Chapter 44 Qi Xuan

Chapter 44 – Qi Xuan

Fatty felt fatigue overwhelm him after logging off. Although he was in a light sleep while playing the game, so controlling his character only required his brain and didn’t use a lot of energy, playing for a long time still caused a lot of mental fatigue. Playing the game was alike having a dream, and people would feel uncomfortable after a lot of dreams no matter who it was.

That was why Star Fantasia did warn its players to go offline to rest every now and then. Normal players would often go offline to rest even if they were experts like Fierce Dragon TheTalent and TheFugitive. Otherwise, they couldn’t keep in peak condition at all. None of them were like Fatty who wouldn’t go offline unless he had some biological problems to take care of.

Fatty shook his head a bit, then walk to the washroom. He quickly washed his face and looked at the chubby face in the mirror. He smiled a bit. Although the madmen-like farming spree he went on was boring, he did get quite a bit out of it. Not only was he the first to reach Level 20, he also got a large number of items. Fatty estimated those to sell for several thousand gold coins, and considering the current exchange rate of gold coins to RMB, it was still worth several hundred thousand.

“They really are the top game producing company in the world,” Fatty praised.


Fatty’s phone rang. He quickly cleaned his hands and received the call.

“Bro, the system upgrade is going to take ten hours, let’s have a meal together,” Qian Xiaoqian said on the other side of the call.

“Sure,” Fatty answered simply. Normally speaking, Qian Xiaoqian wouldn’t eat with him from Monday to Fridays, now that she called him to have a meal together, she definitely had something to talk to him about.

Fatty cleaned himself up, then took a taxi to the hotel Qian Xiaoqian talked about. Since I’ve earned so much money already, I should indulge myself a bit and take a taxi.

It was a pretty large hotel, and Qian Xiaoqian waited for him at the entrance. She was wearing a white dress along with a pair of red high heels. Her hair fluttered in the air combined with her well-portioned body and sweet smile turned many heads.

“Bro,” Qian Xiaoqian skipped over when she saw Fatty come out of the taxi and hugged his arm, instantly shocking a whole bunch of people.

“Wait a mo’,” Fatty turned back to the taxi driver. “Change please.”

“The f*ck, you still care about this little amount of change even with such a beautiful girlfriend?” the taxi driver was clearly speechless. He chucked several small notes back to Fatty, then sped away in his car.

“Heh, no matter how little the amount of money, it was still something that Lord Fatty worked his blood and sweat out for,” Fatty stuffed the change into his pocket and walked into the hotel with Qian Xiaoqian.

“Bro, this way,” Qian Xiaoqian led him to a room. When Fatty entered, he saw a young man inside. Fatty instantly displayed his hostility towards the young man.

“You are Lil’ Qian’s big brother? Hi, Big Brother Qian,” the boy stood up naturally and reached out a hand. “I’m Qi Xuan, Lil’ Qian’s senior in school.”

“Oh, you’re Lil’ Qian’s senior?” Fatty ignored the outreached hand and sat down before glancing at Qi Xuan. “We aren’t very familiar with each other, so don’t address each other so intimately. Just tell me what is it.|”

Qi Xuan was slightly angry due to getting ignored, however, it only showed on his face for split-second before he hid it again.

“It isn’t anything special. I heard that Big Brother Qian is the first player to reach Level 20 and is the top player in the game, so I want to meet you. Also, I have some small things I would like to discuss with you about,” Qi Xuan sat down on the other side and poured himself a cup of tea.

“There’s nothing special about it, I was just lucky. Also, what is it? Just hurry up and say it, I’m very busy,” Fatty leaned back and closed his eyes, giving no respect to Qi Xuan at all.

Qian Xiaoqian couldn’t help but feel a bit nervous when she felt the strange atmosphere.

“Bro, senior is very nice to me at school and always takes care of me,” Qian Xiaoqian leaned over to Fatty and whispered.

“Very nice? Always takes care of you?” Fatty raised his eyebrows then laughed mockingly. “Say, ever since you were young, which boy has not been nice to you, and not taken care of you? You should know why they are so nice and always takes care of you.”

Then, Fatty turned towards Qi Xuan.

“Qi Xuan, right? I know you. You have been very nice to my little sister ever since she enrolled. I think we all understand why you are so nice to her, so I’m not going to waste any time. I really hate people like you. So, please stay away from Lil’ Qian.”

“Bro…” Qian Xiaoqian shook Fatty’s arm in a spoiled manner and looked towards Qi Xuan.

“Haha, Big Brother Qian, I think you might be misunderstanding something,” Qi Xuan’s expression drastically changed for a split second before he forced a smile.

“Misunderstanding? No, I never misunderstand,” Fatty leaned back and looked at Qi Xuan from the corner of his eye. “I don’t want to speak about some matters. You understand what you have done before.”

“Uhm, Big Brother Qian, I…” Qi Xuan wanted to continue to explain.

“I told you already, we’re not that close, so don’t call me Big Brother Qian. That’s not something you should be calling me,” Fatty waved his hand impatiently. “Anything else? If not, then I’m heading back. Lil’ Qian, go back early, it’s dangerous outside.”

“Bro, since you’re here, then at least finish the meal,” Qian Xiaoqian stood Fatty, then gave Qi Xuan a cue.

Qi Xuan was clearly very angry. He breathed heavily for a while, then shouted, “Waiters, bring the food over.”

When the dishes arrived, Fatty could see that it was an extravagant meal. However, Fatty quickly ate a few mouthfuls, then put down his chopsticks as if he had no appetite.

“Bro, you were the first to Level 20. What was the reward you got for that?” Qian Xiaoqian changed the topic.

“I don’t know yet. If there is any, then I’ll probably get it after the system finishes upgrading,” Fatty lit a cigarette and smoked.

“Big Brother Qian, it’s not a good idea to smoke while eating right? After all, Lil’ Qian is a girl,” Qi Xuan forced another smile.


Fatty leaned close to Qi Xuan and puffed the smoke onto him.

“Who the f*ck are you to try and tell me what to do?”

“Qian, don’t be so outrageous!” Qi Xuan shot up and smashed his wine glass onto the floor. “You’re just a shitty poor bastard, if it wasn’t for Lil’ Qian, you don’t even have the damn right to sit with me.”

A waitress opened the door and came in when she saw the noise, but Fatty waved his hand and signaled the waitress to go out.

“What? Getting pissed?” Fatty laughed closely and walked closer to Qi Xuan. “You’re looking down on me? You think that my Lil’ Qian is lucky to be with you? Who the f*ck do you think you are?”

Fatty slapped Qi Xuan softly on the cheek. Qi Xuan’s face flushed red as he struggled to get up, but could not with Fatty’s hand pushing him down.

“Lil’ Qian, you see this? It’s not that I don’t want to talk with him. It’s that he’s too outrageous,” Qi Xuan looked towards Qian Xiaoqian.

Qian Xiaoqian had a look of anger on her face, “Bro, how can you be like this?”

“How can I be like this?” Fatty laughed loudly. “Qi Xuan, let me ask you, what happened to the girlfriend you swore to be with always and forever? What about the girlfriend you swore to marry in the freshmen year of uni?”

“I was young and childish then. What’s wrong with dating? I am sincere towards Lil’ Qian,” Qian Xuan roared angrily.

“Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with dating. But it’s wrong for you to dump them after f*cking them,” Fatty slapped Qi Xuan’s face.

Qi Xuan hit the table, causing some of the dishes to dirty his clothes.

“The ones I’m talking about weren’t just dumped after you f*cked them. You dumped them because they were pregnant with your kid. Qi Xuan, do you remember their looks of despair? They were unable to face the mockeries of their surroundings because of your irresponsibility. What happened to them in the end? They committed suicide. And you still f*cking dare to ask me what’s wrong with dating?” You still f*cking dare to say that you’re sincere towards Lil’ Qian?” Fatty slapped Qi Xuan on the face once more, sending him sprawling onto the floor.

“Qi Xuan, y-you did something like that?” Qian Xiaoqian looked at Qi Xuan in disbelief.

“Of course not,” Qi Xuan forced himself to stand up with his hand covering his cheek. “I don’t know why you are lying to Lil’ Qian about all this, but I can assure you that lies are just lies. One day, they will be found out. Let’s see how you’re going to explain everything to Lil’ Qian then.”

“That’s none of your business,” Fatty took puff, threw the cigarette bud on the floor and stamped it out. “Qi Xuan, I’ll only give you this warning once. Stay away from Lil’ Qian, otherwise, I’ll break your legs.”

“Ahaha, ahahaha,” Qi Xuan laughed loudly. “Funny, you’re way too funny.”

“Was it that funny?” Fatty looked coldly at Qi Xuan.

“Threatening me? Someone actually dares to threaten me here!?” Qi Xuan laughed so hard that tears were coming out of his eyes.

Fatty glared at him coldly.

Qi Xuan finally stopped after a while.

“I’ll give Lil’ Qian face and call you Big Brother Qian one last time. I’ll ignore you hitting me. I just want to know where you got your news from?” Qi Xuan looked at Fatty.

“Haha,” Fatty laughed coldly. “If I can’t even find out such small things, then Lord Fatty would have died even if I have ten lives.”

Fatty wandered in front of Qi Xuan. Qi Xuan took a few steps back until his back hit the wall.

“Although the Qi family is rich and powerful, Lord Fatty doesn’t really think much of it. This is my final warning. Do not get any ideas about Lil’ Qian, otherwise, I’ll slaughter you all.”

Fatty roared the final sentence right on Qi Xuan’s face, causing saliva to spurt all over the latter. Qi Xuan’s face turned stark white. At that very moment, he felt a deep chill flow down his spine, causing him to not be able to move at all.

“Lil’ Qian, I’ll take you back,” Fatty took a sip of tea, then said to Qian Xiaoqian softly.

“Oh, then, uhm, senior, I’ll be heading back now,” Qian Xiaoqian felt very conflicted as she picked up her bag and followed behind Fatty. On one side was the older brother who raised her, and the other was the boy she had a bit of a crush on. She wasn’t sure what to do at all.

“Sir, do you need anything?” A waitress walked in and looked timidly at Qi Xuan.

“Get the f*ck out!” Qi Xuan roared.

The waitress immediately ran out of the room.

“Qian, I won’t let you off!” Qi Xuan finally returned to normal after the Qian siblings left for a while. As he looked at the mess in the room, his face turned dark as he clenched his fists. “Lil’ Qian, I won’t let you escape.”

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