those guilds don’t know what’s going on at all. Otherwise, we can’t get a share as well,” Rosethorn said in a troubled manner.

“Who said we can’t go in? What can they do if they follow them?” Ice Witch said coldly.

“Move, we’re going in,” when the various guild masters say the Ice Rose Alliance players blocking the entrance to the Bat Cave, they immediately sent someone to walk over to deliver the message.

“Please wait for a moment. Our guild masters are coming over right now,” the one guarding the entrance was the female warrior Fatty saw the second time he came over. At that moment, she did not dare to act cockily at all in front of the two thousand something people.

“What do you guys think?” Fierce Dragon TheTalent asked the other guild masters.

“We have so many people here, and she’s telling us to just wait for two of them? Aren’t we giving them too much face?” Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord chuckled.

When Fierce Dragon TheTalent saw the other guild masters nod, then looked back at the Ice Rose Alliance players in front of them and gave his order.

“Go in. Kill the ones in our way.”

The Ice Rose Alliance players were immediately chased away to the side, and could only watch on as the players from the five major guilds entered.

“What? They used violence to chase you away?” Rosethorn’s expression turned stark white. She turned off her communicator, then roared. “Gather our people. I’m going to make it so that they can only enter, and not exit!”

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  1. West Gate BlowingSnow’s raw is Ximen Chuixue (西门吹雪), a famous character in the Lu Xiaofeng series on novels by Gu Long. I chose to translate the name more literally because it would allow the naming convention to be consistent throughout all of their guild members.

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