Chapter 417 To Sun City!

Chapter 417 – To Sun City!

The whole server was shaken again.

First, it announced that Money Grubber had captured Abyss City and become its lord. Not long after, it was announced that he was the first player in the entire system to advance to Celestial and won the title of “Daytime Celestial Ascension”. Everyone burst into an uproar.

In a guild base somewhere near Black Tortoise City, a man was polishing his armor. Upon hearing that Fatty had become the lord of Abyss City, he immediately flew into a rage, practically going crazy as he smashed everything breakable within reach. He was lifting a table when suddenly he heard the announcement of Fatty’s promotion to Celestial. Frozen in shock, the man murmured, “How can it be so fast?”

Far away on the other side of the ocean, a player in a tough fight against monsters was slightly stunned after hearing the two news in succession. He sighed, “It’s difficult to get revenge now”

In a magnificent high city covered in marks of battle, obviously with much history, a player sitting in the very central area of the city lord manor turned pale at the news and kicked over a table. Just as this person sat down, the next announcement instantly turned his face from green to black. His fists clenched, and his fingernails deeply dug into his palms.


While all players discussed heatedly about Fatty becoming the lord of Abyss City as well as ranking up to Celestial, the person of interest was passing through the teleportation route from Abyss City to Sky City, then quickly to the Imperial Capital.

Not far from the imperial palace in the Imperial Capital, a luxurious mansion stood quietly. The mansion was over 20 meters tall and fully occupied a street. It had bronze gates, beside them were two stone kirins 10 meters tall, with 20 guards lined up on each side.

Above the gates was a golden plaque on which was painted two large characters in exquisite calligraphy that exuded the commanding feel of shining spears and armored horses1.

Yue Estate.

At this moment, a person was rushing towards the entrance of this residence, immediately causing the two rows of guards to be alarmed. A cold light flashed through the eyes of the commander. He stepped forward and shouted, “This is Grand Marshal of All Troops’ estate. Trespassing is forbidden, please stop!”

Hearing this, the bearer immediately stopped and said with cupped hands, “This is Sky City Lord. I have been ordered to come meet the grand marshal. Please inform him.”

“Sky City Lord?”

The guard commander was slightly stunned. Before he could speak, a gentle voice came from the inside, “Invite His Lordship in.”

Hearing this voice, the guard commander immediately turned solemn and respectful. He bowed slightly, and gestured with his hand, “Please.”

Having no time to talk to the guard commander, Fatty hurried into the grand marshal’s mansion, led by a soldier into the living room.

The outer appearance of the Grand Marshal Mansion was extravagant, however, everything was very simple inside. Apart from some flowers and plants for decoration, there weren’t many luxuries.

In the living room sat a middle-aged man with a clean, upright face and long brows slanted upward like sharp knives. He gave off a domineering aura even without trying to.

Entering the living room, Fatty cupped his fists and bowed slightly. “Lord of Sky City, Money Grubber greets the grand marshal.”

The grand marshal gently nodded and smiled. “Please take a seat.”

“Thank you, Grand Marshal.”

Fatty settled down in a seat and asked, “I wonder why Grand Marshal has summoned this humble officer in such a hurry?”

“You are the head of a city, not my subordinate,” the grand marshal said with a smile, then the smile on his face disappeared as he sighed. “This time going to Heavens Scar to hunt demons, you guys must have seen their scale? Any thoughts?”

“We did.” Fatty thought for a moment and said, “They have around 1.8 million troops, which is not much. If going to war for real, Sky City alone can easily handle them with enough energy to support the operation. Just that they have a lot of experts, they won’t be easy to deal with.”

The grand marshal nodded and sighed. “Yes, they have many experts. Our side is at a disadvantage regarding this matter.”

A little curious, Fatty asked, “With your rank of Legendary, isn’t it easy to destroy them?”

“Legendary?” The grand marshal shook his head and revealed a pained smile. “Legendary rank is still human.”

Fatty didn’t understand. The grand marshal sighed again and asked, “Do you know how many individuals with power equivalent to me the Demon race has?”

Fatty shook his head. The grand marshal raised a hand, spreading five fingers.

“Five?!” Fatty exclaimed aloud.

“Yes, at least five. If adding those with Legendary artifacts, this number will have to be doubled.” The grand marshal’s voice sank.

“How can there be so many?” Fatty muttered to himself, his face ashen.

“Why can't there?” The grand marshal laughed coldly. “The Demon Emperor almost unified the whole Demon race. Almost all those forces and famous experts have submitted under his wings. He has at least a hundred of Divine experts. If he goes full force at a certain country in the Human world, no country can resist it, including our Xuanhuang, unless we human nations unite, but this is basically impossible.”

Fatty nodded. He looked at the grand marshal with a wry smile. “Then what did Grand Marshal invite me here for?”

“As I’ve just said, once the Demon race attacks our Xuanhuang at full force, our lower ranks are of no concern, but the number of our experts is far from enough. In the entire Xuanhuang Ancient Country, with the exception of His Majesty, Lord Golden Dragon and I, no one can pose a threat to Legendary experts. That’s why once we retreat, troops without the support of experts won’t be able to resist the other side’s attack.”

“What do you mean?” Fatty probed.

“You should hurry up.” The grand marshal looked at Fatty. “I have done some investigations. The Metal Mystery Codex is in Sun City. You have to get it as soon as possible and completely restore the Elemental Skill Book, pushing it to Legendary. Only in this way can you be qualified to contribute to our country in the future wars.”

“Yes, Grand Marshal!” Fatty stood up straight and shouted.

Nodding, the grand marshal added, “Sun City is on the westernmost highest peak of the earth. Go straight west and you will see it. The danger is high there, especially the Sun Descendant tribe that is very difficult to pass, but I believe you won’t be afraid of those. Go, bring me good news when you come back.”

Fatty turned to leave, but he suddenly turned back and asked, “Marshal, your surname is Yue?”

“Yes. Is there a problem?” The grand marshal looked at Fatty, puzzled.

“No problem, hahaha.” Fatty laughed as he left.


“What? You’re going to Sun City for the Metal Mystery Codex? “ Back in Sky City, Fatty was immediately surrounded by a group of players. When they heard that he was leaving for Sun City, everyone grew excited.

“I'm going there for the Metal Mystery Codex, what are you guys excited about?” said Fatty.

“Another main city, ahh!” The bunch rubbed their hands eagerly as if Sun City was there waiting for them to take over.

“These guys…” Fatty shook his head with a smile.

Fatty got Sky City by himself, and this time Abyss City, giving them a feeling that these neutral main cities weren’t hard to capture, just hard to find.

It was obviously impossible to bring Sky City on the trip, otherwise, if the demons took this opportunity to attack, the soldiers here simply couldn’t stop them. Fatty handed over control to Reck and only brought some friends to set out.

“Keep going west, the highest mountain.” Recalling the grand marshal’s words, Fatty smacked the Violent Ox King and yelped, “Go!”

The Violent Ox King leaped into the air, all four hooves treading on flames and galloped forward. Next to it were the brothers of God Familia, Fierce Dragon TheTalent, Purple Bell and others – almost the exact same group of people who went demon hunting last time. They smacked their mounts and followed Fatty closely.

“How big do you think Sun City is? As big as Sky City?” TheFugitive wondered.

“Of course not, Sky City is the head of the neutral main cities. If anything, Sun City should be 30% smaller at least,” East Gate Blowingwind said.

“My butt! Sky City is the head of the neutral main cities because of its fame, not size.” Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord looked at East Gate Blowingwind with eyes full of disdain.

“Damn it! You dare to despise me?” East Gate Blowingwind was displeased.

“So what if I despise you? Compete with me if you dare!” Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord’s eyes swirled craftily and he put forward a suggestion.

“Compete? Fine, then let’s compete. Compete in what? You choose.” East Gate Blowingwind immediately took it up.

“Jump down from here without flying equipment, and see who falls to the ground first,” Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord said.

“Just that?” East Gate Blowingwind looked down. It was more than 50 meters from the ground, not too high so one would fall to their death. “Very well, let’s do that.”

“Ready, go!” Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord cried, but he sat still on his mount without budging.

East Gate Blowingwind pocketed his mount in a blink. Then, in the eyes of all and sundry, he fell with failing limbs and plopped on the ground a few seconds later, and then burst out laughing.

In unison, the other three brothers of The Great Four Gates covered their eyes and turned their faces away. Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord chuckled. “BlowingWind, take your time to laugh. We'll go first.”

“Shit!” East Gate Blowingwind suddenly realized that Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord was making fun of him. His face flushed red, as he hurled a quick abuse and hurriedly summoned his mount to catch up.

Headed by Fatty, a line of people were all wide-known in Xuanhuang Ancient Country, being either masters or bosses of guilds. Not to mention that the last time they had acted collectively and had not only risen four to five levels each but also captured Abyss City. Them being on the move again this time immediately alerted many others.

All kinds of orders were quickly issued from the guild bosses. Some scattered players also had their own ideas as they thoughtfully looked at the departing backs of Fatty’s group.

After a day's walk, behind the group were full of players. At first, these players only tailed them secretly a few hundred meters behind. Later, when they found out that the group didn’t care, they boldly summoned their mounts and openly followed. In the end, these people were even more unscrupulous, some even flew and sashayed before the group.

“So many flies, so annoying.” Even the best-tempered DukeGarrison was a little angry.

“Don't worry about them. We have to go for at least half a month this time. If they can, just let them follow,” Fatty said in a low voice.

“Where is Sun City?” asked Fierce Dragon TheTalent.

“The continent in the westernmost, on the highest peak.”

1. War symbol of ancient china military.

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