Chapter 420 The Six City Lords Assemble

Chapter 420 – The Six City Lords Assemble

Several dozens of guild masters, and tens of thousands of troops, yet none dared to make a move facing Fatty’s group of only a hundred.

Equipped with the Divine artifacts, Elemental Skill Book and Sword Diagram, Fatty wasn’t afraid of either one-on-one or gang beatings. Unless the strength was equal, no matter how many came, there would be just as many deaths.

The last battle at the Sea of Ice had already made these people see this fact quite clearly. Their faces were livid, but none of them dared to say stuff like ‘capture them.’

As Fatty’s group all sniggered up their sleeves, the faces of the opposing party grew increasingly uglier until someone couldn’t help it anymore.

“Money Grubber, we meet again.” Unexpectedly, SaintPetertheGreat was the one to break the silence.

“Yes, we meet again. After our last goodbye at the Sea of Ice a few days ago, I’ve missed you so much. I wonder if you have brought any gifts this time?” Fatty was all smiles as he patted the Violent Ox King's head.

Fatty didn’t need to finish his words, the mention of the Sea of Ice incident alone already made several dozens of faces turn black. Forcing himself to swallow this anger and also the desire to order an attack on Fatty, SaintPetertheGreat coldly said, “Money Grubber, last time you were lucky. Sky City, the fortress of war, saved your life. But this time, you think you will be able to walk away so easily?”

“Walk away? When did I say I was leaving? “ Fatty lifted his eyebrows. “You think you can make me go? With just you lot?”

SaintPetertheGreat roared, “Money Grubber, don't go too far!”

“I’m going too far?” Fatty swept a look around with a cold smile. These people, who were all high and mighty and could create an earthquake with a stomp of feet in their respective countries, all lowered their heads, not daring to look Fatty in the eye.

“It’s you lot who repeatedly bullied me. That auction was understandable, but afterward, you actually had the guts to assemble an army and find trouble with me in the Sea of Ice. Now you actually say I’m going too far? In that case, I might as well go a little further.”

Straightening his waist, the lazy expression on Fatty’s face vanished. “You lot better run now, or I'll fly you all back to level zero.”

“You!” Not only the leaders but also the face of their guild members abruptly changed at this. They nearly couldn’t help but attack Fatty.

“Of course.” Fatty suddenly smiled. “If there are enough good things, I’ll let you off.”

“It won’t be so sure who will let who off this time.” Dark Lord’s chilling voice sounded. “Without Sky City, you think you can withstand the attack of more than 100,000 people with just two Divine artifacts?”

“You can try.” Fatty didn’t comment.

When had this group of guild masters ever received this kind of treatment? The two sides grew all hostile at each other and were about to break out in a fight when suddenly, there was a clamor in the distance. The grand gates to the palace suddenly creaked open, and countless soldiers in golden helmets and armor filed out, forming two lines outside the entrance as if to welcome them.

“Hahahaha, since Sky City Lord and Storm City Lord have come all the way here, why don't you come in and have a talk? Why loiter outside?”

A round golden sun slowly rose, and a loud voice echoed throughout Sun City. The area instantly lapsed into silence. The players looked at each other, then all placed their gazes on Fatty and SaintPetertheGreat.

Fatty smiled quietly at the guild masters, then said, “Let's go.” And swaggered in with his group.

The guild masters’ grim expressions changed like the weather. After quick whispers of discussion, SaintPetertheGreat led them to follow behind.

After Fatty walked past, there were clangs as two soldiers on two sides crossed their spears and stopped the crowd in the rear. One of the soldiers said, “Our Emperor only invited the Lordships, the others please remain.”

Nodding slightly, Fatty waved his hand and the Elemental Mystery Realm suddenly opened. Under the stunned eyes around, his group entered one by one. Without Fatty here, the other side had dozens of ways to kill them, so he didn’t feel safe to leave them outside. After the last person entered, Fatty closed the portal and asked with a smile, “Is this all right?”

This tactic was obviously out of their expectations. The two soldiers stared at each other for a while before saying, “City Lord, please.”

When Fatty stepped inside with his head held high. SaintPetertheGreat hesitated a little before following suit.

As soon as the two entered, the two rows of guards also withdrew inside. The gates then slowly closed amid creaking noises.

“Why wouldn’t they let us in? Based on what?!”

Looking at the closing gates, the players who had been impatient for a long time instantly clamored.

“No noise is allowed in the territory of Sun City. Offenders shall be killed without mercy!” shouted an NPC general on the wall above the gates.

“Motherf*cker! You won’t let us in? Fine. But forbidding us from talking? Everyone, tell me, what do we do?”

“Kill our way in!”

“Force our way in and take Sun City!”


Under the instigation of a group of people with ulterior motives, the players who had long been dissatisfied with the Sun God Emperor’s refusal to let them in finally ran out of patience. They drew their weapons and rushed towards the palace.

“Archers, ready!”

The guards of Sun City wouldn’t be courteous either. Looking at the charging players, the NPC general commanded thousands of archers to mount the wall. Bows raised and arrows nocked, the sharp arrows reflected an icy glint as the soldiers stared coldly at the players.



Ignoring the situation outside, Fatty walked slowly along the main road leading to the city lord manor. Although the two sides of the street weren’t empty, there were no residents living there, only some soldiers with cold faces whose eyes intently followed Fatty and SaintPetertheGreat.

Who said that Sun City was a neutral main city? Except for Sky City which was shared by all living beings and didn’t participate in the grand war between humans and demons, the other six main cities must have harbored something big. Fatty secretly speculated.

Unwilling to follow behind Fatty, SaintPetertheGreat hastened his steps to walk with him side by side. Looking straight ahead, SaintPetertheGreat said coldly, “Don’t be so smug yet, Money Grubber. When this matter is over, I'll send you straight back to Beginner’s Village.”

Fatty chuckled and shook his head without a word.

The anger on SaintPetertheGreat's face grew deeper and he growled, “Money Grubber, why? You don’t dare to say anything?”

“I don’t dare to say anything?” Fatty gave SaintPetertheGreat a surprised glance. “Tell me, if I kill you here, would the Sun God Emperor stop me?”

“You!” SaintPetertheGreat was frightened and his feet couldn’t help but slow a little. If Fatty really killed him here and imprisoned his soul with the Soul Sealing Cross, he really would have to start over from the Beginner’s Village.

“Hahaha.” Fatty laughed and kept walking.

The city lord manor of Sun City looked much richer than of Sky City. Of course, strictly speaking, Sky City didn’t have a city lord manor.

Here, there were golden walls, golden eaves, and even the trees seemed to be covered in gold.

The main entrance of the city lord manor was completely open. There weren’t many people around. A middle-aged man with a clean face was standing there.

“Hahaha, the two city lords are so young. Heroes from youngsters, indeed,” the middle-aged man greeted with a loud laugh.

“Sky City Lord Money Grubber greets His Majesty the Sun God Emperor.” Fatty nodded slightly, neither humble nor pushy. As a city lord, his status wasn’t inferior to that of the Sun God Emperor, with only a small gap in strength.

“Storm City Lord SaintPetertheGreat greets His Majesty the Sun God Emperor.” SaintPetertheGreat showed no fear either, obviously trying to compete with Fatty.

The middle-aged man, the Sun God Emperor, smiled and gestured with his right hand, “Gentlemen, please.”

When they arrived in the grand hall, everyone took their seats. The Sun God Emperor clapped his hands and two maidservants came out to serve tea to the two guests. Only then did he ask, “What is it that made you two come so far for?”

Since the Sun God Emperor cut straight to the chase, that was what Fatty did as well. “This lord is here to borrow the Metal Mystery Codex. I hope Your Majesty would fulfill my request.”

“The Metal Mystery Codex?” The Sun God Emperor scanned Fatty up and down in surprise before he said, “It’s no wonder, so City Lord Grubber is the heir of the Elementalist.”

Nodding his head, the Sun God Emperor then turned to SaintPetertheGreat, “What is the reason for your visit, City Lord SaintPeter?”

“Me?” SaintPetertheGreat paused slightly. He couldn’t say that he was here to rob Sun City. After hesitating a little, he suddenly thought of an idea. “This lord has got wind that someone wants to attack Sun City. Since Sun City and Storm City both belong to the seven neutral main cities, we should share weal and woe. That's why I’ve brought people to support Your Majesty.”

“Hahaha, in that case, I would have to thank Lord SaintPeter for your kindness.” The Sun God Emperor noncommittally laughed.

SaintPetertheGreat awkwardly laughed and hurriedly expressed humbleness.

After a moment of contemplation, the Sun God Emperor said, “Lord Grubber, let's save the nonsense. The value of the Metal Mystery Codex is comparable to a Divine artifact, and even more valuable than the average one. You can have it, but not without a price.”

Fatty's face remained unchanged. He asked, “And what will that price be?”

The Sun God Emperor smiled. “I have some friends coming soon. We will talk about this then.”

“Your friends are coming? Can you tell me who the seniors are so we can be prepared,” said Fatty.

“No need, here we are.” The Sun God Emperor opened his mouth, about to speak when a voice suddenly resounded. Fatty and SaintPetertheGreat looked over to see three people march into the hall.

The one leading was a dry figure in a wide black robe that even covered the head, revealing only a pair of dismal green eyes.

The second was a burly man wearing a battle outfit made of animal skins that left the left shoulder naked, revealing skin painted with various strange and complicated patterns. The man carried a bloodstained battleaxe on his back that seemed to drip with blood.

The third was a slim woman walking with light and graceful steps, wearing a long blue dress and a navy blue crown with a blue and white staff in her hand.

“The two young seniors are the lords of Sky City and Storm City? Humph, just so-so. How can such people be worthy to discuss important matters with us?” As soon as the trio entered the hall, the big fellow carrying battleaxe said before the Sun God Emperor could make an introduction.


Short of breath from anger, SaintPetertheGreat stood up. However, the burly man instantly glared at him and shouted, “Sit down!”

Crack crack… SaintPetertheGreat’s butt was forced back down and made several cracks in the solid wooden chair upon impact.

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