Chapter 405 Killing Back to Level Zero

Chapter 405 – Killing Back to Level Zero

A towering illusion of the Thunder God with a sledgehammer in his hand, a Divine Arrow of Despair that could lock on its opponent, a scroll glowing milky light, and an agonizing scream. A total of four Divine artifacts appeared on the sea and in unison they attacked Sky City.

The Thunder God figure summoned by the Hammer of Thor had only three attacks before it would disintegrate, and one chance had been consumed just now. As SaintPetertheGreat gritted his teeth and chanted, the blurred figure became clear again and slowly lifted the sledgehammer.

Holding the Celestial bow, Purple Rose could feel the pain as she loaded the Arrow of Despair. Once her hand let loose, a golden light shot out from the bow, drawing a long streak as thick as a child's arm across the air toward Fatty in the center of Sky City – Holy Spirit Island, where he was still bickering with the Fire Phoenix.

Holy Paladin threw out a scroll that scattered a gentle white light. The scroll expanded rapidly in the air, and then a huge cross ten thousand meters in both height and length appeared on its spot. The cross slammed down upon Holy Spirit Island if being grabbed and swung at one end.

A black skull appeared in the hand of one of the guild masters. The skull spewed black smoke from its mouth and emitted uncanny chuckles. Suddenly, it flew into the air and enlarged to over 10 meters wide. Towards Sky City the thick black smoke billowed, within which countless vengeful spirits shrieked and tore at each other.

“Aaaaaah! They also have Divine artifacts,” screamed the Fire Phoenix when it saw all sorts of attacks coming at them. Disregarding its bickering with Fatty, it spread its wings and flew up to the Thunder God figure. One had to wonder what kind of enmity it had with the Thunder God in its previous life that once it saw the latter, it would rush over without having to hear Fatty's command.

With a long whistle, the Arrow of Despair dragged a long golden streak as it whizzed straight towards Fatty. Lucas looked up at the arrow and paled in fright. “Fatty, be careful, that is the Divine artifact Arrow of Despair, a one-time disposable. It’ll be a fight to the death once it locks on the opponent, it never stops until it hits.”

That formidable? Fatty was shaken. Seeing the Arrow of Despair whistling closer and closer, he coldly snorted and sent out the Elemental Sword Diagram. The Arrow of Despair plunged into the huge sword formation that took form in the sky. At the same time, Fatty also disappeared.

Appearing inside the sword formation, Fatty revealed a cold smile when he saw the rampaging Arrow of Despair. With a wave of his hand, a metal sword roared and unerringly hacked at the arrow tip. The Arrow of Despair slightly shook but wasn’t affected at all otherwise. It continued to streak toward Fatty, while the sword burst into countless golden sword auras that flew in all directions.

The sword formation rearranged as Fatty pulled a distance from the Arrow of Despair and continued to use the formation to sap away its power. The so-called ‘a fight to the death’ of the Arrow of Despair wasn’t absolute. It could only absorb the energy in the air to supplement its own consumption during flight. As long as this energy was exhausted, the arrow would fall off by itself without Fatty needing to do anything. Without a doubt, the Elemental Sword Diagram that could isolate this energy-absorbing function was the best fit for the job.

A Divine artifact was indeed a Divine artifact. After shuttling back and forth in the sword formation for over ten minutes, the Arrow of Despair was still in high spirits in its unremitting pursuit of Fatty. However, Fatty noticed clearly that its power had been reduced by a little. Every sword strike could block it for a moment, although this moment was so short that it was barely perceptible.

The guild masters had used a total of four Divine artifacts. The Arrow of Despair was trapped by Fatty in the Elemental Sword Formation, unable to come out; and the Thunder God figure was stopped by the Fire Phoenix. There was still a holy cross and a black skull, the attacks of which landed on Sky City in succession.

The holy cross heavily smashed down on Holy Spirit Island with a boom. The island trembled as it was almost smashed into the ground. Cracks appeared, and the whole Sky City shook with it. Meanwhile, the black smoke from the black skull whiffed into Sky City, bringing countless vengeful spirits that dyed Sky City dark. Thanks to the number of Sky City players being very few compared to usual, only tens of thousands of players were devoured by the vengeful spirits.

The black skull’s attack wasn’t too dangerous. It only threatened living creatures and therefore posed no threat to the now completely empty city, but the holy cross was a different story. Every time it swung down, Holy Spirit Island would be slammed down into Sky City at a low but steady frequency. At this rate, either Holy Spirit Island would be completely destroyed or it would be smashed into the soil layer of Sky City like a nail.

Now in Sky City, Fatty was busy with the Arrow of Despair and the Fire Phoenix with the Thunder God. The others were no match for Divine artifacts, they could only watch and feel the tremble of Sky City with each strike of the holy cross.

“Smash them! Smash them dead!” Having suffered great losses, the guild masters had forgotten their purpose of seizing Sky City, their minds were filled with the thought of killing Fatty and his group. Upon seeing the unstoppable holy cross going strong, they couldn't help cheering.

Purple Rose slightly furrowed. The system hadn’t prompted her that the Arrow of Despair had killed the opponent, which meant Fatty hadn’t been handled.

“How can this be? He has just been promoted to Saint, how can he resist a Divine artifact?” Purple Rose couldn’t figure this out no matter how hard she thought, and a bad feeling gradually sprouted in her heart.

Inside the Elemental Sword Formation, Fatty coldly looked at the Arrow of Despair locked in a hard situation. It repeatedly shook under the shower of sword auras, and because the sword formation was controlled by Fatty, it couldn’t absorb any energy in here. Gradually, its light became feeble until it revealed its true form – an over-one-meter-long arrow.

Crackle… After thousands of sword strikes without recess, the Arrow of Despair finally could no longer hold out. A crack appeared on it and then gradually widened. In the end, the arrow snapped and turned into powder.

Letting out a long laugh, Fatty retrieved the Elemental Sword Diagram, only to be instantly welcomed by a huge cross falling with a boom, just a little bit away from crushing him into meat paste.

“Shit, what the heck is this?!” Fatty was terrified. And there he saw Sky City control center – Holy Spirit Island – full of potholes and on the verge of crumbling.

Boom! The holy cross smashed down again as Reck hurriedly steered in order to avoid it. However, unless he could use space jump, otherwise, the holy cross would keep closely following. Reck just wanted to vomit blood with every strike.

“Fatty, think of something quick, we're in trouble!” Seeing Sky City damaged to such a point, Reck the Vice City Lord’s heart bled.

“Humph! I’ll go kill those people.” Fatty was truly furious when he thought of the resources needed to recover Sky City from this state. With a jump, Fatty spread the Zephyr Wings and flew out from Sky City straight towards the ship where the group of guild masters was.

“Am I seeing right? He just jumped down by himself?” Holy Paladin’s eyes bulged when he saw Fatty rush out of Sky City alone.

“Heh, what a fool. Let's kill him together and stop further destruction of Sky City, save the resources for when we have to repair it later,” SaintPetertheGreat urged.

“Money Grubber, do you dare fight me one-on-one?” roared Heavy Armor Tarzan, who had transformed into a giant bear in faintly glowing chain mail and with two heavy hammers in its hands.

His transformation nearly flipped the ship, causing the other guild masters to curse in low voices. An order was issued in unison that players that were still on the sea assembled to detain Fatty here.

“One-on-one? You think you’re worth it?” Fatty let out a battle cry and suddenly closed his wings, his body turned into a meteor that slammed onto their ship. With a thud, a hole over one meter wide appeared, as seawater immediately gushed into the ship from below.

The guild masters quickly jumped and boarded a nearby ship. SaintPetertheGreat said to Fatty in a mocking manner, “Money Grubber, I can only say you are too naive if you think you can deal with us in this way.”

At this time, the other players on the ship had flocked over. They believed that one round of attacks would be enough to kill Fatty.

“Isn't there a respawn point in his Sky City? Let’s kill him to level zero,” Purple Rose said coldly.

“The most poisonous is a woman's heart, indeed.” Fatty shook his head. He emerged from the sea and laughed coldly. “I was never fussy about what you did in the auction, yet you lot just don’t know how to stop. In that case, I’ll kill you to level zero first.”

“Hahahaha!” The players around seemed to have heard something very funny, as they pointed at Fatty and started laughing.

“Why, don't believe it? Seems you’ve yet to taste the might of the Elementalist.” Fatty was too lazy to argue. His hand shook quickly and the Elemental Sword Diagram flew out, enveloping the ship and all players in it, including the several dozen guild masters.

“Be careful! This is the Divine artifact Elemental Sword Diagram, an exclusive equipment of the Elementalist,” Some people who knew quite a lot about Fatty immediately warned upon seeing the scene around suddenly change.

“It seems you know a lot. I wonder how much you know about the power of my Elemental Sword Diagram, then.” Fatty appeared in front of them with derision on his face.

Without further nonsense, Fatty jabbed his finger. The elemental energy in the Elemental Mystery Realm rapidly streamed into the Elemental Sword Diagram, the swords of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth flew out and hung above.

“Since you dared to provoke me, you should have prepared to die. Aren't you going to kill me back to level zero? I'll show you how I kill you back to level zero.”

Along with Fatty's voice, the five swords in the air vibrated. Light swords shot down from them.

“AAAAHHH!” An unprepared player was slashed by more than ten light swords. Immediately, a dozen bloody cuts appeared on his body and the player fell on the floor, insta-killed.

“It’s not so easy to die, though.” From the Soul Sealing Cross that appeared in Fatty’s hand, a black light flew out and wrapped the dead player’s soul, then imprisoned it in the cross.

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