Chapter 419 Sun City

Chapter 419 – Sun City

They went all the way west for no one knew exactly how long. In short, they crossed mountains and rivers and, in the meantime, fought with the players who came rushing upon hearing the news, killing as many as a hundred thousand.

Killing those kinds of players didn’t give any benefits. On the contrary, it turned Fatty’s red name to purple, then purple to black. Everyone practically had a mini black cloud looming over their head, even the players coming for them felt their hearts tremble at the sight.

Currently, players from a country they didn’t know were moving back in panic and opening up a way for Fatty’s group. Only after the latter pass by did they hurriedly send a message, and never dared to pursue again after landing on the ground.

“Fortunately Fatty is one of us. Otherwise, heh.” HeadofGod shook his head. Fatty's power at Celestial tier combined with the Elemental Skill Book and Sword Diagram was simply a war machine given human form. He only needed to stand there and numerous people would die, no one could resist for more than a minute.

“The Elemental Skill Book can be both short and long-range, and the Elemental Sword Diagram is suitable for group attack. He alone can compare to hundreds of thousands of troops. No wonder the grand marshal thinks so highly of him.” Fierce Dragon TheTalent nodded.


“Failed again.”

“That’s normal. Money Grubber’s two Divine artifacts are too perverse. Unless there are equivalent Divine artifacts to contend with, don’t even think of fighting him.”

“We should protest. This is a BUG.”

“Save it. If protesting was effective, I would have done so earlier.”

“All right, you all save your words. We need to take Sun City first.”

Far ahead, several players quickly exchanged a few words with each other before they lapsed into silence, and in that silence, each took their own people to quickly fly forward.

“The big bosses of those countries are all free spirits who refuse to obey anyone else, but they have repeatedly joined hands to deal with me. Should I be proud or feel bad for myself?” Fatty mused with a smile.

A pile of disdainful gazes turned toward Fatty, who scratched his nose and laughed.

After Fatty had killed enough people, the journey to the west became smooth. Even if some people had evil intentions, they only dared to follow behind in secret and never blocked the squad’s path again.

After nearly two months of traveling, in the middle of a lush primeval forest on a suddenly towering mountain, a dazzling golden palace appeared in front of their eyes.

“Beautiful.” Everyone's eyes were full of fascination at the sight of this palace.

A series of structures forming a palace was located on the top of the mountain peak. Under the last ray of dusk, pavilions with eaves made of gold reflected countless magnificent light fibers, just like a fairy tale.

“Sun City, it’s Sun City!”

It had long been known to all that Fatty’s group set out to look for the lost Sun City. Upon seeing this palace, the players following them immediately realized what it was and burst into an uproar.

“Sun City is mine!” Faces flushed in extreme excitement, they couldn’t care less about following behind Fatty now and spurred their mounts towards Sun City.

“Scram!” Some players suddenly appeared in the air, angrily blocking them.

“It's the coalition of the big guilds. Don't be afraid, let’s charge together!” someone in the crowd urged. Sun City, like Sky City which had become famous all over the world recently, was one of the seven neutral main cities. Despite its inability to move like Sky City, it was still comparable to any other first-class main city. Becoming its lord was the same as taking one step into the sky, and nothing more than that would make everyone crazy for it.

After a long journey, the guilds didn’t bring many players, only more than ten-something thousand people. Moreover, in order to occupy Sun City, they had entered with most of their members, leaving only a few outside to guard.

Those who followed Fatty’s group weren’t many in numbers, but it had accumulated from country to country and now amounted to over 100,000. At this moment when Sun City was right in front of them, these players immediately went into a frenzy and couldn’t care less who the other side was. They simply rushed forth, breaking up the formation ahead of them.

“More bloodshed again.” Fatty shook his head with a look of compassion.

Hearing this, the players around him turned their faces away, refusing to see this act. Fatty awkwardly chuckled and said, “Let's wait a while, first discuss who will be the city lord.”

The players’ faces slightly changed as they looked at each other and laughed. Why did they come here if not for the ownership of a main city?

Fatty already had Sky City, even if he was given Sun City, he wouldn’t be able to control it. Firstly, he didn’t have so many hands, especially when Sky City still had to rely on the joint help of so many guilds. There just were not enough resources. Secondly, Sky City was a bottomless pit, no amount of resources was enough to fill it. Otherwise, how would the stingy Fatty share Sun City with others? He would have snuck here by himself.

With a cough, Bai Xiaosheng stepped out. He was the oldest and held the most prestige among this group, so it was most appropriate for him to be the one to start.

“Who will be the city lord is not a problem. No guild can control the whole Sun City alone, they will need the help of others. Therefore, let's draw up a plan for the distribution of our respective interests.”

Others nodded and expressed their agreement. Being a city lord was just a nice title, the real benefit was still shared by all guilds. After over an hour of discussion during which everyone actively put forward their own ideas and questions, they finally decided on a distribution plan.

As the clue provider and the main firepower, Fatty enjoyed 20% of all the benefits of Sun City, which wasn’t much. Had Fatty come by himself, he would have gotten at least 50% if he claimed Sun City before handing it over. But since everyone was friends and the most important fact was that Fatty still relied on their guilds to help him defend Sky City, those shares would be the fees from Fatty to them.

The remaining 80% was distributed equally by all the guilds who had followed him. Not the players, but all their guilds, regardless big or small. In fact, none of the guilds of those who joined this squad in the first place was small anyway. As for the guildless ones, they would earn a certain dividend every month.

After deciding on the distribution of benefits, the group was impatient as they looked at the golden palace above the mountain with golden light in their eyes.

At this time, the players tailing them had already dispersed the teams blocking them and entered the city. At the same time, more players came as fast as possible after receiving the news. Being the head of a city was almost the highest point they could reach in this game, and no one wasn’t tempted.

“Damn it! Why are there so many people?” SaintPetertheGreat looked even worse when he heard of this.

Although these guilds arrived several days earlier than Fatty, they were kept out of the palace. Sun City might be somewhat dilapidated and many buildings of the palace were damaged, but most of them were still intact. The main thing was that there were a large number of guards in the city. Rumor had it that there was also a Sun God Emperor inside.

Each of those soldiers was over level 80, and a small number of officers had reached the Celestial tier. It was even said that their Sun God Emperor was Divine-tier.

After two days of trying to brute force their way in, their guilds had suffered heavy losses and at least 20,000 players lost their lives there. What made them helpless the most was that either there was a problem with the respawn point in Sun City or it wasn’t a forced one, because all the players who had been killed had resurrected in their respective countries, unable to return to battle right away.

“Deploy people, quickly deploy people here.” Several dozens of guild leaders shouted at their communicators. Their guilds each had hundreds of thousands of players, but there was this saying - ‘distant water cannot quench present thirst1.’ Their aid was all hundreds of thousands of miles away and would need at least a month's time to arrive, but by then, everything would have gone cold.

There was also a quick way, which was to use the Teleportation Portals. However, every country obviously firmly guarded their Teleportation Portals after the news of the appearance of Sun City and non-native players weren’t allowed to use them.

“They're coming. What do we do?” Holy Paladin glanced at the rear and asked.

“Don't worry about them, they’ve come just in time to share the firepower.” SaintPetertheGreat wore a dark face. “It seems that we could get this information not because we paid enough money, but somebody deliberately leaked it so that we would take out the city guards for them.”

The face of these leaders became ugly. After a long time, Purple Rose spoke, “Don’t they fear that there would be no guards inside and we would easily get Sun City?”

“If it were so easy, the seven major cities would have all been captured. Haven't you heard that the owner of Abyss City, Lord of Abyss, was a Divine expert that even Money Grubber couldn’t handle?” Dark Lord’s chilling voice rang out, and the faces of these people changed from ugly to even uglier.

“As for us, we definitely won't be able to beat a Divine expert should we meet one.” SaintPetertheGreat suddenly sneered and glanced back at Fatty’s group, who had leisurely stopped there.

“There is an old saying in China that the fisherman benefits when a snipe and clam fight. Since this is their intention, let us wait behind the fisherman. We can’t beat a Divine, but just a player like him is another story.”

The guild masters’ faces didn’t improve because of SaintPetertheGreat's words. The scene of Fatty taking them all on by himself in the Sea of Ice was still fresh in their memories, especially when he said, “They can't beat Divine experts,” while Fatty had indeed won in a battle with one. This all the more meant that they were even less than a match for him.

“Let’s just hope Money Grubber and the Sun God Emperor fight to mutual destruction.” They sighed, then ordered their people to retreat and give up their positions to the players who were rushing in.

People would die for money. Although these players knew many dangers lay in the palace in front of them, and that these guilds let them enter without hindrance with no good intentions, no one was willing to stop. They all hoped that the force of so many players would let them break through the guards and seize the city lord manor.

‘Even if more people die, everything is worth it if I become the city lord.’ These people thought.

“So hungry.” Welcoming the grim gaze of SaintPetertheGreat, Fatty suddenly patted his belly with a sigh.

1. A proverb to imply that the solution to a problem at hand is too far away/an urgent solution is needed.

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