Chapter 411 Abyss City

Chapter 411 – Abyss City

It was nothing but darkness and there was no sound. Only occasionally spots of light shone from unknown spaces, allowing the surroundings to be seen.

Countless floating large and small meteorites stretched over an area thousands of kilometers wide, some as big as gigantic mountains, others as small as only a few kilometers wide, while some were only gravel. These meteorites drifted around one another in silence, so oppressive that they gave people a suffocating feeling.

This was the spatial rift Fatty had entered while in Heavens Scar. After being chased by the five Demon Kings to a dead end, he had resolutely jumped into a rift and appeared here.

The two vice-marshals emerged from the Elemental Mystery Realm with heavy faces and shame in their hearts. They had followed the squad here to protect the players, but in the end, they were hunted down and had to flee without the certainty of return.

“Please don't blame yourselves, who would have imagined they’d be so shameless to go out in all five? Since this place connects all the spaces, it’ll be easy to find the way back,” Fatty comforted.

The Divine space mage vice-marshal smiled wryly. “There are countless spaces here. It’s not easy to find a way back to the Human world.”

“In any case, having a glimmer of hope is still better than being captured by the demons.” Fatty laughed.

In the ink-black space hid countless dangers. From time to time a crack would abruptly appear by them. Sometimes one would appear next to a meteorite, and after a flash of white light, a part of the meteorite would disappear soundlessly.

“Don't get caught by the rifts. Being injured is only one small thing, the real trouble is that if you don’t die, but all your body parts don’t stay in the same space,” a vice-marshal warned.

“Whaaat?! There’s such a thing?” Fatty exclaimed.

The vice-marshal nodded. “Normal people would die instantly once stranded in spatial rifts, but powerful ones would be ‘dissected’ even if they don’t die. They can feel where their body parts are, but they can’t control them. That’s the real ‘living a life worse than death.’”

While lamenting the might of spatial rifts, Fatty walked even more cautiously.

Not long after Fatty’s group left, there was a flash of light somewhere behind, introducing several figures.

“They’re still here.”

“Give chase, we must catch them.”

“Doesn’t matter if dead or alive.”

“Two Legendary artifacts, oh. With them, we can take over the Human world.”

With just some curt words of communication, the figures followed a certain guide to quickly chase after Fatty.

“Someone’s coming,” the two vice-marshals both whispered.

“It’s the demons, coming with ill intent. Let's get out of here first.” As soon as he made this decision, Fatty jumped right into a rift that had just opened.

“Oh no! Quick!” The shadows accelerated and teleported, rushing into the rift just before it closed.

Greeting their sight was an empty stretch with no sky above and no land below. The surrounding space was foggy except for the illumination from a faint light from somewhere.

The moment Fatty and the two vice-marshals stepped in, they bobbed while floating down all the way. The three all looked serious, but Fatty was more nervous in his heart. There were countless unknown spaces in the game aside from the two realms of Human and Demon, and they obviously were now in a foreign one. Not being able to find the way back wasn’t the worst thing. If even the respawning function didn’t work here, their only choice would be to cry.

“There is something down there.” The sharp-eyed Fatty spotted something like the outline of a city in the distance.

“Let’s go.” The trio flew over, heralding the fog around them like walking through water currents.

“There they are.” The shadows tailing them looked into the distance. Although they had entered the same rift, they didn’t appear in the same place.

“What a familiar place.”

“Very familiar indeed. We may have been here before.”

“Forgot which it was, but this can't be in the Demon realm.”

“Let’s catch them first.”

After a few brief exchanges, the shadows flickered through the distance until they were less than 1,000 meters away from Fatty.

“They’ve caught up!” The trio’s faces instantly changed. Fatty waved out the Elemental Skill Book before him, instantaneously casting several fire spells to light up the surrounding space.

In front of them were four black figures, all slender and wrapped in black cloth that seemed hollow inside, as if the wearers where skeletons. They stopped when they saw Fatty and immediately began that bizarre ‘kekeke’ laugh again.

“Delicious humans.”

“Kill them, eat them, and take the Legendary artifacts.”

“Die, human.”

“Humph!” The two vice-marshals attacked all at once. With exploding momentum, a long arrow drew a brilliant streak in the dark space. A mass of white light glowed, and the space around the four shadows creaked. A spatial cage suddenly emerged and imprisoned them.

Tang! The arrow shot through the space cage into a shadow, but directly flew from behind this figure without causing any harm.

“Kekeke, useless, isn’t it?”

“We are immortal. Think punies like you can kill us?”

“They are undead necromancers. We must go.” Gasping, a vice-marshal shouted before he instantly disappeared with teleportation.

The two vice-marshals could teleport, Fatty also had the Elemental Movement Arts. When the trio kept running, the necromancers had no way to deal with them.

“Damned coward! Stop running if you dare!”

“Humans are all cowards. Who has the guts to fight with me?”

The trio ignored their provocation and kept running with their heads looking forward. The vague outline ahead became clearer and clearer until, in the end, the three men all stopped in shock.

In front of them, a dark city quietly stood, emitting an overwhelmingly oppressive aura. While no living presence could be sensed inside, the three still felt a chill from the bottom of their hearts.

“Abyss City.”

“This is Abyss Space.”

Two vice-marshals exclaimed aloud and looked at each other with fear in their eyes.

“Abyss City? Abyss City, one of the seven neutral main cities? “ Fatty looked at the ancient city with great interest.

Hundreds of meters high with length and width yet to be measured, the walls of Abyss City were covered in mottle and countless marks made by weapons. It seemed to have experienced numerous upheavals.

“Abyss City was lost in the war ten thousand years ago. Even the Abyss Space disappeared. So it ended up here.”

“It was said that the Abyss Clan who resided in Abyss City was very powerful, each of them above the 8th enhancement. The Lord of Abyss – its city lord – was an existence second only to Legendary, but fell in the war. The Abyss Clan also suffered heavy casualties.”

“If Abyss City is here, I wonder if the Abyss Clan is still here. If they are, I’m afraid we are bound to be doomed today.”

The two vice-marshals despaired the more they thought about it.

“Kekeke, Abyss City?”

“Yes, Abyss City.”

“Hurry back and inform Master that we’ve found Abyss City.”

“No hurry, let’s take the Legendary artifacts first.”

“Yes, Legendary artifacts are our priority.”

The four necromancers slowly appeared behind the trio, looking at them like cats looking at mice. Under their robes resounded that strange laughter and their eyes that glistened with the light of greed.

“Shit! There are only four of them. It’s not like we can’t handle them with the three of us?” Fatty asked in a low voice.

“That won’t be easy. They are all necromancers, they can’t be killed unless we can extinguish their soul flames. Three to four, in a weak position, we are not their match,” said the archer vice-marshal.

In fact, there was something he still withheld from saying aloud. Although they had three, Fatty who hadn’t reach the Divine realm didn’t amount to much firepower.

“There’s no sound in the city, unknown if it’s completely deserted or for other reasons. Let’s go in and find a chance to separate them,” the mage vice-marshal suggested.

The trio suddenly disappeared. The four undead necromancers chuckled and also vanished.

In Abyss City were buildings that were obviously Demon-styled. The tall buildings and the beautiful, luxurious patterns were all clear evidence of its past glory.

The trio rushed into the city without seeing any demons, as if the Abyss Clan who once ruled these parts had completely disappeared from existence. The huge and empty main city was eerie and ghastly. Looking towards the city lord mansion, Fatty shivered for no reason.

The trio kept teleporting, and in a few moments, they had already traveled through half of Abyss City. The four necromancers were hot on their heels, unable to be shaken.

“Guys, let’s split up. They will definitely go after me for the artifacts. You guys capture one first but don't kill it, wait for me to come back,” Fatty quickly said. Before the vice-marshals could answer, he ‘walked’ towards another direction.

Hearing this, the two vice-marshals rushed in the opposite direction. The four necromancers behind hesitated slightly before splitting up in two groups, only two chased after Fatty.

“From what City Lord said, he requires a necromancer,” the two vice-marshals discussed in a low voice. “I’ll use space magic to teleport one away first, let’s try and capture one of them before the City Lord returns.”

A white light glowed in the silent and dark city as the Divine space mage quickly chanted an incantation. Layers of ripples spread out of thin air, and before the two necromancers who had just teleported over could react, one of them was sent away.

“Want to divide and conquer?” The remaining necromancer asked in a sarcastic tone.

“Kill!” shouted the two vice-marshals. They each released their skills while charging at the opponent.

“Damn things! They’re chasing too tight.” Behind Fatty, the two necromancers were getting increasingly closer. If it weren't for the Elemental Movement Arts that were faster and more convenient than teleportation, Fatty would have already been caught.

“I’ll see where you can run.” A necromancer chuckled. The black robe lifted to reveal claw with dense bones stretching out, holding a fist-sized red thing that was jumping – a heart.

The other boney claw carved something on the heart. This necromancer recited something and then viciously gripped.


The heart burst. Fatty suddenly screamed as an acute pain jolted through his heart. He fell to the ground, his whole body twitching from the pain.

“Kekeke, take out the Legendary artifacts.”

The two necromancers simultaneously extended their boney claws towards Fatty.

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