Chapter 413 The Powerful Lord of Abyss

Chapter 413 – The Powerful Lord of Abyss

The closed doors of the city lord manor opened, and demons dressed in black poured in, quickly occupying the front yard.

A stream of footsteps resounded from outside. Before long, countless demons leaped onto the buildings and looked down at Fatty’s group.

With the emergence of the Lord of Abyss, more and more demons appeared around.

“So much experience!” To the surprise of the Lord of Abyss, these mortal men that, in his eyes were bound to die, didn’t show any fear and even looked excited instead.

“It's agreed! Fatty, you are not allowed to move,” HeadofGod sternly reminded Fatty for fear that he would use the Elemental Sword Diagram and just wipe out the enemies.

“Alright, I’ll just deal with that old thing.” Fatty smiled wryly.

“Be careful, if this Lord of Abyss is the same one from ten thousand years ago, then he’s no weaker than Marshal Ferotiger,” a vice-marshal warned.

“That formidable?” Fatty was shocked, and it suddenly dawned on him. Being able to live for such a long time itself already represented a kind of ability.

“Kill!” Not waiting for the Lord of Abyss to spout any more nonsense, the players initiated the charge.

The Lord of Abyss waved his hand slightly, and the surrounding demons immediately uttered chilling howls. Their bodies emitted wisps of black mist that merged with the black fog around.

One could imagine the strength of these demons seeing how they had been able to exist in Abyss City that had been quiet for ten thousand years. Each was around the 8th enhancement, and some were very close to the 9th.

However, the players were nothing to look down upon either. They, whose average level was of the 7th enhancement, formed a small circular formation. Just like a rock that stood firm after being swept by the tide for hundreds of millions of years, they sustained through the demons’ attacks again and again.

Fatty and the two vice-marshals were indifferent to this. They all had their eyes on the Lord of Abyss standing atop a building.

“Say,” Fatty said slowly. “Aren’t you ashamed to call yourself the city lord?”

The face of the Lord of Abyss under the black mask froze for a second.

“Look at yourself, you’re penniless. Us guests have come all the way here and don't even get to drink a cup of tea. Shouting, fighting, and killing as soon as we meet? I know, you’re afraid we’ll eat your food. Fine, we'll leave now. We’re not gonna eat anything, okay?”

Fatty flailed his limbs animatedly as he spoke. The faces of the two vice-marshals behind him and also the Lord of Abyss darkened at the same time.

“Look at you, such misery, you’re so poor that you have no face to see people and hide here for so many years, and you have the gall to call yourself the lord of Abyss City. Look at this brother, the lord of Sky City. Among other things, my city is filled with magic stones, we even use magic stones to travel…”

As Fatty blabbered on and on, the face of the Lord of Abyss was so dark it looked like it would rain. Before Fatty could a break to drink some water then continue his speech, a loud roar echoed and the two guards behind the Lord of Abyss leaped towards Fatty.

The two guards were both at the Divine tier. The two vice-marshals’ hearts jumped. Each choosing an opponent, they also leaped out and led the Demon guards to fight elsewhere.

Fatty’s vicinity was empty as everyone had rushed out to fight. The Lord of Abyss rode a black Demonic beast, treading on air with clicking sounds towards him.

“You are the Sky City Lord?” A dull voice came from under the black armor. The Lord of Abyss stopped his mount when he was 100 meters away from Fatty in the air.

“That’s right! They all say Sky City and Abyss City are among the seven neutral main cities, so there’s no need to fight to the death, don’t you think? Why don't you come down for a talk over tea? My treat.” Fatty laughed hollowly.

“Die.” The Lord of Abyss didn’t want to indulge in Fatty’s nonsense. He reached out, and a long spear with a ferocious black dragon coiling it appeared in his hand.

The spear suddenly quickly jabbed forth a little, and a black light flew straight at Fatty.

“Oh wow! You’re really attacking! Really not gonna maintain any goodwill between us?” Fatty hurriedly jumped away. The black light landed on the ground, piercing out a tilted, fist-sized hole of unknown depth.

“You talk too much.” The Lord of Abyss spurred his mount over, while the spear sent out another black light.

“Heck, is that a spear or a laser gun?” Fatty was quite upset, a top Divine opponent like the Lord of Abyss was nothing to be sneezed at. He waved out the Elemental Skill Book.

The skill book quickly flipped pages while shooting out spells in succession. Fire, earth, water, and ice magic all had their own unique effects. For a moment, the Lord of Abyss was flustered by the influx of spells.


Then, the Lord of Abyss snorted. A black circle suddenly glowed from his body, and all the attacks from Fatty soundlessly vanished upon hitting it.

“Forbidden magic? Don’t you have any shame left?” Fatty flew into a rage. It was already impossible for him to beat this fellow, and now even the only thing he could rely on was nullified.

“Chase after me if you have the ability, I’ll consider you formidable if you can catch me.”

Helpless, Fatty could only resort to the Elemental Movement Arts and ‘walked’ out of the city lord manor. The Lord of Abyss swept a glance at the players in the field, then shook the reins slightly.


“Whew…” The players breathed a sigh of relief from the bottom of their hearts. The Lord of Abyss put too much pressure on them, Fatty’s Divine artifacts weren’t even all out when he was already scrapped.

Fatty exited the city lord manor, only to find that the streets of Abyss City were crowded with Demons. They stood there holding all kinds of weapons with their eyes shut in silence.

“Damn it! We were too set on the city lord manor that we forgot to check out all the surrounding infrastructure.”

Fatty understood that these demons had been hidden in the buildings on both sides of the street, probably in slumber when they had been woken up by their coming in. Only that he had been chased around by the necromancers, and then the group was too excited to capture the city lord manor to notice if anyone was here.

With a ‘walk,’ Fatty appeared in the middle of a group of demons. These demons opened their eyes at all at once and silently hacked their weapons at him.

Fatty didn’t plan to fight them. They were all elites of the Abyss Clan left from ten thousand years ago, just perfect for the other players to farm. The most important problem now was the Lord of Abyss at his heels.

The black Demonic beast that the Lord of Abyss rode was extremely fast. Each step it took was like teleportation that let it appear next to Fatty in a blink. Fatty couldn’t shake it off no matter how he used the Elemental Movement Arts.

“What a great mount. You shall be Lord Fatty’s once I handle that Lord of Abyss.” Fatty still had the heart covet the other’s mount despite the tight situation he was in.

After he fled from left to right for over half an hour around the city, a furious roar resounded in the distance. Countless arrows rained down in a formation that covered the entire city lord manor.

In the middle of chasing Fatty, the figure of the Lord of Abyss slightly froze just before a scream was heard from the city lord manor. Apparently, a Divine expert was down under a big move of the archer vice-marshal.

The Lord of Abyss swept Fatty a glance before his mount lifted a leg, planning to return to the manor. Fatty laughed. The Elemental Sword Diagram suddenly flew out and surrounded the Lord of Abyss.

“After chasing me for so long, it’s time you let me vent my anger.” Fatty laughed idly as he stood more than one hundred meters away from the Lord of Abyss.

With a point of his finger, piercing roars erupted. The Lord of Abyss looked over to see a torrent of light swords streaked toward him.

“Elemental Sword Diagram, I haven't seen this in a very long time,” the Lord of Abyss whispered. Fatty wasn’t surprised, it would be strange if an expert like him didn’t know of the diagram.

A black light screen appeared on the Lord of Abyss’ body. The light swords only made ‘pop pop’ sounds like rain hitting banana leaves when they struck this screen, unable to deal any damage.

“If it was Wu Junxiao who presided over the diagram, I would turn and walk away. But you? Heh.” The Lord of Abyss chuckled.

Fatty was extremely agitated. He spat on the ground. If it's really Wu Junxiao, you won’t be able to run even if you want to.

Although the light swords were blocked by the black screen, it wasn’t without any use at all. Under the constant attacks, the black screen was fading at a slow speed.

The Lord of Abyss was obviously aware of this. He cut to the chase and smacked his mount to charge at Fatty.

“Close-quarter me in here?” Fatty smiled and simply remained unbudging. The moment the Lord of Abyss raised his spear to attack him, the whole space suddenly transformed. Fatty still stood there, but the Lord of Abyss was already dozens of meters behind him.

“If there are only swords, it wouldn’t be called a formation,” Fatty smugly said.

The Lord of Abyss was indifferent. The black screen on his body flickered a few times before finally crumbling. Light swords fell on him like a waterfall, causing a series of blood-red numbers to pop above his head.

In just a moment's time, a visible blank appeared on the long health bar of the Lord of Abyss.

“Very good attack,” The Lord of Abyss sounded as calm as ever, as if he didn’t feel the injuries the light swords were doing to him.

Fatty furrowed a little. Even a top Divine expert will eventually fall if they let the swords come just like this. What does the Lord of Abyss rely on to ignore my attacks?

“You haven't entered the Divine realm yet. Naturally, you don't know the might of a true Divine expert.” The Lord of Abyss seemed to see through Fatty's doubts.

“Rise.” A misty space suddenly appeared in the Elemental Sword Formation. Black miasma instantly filled the air and enveloped Fatty.

This space wasn’t big, only less than 100 meters wide, but upon hitting it, the countless light sword lights were like clay oxen entering the sea, unable to stir up any waves.

“Nation.” Fatty’s face abruptly changed. He finally remembered what the other party could have up his sleeve.

There were also ranks among Divine experts, and the highest-ranked was undoubtedly those who had cultivated their own nations – their own world. Entering another’s nation was the same as resigning one’s fate to the opponent’s will, and the opponent’s strength would soar by 30% for no reason while one’s own strength would fall by 30%. When one gained and one lost, victory and defeat would be clear by this point.

“In!” Fatty tried to retract the Elemental Sword Diagram, only to find himself being cut off from it.

“Elementalists, I have dealt with before. The Elemental Sword Diagram and Skill Book are good, but your strength is not enough,” the Lord of Abyss said faintly. “Die. Once you are dead, the two Legendary artifacts are mine. I will take them back to the Demon realm and become the supreme lord of the Demon world.”

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