Chapter 421 Sudden Falling-out

Chapter 421 – Sudden Falling-out

SaintPetertheGreat sat in a chair, his face flushed red as he glared angrily at the big man but didn’t dare to say anything. These people were obviously on the same level as the Sun God Emperor and not someone he could afford to provoke with his current strength.

Fatty raised his eyes slightly. He made no comment about the burly man and instead asked the Sun God Emperor lightly, “Your Majesty invited us here not to listen to people's nonsense, right?”

The burly man was furious. Laughing, the Sun God Emperor stood up and said, “Let me introduce these three. Augustus, the lord of Undead City; Cheryl, the lord of Ocean City; and Aude, the lord of Corrupt City. Our two little friends here are the new lords of Sky City and Storm City, Money Grubber and SaintPetertheGreat. Since we are all lords of the neutral main cities, let’s try to get to know each other better.”

After the introduction, the Sun God Emperor lifted his teacup and motioned to both sides.

Fatty lifted his cup and took a sip, while SaintPetertheGreat remained motionless with a cold face. The other three each found themselves a seat, raised their cups and motioned towards the Sun God Emperor. Ignoring the two players, they began to chat happily.

In the face of obvious contempt, SaintPetertheGreat turned to look at Fatty with an expression of slight displeasure. When he found that Fatty only closed his eyes without moving, he picked up his teacup as a cover and said to Fatty, “These guys don’t harbor good intent. I'm afraid we have to let go of our grudges for now.”

His eyes still closed, Fatty laughed coldly. “Don’t care. I'm just here for the Metal Mystery Codex.”

The two didn’t really try to keep their conversation secret from the other city lords. The faces of the four of them didn’t change in the slightest. Only Aude, the lord of Corrupt City, uttered a sneer.

After waiting for about half an hour, Fatty slowly opened his eyes and looked at the Sun God Emperor. “Senior, even if you are powerful and have plenty of time to waste, it’s still shameful to waste time.”

There was a brief silence in the hall, and then the Sun God Emperor burst out laughing.

“Hahaha, young people nowadays are indeed frank. If so, we will skip on such a meaningless thing.” After some pondering, the Sun God Emperor continued, “Except for the lord of Abyss City that fell into the hands of the Xuanhuang Ancient Country, all the other six city lords of the seven neutral main cities are here, so let us get to it.”

Walking slowly to the middle of the hall, the Sun God Emperor solemnly stated, “Now, following the war between humans and demons ten thousand years ago, the second grand war is about to begin, and there will eventually be a decisive battle between the two races. No matter who wins and loses in the end, it will have a great impact on the future world structure.”

Aude was impatient. “Fahklud, you are still ever so hypocritical. Stop your nonsense and get to the point.”

The Sun God Emperor Fahklud smiled. Ignoring Aude, he resumed his speech, “Today, I invite all the lords here to discuss the next path for our neutral main cities.”

“The next path? There’s nothing to discuss. How it was before is how it shall be after,” Augustus, the lord of Undead City, spoke with a strange hoarse voice under the black robe.

Cheryl, the lord of Ocean City, wore a thoughtful expression. A flash of disgust flashed through Fahklud's eyes before disappearing immediately and he continued calmly, “Before, the seven main cities were prosperous, and the seven lords were all Divine experts who had coalesced divinities with powerful armies under their command. No matter humans or demons, they dared not provoke us easily, that was why we could stand in a neutral position and not be swayed by them. But now, it’s different.”

“What's the problem now?” Fahklud's speech attracted not only the attention of the three other lords but also Fatty and SaintPetertheGreat.

“You believe that this time the two worlds of human and demon will let us stay out of it?” Fahklud didn’t hide the mockery on his face. “While I haven't been out of Sun City for so many years, I know the trend of this world very well. This time, the grand war will be nothing that the demon expedition ten thousand years ago can compare.”

“What's the difference?” Aude asked with a frown.

Fahklud smiled coldly and dropped a bomb, “This time, the barrier between the two worlds of human and demon will disappear completely, and at the same time, that will also be the fate of the two worlds. Instead, a new continent will replace them and a new world will emerge.”

There was a blink of silence in the hall before Aude sprang up. “Impossible! No one can break the barrier between the Human and Demon world. The Demon Emperor cannot do it, and the countless big and small forces of the human world are even less capable. “

Although Cheryl and Augustus didn’t speak out against it, Cheryl's constantly changing expression and Augustus' constantly flickering green eyes betrayed the shock in their hearts. They knew by intuition that Fahklud did not lie.

As for Fatty and SaintPetertheGreat, it was strange to Fahklud that they had no response at all. Of course, how could he know that both of them were chaos-mongers? Were the barrier between the two worlds of humans and demons to be eliminated, it would be the perfect chance for players to hunt down demons.

Without thinking into why the two players didn’t respond, Fahklud looked at Aude and laughed coldly. “If no one can do it, why are you so frightened?”

“I, I…”

Fatty could keenly sense that Aude's strong body was trembling slightly, and his forehead was covered in a layer of sweat.

Inhaling a deep breath, Fahklud swept a glance around. “To tell you the truth, no one can do it by relying solely on the human world or demon world, but what if both sides execute this at the same time?”

This time, even the calm-looking Augustus and Cheryl jumped up from their seats, and even Fatty and SaintPetertheGreat looked horrified.

His broad black robe trembling a little, Augustus said in a husky voice, “Fahklud, such words can’t be spoken carelessly.”

“Do I have any reason to lie to you about this?” Fahklud sneered.

Everyone was silent. After a long time, Cheryl said dryly, “It’s actually okay if the two worlds of human and demon merge into one. It has nothing to do with us anyway, not to mention that we can then freely enter and leave the two worlds as we please. I just want to know what Sun God Emperor called us here for.”

Fahklud shook his head. “Cheryl, what’s the point in deceiving yourself now? The human and demon worlds have gone to such lengths to break the barrier in order to achieve a final war, do you think they’d leave any forces beyond their control unchecked before the final battle?”

No one said anything. Fahklud smiled and sat back in his seat.

After a long silence, Fatty opened his mouth, “Then I wonder what good idea does Your Majesty have?”

Glancing approvingly at Fatty, Fahklud slowly said, “I think our six cities must unite. Only by uniting can we survive and gain a place in future battles.”

Up until this point, anyone who didn’t realize Fahklud’s plan by now wouldn’t be worthy to be a city lord. Several sneered, and Aude looked openly angry.

“Fahklud, talking for half a day and so this is your scheme. Next, are you going to say that our alliance of six cities needs a leader, and you are the most suitable for the job?”

Fahklud scoffed, “Think whatever you want, I’ll welcome those who want to join the alliance. Those who don’t, I’ll happily send them off. I’m not forcing anyone.”

Aude wanted to leave, but seeing the others unbudging, he snorted and sat back in his seat in embarrassment. Although Fahklud indeed had his own scheme, allying was the best choice in the current situation. No one here was stupid, they wouldn’t risk their own city just because of this little dispute.

Fahklud chuckled. “It seems that everyone agrees. I am truly happy. In order to celebrate our alliance of six neutral main cities, I’ve specially…”

“Wait,” Fatty abruptly interrupted Fahklud. “My Sky City has already submitted to Xuanhuang Ancient Country, so count me out.”

The smile on Fahklud's face faded. He stared at Fatty and stressed each word, “Seems like you don't want the Metal Mystery Codex.”

Fatty laughed and rose to his feet. “I want the Metal Mystery Codex, but I won’t take part in your alliance.”

SaintPetertheGreat’s eyes flashed. He, who was about to stand up, quietly sat back in his seat.

Fahklud's face sank completely, his voice was chilling, “In that case, you can leave your life here.”

“Why, didn’t you just say you’d happily send off those who didn’t want to join the alliance? Going back on your words now? You’re not afraid to be the butt of the joke?” Fatty coldly retorted without a hint of fear.

Startled, Fahklud secretly checked through the corner of his eyes to unnatural expressions on Aude’s and Cheryl's faces. His killing intent slowly dissipated, Fahklud swung his hand and shouted, “In that case, please leave, I don't welcome you in Sun City!”

“Sun City.” Exhaling a long breath, Fatty looked up at the high ceiling. Night had completely descended, but the hall was lit as brightly as day. “Hand me the Metal Mystery Codex, and I’ll walk away cleanly from your problem, or else…”

Fatty didn't go on, but Fahklud already understood the meaning behind his words.

“Junior, I was polite to you seeing the fact that we’re both city lords, but it is you who are seeking death.” Fahklud looked ferocious. “You must not know this, the information that the Metal Mystery Codex is on me as well as the whereabouts of Sun City was released by me with the purpose of baiting you. Now that you're here and making such wild remarks, how would others see me and my Sun City if I don’t kill you?”

The trio watched indifferently. If Fahklud wanted to deal with Fatty just because he wasn’t willing to participate in the alliance, they naturally wouldn’t agree, but if the reason was something else, of course they wouldn’t bother. As for SaintPetertheGreat, there was all the less reason for him to stop Fahklud from killing Fatty.

“Kill me? You need that ability first. Just don’t die to my hands instead.” Standing straight in the hall, Fatty coldly stared at Fahklud.

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