Chapter 414 Wood Mystery Codex

Chapter 414 – Wood Mystery Codex

In this hazy space, the sky was black as well as the land. Broken rubble was scattered and corpses lay all over the place. A towering black hall over 300 meters high was half-collapsed, revealing the tattered scene inside.

Trapped in the nation of the Lord of Abyss, Fatty's face changed slightly before he revealed a relaxed smile. “This nation of yours is not complete, is it?”

“Indeed.” The Lord of Abyss wasn’t at all apprehensive that Fatty had figured out his weaknesses. “In the battle ten thousand years ago, I was seriously injured and the nation was almost ruined. That's why I need your Elemental Mystery Realm to repair it.”

Fatty inwardly shuddered. All of those who coveted his two Divine artifacts, their reason was none other than the fact that they were very powerful and originally Legendary-tier. However, the Lord of Abyss in front of him actually had another plan. It seemed like Fatty was in real danger today.

“Behave and hand over the Elemental Skill Book, and I'll give you a chance to live, and keep the Elemental Sword Diagram with you,” the Lord of Abyss said.

Fatty laughed heartily when he heard that. “I would be at a dead-end anyway if you hadn’t said that, but since you said so, it proves that your current power doesn’t allow you to easily win over us.”

The Lord of Abyss shook his head slightly. “Killing you is as easy as flipping my hand. I just want to get the thing I need.”

“In that case, come.” Fatty snorted. His connection with the Elemental Sword Diagram was cut off by the nation of the Lord of Abyss, but losing his greatest weapon didn’t mean he was without anything else.

When the Elemental Skill Book hovered in front of Fatty, the gaze from the Lord of Abyss’ ever indifferent face uncontrollably flashed with a hint of excitement as he watched Fatty cast spell after spell while the pages quickly flipped.

“The equipment is good, sadly your strength is inadequate.” The Lord of Abyss had no intent to dodge. He only shook his spear slightly to parry off all incoming attacks.

Fatty had expected this, a Divine expert of course couldn’t be so easily handled. He took a deep breath, and the Elemental Skill Book quickly turned to the later part.

“Eternal Frozen, or the Great Curse of Ice?” The Lord of Abyss’ lips curved slightly in sarcasm.

“So you have seen what happened.” Fatty glanced at him, unable to understand why they were all fellow demons yet this guy had merely stood and watched as the four Divine necromancers were killed.

“They were the lapdogs of the Demon Emperor, a sure hindrance in my future strive for power in the Demon realm. Their death would naturally be in my favor.” The Lord of Abyss didn’t shy away from stating his ambition.

Fatty scoffed. It seemed like even NPCs were bound to struggle for power and profit. However, this was actually better for the Human world. Internal strife was always the most horrible.

In the nation of the Lord of Abyss, Fatty was cut off from interacting with the elemental energy of the outside world, which was one ability of the nation’s master. Fortunately, the Elemental Mystery Realm still had quite a lot in reserve, enough for several castings of forbidden spells.

“Come. I'll give you a chance, if you can break my Abyss Country, I'll let you lot go. If you can’t, be a good boy and leave the Elemental Skill Book here,” the Lord of Abyss proudly said.

“Then in the sincerest form of respect, I’ll take that offer.” Since the other party let Fatty attack to his heart’s content, Fatty wouldn’t hold back. He didn’t release the forbidden ice spells like the Lord of Abyss had expected but cast the forbidden spells of the other three elements in succession.

Earth – Sky Falls and Earth Rends, Fire – Apocalypse Judgement, and Water – Flooded.

Every branch of magic was composed of countless low-rank, as well as hundreds of Intermediate and Advanced spells. Similarly, there was more than one forbidden spell.

Sky Falls and Earth Rends almost tore the whole nation apart. Apocalypse Judgement was even more damaging, turning the entire Abyss Country into a sea of raging fire, in which the collapsed buildings and broken bones disappeared one by one. Meanwhile, Flooded rushed towards the Lord of Abyss and trapped him in a small space temporarily formed by water energy.

“You have collected four mystery codices?” The Lord of Abyss’ face finally changed a little.

The already severely damaged Abyss Country crumbled. Somewhere, cracking noises resounded and a piece of the space snapped off.

“Hahahaha, Lord of Abyss, I think we'd better go play outside. Your nation is already in this state, let’s not destroy it.” Fatty laughed as he dashed out through the broken space.

“Damnable.” Shaking his body, the Lord of Abyss shattered the Flooded prison, which turned into a sea of water that rained onto the sea of fire below. The three forbidden spells that turned the whole Abyss Country upside down was only able to take away a small chunk of the Lord of Abyss’ health bar.

This was because they were cast in the opponent’s nation. Without the buff that increased every stat by 30% from his nation, those three forbidden spells would be enough for the Lord of Abyss to choke on.

Fatty didn’t fare very well, though. Each forbidden spell consumed a great deal of energy. The remaining energy in the Elemental Mystery Realm could only cast less than four spells.

The two vice-marshals had already handled the two guards of the Lord of Abyss, who were no match for them despite also being Divine experts. One was sent away by the space mage vice-marshal to an unknown space, and when it returned, the vice-marshals had already joined hands to kill the other. Naturally, the one who returned could not escape death either.

After the two vice-marshals killed the two guards, they didn’t go help the players deal with the flood of demons, but instead turned their gazes to the huge rotating sword formation in the distance.

“I wonder if the Elemental Sword Formation can suppress the Lord of Abyss.” The archer vice-marshal was somewhat concerned.

“Difficult.” The space mage vice-marshal didn’t look very good. “The Elemental Sword Diagram is fine against normal Divine experts, but to the high-ranked ones especially like the Lord of Abyss who have cultivated their own nations, Fatty poses no threat with his current strength.”

After staying together for a long time, they no longer called Fatty by his ID but were close enough to use ‘Fatty.’

Just then, a rumble suddenly ran through the sky. The Elemental Sword Formation suddenly shrank and transformed into a diagram that fluttered onto someone’s hand.

“Fatty, how did it go?” The two vice-marshals were delighted to see that it was Fatty.

“That motherf*cker, I was almost done for. That damned Lord of Abyss cheated and blocked my Elemental Sword Formation with his nation,” Fatty raged.

“Where are you running to?” The figure of the Lord of Abyss suddenly materialized in the air. With faint anger in his voice, he stabbed his spear at Fatty.

“Dodge!” The archer vice-marshal flipped his hand, and a blue dagger appeared. In a flash, he maneuvered to the front to stop the Lord of Abyss.

Clang! The Lord of Abyss continued forth undamaged, while the archer vice-marshal retreated several steps, as his dagger cracked and a moment later, crumbled into pieces.

“Formidable.” The space vice-marshal quickly chanted an incantation as his finger traced something in the air. Instantly, a spatial formation appeared before the Lord of Abyss. The Lord of Abyss abruptly yanked the bridle and forced his mount to stop.

“Can you beat him?” Fatty asked in a low voice.

Their faces bitter, the two vice-marshals slightly shook their heads.

“Two juniors.” The Lord of Abyss looked at the two vice-marshals scornfully.

The space mage vice-marshal stepped forward and asked, “Lord of Abyss, it is recorded that you were seriously injured in the war ten thousand years ago and fell…”

“Fell? Yes, I did fall. “ The Lord of Abyss nodded, but then he uttered a piece of information that made Fatty ecstatic. “But before that, I had gained the Wood Mystery Codex, so my soul is protected, and I brought my Abyss Clan to migrate Abyss City here.”

“Wood Mystery Codex.” Fatty inhaled deeply, his eyes burning bright. Coming up with an idea, he whispered, “Guys, you hold him for a while, I’ll go help them take down the city lord manor.”

The two vice-marshals nodded. Although they weren’t a match for the Lord of Abyss, stopping him for a while was still possible.

Seeing Fatty flicker away, the Lord of Abyss shouted, “Where are you running?!” and wanted to pursue.

The two vice-marshals fired at the same time and shouted, “No hurry, Your Lordship, spar with us for a while first.”

More than 10 players had been killed. After all, the number and power of the enemy overwhelmed their squad. But a pleasant surprise was that Abyss City also had a forced respawn point like Sky City. The players who died resurrected here and rushed back over to continue fighting.

Noticing this, Fatty released the souls from the Soul Sealing Cross and shouted, “Let’s not delay, take down the city lord manor quickly!”

As he said this, the Elemental Skill Book suspended before him shot a slew of Advanced spells without restraint.

With the addition of Fatty, the demons were forced to retreat. Fatty managed to force open a path in the mass.

“Stop him!” More and more demons flocked over from all directions to block Fatty.

“Die, all of you die!” Fatty waved his hand and the Elemental Sword Diagram flew out. Over a thousand of demons blocking his path vanished.

A moment later, Fatty reappeared on the spot, followed by a dense patch of corpses.

“Damnable!” The furious Lord of Abyss wanted to teleport over, but the space vice-marshal's hands moved repeatedly to distort the space around him, making it impossible to teleport.

“Die!” The Lord of Abyss was thoroughly enraged now. With a swing of his spear, a black Demonic dragon suddenly flew out.

Flattening the demons in one move, Fatty took a deep breath and waved his right hand.


The ground shook a few times as a crack several hundreds of meters long burst out, and the whole city lord manor collapsed into ruins.

System Notification: Congratulations, you have captured Abyss City and become the new city lord…

Fatty froze a little. Ignoring the system’s reward announcement, he quickly used the city lord function to check the city condition.

Teleportation Portal? In perfect condition.

Applying for a teleportation route to Sky City.

Application passed. Route opened.

In a corner of Abyss City, a hexagonal magic formation slowly lit up. When the light faded, several figures appeared in the formation.

“Lord of Abyss, my old friend, I never expected you’d still be alive.”

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