Chapter 418 Passing By

Chapter 418 – Passing By

Xuanhuang Ancient Country had a vast territory, even from Sky City which was already in the border area, the group still had to fly west for three days before finally crossing the border.

“We’re entering the territory of another country. Everyone, be careful not to be tricked,” Fatty reminded in a serious tone.

The group nodded one after another, and then they spurred their mounts, roaring forth in unison.

If it weren't for the Demon race’s massive attack that made countries open up the borders to each other, they would have to spend a lot of time and effort to obtain border passes first.

“They’ve crossed the border, what do we do?”

The players who followed behind immediately sent messages to their bosses upon seeing Fatty’s group cross the borders. Soon, they got the order – “Follow.”

“They are still following.” TheFugitive looked back.

“Then let them follow. I hope they don't die along the way.” The others chuckled.

To the west of Xuanhuang Ancient Country were some various small countries, the smallest being the size of a main city of Xuanhuang, so the size of their Imperial Capital could be imagined. Despite that, a country was still a country. The fact that Fatty and friends brazenly flew past obviously didn't give them any face, and they were immediately blocked by a group of people.

“Stop!” About 500 players on flying mounts surrounded Fatty’s group. The one shouting was a mage leading them.

“What's the matter?” As a lover of chaos, TheFugitive immediately rushed out and asked.

“What are you doing? Why did you enter our country?” the player asked.

“Passing by,” TheFugitive answered simply.

“Passing by? Where to?” These players obviously knew a lot about Fatty, they snuck glances at him when asking this.

“I have to tell you where I’m going? Are you my son or my grandson? “ TheFugitive said with lifted chin.

“You are dead!” The mage player was furious. Waving his magic staff, he mumbled a spell, wanting to attack.

“Don't catch red names.” TheFugitive was about to attack first when he was reminded by Fatty behind him. Smiling, he urged his mount to rush over and took the magic attack without dodging at all. Then, his left hand flipped and the Zhuge Quickfire Crossbow appeared.

Swish swish… Once 20 bolts were fired in a split second, TheFugitive immediately pocketed the crossbow and at the same time stood up and stomped, leaping off his mount.

The other party obviously didn't expect that TheFugitive was really so foolhardy1. Only a few priests reacted quickly to heal the players who were hit by the crossbow, while the others still hadn’t reacted when TheFugitive threw himself directly onto the leading mage’s mount and put a dagger to his neck.

“No… don’t,” the player immediately raised both hands and stammered.

“We were just passing by,” Staring at him, TheFugitive said softly.

“I know, you were passing by, just passing by. Quick, get out of the way and let them pass.” This player was sweating buckets as he shouted at his underlings.

The people who surrounded them immediately parted to both sides and opened up a path. TheFugitive retracted his dagger, smiled and thanked them, “Thank you.” Then he turned back to his mount.

Watching Fatty’s group swagger away, the mage player touched his neck and yelled, “F*cker! Spread the news that that city lord of China is coming. Tell them to be ready to kill him back to level zero and get the Divine artifacts to drop.”


“I think they’ve recognized us,” stated Fierce Dragon TheTalent with a serious face along the way.

“As soon as we left the city, we were recognized by the whole world.” HeadofGod chuckled. “Who told Fatty to have blackmailed so many people?”

That time at the auction of the Doomsday Ice Staff, the visitors had all turned into minor roles under Fatty’s impetus and were detained altogether, only set free after paying the fee of 100,000 gold coins. This had already offended them big time, only that they dared not go to Xuanhuang Ancient Country to seek revenge. Now that Fatty was in their turf, how could they pass on such a good opportunity?

“Fatty has two artifacts on him, this is something everyone knows. If it were me, I wouldn’t miss this chance either,” DukeGarrison solemnly said.

Beep beep. The communicators of all the guild masters rang at the same time.

“SaintPetertheGreat, Holy Paladin, Purple Rose, Heavily Armored Tarzan, Dark Lord, and several other guilds. These prominent people have moved,” said Fierce Dragon TheTalent after closing the communicator.

“Seems like our trip won’t be a lonely one.” Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord grinned.

“Let’s see whether they have the ability.” Fatty chuckled. “Our names are certainly gonna be red2 in the future, and gloriously even. It's a pity.”

In order to avoid buildings, they flew at a high altitude. Surrounded by white clouds, occasionally encountering some rainy weather, accompanied by lightning and hail, and even plus flying monsters from time to time, it had been quite a fun journey.

“Careful, they are coming.”

Up ahead, a group of 2,000 to 3,000 players formed a wall and blocked their path.

“Stop!” someone in the other party shouted.

“Kill!” Ignoring the shout, Fatty activated Elemental Guard and rushed out.

A dense patch of attacks sprinkled down, as various arrow magic skills almost formed a wall of attacks that came crashing down on Fatty. The latter only smiled, and the Elemental Skill Book flew out. A point of his finger conjured six earth shields rotating around him, blocking the attacks.

Under so many attacks, the earth shields crumbled after just a few seconds, but after each earth shield collapse, Fatty pointed a finger and a new one would appear. Safe in the constant protection of the six shields, Fatty dashed straight at the opponent.

There was a hubbub in the other party. They never imagined there would be such a player who dared to advance against the current of thousands of attacks.

“Bastard! Everyone, attack together and kill him!” someone screamed.

Fatty laughed cynically and shook his head. He pointed up, and immediately, howls resounded in the sky as objects as big as millstones with flame tails struck the enemy party.

“Aaah, Fire Meteors? Damn it! Isn't he a rogue?!”

The opponent's formation immediately became chaotic as the players dodged left and right. Some even ran forward or backward. People collided with each other and got tangled into a mess. Several unfortunate ones even fell from their mounts to their deaths.

“Too weak.” Fatty shook his head exaggeratedly, his face as calm as clouds.

“Peh, showy.” The others behind him couldn’t bear this and raised their middle fingers at Fatty in unison.

The chaos in the enemy party lasted for a while before finally returning to calm. At least a hundred were killed in the magic attack and random collisions.

“Kill them, avenge our dead brothers!” All the players shouted and rushed at Fatty’s group.

“Why must it be like this? We are just passing by.” Fatty shook his head and pointed his finger. A sea of fire appeared in the air, crossing in front of the opponent.

“Arghh! Burn the Rivers Boil the Seas, an Advanced fire magic!” The other party turned into a mess again. Helpless, Fatty didn’t want to delay anymore and cast a series of spells.

Fire Meteors, Fire Meteors, Fire Meteors.

Three Fire Meteors descended in a row, enveloping all the enemy players. Countless millstone-sized meteorites roared down, crushing tendons and bones. Some were unlucky not to be stoned to death but thrown off their mounts and died from falling.

Half an hour later, the space in front of Fatty was empty. The other side still had more than a thousand players alive, but they didn’t dare to block his way and had retreated far away.

“Let's go!” Fatty shouted.

“Follow them, I don't believe they will not go offline.” These players, however, were still unwilling to give up and tailed far behind.

“We really should log out, or we will all starve to death. But who says we must do it here?”

Every time the group needed to go offline to rest and have a meal, Fatty would open the Elemental Mystery Realm and they would climb in before public eyes. Then, Fatty would pocket his mount and disappear with a ‘walk,’ Stealth, then also log off, leaving a crowd staring and almost turning over the surroundings upside down to find him.

“You check out their route, it goes all the way west.” SaintPetertheGreat and allies got together again to discuss how to deal with Fatty.

“You mean, we'll go ahead and intercept him?” Heavy Armored Tarzan asked.

“No, that Divine artifact of his is too powerful, especially in group attacks. We can't stop it,” SaintPetertheGreat said.

“Then what do you mean?” Purple Rose frowned.

“I mean, since their target is in the west, we will go west and get there first,” SaintPetertheGreat explained.

“Do you know what their goal is? Don’t just go without knowing.” Dark Lord creased his brows.

“Of course I know.” SaintPetertheGreat smiled. “I spent a lot of money to buy this information. Their target is the westernmost peak, Sun City.”

“What?! Sun City?!” Everyone sprang up in shock.

“Yes, Sun City. They learned the location of Sun City from their NPC and want to capture it. “ SaintPetertheGreat looked over the others one by one. “He’s already got Sky City and Abyss City. If he gets Sun City, he will have three of the seven neutral main cities alone, and it will be difficult for us to seek revenge then.”

“Cut the crap, let's get on the road quickly. We must grab Sun City before them!” cried the guild masters.


After having their meals and resolving their real-life issues, the squad logged on at the appointed time and remained in Fatty's Elemental Mystery Realm until he released them.

“The big guilds have gone to Sun City first,” informed Fierce Dragon TheTalent as soon as they came out.

“Well, since they are willing to open the way for us, let’s not refuse. Let them go first and we'll follow.” Fatty nodded.

“Are you so sure they can't take Sun City?” Even the relatively stable DukeGarrison was a little worried.

“What if we can?” Fatty grinned. “After this, I still have to pay Storm City a visit.”

1. Raws for TheFugitive is 亡命天涯 (an idiom means running away to a far place), 亡命 means reckless, foolhardy.
2. To be red also means to be very famous.

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