Chapter 51 Gary Ranks Up

Chapter 51 – Gary Ranks Up

Rosethorn had a terrible expression on her face when she heard the news, while MarchExtinction wanted to blow up the entire mine.

“Guild Master, although we didn’t get any Darksteel Ore, we got plenty of other ore. This place is a far better mining spot compared to the outside,” a female player stood up straight. She was very muscular, and if some other players saw her, they would definitely think “no wonder she chose Blacksmith as her secondary profession”.

“So what if it is a rich mine? Are you telling me that you want all of our sisters to not farm experience and just protect you girls as you mine?” Rosethorn waved her hand in annoyance. Her guild members instantly quieted down.

“Guild Master, this is all my fault,” MarchExtinction lowered her head.

“Never mind, I’m not blaming you for this. I didn’t plan to do anything to him originally, but since he dared to trick us, we won’t let him off,” Rosethorn comforted MarchExtinction. “He’s definitely still in here. Defend the cave and send our rogues out to search for him.”

“Guild Master, our people outside were attacked by the God Familia,” an urgent report sounded out.

“God Familia? They dare to offend us? Sisters, come with me and slaughter them!” Rosethorn called out and led a squad charging to the entrance of the cave.

Fatty went offline to eat after killing some zombies, then logged back on to continue. When he counted the numbers of zombies more carefully, he noticed that there were only around two hundred, and he already killed more than half.

Beep. His communicator sounded out.

“Brother Grub, what’re you doing? You busy? You want to come and kill some players?” It was TheFugitive, who had disappeared off somewhere for the past two days.

“I’ve been busy doing my mission. Who are you fighting?” Fatty responded as he played around with a Grudgeful Zombie.

“Hah, of course it’s the Ice Rose Alliance. We’re just outside the Bat Cave,” TheFugitive responded excitedly, while a few curses could be heard from his side.

“Why are you guys fighting?” Fatty asked. Wow, TheFugitive was truly where the fun is every single time. I seem to recall that he was just chased out of Azure Dragon City by the Fierce Dragon Gang not so long ago…

“Why else? It’s because of some small matters related to the God Familia. It’s hard to explain. Come out quickly. You’ll be missing a lot if you’re late,” TheFugitive suddenly ended the chat, most likely because he started to join the fray.

“Get out there? I do want to, but I don’t know the way,” Fatty muttered. The mini-map was completely dark, except where the old skeleton was. He was still able to vaguely remember the path he took when walking with Team Rose, but did not do that afterwards. He actually has no idea where he was.

TheFugitive appeared as a cool and dull person on the outside, he was extremely wild on the inside. He would talk to Fatty every so often even while fighting and commented on which player was hot, which one had big boobs or which one had a bubble butt.

Meanwhile, Fatty slowly cleared away all the Grudgeful Zombies in the pit. In the end, there were only 198, so he needed to kill 802 to complete the side mission. What’s more, he also needed to light 991 torches to complete the main mission.

Fatty looked up. The torch’s light dispersed the darkness in the cavern. He could see bats fly past occasionally, but no matter what he did, the bats seemed to refuse to come down into an area the torch illuminated.

After a few tries, he finally gave up and lit up one of his own torches to walk elsewhere. Soon, he found another mining pit. This mining pit was a lot smaller, and was only about a third of the size of the first one he found. There were only a few dozen Grudgeful Zombies within. After Fatty cleared them away, he lit up 3 more torches within the pit, and was one step closer to completing his mission.

In the next following days, Fatty spent his time in the Bat Cave. He killed enough Grudgeful Zombies already and lit up nine hundred something torches, and was merely a few dozen lit torches away from completing the mission.

On the first day, when TheFugitive and the God Familia fought the Ice Rose Alliance outside, they were all killed. However, the Ice Rose Alliance did not end up well either. Not only thirtysomething members of Team Rose were killed, Rosethorn, one of the two guild masters of the Ice Rose Alliance, was killed by TheFugitive and LeftHandofGod.

Sadly, this also meant that TheFugitive lost another level just as he reached the last place on the leaderboards.

Fatty took a look at the minimap. Less than twenty percent of the mine was in darkness, and the rest were all illuminated. There was actually only a final section he didn’t go to yet.

During the past two days, aside from dealing with his biological emergencies, he spent the entire time during his mission. Not only did he nearly complete it, he even leveled up twice, reaching Level 23.

As he carefully walked along the path and watched as the bats fly across his head, Fatty felt very fortunate. Thank god I chose rogue. If I chose any other class, it would already be very hard for me to get in here, not to mention completing the mission.

As Fatty walked around, he suddenly sensed a change in his inventory. He quickly opened it as saw that it was Gary, who turned into an egg.

The little fellow absorbed the inner core of its dad and turned into a pet egg again. Although it was silent the previous two days, it seemed to be on the verge of hatching again.

Fatty went over to a place illuminated by a torch and came out of stealth. He carefully placed the pet egg on the ground, then saw it wobble a bit before calming down again.

Fatty waited for a while, but nothing happened. He thought about it what it meant, then sliced his finger again and dripped a few droplets of blood on the egg.


A crack appeared on the egg, followed by another, then another. An earthen yellow rat poked its head out and appeared in front of Fatty.

Diggy Rat
Mid-rank Yao
Movement Speed:9★★★★★★

Amazing. Absolutely amazing. I never expected Gary to be able to rank up to a mid-rank yao! What’s more, all of its potential increased by 1 star. It’s already so amazing as a mid-rank yao… Just how strong would a high-rank yao be!? Or perhaps… a celestial beast or a divine beast!? Fatty didn’t even dare to imagine anymore.

However, the fact that the rat was Level 0 once again after ranking up did make Fatty regret everything. I should have ascended it first. I wasted 2 days…

“Mmm, you have ranked up now, so I shouldn’t call you Gary anymore. Alright, you’re yellow, so I’ll call you Wheat.”

The dirt yellow Wheat squeaked twice signaling it understood, showing that it was actually smarter than Gary.

Fatty opened up Wheat’s status window. All of its skills were still around, but that were now altered. It’s inborn skill changed from Burrow into Earthwalk; Earth Bullet turned into Howling Bullet; while Size Alteration turned into Transmutation that would allow Wheat to not only change its size, but also change its form completely.


Earth attribute spell

The caster and move underground. During so, the user’s movement speed decreases by 80%, and can still attack enemies. Lasts permanently.

Howling Bullet

Earth attribute spell


Consume 3 mana to deal 60 damage

Cooldown: 0.5 seconds


Transform into anything the user has seen before. Consumes more mana the larger the being is. The user’s defense increases by 50% while transmuted, but cannot attack. Lasts permanently.

Cooldown: 24 hours

Man, all of Wheat’s skills are insane. Earthwalk is such a good skill. No wonder Diggy Rat was appearing in all over the place, so this is the skill it had before.

Fatty suppressed his excitement, then lured a Demonized Vampiric Bat over. He casted his fishing net over it and dragged the bet onto the ground and easily killed it. Wheat glowed, and leveled up, reaching Level 1.

“Wheat, Earthwalk!” Fatty called out. Wheat dived into the ground and disappeared like a droplet of water reaching the ocean, leaving no trace behind at all.

The fact that Wheat could still move and attack was also great in Fatty’s mind. Although its slower, it’ll help me a lot for assassination or surprise attacks. Fatty had always thought that the child of a yao monster able to steal something from the palace much be rather strong, that was why he had giving up the Lightning Bird for it. Now, Wheat finally gave him a pleasant surprise.

“Haha, good boy.” Man, just what else could I ask for? Fatty called Wheat back out and patted its head.

Wheat squeaked, then the system signaled him that Wheat’s loyalty towards him increased by 1 again.

“C’mon, Lord Fatty will take you farming,” with such a pet, Fatty put his mission to the side for the moment and went over to another place with a torch and less bats. He ordered Wheat stay behind and used the fishing net, which was already starting to break down, to start cashing bats to start farming.

After killing a few dozen bats, Wheat reached Level 10, which would allow it to use its second skill.

Fatty lured another bat over.

“Wheat, Earthwalk.”

The rat disappeared in a split-second.

“Wheat, Howling Bullet.”

A fist-sized earth bullet suddenly shot out from underneath the ground and hit the Demonized Vampiric Bat, dealing 10 damage with a crack.

Fatty nodded. 10 damage on a Level 20 something monster as a Level 10 pet was pretty decent already.

Fatty went back to helping Wheat level up. After ranking up, Wheat now needed approximately a third more experience to level up before so. Thus, Fatty needed to use three days to finally help Wheat reach Level 20.

“Wheat, Transmutation.”

Wheat looked at Fatty dumbly without doing anything.

Huh? Fatty took another look at the skill and noticed that Wheat needed something specific to turn into.

Fatty pointed at a Demonized Vampiric Bat. “Wheat, Transmutation.”

A dirt yellow aura surrounded wheat. Wheat’s mana bar quickly lowered and its body twisted within the aura. Thirty seconds later, Wheat the Rat disappeared and what replaced it was a Demonized Vampiric Bat called Wheat.

“Wheat, go and scout ahead,” Fatty directed.

Wheat flapped its wings, then started to run on the ground with its legs.

F*ck, so it only gains the appearance, but it doesn’t gain the ability of the monster it transmuted into. No wonder it can’t attack after transmutation. Fatty told Wheat to return to its original appearance. This skill isn’t too bad. At least I can get it to turn into the Azure Dragon or White Dragon or something like that after seeing a monster like that, that’ll let me scared someone to death.

After leveling Wheat to level 20 and testing out all its new skills, he advanced excitedly towards the last area of darkness. Time for me to light the rest of the torches.

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