Chapter 412 Lord of Abyss

Chapter 412 – Lord of Abyss

A sea of fire emerged around Fatty, above his head were endless falling meteorites, below were ceaseless earth spikes, blooming icicles, and water dragons. The two necromancers screamed as they quickly retreated.

Insta-casting several Advanced spells to entangle them, Fatty smacked his hand on the ground and vanished. After a few flashes, he reappeared beside the two vice-marshals.

At the moment, the vice-marshals were dealing with a necromancer, overwhelming the target with a slew of quick attacks. However, they didn’t go too far for fear he’d escape or go all out in disregard for life out of desperation.

Fatty pointed a finger the instant he appeared and the Elemental Skill Book quickly flipped its pages. Advanced spells flew out in a frenzy, smacking the necromancer into a sorry state. The most worrying wasn’t their damage, but the fact that they interrupted his magic-casting.

“Marshals, don’t let him run!” Fatty shouted. At the same time, the Elemental Skill Book quickly flipped to a certain page.

White mist suddenly gushed out from the Elemental Skill Book. The temperature in the area dropped sharply and palm-sized snowflakes floated down as a layer of clear ice crystallized on the necromancer.

“Forbidden ice spell!” the two vice-marshals exclaimed.

A forbidden magic spell couldn’t kill a Divine expert in one blow, but an ice-attribute one could restrict their movement. The necromancer who was currently locked by Eternal Frozen was no different from a lamb to be slaughtered to the three people in front of him.

“Kill him.”

The two vice-marshals wanted to attack, but Fatty hurriedly stopped them.

“Don't kill him yet, he’s still useful.”

The two vice-marshals were still puzzled when lights flashed in the distance. It was the two necromancers who had been chasing Fatty just now, plus the one who the space vice-marshal had teleported away. They were frightened when they saw that one of their own was imprisoned.

“Luckel!” the three necromancers exclaimed. Then, their lips moved at the same time, apparently reciting some spell.

As long as the soul flame wasn’t extinguished, a necromancer wouldn’t die. They weren’t worried about their companion.

Fatty's face was vicious. “Your grandma! Chasing me for so long, you really think Lord Fatty can’t do anything to you?”

The Elemental Skill Book flipped to the next page. It recorded a spell that had once put him in a miserable state, the spell that might have made him delete his account if he hadn’t met that creature in the sea of fire in the underground magma world.

The ultimate forbidden ice spell – Great Curse of Ice.

When a white light fell on his body, the trapped necromancer suddenly had a bad feeling. He suddenly found his life force rapidly sapped away and the flame that represented his soul flickered like a candle in the wind, close to fizzling out. He was scared out of his wits. He opened his mouth wanting to beg for mercy but not a sound could be uttered.

The condition required to cast Eternal Frozen was extremely harsh – the life force of a Divine expert. Fatty himself wasn’t at the Divine tier, and it wasn’t like he would consume his own life anyway. He couldn’t randomly waste the vice-marshals either, so he set his eyes on the opponent.

Obviously, Fatty’s plan succeeded. He was well aware of the power of this forbidden spell. As long as the enemy was frozen, they’d be brutally tortured alive if not killed.

A bunch of expressionless ice spirits suddenly appeared and flocked around the necromancers, almost drowning them. Still in the middle of chanting, the three were shocked as one of them recognized the magic.

“The Great Curse of Ice? How is this possible?!”

No matter how impossible it was, there was always a possibility. In that moment of delay, the freezing, finger-sized ice spirits cocooned them.

A thick layer of ice materialized on them and restricted their movements, rendering even spell-chanting impossible. Their bodies gradually became stiff, and then it was their thoughts, and lastly, their souls.

Crack! The necromancer whose life force had been drawn away suddenly burst into a cloud of flying ash. Meanwhile, the other three were frozen in thick ice.

“The Great Curse of Ice. The Elementalist is indeed formidable.”

The two vice-marshals were stunned. The four undead necromancers who had rendered them helpless were destroyed by a Saint-tier boy just like this. If this news spread it would definitely make people crazy.

Fatty opened the Elemental Mystery Realm and let all the players out. The squad surrounded the three necromancers and observed them like artifacts in a museum.

“Say, if I could kill him, how many levels would I gain?” Finally, TheFugitive couldn't help but ask this question.

Everyone directed their eyes at Fatty, the only one here who had killed Divine experts. Fatty pondered a little and replied, “Around four or five levels.”

If they had personally handled the opponent, the experience gained from a Divine expert might push them from their current levels of 60 plus to around 80. Only that these necromancers were frozen by Fatty, so the big portion would go to him even if he didn’t need experience anymore.

The group of players began to bombard without care at the three ice sculptures. All kinds of skills soared at full force in an effort to finish them off.

Although the players’ levels were low, their damage wasn’t. Each attack wiped away a sliver, though invisible to the naked eye, of a necromancer’s health. After grinding like that for more than three hours, the green light in the eyes of the three necromancers suddenly eerily flickered a few times, and then exploded.

Around a hundred golden lights descended at the same time, lighting up the entire Abyss City. Despite that most of the experience went to Fatty and that they were roughly a hundred people attacking at the same time, every player still rose four or five levels each.

“A Divine expert gives so much experience?” Everyone was tempted and they looked at Fatty expectantly. Even a simple and honest little girl like Purple Bell couldn't resist such temptation.

“You think Divine experts are so easy to catch?” Fatty offered them a wry smile. Eternal Frozen consumed about 10% of the energy in the Elemental Mystery Realm each time, and Great Curse of Ice consumed 30%. Meaning that currently there was only enough energy in the Elemental Mystery Realm for 5 uses of the forbidden spell, or one or two of the ultimate spell.

Even the two vice-marshals were shocked upon hearing the calculations. They sighed nonstop. “I see why forbidden spells are so powerful. How can they not when they consume so much energy?”

Speaking of forbidden spells, the two vice-marshals felt bad about themselves. Fatty just threw out a forbidden spell and an ultimate forbidden spell at will, while they, true Divine experts, didn't even have one.

“This is Abyss City, one of the seven neutral main cities. Let's occupy it. I want to sit in a city lord's throne too.”

TheFugitive's words jolted everyone. The seven neutral main cities were very widely known. Claiming one meant gaining a head start in the future grand war between humans and demons.

The group quickly headed for the city lord manor. Abyss City was surprisingly quiet, as if the Abyss Clan that ruled over it had somehow perished.

The buildings here were styled strongly according to the taste of the Demon race, completely different from buildings of humans. The players who had never seen demon buildings before marveled at them. A spectacular structure was the square in front of the city lord manor, which was filled with various statues that gave off a wild, ancient pressure.

The city lord manor covered a large area that accounted for almost one-tenth of the city, and in particular, half of the whole southern district. Having black walls, black gates and uniformly black in color, it emitted a strong sense of oppression, just like Abyss Space and Abyss City.

Standing at the entrance gate of the city lord manor, the group wasn't in a hurry to enter. Fatty observed the door that opened slightly to reveal a crack and suddenly said, “Very strange.”

“Yeah, it is really strange.” Fierce Dragon TheTalent added, “All the buildings along the way are in good condition without any damage. The ground is even free of dust, which is impossible.”

“In the war 10,000 years ago, all seven neutral main cities were involved. War broke out in all cities and most of the buildings were destroyed. Abyss City should not be this complete.” The two vice-marshals also agreed.

“Seems like there are surprises waiting for us.” Fatty chuckled.

“What are we waiting for then? Let's go in quickly, don't let them wait.” HeadofGod laughed.

Just then, the door slowly creaked open automatically.

A silence fell over the crowd. They expected to see something but nothing showed up.

“Acting all mysterious?” Fatty snorted. “You guys wait here, I'll go and check.”

“No, you are the lord of Sky City. Leave the dangerous jobs to us,” East Gate BlowingWind hurriedly stopped Fatty.

“Yeah, yeah, it's so dangerous, how can we let our Lordship take the risk? As members of Sky City, we are willing to sweep the danger for our city lord and demonstrate the great name of our city.”

The players all clamored, then burst out laughing.

“Let's go together. Whatever they are, who cares?”

Having several rogues led the way, the group stepped into the door. Just as the last player entered, the two black and heavy gates creaked and closed firmly.

“Why, they want to close the door and beat the dog1?”

As soon as LeftHandofGod said this, HeadofGod smacked his head.

“What 'close the door and beat the dog'? This is called ‘catching turtles in a jar2.’”

“Peh! You're the dogs, you're the turtles, not us!” The players around all spat.

At the moment, they were in the front yard of the city lord manor, which was some distance away from the lobby. Fatty contemplated a little then called out the Elemental Skill Book and shot a series of spells.

When the spells were about to land on the structure, lights suddenly flashed. Numerous demons in black robes and black armor appeared out of thin air and blocked Fatty's attacks, before turning towards the squad with ferocious eyes.

“There are indeed living things.”

The players' hearts jumped, but it was from excitement. The presence of living creatures meant this city could be attacked and taken over. As long as they successfully occupied the city lord manor, they would win Abyss City.

“Everyone! Let's compete! See who's faster and who can become the city lord,” someone started the competition.

The players responded in agreement, and at the same time, they excluded Fatty.

“I object!” shouted Fatty.

“Objection overruled! Unanimous!” The crowd joked and laughed, not taking the demons seriously at all.

“The ignorant are fearless.”

Suddenly, a voice echoed from above. The players shuddered at this as they saw a man on a black mount, wearing black armor and a black mask appear in front of them.

“Who is it?!” cried a vice-marshal.

“I, the Lord of Abyss,” answered the figure in black.

1. Close the door and beat the dog: Close off the opponent's retreat and attack.
2. Catch turtles in the jar: Catch an easy opponent.

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