Chapter 409 Demon Hunting Squad

Chapter 409 – Demon Hunting Squad

After taking the players of The Great Four Gates into Sky City, Fatty began putting out fires. Once a familiar guild called asking for help, he immediately teleported over and wiped out a portion of Demon troops with the Elemental Sword Diagram, and then bombarded the rest with the spells in the Elemental Skill Book.

Rolling back and forth, Fatty saved tens of small and big guild bases, all of which were located far away from the four main cities, especially those near Azure Dragon City. Since the Demon army in this area was only 10,000 miles away from Azure Dragon City, at least a dozen bases were destroyed along their advance. The guilds saved by Fatty all abandoned their bases under his persuasion and moved their members to Sky City, where they were stationed according to previously decided areas.

As for the safety of Sky City, Fatty wasn’t worried at all. Now that the city had several vice marshals at the Divine tier, no one had dared to take the risk of touching it, not to mention that the Elemental Skill Book and Sword Diagram were going to be upgraded to Legendary soon. Fatty could do whatever he wanted in the game even without Sky City as long as he avoided Divine experts or those who also possessed Legendary artifacts.

Now, there were 3 to 4 million players guarding Sky City. After Reck's detailed arrangement, various guilds were scattered and responsible for defending an area each. So many players naturally couldn’t remain in Sky City all the time – looking at the same faces would get irritating after a while. Therefore, when a bored Fatty shouted, “Who has the gall to go hunt demons in Heavens Scar with me?!” the whole city boiled in excitement and all the players responded positively.

Choosing roughly a hundred people, Fatty formed the first demon-hunting squad to be led by him to sneak into Heavens Scar and kill Demon soldiers. As for those who weren’t selected, Fatty calmed them down by promising to assemble more teams after he scouted out the situation in Heavens Scar. Finally, under the eyes of envy and admiration from everyone, the squad set off.

The vice marshals attached great importance to this squad. Two of them, a space mage and a sharpshooter proposed coming along. As far as they could see, the organization of a demon hunting squad was undoubtedly a new way of fighting. If it achieved good results, it could be spread widely and would definitely earn advantages to their side in the future war, so they wanted to personally verify the effectiveness of this tactic.

The two Divine experts hid among the players and agreed not to make any moves unless it came to a critical situation. One reason was to see the true potency of such a squad, and the other was to avoid drawing attention from the Demon divine experts since only two of them wouldn’t be a match against too many.

Fatty led at the front and behind him were the four brothers of The Great Four Gates, Fierce Dragon TheTalent, the eleven of God Familia, TheFugitive, DukeGarrison, Purple Bell, and others who were familiar with Fatty or high-ranked in their respective guilds. They all wanted to test and see whether they should organize their guild members into teams like these in the future as well.

Having been upgraded to Divine-tier along with the Elemental Skill Book, the Elemental Mystery Realm was able to comfortably house people now. Placing everyone inside, Fatty swaggered to the entrance of Heavens Scar. Upon seeing Fatty enter, the dozen stationed soldiers of the Demon Pupil clan guarding the entrance immediately clamored and quickly flocked over to surround him.

Chuckling, Fatty didn’t reveal his identity of Elementalist yet. He sent the demon that was charging the fastest flying with a flying kick, then accelerated and rushed out of the closing encirclement.

Using Stealth in front of the Demon Pupil clan was purely suicidal behavior, Fatty naturally wouldn’t make this mistake after having learned such a lesson. However, he thought the other players could use some lessons to avoid falling into the hands of these demons in the future, so he seized one and slipped it into the Elemental Mystery Realm for the squad to enjoy.

In the mystery realm, the hundred players surrounded to observe this Demon Pupil soldier, making it shake with fear. At this moment, the two Divine experts became the best instructors. They used this Demon soldier as their experimental subject and analyzed in detail to the players what races there were in the Demon world, their unique racial skills, and how to prevent or even exploit these skills to one’s benefits.

All the players were amazed to hear that the Demon realm thrived with such variety. They decided they must actively exchange knowledge and study more in the future.

When the alert from the Demon Pupil soldiers resounded, a group of cavalry rushed out from the nearby camp, their Demonic mounts sped like the wind towards Fatty. With a faint smile, the latter hid his Elemental Skill Book in his chest pocket while quickly tossing an earth spell, and a swamp suddenly appeared in the cavalry’s path. Caught by surprise, the several cavalry demons at the front plunged head-first into the swamp, the knights were flung off their mounts for over ten meters before smashing into the ground.

The rest of the cavalry hurriedly bridled. Fatty laughed heartily and ran like he was flying, instantly disappearing into the distance.

“A mage can run so fast? What shoes is he wearing?” Unable to catch up, the cavalry looked in the direction Fatty had vanished, dumbfounded for a long time.

Easily dodging the Demon knights’ line of sight, Fatty Earthwalked several times and when he reappeared, he was already inside Heavens Scar. The space of this place wasn’t any smaller than a small kingdom. Although the Demon race had tens of millions of troops stationed here, it was still impossible to be completely filled. Fatty found an empty spot to open the Elemental Mystery Realm and let all the players out.

The players came out, but the two vice marshals didn’t want to come out. They said that they had taken a liking to the abundant energy inside and wanted to train. Fatty rolled his eyes. Of course the energy inside is abundant, it cost me a ton of good stuff.

Too lazy to bother, Fatty ignored these two and led the squad to sweep the place. After all, they came to scout the situation and kill the demons for experience while they were at it, so they didn’t have much scruples.

Although Fatty had reached the top level – the 9th class enhancement, others were still in the level 60s and 70s and in urgent need of experience. And currently, the fastest way to level was killing demons. A Demon soldier yielded more experience than other bosses at the same level, only that they didn’t drop any equipment.

The squad consisted of various classes. As the center of contact of the group, Fatty naturally couldn’t personally go out to scout. HeadofGod and his members took on the job.

“Fatty, there is a small military camp with only 5,000 Demon soldiers over here,” news came from LeftHandofGod shortly after.

Only 5,000, indeed a camp that couldn’t be smaller. Their task was probably to prevent people from getting in, and so they made a contact point there. 5,000 Demon soldiers were totally negligible to this group of a hundred savage players. Following the direction provided by LeftHandofGod, the squad stealthily made their way over.

Mages were precious and treasured no matter where they were, and especially so in this kind of battlefield where their lethality was the greatest. Therefore, this army of a meager 5,000 Demon soldiers had no mages.

However, 5,000 was enough to prevent Fatty from throwing out the Elemental Sword Diagram. Moreover, as he didn’t need experience anymore, he arranged to keep watch. Muttering something, Fatty flew up to carefully observe the surroundings, while the players below began a massacre.

Each player present was the cream of the crop, the elite amongst elites. Led by HeadofGod, God Familia soundlessly reaped a dozen lives the moment they started. Fierce Dragon TheTalent conjured a rain of basic fire spells, small in power but big in numbers, and set tens of demons on fire. The Great Four Gates brothers brandished their spears and swords and slaughtered a bloody path through the enemy cavalry.

When DukeGarrison raised his hand, the stone stele he held suddenly expanded to 100 meters high, 30 meters long and 20 meters wide and dropped onto where the Demon cavalry was gathering. The ground rumbled and trembled, and over 200 of the cavalry who had just gathered to get armored up and mounted were killed in this single crush.

In contrast to their brutality, Purple Bell was much more elegant. The Yin Yang Manual repeatedly turned pages before her, and each finger she pointed would send an attack that drew blood from a Demon soldier.


Each player had his or her own special skills. In a frenzy, magic spells soared and skills flew. When the bombardment finally ceased, only less than 3,000 Demon soldiers out of the original 5,000 still had the capability to rally.

“Half at once, great job.” Fatty, seeing everything clearly from the sky, nodded.

A long, shrill horn sounded from a cavalry demon, and more than 2,000 knights urged their mounts to charge at the same time. It might have looked easy when over 2,000 Demon soldiers were destroyed in the first round, but once the cavalry was allowed to charge, even ten times the number of players would have to suffer great casualties.

However, no one was nervous. They looked at the charging Demon soldiers with smiles on their faces, and when the enemy was at their fastest speed desperately approaching the players, boom! The gigantic Garrison Stele fell in front of the squad. A series of puffing noises were heard as at least a hundred of Demon knights were smashed into meat paste under the stele.

Fatty gave DukeGarrison a thumbs-up, praising such an honest man to be able to think of such a savage move. Suddenly dropping a mountain on a stampeding cavalry would at least restrain their speed, if not killing any. Cavalry without speed couldn’t even compare to infantry, just like the situation right now.

A hundred players surrounded the Demon group that was 20 times their numbers and attacked viciously. Some Demon soldiers wanted to back off and pulled a distance, some fought hard on their mounts, while some desperately spurred their mounts to run away.

In less than half an hour, this Demon army turned into a groundful of corpses, contributing abundant experience that made the players feel refreshed all over. Addicted to killing, everyone suggested finding a bigger camp so as to kill more and faster.

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