Chapter 49 Team Rose

Chapter 49 – Team Rose

The old skeleton’s location was a secret, and Fatty didn’t want to let anyone else to know that people could mine safety there before he finishes the mission. That’s why he had to lure the incomers to another path.

The Bat Cave was originally a mine, so the main cavern was rather small. It was around five meters in both width and height, so Fatty set up ten-odd traps in the center of the cavern.

Fatty knew that LeftHandofGod’s and his provocation would trigger retaliation from the Ice Rose Alliance, and a group of players arrived very soon.

“They’ve been in there the entire time?” the one who spoke was a mage called MarchExtinction. There was a white bird on her shoulders. Although the other players didn’t know what the pet was, they knew that she was definitely pretty strong since she was able to get a pet so early. Moreover, there was no way Snow Witch and Rosethorn would send a weakling to deal with the fat ass and the other assassin.

“Yeah, they didn’t come out after entering,” another player immediately replied.

“Could they have stealthed away?”

“Definitely not. This is the sole entrance to the Bat Cave. We sealed the cave the moment they entered, and there has been someone attacking at the entrance the entire time, so they definitely could not escape in stealth. What’s more, Money Grubber did lay down traps inside. Two of our rogues have already been injured. He is definitely still inside,” the player responded with certainty.

“Good. Get into formation and enter,” MarchExtinction caressed the pet on her shoulder with her right hand, and ordered with an unusual coldness.

50 players from the Ice Rose Alliance got ready to enter the cave. All of them already got their second enhancement, and all of them were female. Although a lot of players were getting their second class enhancement, the fact that Ice Witch and Rosethorn sent 50 players with their second class enhancement over meant that they weren’t only doing it for revenge. Instead, they were showing off their prowess to make the players of Black Tortoise City understand just what consequences awaited them if they offended the Ice Rose Alliance.

Fatty put away his pickaxe and walked in front of one of his traps. There was still a pool of blood on the ground. The two Ice Rose Alliance rogues were rather unlucky. Not only were they unstealthed by the trap, they were also discovered by the Vampiric Bats, which chased them away.

Fatty fixed up his trap, then sat beside his trap and waited for the incoming battle in excitement.

Meanwhile, the Ice Rose Alliance’s squad stood in formation outside the cave and begun to march in. The ones in the front were a few knights who already had their second class enhancement, the warriors stayed at the flank, while the mages and priests marched forward in the middle. MarchExtinction was at the very center of the squad as both a mage and a commander.

As the squad advanced, several fire great mages fired a few fire balls every so often to illuminate the path.

Team Rose, one of the Ice Rose Alliance’s two mighty teams? The vice guild master MarchExtinction is leading the squad personally? I guess they really are taking this former number one rather seriously. LeftHandofGod hid in the tunnel without moving. He didn’t even shudder when a fire ball exploded above his head. He did not think that he himself would garner so much attention for MarchExtinction to lead Team Rose to go after him. On the other hand, TheFugitive did mention Money Grubber to him multiple times. LeftHandofGod wanted to see just what the person even TheFugitive admires is like. He had originally planned to follow Fatty, but he considered it for a moment, then decided against it because it would look terrible if he was discovered. Thus, he chose to wait in the tunnel instead.

When Team Rose walked by LeftHandofGod without noticing him, LeftHandofGod smirked, then followed quietly behind them.

The squad advanced very quickly since there were a team of 50 players with their second class enhancement, including 5 healers, meaning that only a large number of Vampiric Bats could only pose some real threat to them.

“Be careful, the traps are right in front,” one of the rogues who ran away from the traps said. Several great mages focusing on earth spells instantly pointed towards the empty ground in front of them and casted spells. The ground cracked open and the traps Fatty spent a long time to set up were destroyed.

Fire, water, earth and wind were the four main routes a mage could choose to take. Other than those, there were also hidden subclasses that specialized in other attributes such as lightning or ice.

Like I thought, there are only amazing players, and not amazing classes. Fatty couldn’t help but gasp when he saw his traps get destroyed.

After seeing a few traps quickly get destroyed, MarchExtinction raised her hand. “Mages, fire at will. Ensure that nothing goes unscathed in front.”

All of a sudden, fireballs, water arrows and all sorts of other spells shot forward, attacking everything around a dozen meters or so in front of them. One of the players even casted Fire Dragon Break, creating a three meters long fire dragon to sweep across the area in front of them before dissipating into fire sparks a few minutes later.

“FlameGoddess, what are you doing!?” MarchExtinction scolded.

FlameGoddess, the mage who casted Fire Dragon Break, scratched her head embarrassedly. “Sorry, sorry. Big Sister Extinction, please don’t punish me. I just wanted to cast the skill I only just learnt. Hehe.”

“Haha, actually I wanted to cast it too. I was just too embarrassed.”

“What so special about a fire dragon. I’ll show you guys how strong a water dragon is when we find that Money Grubber.”

“We’ll show you the might of an earth dragon…”

All of a sudden, Team Rose began to squabble amongst themselves. They were feeling very carefree, since they felt like sending so many of them to deal with two players was overdoing it way too much.

MarchExtinction chuckled. She felt like it was too much as well when the guild masters ordered her to lead Team Rose, one of their most elite teams, to hunt down two rogues. Although the guild master said to be careful, she could tell that the guild master didn’t think much of the two rogues at all. The only reason they were sent over was to display the Ice Rose Alliance’s might to the world.

Meanwhile, Fatty hurriedly retreated to the next intersection when he saw his traps get destroyed. As he saw spells rain down on the ground, he couldn’t help but sweat a little.

Evil bitches, I only killed one of your players, how can you be so vicious as to send so many people to kill Lord Fatty? Did you really think that Lord Fatty is that kind of unparalleled tough guy with the Monkey King’s stick to trash all of you?

“Alright, let’s move forward,” MarchExtinction stopped smiling and ordered.

The others immediately quieted down, regrouped into proper formation, then started to advance.

“Big Sister Extinction, the Bat Cave is so huge with so many intersections, how are we supposed to find them? What if they returned to town?” a priest asked as they strolled along.

“Heh, their names are already red, so they probably can’t use Recall Scrolls. What’s more, our purpose here isn’t them at all, so whatever,” MarchExtinction chuckled. “We have to make the other guilds understand that the rising Ice Rose Alliance cannot be stopped.”

“Mhmm, the Ice Rose Alliance is definitely the number one guild in Black Tortoise City. In the future, we’ll also become one of the largest guilds in the Chinese region and the entire world!” all of the players nodded heavily with confidence.

“Haha, it’s good that you’re all so confident, so… Watch out!” MarchExtinction suddenly noticed a dagger swing past before she could finish her sentence. The attack was from within their formation, and the attack instantly landed on a healer.

“Ahhh…” the healer let out a terrible scream, but was unable to react before Fatty sliced her to death with one blow.

“That was Reckless Blow. He only has 50% of his health remaining!” one of the rogues shouted.

“Damnit!” MarchExtinction’s face flushed red in anger. Just a moment of carelessness caused her to lose a healer. That was something she could not accept at all. She had promised that she would take care of both rogues without losing anybody. Furthermore, the priest line of classes was the hardest to level up out of the six main classes. They invested an immeasurable amount of effort into leveling up the priest to Level 20 and getting her second class enhancement. Yet, all of that was put to waste because of letting down their guard for just a split second.

Fatty immediately activated Invisibility and retreated after successfully killing someone. Since there were several junctions not far in front of the squad, Team Rose did not know where Fatty ran. All of the players merely attacked in the direction they thought to be correct. However, since their attacks became a lot more spread out, they were unable to break Fatty’s stealth.

He’s brave to actually assassinate someone in front of so many people. But he’s not smart enough. Although priests are easy to kill, killing MarchExtinction is far more useful than killing all the priests. LeftHandofGod nodded, then shook his head as he tailed the squad.

“Everyone, attack in all directions, and as far as possible,” MarchExtinction’s face was red in anger. She wanted to literally tear Fatty apart.

F*ck, you’ve got a problem with me watching the show!? LeftHandofGod cursed silently under his breath, then had his stealth broken by a spell.

“There’s someone behind us!” an Ice Rose Alliance player shouted. Fatty was shocked, only to see LeftHandofGod’s flustered figure appear.

Fatty chuckled. Your fault for just hiding there and watching the show.

“MarchExtinction, do you recognize me?” LeftHandofGod did not worry after appearing. Instead, he chatted leisurely with MarchExtinction.

“LeftHandofGod?” MarchExtinction laughed coldly. “What? You want to walk out alive?”

“Hah,” LeftHandofGod also chuckled coldly. “MarchExtinction, don’t pretend to be a saint. We will repay you tenfold for what you did to Ole’ Three. Don’t think that we won’t be able to do anything just because the Ice Rose Alliance has your back.”

“Sure, I’ll be waiting,” MarchExtinction smiled. “I do want to see what the God Familia can do. Everyone, focus on LeftHandofGod and attack.”

“Bitch!” LeftHandofGod cursed angrily, then became engulfed by the attacks.

“Thanks Brother Left Hand,” Fatty took the chance and snuck into the formation.

“Everyone, attack beside you,” MarchExtinction suddenly said after they insta-killed LeftHandofGod.

Team Rose was a bit stunned, but the members still did as ordered.

Bang. Fatty’s stealth was immediately broken after getting hit by various skills.

“Money Grubber, you still want to run?” MarchExtinction laughed coldly, then raised her staff up high.

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