Chapter 48 Ice Rose Alliance

Chapter 48 – Ice Rose Alliance

Squeak. Squeak.

As Fatty was indulging himself, Gary grabbed the edge of Fatty’s trousers and squeaked, then looked impatiently at Fatty.

“What is it? Do you want something?” Fatty took out a piece of antelope meat.

Gary didn’t react.

Fatty took out an antelope pelt. No reaction again.

He took out several more things, but Gary continued to scratch at his trousers and squeak.

“Just tell me what you want. How would I know if you don’t tell me… I’ll only know if you tell me. Are you going to tell me or not…?” Fatty muttered. Then he saw Gary put down its claws and begun to blow up saliva bubbles.

Could it be this? Fatty suddenly noticed a round sphere in the corner of his bank storage. It was the Diggy Rat Inner Core (immature).

Fatty took out the inner core and put it in front of Gary. Gary immediately picked it up at a speed even a Lightning Bird could not match.

Gulp. Gary put the inner core near his mouth, then swallowed it before Fatty could realize what was going on.


Gary squeaked painfully. Then, countless streams of yellow gas rose up from Gary and covered it, turning it into a yellow ball around a meter wide.

Fatty stopped what he was doing, and squatted down to watch.

About half an hour later, the yellow ball suddenly shrunk until it was the size of a goose egg.

What the hell? Why did it shrink again?

Fatty waited for a bit longer, but nothing happened. Thus, he could only put the egg into his inventory and head back towards the Bat Cave by himself.

When Fatty arrived at the Bat Cave, he noticed that the situation was different from usual. A row of female players stood at the entrance of the cave, while a majestic female warrior seemed to be saying something that infuriated the surrounding players. However, the surrounding players did not dare to say anything.

“The mine belongs to the Ice Rose Alliance now. All miners will need to pay us 10 gold coins per day,” Fatty heard the female warrior’s words when he got closer. So it’s another guild trying to take over the area.

 Fatty chuckled and walked over. A female player immediately blocked off his path.

“Friend, the Ice Rose Alliance has already taken over the area. If you want to mine, then you have to pay a fee first. It’s not much, just 10 gold coins per day. If you don’t have enough gold coins, then you can pay us with ores as well.”

“Oh wow, that’s a pretty solid idea. Paying with ores as well? Ice Rose Alliance? Who the hell are you? Lord Fatty has never heard of you,” Fatty twitched his mouth.

“It doesn’t matter that you haven’t heard of us. You will hear of us frequently in the future,” the female player smiled with a look of pride on her face.

“Why should we pay you? This mine doesn’t belong to you!” a player suddenly shouted, and he was able to garner the support of a lot of other players.

“It belongs to us from now on,” the majestic female warrior glanced at the player who spoke up. “Either pay up or f*ck off. Don’t make me give the orders to clear the area.”

“Oh wow, so mighty. How about you try? Show us how the Ice Rose Alliance is going to clear everyone out,” a voice shouted. Fatty looked over at the source of the voice, but didn’t see anyone there. He must be in stealth.

Fatty ignored all that. He looked towards the entrance to the cave and saw two mages repeatedly casting spells towards various areas to prevent rogues from stealthing in.

“Lan,” Fatty turned on his communicator and called Liu Lan.

“Wow, what’s the great billionaire suddenly calling me for? We aren’t that close are we? Don’t call me so intimately,” Liu Lan teased.

Ugh, why didn’t you say that when you took Lord Fatty’s Lightning Bird. Tsk, I’m not going to argue. Fatty directly asked what he wanted to, “Do you know what’s the Ice Rose Alliance?”

“Ice Rose Alliance? Yeah. They’re a new faction. The guild masters are two female players – Ice Witch and Rosethorn. Both of them are great players. Ice Witch is actually the seventh on the leaderboards. Most of the players in their guild are female players as well. I think you can guess why they have close ties with the large guilds in Black Tortoise City. What? They want you?”

“No, but I might get into some conflict with them, so I’m just asking about the situation first,” Fatty explained what happened, then couldn’t help but ask. “Why do they have close ties with all the larger guilds? Do you have close ties with them?”

“Tsk,” Liu Lan snorted. “They’re all girls, so what do you think? If they were all hot guys, then I can actually consider it. Hey, are you bored? If you have nothing to do, then come and work for meh.”

“Haha,” Fatty turned off his communicator decisively. F*ck, Lord Fatty’s already been fired, and you still want to exploit me.

Fatty considered everything for a moment, then chose to go into stealth and walk towards the Bat Cave. Time was of the essence, he could not afford to waste his time arguing with the Ice Rose Alliance. There’s only one way since we can’t possibly solve this peacefully.

The two mages at the entrance casted spells alternately, and the spells covered approximately ten meters of the entrance, leaving no empty space to get in. The two most likely practiced a lot, so the intervals between the spells were less than half a second, so it was impossible for anyone to sneak in during those intervals. There were also two warriors who stood beside the mages, most likely to protect them from being surprise attacked.

Fatty snuck next to the mage on the left. The mage only casted the spells at the entrance of the cave, and wasn’t in the region at all. She didn’t know that an assassin had snuck over to her side. The two warriors near them also yawned with disdain as they looked at the rowdy players who wanted to go in the mine.

“These retards, they are seriously…”

Reckless Blow!

Just as the mage on the right side finished casting her spell and the mage on the left raised her arm in preparation of her own spell, Fatty suddenly attacked.


A blood red number rose up above the mage’s head. Fatty then immediately used combo before his target could react and ended her life.

Cling. A wristguard dropped. Fatty quickly picked it up, activated Invisibility and Acceleration, then sprinted into the cave.

“Ahh!” The mage on the right side let out a short scream. Fatty turned around for a brief glance and saw an assassin in pure black appear out of stealth with a sinister smile before disappearing again.

“We’re under attack!” the warriors only managed to react when the two assassins disappeared. They hacked randomly in their surroundings and called out loudly.

“What? The one who attacked you was Money Grubber?” Two beautiful and voluptuous female players were strolling around Black Tortoise City when they received a report from their subordinates.

One of them had a had an expression as cold as ice, while the other seemed like a blooming flower. Indeed, the two of them were the guild masters of the Ice Rose Alliance, Ice Witch and Rosethorn.

“Lil’ Sis, our people taking over the Bat Cave were attacked. One of the attackers is called Money Grubber, do you want to go over and take a look?” Rosethorn smiled towards Ice Witch after putting her communicator away.

“Money Grubber? The ex-number one?” Ice Witch snorted coldly. “He’s just the former number one, nothing special. He probably isn’t even in the top hundreds right now. We have to hurry up and ally with the other large guilds. Just let our subordinates take care of a small fry like him.”

“You’re right,” Rosethorn nodded, then put the topic aside. “I wonder what’s the situation at Azure Dragon City. Fierce Dragon TheTalent is an intelligent person, he won’t agree that easily.”

When Fatty entered the Bat Cave in stealth, he didn’t go into the depths immediately. Instead, he chose to wait at a place without any monsters.

Not long later, a series of footsteps rang out and a player of rather short player walked over. His eyes brightened when he saw Fatty.

“LeftHandofGod,” the short assassin introduced himself.

“Money Grubber,” Fatty nodded.

“Haha, as expected of the former number one. Your attacks were very swift and deadly,” LeftHandofGod smiled.

“You’re flattering me, it was just a surprise attack,” Fatty replied indifferently. “But Brother Left Hand’s attack was truly a sight to behold.”

The two assassins laughed loudly.

“We’re two assassins of the shadows, so let’s stop flattering each other,” LeftHandofGod smiled. “I heard TheFugitive talk about you. He said he really admires you, but…”

LeftHandofGod hesitated for a moment.

“But what? Say it!” Fatty hurried. Just what nice things can that sleazy guy say about me?

“But he only admires your skill. He views your personality with disdain,” LeftHandofGod smiled wryly.

“F*ck, that mother*cker! Oh my f*cking shit… he actually dare to view my personality in disdain? His personality is not even worthy of my disdain!” Fatty roared in anger.

“Haha,” LeftHandofGod laughed. However, since he looked a bit sinister, his laughter wasn’t a nice view either. Instead, it was kind of like when TheFugitive laughed. “You’re right, even after so many years, I can’t compare up to him. Brother Grubber, did you come here to mine?”

“No, I have a mission to do here. Is Brother Left Hand here to mine?

“Haha, no,” LeftHandofGod smiled. “Would you believe me if I say I was just passing by?”

“Yes, of course I do,” Fatty nodded. “Since that’s the case, then let’s go back to do our own things?”

“Then excuse me. But be careful of the Ice Rose Alliance. The two guild masters are not people you should easily offend,” LeftHandofGod smiled meaningfully, then went into stealth and left.

“They aren’t people that should be easily offended, but Lord Fatty is?” Fatty muttered to himself and walked over to where the old skeleton was.

He did not start doing the mission in a hurry. Instead, he took out Blacksmith’s Tool and began to mine next to the old skeleton.

The Bat Cave is a proper mining area. The only reason why players didn’t mine inside was because of the Vampiric Bats in the way. When I complete the mission and the Vampiric Bats disappear, then it’ll be filled with people. There’s already a guild trying to privatize the area, so I can already imagine what the cave is going to be like after I complete my mission. I might as well mine some ores now.

Cling. Cling.

Fatty swung his pickaxe and saw pieces of ores fly up. Iron ores, bronze ores… There were even a small number of gold and silver ores.

As Fatty watched the number of ores in his inventory increase, he wouldn’t help but start regretting everything. Damn, if I knew this was the case, then I should have trained the Mining skill a lot more. Novice Mining really doesn’t get me anything good.

After mining few a while and stuffing a large portion of his inventory with ores, he suddenly stood up and muttered to himself. “Mmm, it’s about time they come in.”

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