Chapter 423 Divine; the Second Chapter

Chapter 423 – Divine; the Second Chapter

With Windless, Lin Xi and Ferotiger taking the lead, they entered a fierce fight with the Demon experts.

Fatty trapped a Divine expert with the Elemental Sword Diagram and fought equally inside. The other was a low-rank god while Fatty was Celestial-tier with two Divine artifacts. None could gain the upper hand over the other and were stuck in a deadlock.

Fatty had killed his fair share of low-rank Divine experts, whether it was Prince Bader or the later four Divine necromancers, they could be easily handled as long as he had enough time. However, what he lacked now was precisely time.

Fatty’s side was inferior regarding numbers, having only half the number of Divine experts of the other side, but there wasn’t much a gap on overall strength, especially with the 3,000 Magic Crystal Cannons that could kill a Divine expert in one bombardment. Since they might attack at any time, the other party had to keep their guard up against these killer weapons.

However, this balance slowly diminished as the battle continued. After all, the enemy party had over twice as many experts as their own. If they broke through the barrier of the three nations, the players protected inside would certainly suffer casualties.

“I can't believe they brought so many.” Fatty was pissed. Just how many Divine experts did the Demon realm have in total? And now over 20 actually appeared in one place. They were basically shouting that they wanted all the neutral main cities.

“Whatever, the Metal Mystery Codex is the most important.” Determined to get the codex first, Fatty flicked his fingers and countless magic attacks shot like a storm.

“This is all you have? If so, today your two Divine artifacts will have a new owner.” The Demon expert fighting Fatty easily blocked all of his attacks then retaliated, giving Fatty a temporary fluster.

“But a low-rank god.” Fatty snorted. The Elemental Skill Book rapidly flipped until it stopped on a certain page.

“A low-rank god is enough to handle a puny Celestial… What?! Forbidden spell?!”

The face of this expert whose lips were curving in a mocking smile suddenly changed. He quickly found his body turn rigid as the rain of snow before his eyes grew denser and denser, accompanied by a sky-blotting blanket of sword auras, and finally, even his mind completely stopped functioning.

“Peh, a low-rank god actually has the gall to be so arrogant!” Enduring the heartache to release two forbidden spells in one go and coordinating with millions of sword aura attacks to kill this Divine expert, Fatty took a deep breath and jumped out of the Nation of Death. He flew towards the golden sun in the sky.

“Boy, I was just waiting for you to come out.” Fahklud laughed and his big hand clawed at Fatty.

Fatty swept a cold glance before suddenly vanishing. When he reappeared, he was already right beside the golden sun.

Having gathered four of the mystery codices, the Elemental Movement Arts had reached the point where Fatty could use it however he pleased. Not only the number of times per day and the distance wasn’t limited, but the skill itself had also become more profound than teleportation.

The blinding light from the golden sun couldn’t do any harm to Fatty and instead was absorbed by the Elemental Skill Book hovering before him, converted into its energy. Looking at the golden sun, Fatty didn’t hesitate to reach out his hand and grab at the Metal Mystery Codex.

Fahklud's face abruptly changed. He screamed, “Scram!” and a beam of light shot behind Fatty.

Fatty didn't even bother to look. The Elemental Skill Book spun to his back and blocked the attack. If Fahklud had used any other attacks, Fatty would have cared a little, but magic attacks basically had no effect on him.

It got difficult to advance after Fatty touched the golden sun. Fahklud had carved numerous magic formations on it to prevent any foreign invasion. In the face of Fahklud’s obvious relief, Fatty smiled. The Elemental Sword Diagram slowly rotated and wrapped the golden sun in.

Before Fahklud could react, the kidnapped golden sun was already under tens of millions of attacks inside the Elemental Sword Formation. No matter how strong the magic formations protecting it was, it was difficult to withstand such a degree of attack. In the end, the formations crumbled with a snap and violently energy flows burst in all directions, revealing the Metal Mystery Codex inside.

Holding the codex in his hand, Fatty's heart was full of emotions. Ever since entering the Beginner’s Village, then getting the first Basic Elemental Movement Arts, until now acquiring the last Metal Mystery Codex, not mentioning how many twists and turns he had gone through, just the time he had spent alone wasn’t brief.

“I hope this so-called hardest-to-achieve hidden class can provide me a satisfactory answer.”

Under Fahklud's bulging vengeful eyes, Fatty gently pressed the Metal Mystery Codex onto the Elemental Skill Book. A golden light rose up into the sky as numerous golden weapons such as blades, spears, swords, shields… appeared around the Elemental Skill Book like stars surrounding the moon, bobbing up and down around it.

Rumble… A powerful force emerged from the void, broke into the Sun Nation and poured it into the Elemental Skill Book.

A five-colored light flashed on the Elemental Skill Book and displayed various holograms in a series of fleeting images. There were heaven-shattering battles, there were also torrents of magic spells that frightened the hearts.

System Notification: Congratulations. You have found the Elemental Mystery Codex, completing the mission “Legendary Artifact Upgrade.” You have obtained rewards and upgraded the Elemental Skill Book and the Elemental Sword Diagram to Legendary.

System Notification: Because the upgrade of the Elemental Skill Book and the Elemental Sword Diagram has brought tremendous energy, you have advanced to the Divine tier. All stats are reset to zero and all points are able to be freely distributed.

System Notification: Congratulations. You have been promoted to Divine. As the first player to achieve this, you are rewarded the title of “The King of Gods” and obtain the skill “Without Trace.”

Without Trace: Reach any place you have been to in an instant. Requirement: HP is less than 1%. Cooldown: 72 hours.

Three consecutive announcements, any one of them could throw the player of interest as high as a kite, but it was as if Fatty hadn’t heard at all. He showed no excitement and only focused on the Elemental Mystery Realm.

In the Elemental Mystery Realm, the originally primitive and unsophisticated Demon Sealing Stele changed abruptly after the Metal Mystery Codex was merged. Some kind of liquid seemed to circulate on the stele surface, and the four characters on it slowly faded away. Finally, in the middle of countless ghosts and skeletons, surrounded by wind, storms, and lightning, a massive, exquisite character ‘Suppress’ floated up.

So this is the true appearance of the Demon Sealing Stele.

The five-color sphere hanging in the sky drifted down and disappeared into the Demon Sealing Stele. At the same time, the Elemental Sword Diagram and Skill Book also fell on the stele and became two imprinted patterns. Light flashed on the stele, and the whole Elemental Mystery Realm had taken on a new, bright look.

Demon Sealing Stele: Records elemental spells and suppresses all enemies.

Elemental Sword Diagram: Legendary artifact. Combine with the Elemental Sword to create the strongest killing formation.

The description of the diagram was very simple, and in fact it had only this one function. When Fatty checked the Elemental Skill Book, he instantly smiled.

Elemental Skill Book: Legendary artifact. Can use all elemental spells.

This description was also very simple, but the following lines were the true reason why it was a Legendary artifact.

Note: Additional skills: Inscribe, Collapse, and Devour. Require the Demon Sealing Stele to cast.

Inscribe: Record any spell seen, can be insta-cast after being recorded.

Collapse: Conjure up a light curtain that blocks 100% of all elemental attacks.

Devour: Sweeps out a light that converts anything elemental into elemental energy to be devoured by the Elemental Mystery Realm.

One defensive skill conducive to nigh invincibility, and another to provide a steady supply of energy for the Elemental Mystery Realm so that the owner never had to worry about energy shortage ever again.

The Demon Sealing Stele was now as high as a thousand meters, heavily ancient with mottled pictures, like the sediment of traces of history. Fatty had a feeling that when this stele was unleashed, even a Divine expert who had coalesced a nation and divinity would be directly slain.

Pulling his attention away from the Elemental Mystery Realm, Fatty realized that the Sun Nation had already been broken and everyone had appeared in the grand hall. Intimidated by the upgrade of the two originally Divine artifacts, both sides had come to a halt and were all eyeing Fatty intently.

Noticing the gazes of various emotions on him, Fatty laughed while allocating all the stat points according to his own need. Then, without having to summon the Elemental Skill Book, a point of his finger sent out a scanning light. The golden spear in Fahklud’s hand – a Divine weapon – instantly turned into billowing energy and vanished.

Fahklud was horrified as he looked at Fatty with eyes full of surprise. Just a little rogue who he had never taken seriously actually swept his Divine artifact into nothingness. What would be the consequences if it were to be used on people?

Fahklud didn’t want to be the test subject, nor did he dare to. The others naturally didn’t have the courage either. The Demon experts had once exchanged blows with Wu Junxiao and were fully aware of the power of the two Legendary artifacts, so they immediately decided to withdraw without hesitation and left using teleportation.

As soon as those people left, the hall was left with only Fatty’s side, which was more than enough to seize Sun City. In this way, three of the seven main neutral cities had fallen into the hands of Xuanhuang Ancient Country. Moreover, Augustus, Cheryl, and Aude had been furious when they learned that Fahklud was colluding with the Demon race to capture them all. Undead City and Corrupt City represented by Augustus and Aude respectively were both on the Demon side, but their hearts had gone completely cold after this and they agreed to form an alliance with Xuanhuang on the spot. As a result, now, only Storm City was foreign.

As early as when all of the Demon party had fled, SaintPetertheGreat also had quietly left knowing that the situation was as good as decided and against his favor. Fatty’s group also didn’t care about him. After all, killing him now wouldn’t gain them Storm City.

“Busy for over a month, now I finally can rest,” Fatty told Bai Xiaosheng after having arranged the defense for Sun City.

“Rest? In your dreams.” Bai Xiaosheng forwarded a piece of news to Fatty. When he saw it, Fatty was shocked.

Under the arrangement of a force in the Demon world that also colluded with a force in the Human world, during their battle with Fahklud’s party, the barrier between the two worlds had completely collapsed. From then on, the Human realm and the Demon realm had disappeared off the map and a new world appeared – the Fantasia Continent.

Without the barrier, the Demon grand army carried out an offensive advance and cooperated with the troops that had come earlier to the human world, occupying at least one-third of the original Human world, and this was still expanding.

“Tch, how pitiful, the imperial cities of some countries were destroyed.” Fatty shook his head repeatedly. When he read up to the situation of Xuanhuang Ancient Country, his face grew serious.

50 million Demon troops had invaded Xuanhuang, with over a hundred Divine experts as pioneers. Apart from the Imperial Capital and the four main cities, other second-class cities and guild bases had all been destroyed, and two-thirds of the territory was occupied by the demons. Even the four main cities would have fallen into the hands of the Demon race had the four sacred beasts not appeared and carried the four cities away.

“How is it so serious?” Fatty couldn’t believe this news.

“How can we, a lone country, withstand the main force of the Demon world?” Bai Xiaosheng sighed nonstop.

System Notification: The system will be upgraded in two hours. Please go offline in time to avoid unnecessary losses. The Demon race is rampant, the Human race is declining, and a calamity is imminent. Please look forward to the second chapter – the Grand War between Humans and Demons.

“System upgrade? The grand war between humans and demons?” Fatty was surprised.

Bai Xiaosheng sent another message: the second chapter of the game would begin with the struggle for supremacy between the Human and Demon race on the Fantasia Continent. At that time, the newly registered players could choose from not only the six major classes, but also the newly added six Demon classes. At the same time, there would be extra-territorial areas, such as the Ghost realm and the Spirit realm, etc.

“Now that’s a big move,” Fatty praised.

“It’s gonna get more and more intense in the future,” Bai Xiaosheng commented.

“Let’s go. Offline. Let us wait for the second chapter.”

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