Chapter 410 Undead Magic

Chapter 410 – Undead Magic

In Heavens Scar, the originally clear sky was now shrouded by dark clouds. If one looked down from high above, they’d see a faint black fog looming over the space. The black fog drifted with the wind, like a giant beast ready to spring at any time to deal a fatal blow.

Sweeping through Heavens Scar for two days, the demon-hunting squad led by Fatty killed tens of thousands of Demon troops. Except for Fatty, everyone else had risen an average of one level. There were also casualties by negligence, whose souls Fatty kept in the Soul Sealing Cross until after they departed this place, just in case the five Demon Kings had moved the Death Altar back here.

The loss of so many troops gave the Demon race no choice but to notice and take it seriously. Several high-ranked officers were dispatched to trace Fatty’s squad. A large net was gradually weaved over the demon-hunting squad.

Watching Wheat, Inky, and Snowy trample the last Demon soldier to death, Fatty’s hands roofed his face as he looked into the distance. “They’ve caught up again. Move, quickly.”

Amidst cheerful laughter, the group tidied up, then each summoned their mount and fled far away. They had done this kind of activity plenty over these past two days, thus they did it skillfully.

Little Ice Phoenix Snowy flew in front of Fatty squeaking nonstop, eager to report the fruits of battle to him. The ever dull Inky only knew to follow them foolishly, while Wheat was lazy as usual. Shrinking to its little size, the rodent lay behind Fatty on the Violent Ox King.

The three pets had benefited greatly after Fatty reached the maximum level. Wheat and Inky were now over level 80 and each learned several new skills. Snowy was only over 50, obviously the experience it needed was much more than that of Wheat and Inky.

“Last one round before we leave. This is their base camp, we can’t gain any advantage here,” stated Fatty while playing with the little phoenix.

Several players instantly nodded in agreement. “That’s right, this kind of team is most suitable for those troops that are few in numbers and don’t have any experts, like those armies who have snuck into our country through various means.”

Xuanhuang Ancient Country had experienced the emergence of dozens of Demon armies all over its territory in one day, and this number was still increasing. Some of these armies were numerous, with a total of 100,000, while some were few with only a few thousand. They executed ambushes and raids everywhere, dealing little damage but causing great headaches. When the guilds formed demon-hunting teams, they’d be just perfect for those Demon armies.

The line of people galloped around Heavens Scar. The Demon Generals and their teams tracked them several times, but they had easily escaped without fail. One time, a Demon General had been too fast and advanced from the rest, only to be trapped in the Elemental Sword Diagram and chopped to pieces by thousands of light swords all at once.

“If anything, I’m still a Saint expert with two Divine artifacts in my hands. A Demon General actually had the guts to challenge me? He just doesn’t know how ‘death’ is spelled,” Fatty bragged. Looking at his smug face, the others felt an itch to gang up on him, but they were also aware that Fatty now had the power to solo them all, and even their whole guilds.


“Seems that their experts are coming.” In a grand hall not far from the Death Altar sat ten-something demons. The top seat was a demon wearing a black robe, and the five Demon Kings were right below this figure.

The demon dressed in the black robe that only revealed two eyes gave off an eerie ‘keke’ laugh. Black miasma emerged from its body and condensed into a mirror one meter wide in the center of the hall. In the mirror, every move of Fatty’s group was displayed clearly.

“The heir of the Elementalist!” Sigg cried, his eyes staring intently at Fatty in the mirror.

“Kekeke, rushing into our territory with only so few? Is this the humans’ arrogance or us demons’ shame?” The voice of the demon shrouded in black gradually grew icy. “Sigg, I’ll give you one last chance. Wipe out this group of humans, capture the heir of the Elementalist and bring him to me, and you lot shall be forgiven. Fail, and I will refine you into my guardian knights.”

“Yes, Milord,” The five Demon Kings replied in trembling voices as they stood up with sweaty faces out of fear. As the head demon waved his hand, the five immediately flew out of the hall towards where Fatty was.

“What an interesting little thing.” The demon in black took a look at Fatty in the mirror and chuckled paradoxically. The mirror created from black gas collapsed, then turned into countless black whiffs merging back into his body.


The five Demon Kings didn’t hide their tracks. Five figures shot over like meteors, causing a stir in the demon-hunting squad.

“It's the five Demon Kings, they’re actually all out!” Basically everyone present had taken part in the battle in Hero City and recognized the Demon Kings. They instantly panicked upon seeing all five fast approaching.

Fatty immediately opened up the Elemental Mystery Realm and shouted, “Everyone, get in!”

Having taken the squad into the mystery realm, Fatty turned to the five Demon Kings with a grin. His right foot gently stamped, and he disappeared in a blink.


Ever since the Elemental Skill Book had been promoted to Divine, the Elemental Movement Arts could be used at will and without limit. In front of the five Demon Kings, Fatty ran east and west, south, and north at random. If it hadn’t been for the distance limit that made him reappear from time to time, the five Demon Kings wouldn’t even be able to catch a glimpse of him.

“The distance is no more than 5,000 meters at a time,” Sigg's eyes gleamed as he stated in a cold voice.

“Each takes one direction, ensure that we can take him down in one strike, but without killing him,” a Demon King next to Sigg said in a shrill and sharp voice.

At the time Fatty used another Earthwalk, the five Demon Kings instantly flew over his head and waved at the same time. Five magic spells were thrown in five directions covering barely 5,000 meters, forming a black cage. Fatty screamed upon appearing as he crashed into this thin layer of black fog, and his body was paralyzed.

“Gentlemen, help!” Fatty opened the Elemental Mystery Realm.

The two vice marshals inside made their moves in unison. A two-meter long, light-blue light arrow shot out and easily penetrated the black layer, piercing a hole over one meter wide. A rapid incantation so short that Fatty couldn’t even figure out the language was uttered, and the earth rumbled as high mountains suddenly spiked out from the ground and rammed heavily into the five Demon Kings.

The Demon Kings’ smiles couldn’t fully bloom before it already froze on their faces. After miserable screams, each held their lower bodies and jumped on the spot. Although they had already died and only their souls remained, the soul was also an element. The vice marshal – a Divine space mage – had nearly crushed their lower bodies with the skill Endless Sierra just now.

Fatty shouted and jumped out through the hole in the thin black layer. Running the Elemental Arts at full force, he practically transformed into a cool breeze that merged into the air, vanishing without a trace.

Weaving black smoke onto their lower bodies to recover the crushed parts, the Demon Kings gnashed their teeth as they looked into the distance. With a faint black fog looming over the entire Heavens Scar, Fatty’s tracks were clearly displayed in front of them even if he used the Elemental Movement Arts all the way.

The five Demon Kings roared at the same time, and one that was a mage teleported several times in a row to catch up with Fatty. Yelping in fright, Fatty hurriedly ran in another direction.

As the game of tag continued, Fatty led the five Demon Kings around Heavens Scar in several circles. Aside from the hall in the center that he knew shouldn’t be provoked from just a glance, Fatty visited every other place incisively as he used the Elemental Movement Arts. The five Demon Kings kept blowing up in rage but were never once able to touch his tail.

“Too despicable, they actually set up a magic formation at the exit!” Fatty hurriedly turned after just one look at the entrance of Heavens Scar leading to the Human world. A formation had already been set up there. Once Fatty went in, he’d be trapped.

“What a useless fellow, only made me one puppet,” complained the demon in black sitting in the hall. After he mumbled something quickly, a thin dry hand with only dense bones and not a trace of flesh stretched out from the wide robe and gently swung. The fast-running Fatty suddenly felt a piercing pain in his heart, as large black spots emerged on his face like that of horrific hypostasis.

“Undead magic!” The two vice marshals who had been paying close attention to Fatty exclaimed in unison.

“City Lord, go to the edge, there are spatial rifts there we can hide in,” one of the vice marshals said.

Enduring the piercing pain, Fatty stuffed several red pills into his mouth and quickly ran towards the boundary of Heavens Scar. The five Demon Kings were hot on his heels, gnashing their teeth and looking extremely unpleasant.

A mass of dense crisscrossed spatial rifts appeared ahead, some as long as several hundred meters, some as short as a few centimeters, with evil, chilling wind blowing out from time to time. On the other side of the rifts, the figures of unknown monsters appeared and disappeared.

Heavens Scar meant the crack of the heavens, a place housing numerous spatial rifts. Besides the two biggest fixed rifts that connected the Human and the Demon world, there were countless others of all sizes that no one knew where they led.

“Grandma! Five Demon Kings bullying a lone man, you have no shame!” Arriving there, Fatty spat and dashed over to an area with larger rifts.

“No! Stop him!” The five Demon Kings acted all at once. Five attacks fell into the rift, causing a large-scale collapse in the surrounding space.

“Peh!” Turning his head to spit a mouthful of saliva, Fatty’s body flashed and reappeared at a rift thousands of meters away, which he plunged himself into.

“Damn it!” Sigg's face was ugly. He punched out and all the rifts in that area crumbled.

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