Chapter 415 The Death Swordsman

Chapter 415 – The Death Swordsman

Appearing in the Teleportation Portal was one of the five grand marshals of Xuanhuang – Marshal Ferotiger. The speaker was an old man behind him.

This old man, with gray hair and a hunched posture, walked with trembling gait and looked like he could enter the casket at any time.

“Death Swordsman Windless,” said the Lord of Abyss in a solemn tone as he looked at the old man. “You’re not dead yet?”

“Even you’re not, so how can I?” The old man laughed, revealing his few remaining teeth.

“Thanks to that last slash of your sword, I returned seriously injured. Others took advantage of that, and my soul nearly dispersed. Fortunately, the Wood Mystery Codex protected my soul, and I was able to move Abyss City here. Today, it is time we settled our old scores.” The Lord of Abyss’ voice was icy.

“So the Mystery Codex of Life fell into your hands.” Windless nodded.

The Wood Mystery Codex, also called the Mystery Codex of Life, contained wood magic which was also regarded as life magic, was the hardest to get of all the mystery codices.

“Come, let me see how much strength you have after hiding for so many years.”

Windless's stooped body suddenly straightened, his long hair flying. He instantly went from ‘old’ to ‘middle-aged’ and like a drawn fatal sword, his body emanated sword intent that shot into the sky and his eyebrows raised straight and sharp. With a metallic sound, a one-meter-long sword appeared in his hand, pointing obliquely towards the Lord of Abyss.

“I shall kill you today and get revenge for that slash.” The Lord of Abyss shook the reins. His spear blazed with a black flame. He disregarded the two vice-marshals and charged at Windless.

“Is that gentleman someone who survived the war ten thousand years ago?” Fatty clicked his tongue in amazement.

“Shh.” Marshal Ferotiger made a ‘silence’ gesture and whispered, “Master Windless has a bad temper, don't casually talk about him behind his back. He is indeed an expert who has survived from ten thousand years ago to the present, an all-master of swordsmanship who once killed no less than ten experts in that grand war.”

Fatty was a bit stunned. The so-called ‘experts’ in Marshal Ferotiger’s words were undoubtedly Divine experts. To be able to slay over ten Divine experts, there was no doubt about the strength of this Death Swordsman Windless.

“As far as I know, even a Divine expert only has a lifespan of a few hundred years. How can he live more than 10,000?” Fatty asked an important question.

“You shouldn’t have heard of this,” Marshal Ferotiger said. “One’s longevity is limited no matter how powerful they are, but there is one exception, that is ‘divinity.’”

“Divinity?” Fatty remembered something.

“Yes, divinity. Just as not all Divine experts can cultivate their own nation, not all of them can coalesce their divinity. Once their divinity successfully coalesces, their life span would transcend the limit of heaven and earth. Unless their divinity is fatally injured and broken, the expert normally won’t die,” Marshal Ferotiger explained in detail.

“Then how can we coalesce divinity?” Fatty's interest was piqued.

“The cohesion of divinity requires not only energy, but also belief.”


“Yes, belief. Powerful energy only means combat strength, while a great deal of belief allows that energy to condense and form divinity. Only after the divinity has been condensed can it resonate with its corresponding attribute between heaven and earth, and then it can reach the point where one lasts with this world.”

“So formidable? So Master Windless has coalesced his divinity?” Fatty eyes’ shone as he recalled the divinities of the gods of Malediction and Misfortune.

“Yes. During the grand war, Master Windless killed the God of Death at the cost of his own health, and coalesced his own divinity of death, which gave him the power to surpass most experts.” Marshal Ferotiger's face was full of admiration.

“What about you?” Fatty suddenly asked.

“Me, heh.” Marshal Ferotiger smiled bitterly. “Although I have cultivated my own nation, I still have a long way to go before I can coalesce divinity. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have had to invite Master Windless.”

As soon as he had learned that Fatty found Abyss City and met the Lord of Abyss, Marshal Ferotiger had thought of something and started working on it right away. He hurriedly asked the Central Dynasty for help and was informed that the dynasty would immediately send Death Swordsman Windless, who had been living in seclusion for a long time.

A dreary sword light cut through space, and with terrifying momentum, hacked at the Lord of Abyss. The latter shook his spear to smash the sword light and spurred his mount towards Windless.

Both far surpassed ordinary Divine experts. Every strike was earth-shattering, and the whole Abyss Space trembled. The players and the Abyss Clan members, who had been desperately fighting to retake Abyss City, also separated and waited for the result of this duel.

Strength-wise, Death Swordsman Windless and the Lord of Abyss both had their own nations. However, having been seriously injured ten thousand years ago, the Lord of Abyss had not only lost his divinity, but even his nation had almost crumbled. Only by relying on the Mystery Codex of Life could he survive. Although after ten thousand years of biding his time to recover most of his strength, he was still a little distance away from Windless.

The fight between the two super experts was an eye-opener for Fatty. Sword auras soared with outstanding and effortless control. No matter what means the other opponent used, all were slashed with one sword, and all would be broken with that same sword. Meanwhile, the other was a cultivator of both martial arts and bizarre magic, and especially when paired with the Mystery Codex of Life. He insta-recovered after being injured by Windless many times.

“Windless, if this is all you have, you will die here today!” shouted the Lord of Abyss.

“Kotts, do you think having the Mystery Codex of Life can narrow the gap in strength?” Windless was indifferent. His knife-shaped brows rose high and suddenly he moved back and stood motionless. Then, his right hand slowly raised the sword, pointing at the Lord of Abyss.


A chilling white sword aura soared out like a rainbow piercing the sky. The face of the Lord of Abyss under the mask changed. His right hand repeatedly thrust, shooting super-long spear illusions at the sword aura. At the same time, his left hand never stopped gesturing. A ball of green light condensed in front of him and numerous green little human figures appeared around him, loudly singing words of praises.

“Star-crossed Fury!”

“A Paean to Life.”

Heralding destruction, the sword aura burst all the spear illusions in one go, and then viciously struck the Lord of Abyss’ chest. A scream resounded. Under such a massive aura, the Lord of Abyss along with his mount collapsed into a pool of minced meat.

But the uncanny thing was that the minced meat didn’t scatter. Following some kind of rule, it slowly rotated around a certain center and started to gather quickly when the sword aura completely dispersed. A moment later, the Lord of Abyss appeared on the spot still riding that same mount.

“A great Divine sword skill that was.” Looking at his chest, the Lord of Abyss said.

“The Mystery Codex of Life, as expected of one of the nine great codices.” Windless looked startled. Originally, with the strength of the Lord of Abyss, that sword strike would have been seriously injured him even if parried, but after the Mystery Codex of Life recovered him with the power of life, he had only suffered only a minor injury.

“Windless, to kill me, you’re still a little lacking.” The tone of the Lord of Abyss was slightly triumphant.

“Kotts, you talk too much nonsense.” Windless took one step forth. As his sword moved, a sun slowly rose, instantly lighting up the entire Abyss City with its intense light.

“Nation of Death.”

Whoosh! Death Swordsman Windless and the Lord of Abyss vanished at the same time, leaving an empty sky.

Fatty glanced over to see that Marshal Ferotiger and his group were still calm as ever as they talked about Abyss City, obviously having strong confidence in Windless. Fatty was thoughtful for a moment before he discussed something with the guild masters. Soon, a great number of players teleported into Abyss City.

The players and the Abyss Clan started fighting again. Although the Abyss Clan members had better physical strength, they were beaten into repeatedly retreating. Moreover, they had no place to hide now that Abyss City had been taken by Fatty and were forced to fight the players to death.

“Of the seven neutral main cities, three have appeared.” Marshal Ferotiger suddenly turned to Fatty. “Storm City is claimed by foreigners, while Sky City and Abyss City all fell into your hands. What do you think?”

“Nothing, I don’t think anything!” His heart tightened, Fatty flatly said right away.

Marshal Ferotiger laughed. “Why, are you afraid we’ll take your stuff for nothing?”

Fatty only grinned without answering this question. Marshal Ferotiger nodded slightly. “Then, let’s talk about it later.”

Fatty squinted at the marshal. Talk about it later? What does that mean? Do they have something I can’t resist to exchange for Abyss City?

In the Nation of Death, a translucent sword glittering with stark white light hung high in the air like the sun, emitting countless rays of light. Each ray was an extremely sharp sword intent, carrying unparalleled power as they streaked at the Lord of Abyss.

The body of the Lord of Abyss had become a sieve, and currently covered in a myriad of finger-sized green spirits. These green spirits still sang in a loud and clear voice with pious expressions, as if singing a hymn to praise the greatness of life.

“Windless, as I said, you can't kill me.” The Lord of Abyss smiled coldly. He looked at Windless’ divinity that hung high in the air with greed.

As a death swordsman, Windless’ divinity wasn’t a regular hexagonal piece like others but had the shape of a sword. In order to completely destroy the Lord of Abyss, he didn’t hesitate to use the energy of his divinity to conjure countless sword auras. Yet, occupying the advantage as he might, he still couldn’t kill the opponent.

“Let’s see whose energy can outlast.” The Lord of Abyss made up his mind to grind it out. He simply relied only on ‘A Paean to Life’ to keep himself alive.

“Master Windless seems to be in trouble.” Waiting for over half an hour without seeing the end of the battle, Marshal Ferotiger wrinkled his brows.


The sky suddenly trembled slightly. A mass of white light spread and two figures appeared in the air.

Windless was holding his sword and his body was still straight, but he was trembling slightly. The situation apparently didn’t look desirable. As for the Lord of Abyss, he was covered in black blood all over but didn’t seem depressed at all. Instead, he gave off a high-spirited feel.

“Windless, today you shall die. And you lot, all of you shall die!” The Lord of Abyss shouted. A vibrant green stretch rose from his body and instantly recovered all of his injuries.

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