Chapter 406 Extortion Again

Chapter 406 – Extortion Again

Sitting on the bumpy Holy Spirit Island and looking at the devastated Sky City, Fatty trembled all over.

The respawn point was virtually bloated with players, some of them were flushed and bare, their equipment either dropped or the durability all reduced to zero from the attacks of magic crystal cannons and forbidden spells. Some of them were even permanently damaged and unrepairable.

SaintPetertheGreat, Holy Paladin, Heavy Armored Tarzan, Purple Rose, and so on. Over 17 guild masters sat in front of Fatty in a row, their faces livid. The world's famous guilds with millions of members had joined forces to attack Sky City but were annihilated by Fatty and all fell here.

“Go ahead, what conditions do you have to let us go?” Purple Rose, who thought she had advantages as a woman, was the first to speak up.

“Shut up.” Fatty threw her a vicious glare. He hated that he couldn’t just chop this girl up. “How can the hatred within my heart be relieved if I don't kill you back to level zero for trashing my Sky City into this state?”

The faces of the guild masters abruptly changed in anxiety. Now that they were inside Sky City, it was the same as falling into Fatty’s hands. Needless to say, just the Elemental Sword Diagram could trap them dead. If Fatty was truly determined to slay them back to level zero, they would undoubtedly have to return to the Beginner’s Village.

His face was extremely ugly but Holy Paladin still forced a smile. “No need for so many words, if you really want to kill us back to zero you would have done it already without all this nonsense. Name your price, what do we do so you’ll let us go?”

Fatty looked at him in surprise. “I thought SaintPetertheGreat was the brains, but it turns out that he’s just a rash fellow used as a tool.”

Fatty said this quite frankly and SaintPetertheGreat’s already green face immediately turned black. On the other hand, Holy Paladin smiled and relaxed his expression, saying, “It's unnecessary to say all this now. Please name your price. The Demon army is advancing fiercely right now, we need to go back and defend our city.”

Fatty sneered. “You knew that the Demon army is attacking hard and yet still dared to come all the way here to find trouble. So you really thought Lord Fatty was easy to bully, didn’t you?” After some pondering, he continued, “As usual, normal players 100,000 gold coins each. Money for the people on-site.”

“Okay.” Holy Paladin nodded in agreement.

“As for you guys, you tell me how much you’re worth,” said Fatty.

The guild masters’ faces grew even uglier, but they had no choice but to bow. After a moment of silence, the first person to speak was Heavy Armored Tarzan.

“10 million gold coins and 100 pieces of Violet equipment.”

“Not quite there.” Fatty shook his head.

“I’ll add another 100 pieces of Violet.” Heavy Armored Tarzan gritted his teeth.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Fatty clapped his hands and swept a glance around. “Let’s stop pretending, alright? Each person pays 100 million gold coins, and 500 pieces of Violet items of level 60 and above. And if you have any good things on you, leave them too. I don’t have the patience to bargain with you.”

“You are delusional!” Dark Lord sprang up and glared at Fatty. “We may be guild masters, but we just don't have that many things. I can give you 100 million gold coins and a maximum of 100 Violet pieces.”

Fatty waved his hand with a smile, and a magic crystal cannon silently shot out a white light. Dark Lord dumbly watched as the white light pierced through his chest and when he looked again, he was already standing at the respawn point.

“Final offer, 100 million gold coins, 500 Violets from level 60 up, plus everything in your inventory. Don't even try to bargain, Dark Lord is your example,” Fatty coldly spat.

After a while of silence, the guild masters glanced at each other and helplessly agreed to Fatty's demand. Gold coins were easy, but 500 Violet items were difficult to obtain, especially now that equipment in the level 60s was the mainstream, they didn’t have many stored pieces in their guild warehouse. Fortunately, Fatty was kind-hearted enough not to demand it immediately. Each guild master signed an agreement to deliver 550 pieces of Violet from level 60 up in three days, the extra 50 pieces being the interest for these three days.

Next, after sullenly signing the agreement, was the equipment on their bodies and in their inventories. Aside from some exclusive equipment Fatty could not remove, the rest were stripped clean, even Purple Rose was no exception. Wearing the default innerwear given by the system, Purple Rose was as red as a lobster as she glared at Fatty, wanting to kill him with her eyes. Too bad she failed as Fatty was too thick-skinned for her low stare-damage.

“Can we go now?” Being pranked by Fatty time and time again, the guild masters could only disregard their fury lest Fatty put forward more excessive requirements. The only thought on their minds was to leave this place as soon as possible.

“Wait a moment, I need to see if you were honest first.” Fatty activated the newly-acquired Saint skill Underworld Eye and scanned them. He saw a scroll in Purple Rose’s inventory, a token of some sort in SaintPetertheGreat’s, and some miscellaneous items in Holy Paladin’s and Dark Lord’s.

“You guys are so not honest.” Fatty shook his head and called them out one by one, raising a storm in their hearts.

“How can you see through our inventories?” Purple Rose exclaimed in shock and tried to cover her sensitive areas, afraid Fatty would take advantage of her.

“Oh, you should know that I was promoted to Saint tier and named Underground the Great. The system gave me a skill called Underworld Eye, which lets me see through others’ stats and inventories.” Fatty shrugged. “You don't have to cover up so tightly, I'm not interested in uglies.”

“You are ugly!” Purple Rose burned red, as she bared her teeth and claws wanting to attack Fatty. However, a snort from Liu Lan nearly cannon-shot her down.

Fatty awkwardly coughed and urged, “Hurry up, this isn’t looking good on you either. Give me the stuff so you can go home and get dressed.”

With their backs against the wall, the guild masters took out the things in their inventories and handed them to Fatty, then fled amid his resounding laughter.

The players encircled in the respawn point also began to come out one after another, each handing in 100,000 gold coins, which were remitted by their own guilds. As for where those guilds got so many gold coins from, it was none of Fatty's care.

“Oh wow, we’re rich!” Fatty shouted as he watched the last ship disappear over the sea horizon.

“Quick, come on, let me see what we got!”

Reck pounced over and laid out the items extorted from the guild masters one by one.

“Celestial longbow, Celestial longsword, Celestial armor, Celestial… Only 8 Celestial pieces, so poor.” After careful examination, Reck was somewhat dissatisfied.

“Eight Celestial items is poor?” Fatty glared at Reck.

Reck yelped, “A scourge like you have several to yourself. If anything, they are also well-known guild masters. Why do they have so little?”

SaintPetertheGreat’s Hammer of Thor was completely destroyed; Purple Rose’s Divine artifact Arrow of Despair was a one-time disposable; Holy Paladin's cross was his exclusive equipment, unable to be robbed; and the black skull was also consumable like the arrow. Fatty got none of the four Divine items and only had these Celestial items.

Fatty ignored Reck and displayed the rest of the spoils. These things were only so-so compared to the Celestial items, but the guild masters had hidden them anyway because they had thought Fatty didn’t know. The scroll was a dark-attribute scroll that could summon the dead to fight. The token was the key to a certain place, plus some other good stuff.

“Ahhh, it's just like this every time. If only we could fight without damaging Sky City.” Pocketing everything, Fatty started to get emotional.

“Stop that act after you’ve won a bargain.” Liu Lan offered him an angry glare.

“Hahaha.” Fatty laughed loudly. This harvest was no less than the last. This time, over one million people had come, so the fee of 100,000 gold coins per person amounted to 100 billion gold coins. This was a bumper harvest once counting in the future 550 Violet items for each guild.

“Let’s distribute the Violet items to the guilds when they’re here,” Fatty thought for a moment and said. Although there weren’t many guild players in Sky City during this battle, they still had put in great efforts, so Sky City should do something in return, even if it was just for show.

“All right, since everything is OK now, let's go mine the vein.”

During Fatty’s Saint mission, Reck and the others had been out around the area to search for magic stone veins. Every vein would have a large amount of energy gathered around it, and the Sea of Ice satisfied this condition. After a tour around the dense distribution of ice floes, indeed, they found a magic stone vein under a small floe. Despite its small size, this vein was still worth more than the gold coins extorted.

While it was impossible to summon monsters to help like the Fire Phoenix had done last time, Fatty still had other ways. They dug a tunnel through the ground leading to the vein, and then opened the Crystal Maze of Terror and let the almost forgotten Magic Crystal Ants crawl out. The Purple Spirit Ant Lord pressed itself flat against ground nodding fawningly at Fatty before ordering its underlings to work.

Watching the ants transporting magic stones in a long line, Reck nodded as he played with his beard. “That's the right way to go. We are all people of status, how can we stoop to such kind of coolie work?”

They remained three more days in the Sea of Ice, every day drilling holes in the ice floes then watching the Magic Crystal Ants transport magic stones. Liu Lan got bored after a while and went to rest, but Fatty never tired of watching it and would count the number of stones in high spirits. Everyone, players and NPCs alike, expressed their disdain for this act of his.

After these three days, all the magic stone veins that could be found were mined dry. The harvest amounted to one-tenth of that obtained from the Mountain of Flames, which was quite considerable. Flying Sky City high into the sky and letting it slowly float along with the wind while enjoying the beautiful scenery below, Fatty felt enticed for another sea trip, but this idea was interrupted by a message from Fierce Dragon TheTalent.

“Fatty, Heavens Scar is lost. Marshal Ferotiger was forced to withdraw with his army. At least 10 million Demon troops are pouring out. Quickly bring Sky City over Iron Chain Town to aid!”

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