Chapter 422 Demon Experts

Chapter 422 – Demon Experts

Sun God Emperor Fahklud smiled at the peak of his rage. “Good, very good. They all say the young generation will surpass the old. Today, I shall see if your strength is as tough as your mouth.”

Except for experts from his own generation, a veteran Divine expert who had coalesced his divinity and nation like Fahklud took no one seriously, let alone Fatty, a rogue who had just reached the Celestial rank.

With a wave of Fahklud’s hand, a sun slowly rose, emitting golden rays that blinded everyone present. Whether one was a mage or not, an existence like the Sun God Emperor who had reached the God realm would be basically well-versed in both martial and magic skills. This move of Fahklud caused an abrupt change as the magic elements in the vicinity agglomerated with strong and fast momentum, fully demonstrating the power of a Divine expert.

Fatty laughed. Facing a sky full of golden rays, he made no effort to defend and only stretched out his arms, like a hug, and charged at Fahklud.

A five-color screen appeared around Fatty. Looking closely, one would see four clear colors on this screen, along with a very faint golden light that didn’t look as pure nor as bright as the other four.

Upon contact, these thousands of rays that easily pierced through the hall were unable to damage the thin screen in any way but seemed to add energy to it instead. The screen shook slightly before suddenly becoming very bright.

“Legend has it that the five elements of the East reinforce and neutralize each other, and can turn almost any attack into nothingness. I shall verify this for myself today.”

Fahklud strode forth like a tiger. Behind him, golden rays bloomed into swords, spears, shields and various weapons, blotting out space as they shot towards Fatty.

Exhaling a long breath, Fatty looked serious as he sent out the Elemental Skill Book to hover in front. As early as when I had first seen Fahklud, Fatty had already used Underworld Eye on him to see a dazzling codex floating in his body.

This codex was sharp and incisive, unendingly giving out countless light beams. These lights were so intimidating it was as if they would tear people apart upon just one look.

This was the last of the five mystery codices that Fatty needed, also the one which Sun God Emperor Fahklud had used to become a god – the Metal Mystery Codex.

Nine magic attributes, five-element magic. While their names were different, they were basically still of the same origin. Under the system of nine magic attributes, the Metal Mystery Codex was also known as the Divine Codex of Light, which represented pure power.

And the place where the Metal Mystery Codex was most likely stored should be in Fahklud’s nation.

Fatty softly flicked his fingers as if plucking zither strings. With each flick, the Elemental Skill Book shone a little and a spell would fly out to block Fahklud's attack. Although Fahklud's power was far higher than that of Fatty, it wasn’t so easy to beat the latter, who was supported by the Elemental Skill Book.

Upon the sight of the Elemental Skill Book, the eyes of everyone in the hall glowed with greed. A single mystery codex was only equivalent to a Divine artifact, not that valuable to the likes of them, but the Elemental Skill Book who had refined all in one wasn’t so simple as ‘one plus one equals two,’ otherwise, it wouldn’t be called a Legendary artifact.

Feeling of the greedy eyes around, Fahklud laughed loudly. His body flashed and a golden light appeared from thin air and circled the hall. Then, both he and Fatty disappeared together.

“Sly fox.”

“Bastard, he wants the whole cake to himself.”

The rest were slightly disappointed, but no one dared to chase all the way into Fahklud’s nation where their strength would be suppressed by 30%, which was as good as a calamity. However, they still hoped that the heir of the Elementalist would not be killed so easily, best if he would escape with serious injuries and fall into their own hands so that even Fahklud couldn’t reason against it despite being the landlord here.

Seeing their reaction, SaintPetertheGreat inwardly sneered. This was the so-called ‘the man might be innocent, but the fact that he carries a treasure makes him guilty.’ Countless people coveted Fatty's two Divine artifacts, only that the average person didn’t have the ability to take it, not to mention that these two pieces of equipment were exclusive and undroppable without unusual methods, so not many players ever thought of robbing them.

In a stretch of desert, Fatty stood lazily. Above his head hung a wheel-sized golden sun, inside which a palm-sized book was slowly turning pages.

Fahklud appeared not far in front with a smug expression on his face.

“If you had been determined to go, I would have had no reason to keep you, but it’s you who sought death and initiated this. Quickly hand over the Elemental Sword Diagram and Skill Book, and I will spare you from death, or else, humph!”

Fatty was indifferent, He looked up at the sun in the sky, the Elemental Skill Book before him slightly shook, seeming to have sensed the existence of the Metal Mystery Codex.

Fatty’s indifference irritated Fahklud. He snorted. “Foolish human. I'll kill you first and then take your belongings.”

Although the Elemental Skill Book and Sword Diagram were the undroppable exclusive equipment of the Elementalist, Fahklud was an old Divine expert and might just have the means to force them to drop. Fatty was also extremely cautious in his heart. Taking a deep breath, he swung his arms, and the Elemental Sword Diagram suddenly appeared and enveloped Fahklud.

“Elemental Sword Diagram, huh? I might have cared if it was in Wu Junxiao’s hands, but you? Humph! Out of the way!”

Fahklud shouted. The golden sun hanging in the sky suddenly burst with thousands of beams and broke into the Elemental Sword Formation, shattering the river of spinning light swords inside to pieces.

“See that? While you have two Divine artifacts, I can defeat you with only a Metal Mystery Codex. I will give you one last chance, hand over the artifacts.”

The burning excitement in Fahklud's eyes could no longer be concealed as he stared at Fatty.

Fatty still wore an indifferent expression. Looking at Fahklud, he shook his head and sighed.

Fahklud was startled by Fatty's reaction. Then, he saw Fatty lightly waved his right hand. The Elemental Mystery Realm opened and a crowd poured out.

In front were Marshal Ferotiger and Death Swordsman Windless, followed by Black Tortoise City Lord Lin Xi, the Fire Phoenix, and Space Saint Magus Lucas. In the rear were 3,000 Magic Crystal Cannons controlled by 30,000 players, as well as the God Destroyer Crossbow controlled by the Grandmaster Blacksmith Karl.

FaKlud's face changed in an instant. He stammered incredulously, “You, you’ve actually brought so many people here? Isn't the Elemental Mystery Realm still incomplete? How can you hold so many people, so many things inside?”

Fatty said softly, “How could I come alone if I knew that you, the Sun God Emperor, were stationed in Sun City? Besides, how can your scheme escape Marshal Yue’s notice? Those Demon experts behind the scenes should also come out now.”

“Hahahahaha, as expected of the inheritor of Legendary weapon Overlord Halberd.” A group of figures suddenly appeared behind Fahklud, around 20 Divine Demon experts.

Marshal Ferotiger's face changed slightly before regaining his composure. He said faintly, “The Sun God Emperor has given up his pride as a human and turned to the demons, so it seems.”

“Is there any difference between humans and demons now?” The panic on Fahklud's face had completely disappeared, replaced by calm confidence. “Originally, I only wanted to take this chance to capture the city lords, but you lot not only delivered yourself to the door but also brought 3,000 Magic Crystal Cannons. Very good. With these, my Sun City alone will be able to resist the humans’ siege until the demons’ grand army arrives.”

“Cut the crap and get to it. Ferotiger, Windless, you two shall die today,” the Demon experts behind icily said.

Boom! Demonic miasma surged into the sky and blew away the Elemental Sword Diagram in one stroke, and everyone appeared inside Fahklud’s Sun Nation. Looking at the endless desert at his feet, Death Swordsman Windless simply slashed out his sword. The Nation of Death emerged and expanded, guarding his own side against the Sun Nation.

“Nation of Dark Infinite.”

“Bloody Nation.”

With two cold snorts, a gloomy air pervaded and turned half of the Sun Nation into darkness, and at the same time, a bloody-smelling stretch of red permeated the other half. For a moment, Fahklud could hardly maintain his own nation.

“Three experts who have built their nations.” Windless was slightly shocked. The three nations suppressed his Nation of Death, rendering it almost impossible to function.

“No matter.”

Lin Xi stepped out of the Nation of Death. A high-pitched roar resounded from his throat.


A yellow storm surged and blended with the Nation of Death. With the Black Tortoise Nation inherited from the sacred beast Black Tortoise joining the fray, their side incredibly maintained the balance despite going 2 against 3.

At the same time, a loud tiger roar echoed behind Marshal Ferotiger as his body shook. A tiger with a golden-stripped forehead appeared and a golden halo spread out, forming another nation inside the Nation of Death.



After the fierce collision among the six nations, the Demon party gradually fell to a disadvantage, until they finally couldn’t bear it anymore and began to fight head to head. The experts on both sides screamed and roared, each deploying their powerful skills against their opponents.


The first to attack was the 3,000 Magic Crystal Cannons. A Magic Crystal Cannon was powerful enough to seriously injure a high-rank beast of the 8th class enhancement, 3,000 together was not something even a Divine expert dared to take head-on. As one expert couldn’t dodge and was bombarded by at least half of the cannons, their body instantly vaporized, and meanwhile, countless lights signaling leveling-up fell on the players who controlled the cannons.

The city lords sitting in the hall, as well as NPCs and players inside and outside Sun City, were horrified to see a thick, dazzling pillar of light from nowhere suddenly shoot straight up, piercing a hole in the sky and revealed an unknown space beyond.

“What was that?! A Divine artifact?”

Everyone's face abruptly changed, especially the city lords, who gawked in an inexplicable fear at the place where the light pillar had appeared.

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